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  1. StevenP

    Bank account in Aus with 189 Grant

    Can you kindly send me a link as i must be looking in the wrong location.
  2. StevenP

    Bank account in Aus with 189 Grant

    Thanks guys! I thought it would be more difficult than I first thought. Would it be easy if I can for a holiday and set one up to activate my visa without a permanent address? I do know people in Perth but not well enough to use their address to for setting one up.
  3. StevenP

    Maths teacher, uk to aus with family

    I might be wrong but you are going to be lucky to submit a EOI get everything together and get a grant in that period of time. I sent you a PM but you are going to need Skills assessments, English test (If you need the points), Police Checks, Medicals, references etc...
  4. Maybe been asked before so apologies if this is the case. I have my 189 Grant and wanted to set up a bank account before coming over in November. Looking online HSBC appear to offer this if you deposit $100k. I don't want to do that just set something up offshore so when I arrive I have a bank account and can look at houses, cars etc.... How can you do this without an address? Or do I need to pitch up at a branch when I am over and do it that way? 2024 I am hoping it is more simple than this!
  5. StevenP

    Maths teacher, uk to aus with family

    Are you talking about going this Christmas?
  6. StevenP

    Maths teacher, uk to aus with family

    First thing is first I guess get a good migration expert. What visa are you looking at as our process was about 18 months before it was granted for the 189. If you are looking into sponsorship that might be different but limiting if you want to move employer etc or get asked to leave. I did consider this but big move if your employer or you decide it is not for you. You will be scrambling around looking for someone to sponsor you or leave Australia. Paul Hand was our migration expert and was great he helped from day one.
  7. StevenP

    189 visa grant

    We woke up this morning to some great news from our wonderful migration expert Paul Hand that our 189 visa has been granted. It is a bit of a weight off the shoulders. We are not looking to move for a few months but at least now we know that our dream is reality. I hope a few others have been granted also over the last few days?
  8. StevenP

    Primary Teacher 190 Visa - EOI Submitted

    That is easier said than done you don't want to take on new cars, mortgage renewals, house moves etc... if you intend to move and are awaiting on that email. You still need to live your life but the big decisions can be complex.
  9. StevenP

    189 Visa

    We got our 189 EOI in December and have submitted just waiting on medicals on the 19th. I don’t expect an invite for at least 7 months from what I have read but could be longer. Fortunately for us we have no intention of moving until June/July 2025.
  10. StevenP


    Sorry you are right I just checked her certificate.
  11. StevenP


    Is this correct as when my wife done it I was of the understanding that it was the overall result as in superior English and the overall mark was the score they look for?
  12. StevenP

    Pearson's English PTE

    You have to do it at the test centre sadly.
  13. I have just transferred over our fees to our migration expert Paul Hand using Wise. These are due in full at the time of submitting we were $9500 for the 4 of us.
  14. StevenP

    Opening Australia Bank Account from U.K.

    I have just been invited to apply for my 189 and wondered if it was possible and worth setting up an account. We are travelling in November to look at Schools, areas to live and will be in Perth for 3 weeks. Not sure if their is any benefit on having an account pre travel?
  15. Thank you Paul is our agent so we are in good hands.