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  1. StevenP


    I have Paul Hand on the case so he will keep me right.
  2. StevenP


    I hope my 189 visa comes in first then as we want to buy and that will limit our options.
  3. StevenP


    This something going through my head also as we have applied for the 189 and the 491 visa but not sure what the implications are for education on the 491 and if it has any other pitfalls.
  4. StevenP

    Partner visa - relationship ended

    Any advice I would give you is reach out to Paul Hand who has commented in the post. You won't go wrong with him and it wont cost a fortune either. good luck!
  5. StevenP

    Mortgage Requirements in Oz

    Interesting post as I am looking to move over next year and would far rather buy than rent. What deposits do lenders expect can you buy with 5-10%?
  6. StevenP

    Waiting for an invite.....

    I am not sure how long that process takes once they accept the EOI and approve the visa. My guess is everyone is different.
  7. StevenP

    Waiting for an invite.....

    How long have you been waiting?
  8. StevenP

    Waiting for an invite.....

    We are the same every-time we think we are almost done something else needs done thankfully we have a great migration expert to keep us right. I guess they want to make it hard to make sure you want it.
  9. StevenP

    Waiting for an invite.....

    Perfect thanks this has been a stress for me as prior to brexit you never got a stamp in your passport. I will keep digging to see what I can get in order to do my best. I knew they required a lot of info but this level has taken me a bit by surprise. thanks again guys
  10. StevenP

    Waiting for an invite.....

    Bit of a random one for this topic but in the process of the EOI and trying to piece together my overseas travel which is proving tricky as I travel a lot I am currently on 33 overseas trips in 10 years but concerned I have missed some or the dates aren’t exact. Has anyone encountered this at the EOI stage? it also requests my addresses since birth I am just away to be 35 so lived in a few addresses I have them all but not sure on all the exact dates I moved in and out of them all. Will this also be a problem?
  11. StevenP

    189 start to finish?

    I know this is an unknown and differs from application to application. I just want to get an idea of how long it has taken for those who have done this as we are in the process. We have received the skills assessment back for my wife who is a mental health nurse which is approved. We are now gathering the evidence for the EOI. We are using Paul Hand as our migration expert who is second to none which will help us along the process. We are not in a rush to move but would like to hear how similar families got on during the process. We are looking to move to Perth and have a holiday booked next November and hope the visa is approved and we can activate the visa before moving in May 2025 I believe we have 80 points.
  12. Paul Hand at SunCoast Migration has been amazing for me and he has a website and posts on here. Australian visa, Australia visa, immigration Australia, visa application (suncoastmigration.com)
  13. StevenP

    190 Visa Processing Times

    To be fair the process to submit an application to ANMAC did not appear to be difficult. I am not sure how the dream is over if you get this wrong can you not do it again? To be honest I am not really sure what you could do wrong other than submit poor quality documents etc... I have engaged with Paul to start the prep for the EOI and will use him going forward which is the most sensible thing to do. I hope i am not missing something when you say "if you get that wrong the dream is over"?
  14. StevenP

    190 Visa Processing Times

    That is fair enough I was just really wondering if anyone has been granted one recently and the timeline. I think we will be going for the 189 so question might be irrelevant anyway. I won’t bother Paul just now as I know he’s busy but when we engage after the skills assessment results are back.
  15. StevenP

    190 Visa Processing Times

    I am interested in this also! We are just waiting on ANMAC to review my wife's skill assessment and the go for EOI with Paul Hand in support. I would like to get an idea of how long visas are taking as I think if I am right Paul will be applying for the 189 and 190. I am really hoping it does not take 36 months as that seems like a lifetime away. What's everyone's experience? My wife is a mental health nurse/therapist so hoping that they might fast track it if that is a thing due to the shortage.