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  1. pob


    The last time we came I was on a spouse visa, My wife who is now 50 (sshhh don't let her hear that) had the 457 sponsorship visa. She had the fancy job working in the tech industry. What Raul Senise called a high paying job. Unfortunatly she encountered racism at work and it really got to her. It broke her heart, she didn't know how to handle it, she hadn't experianced anything like that in decades. I encountered a little racism towards me as well, even though I am blonde haired and blue eyed. I was able to make a joke and laugh it off, make the guys doing the talking feel a little bit silly and small. Still you know what they say, small minds usually come with large mouths. So our little plan was for me to get sponsorship and get us both over there. Find a migration agent and ask them if it would be best to have my wife in a sponsored job or just on the spouse part of my visa. Find out the best and fastest route to an Australian passport. My wife would be in the tech industry. Me? I thought a man of my cooking skills just applying for a cooks job in a mining camp would have been snapped up. I would have thought head chef in less than six months. When we were over there last I started saving to open my own business. I can see a catering opportunity in Australia that would be great for me to do, revitilising a classic Australia dish. I even had found a premisis that would have been perfect in Sydney and was saving up to buy ovens, mixers, fridges and so forth. You guys probably wouldn't even guess that a decent table in a profesional kitchen costs about $1000, Ovens are around $25,000 and the list goes on and on. It would take a fair wedge of cash and a lot of hard work. The only difference being that I would make every sauce from scratch, from bones. None of the Bisto gravey here, just good honest food made with love from fresh ingredients. Thats the key, serving a quality product only costs a little bit more, but takes a lot more hard work and effort. It would be my business I would only serve food that I would eat myself, I know I would be starting work at 5am and finishing at about 8pm for the first few years that would be 7 days a week, 364 days a year, as the business built up I could hire more staff and cut my hours. I don't just want to work sit in the sun and drink beer. I want to build something that is mine, employ Australians, give something back to the society that can give me opportunitys and then when I have done that I can open up my hammock crack open that beer and drink it with the biggest grin I can imagine.
  2. pob


    A little hope is all we need! I have my cooking qualifications, and I thought that fifo chef work was not something that most people wanted to do. I cook really well and could do the job easily. I know there is lots of competition for a dump truck driver or welder in fifo work, but not for the kitchen. So I thought I could work fifo and save up to open my own business. My wife works with computers in the technology industry. What would a high paying position be? Also how would we wrangle getting sponsorship at our age? From sunny England as well?
  3. pob


    Damn. I don't think I will ever get back over there. I can always dream.
  4. pob


    My wife had a 457 visa about six years ago I was on the spouse entitlement. She was 44 six years ago. We only stayed about two years. I loved it, but she wasn't happy. I haven't been happy since we left.
  5. pob


    My wife had a 457 visa about six years ago I was on the spouse entitlement. She was 44 six years ago. We only stayed about two years. I loved it, but she wasn't happy. I haven't been happy since we left.
  6. pob


    Hi We lived in Australia a few years ago, we moved back to England and now we are looking to get back out there again. The problem is that I am now 46 years old. Am I just too old for trying to find someone to sponsor me? I was looking at the visa requirements and they all say must be under 45 years old. Have I missed the boat now? I wouldn't want to be there temporaryily, I would want to get my citazenship. I have been applying for FIFO jobs in WA as a chef. I have had some interest from people. To be honest I could do the job very easily, I work hard and would fit in. I'd buy my ticket tomorrow if I had a visa, getting a job would be easy. Am I too old?
  7. pob


    I think it is called Kikuyu. :cool: Thanks.
  8. pob


    Well Australian grass isn't like a grass, it is not like any other type of grass that I have seen. If you look at it, it has creepers and isn't at all like English grass. So what is it called? Is the seed available in Bunnings? I need to plant a lawn.
  9. pob

    Cops and drug use.

    I cannot tell if you are joking or not? Sativex, is from the UK it is one of the first medical cannabis products marketed to govenments. It uses high CBD and low THC cannabis, they make an oil with it using alcohol and when the oil is ready they dilute it with alcohol and add peppermint flavour. That's all they do. Nothing you couldn't do in your own kitchen. Oh and cannabis isn't addictive.
  10. pob

    Cops and drug use.

    Both my brothers drink alcohol and have done so for years.They will swear they're not addicted,but ask them if they can give it up?Nope. There is nothing wrong with smoking weed, in fact it has many beneficial sides to it. Just look at the amount of medicinal benefits there are and you will be surprised. You don't have to smoke it either, you can bake it in a cake, vaporise it, or even make an oil which is helpful to people with epilepsy and cancer. If you lose the "Reefer Madness" and look at the facts, you will wonder why it was made illegal in the first place.
  11. pob

    Cops and drug use.

    It is hypocritical of the police to take drugs themselves. But then again they don't make the laws they just enforce them. So long as the officer was not impaired at work, there should be no problem. Prohibition has solved nothing and has only strengthened the criminal element in society. If you want to cut down on drug use look at the society that the drug users live in. When people lead happy productive lives they use less drugs. When people lead lives with little hope or have problems they use more drugs. Drug use should be a medical issue not a criminal one. End prohibition and see the world change.
  12. pob

    Partner struggling

    I have lived in Canada, I hated it. To be honest it is very similar to Australia, by the way the people think and their love of bureaucracy and the way they just sheepishly follow authority. Their Healthcare is slightly better, but only slightly. Winters are harsh, but so is Summer in Australia. Canada is a diluted America, just different enough to be irritating. But maybe you had some problems before you came to Australia and you thought that being in a new country would solve them. A wise man once said "Remember, no matter where you go, there you are" You can move anywhere in the world and you will always have the same old problems and you will probably have the stress of the move included in that, as a little cherry on the cake. Maybe you should talk things through calmly and ask your Husband lots of questions, find out where the problems really come from. Just be honest with him And yourself.
  13. pob

    Going back in time- when?

    I would go to America in the late Fifties. Watch the world change, drink coffee with beatniks and write some poetry. I would hop over to Mexico and find William Burroughs and have a laugh. When the Sixties came around I would join the merry pranksters, ride the bus and tune in, turn on and drop out. Find Kesey and Kerouac and rap with them. See the Doors, Rolling stones and Jefferson Airplane. Wait patiently for Black Sabah to tour and see Hawkwind as much as I could
  14. pob

    Four days in Sydney.

    We did the fine dining thing already. But I like the walk idea, we will do that and the botanical gardens. Maybe a re-vist of the absinthe salon as that was the coolest place we have had a drink in Sydney.