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  1. StevenP

    Skills assessment ANMAC

    Perfect thanks for the information. My wife is just waiting for her reference from a doctor then we are good to apply. The English test is done but and passed with high marks but with Pearson due to it being our nearest test centre. I wonder how long the EOI will take and how long visa award will take if accepted.
  2. StevenP

    Skills assessment ANMAC

    Hey, I have found the answer I was looking for thank for the advice.
  3. StevenP

    Skills assessment ANMAC

    Good evening, we are just away to start the process of applying for a 189 visa. Can anyone assist in what is required for the skills assessment? I noticed the website has 3 different assessment versions. I am guessing it’s the full assessment as per the link below? It seems pretty straight forward am I missing something? I wasn’t to make sure this is right before applying for the EOI. https://anmac.org.au/sites/default/files/sms_combined_document_checklist_april_2022.pdf any help would be amazing.
  4. StevenP

    2 Dogs from UK to Perth

    Hi Marisa, not yet we are just away to start the visa process so it is on the list to do. I was just really looking for a rough idea of other experiences as a starting point. This is a valid point though.
  5. StevenP

    2 Dogs from UK to Perth

    Hey all, I wonder if anyone could give me an idea of cost all in to move our dogs over to Perth from Scotland? They are two Shih tzu’s! I have done some research into reviews but struggling to get an overall cost so just looking at who has done this. it would also be great to get a timeline on the process if possible. thank you in advance for any support
  6. StevenP

    Tied myself in knots

    No sorry, I am still in the UK just going through the process now. When I say that we are right at the start following a meeting with a migration expert. hopefully apply for the EOI in April. how are you getting on?
  7. Certainly not but will give more information on his visa options at least and then it’s a case of weighing that up before looking at jobs. No point looking at jobs first when the nation is in lockdown. I would recommend getting advice on visas and the assessing your options and decide the next move.
  8. The best thing to do it speak to a migration agent and pay the small fee for professional advice. It is the only way you will know for sure regarding the options open to you. I have used Paul Hand recently to get some guidance and was very good. I would recommend getting in touch at SunCoast Migration and getting the right advice.
  9. StevenP

    Tied myself in knots

    It is the best option for us and Paul is really good so it’s a no brainer. we will be applying for the EOI on the 189 but are aware that this a slow process and limited visa being granted. We are not in a massive rush to move so it’s could actually work out well. I am hoping after speaking with Paul and the career my wife does in the UK might put ahead of some at the time being. I guess we need to get everything set up then apply and hope they say yes. We can only apply and hope at this stage.
  10. StevenP

    Tied myself in knots

    Hello, we are in the process now of firstly getting the English test complete and the rest to follow on completion. We have been using Paul Hand who has been very helpful on the best route and what is required. Thanks for the above information I think subject to good result in the English test we will be applying for the above straight after.
  11. StevenP

    Migration agent recommendations

    I have reached out to a few and many have come back saying they are too busy. It’s a shame as these are the ones recommended and I really want to secure a good one due to the importance.
  12. StevenP

    Tied myself in knots

    I have messaged Paul directly for guidance out with the forum. Thanks for all your input it is greatly appreciated
  13. StevenP

    Tied myself in knots

    No I totally agree I do need to invest and get a better idea of my options. It’s a bit strange that the skills list shows on the amount of points but still not good enough. I was hopeful as I read an article saying they are 130,000 nurses short in Oz. What’s the chances of a sponsorship these days non existent? I have contacted a couple of migration experts with good reviews in the hope of gaining clarity on the options. final question I promise. Everywhere I read it states that nurses are in extremely high demand and 65 points is the entry minimum any idea why this had stopped is it the pandemic? I would have thought the pandemic would result in a higher demand.
  14. Hi all, I am new to this forum as a member but been watching in for a while. I have tied myself in knots and become so confused by the entire process or relocating which inevitably will require professional assistance through i migration agent sooner rather than later but would love some opinions from members who have made this move. So here goes apologies in advance. Bit of our story so my wife is a qualified (degree) mental health nurse with an additional diploma in CBT therapy. My job is within aviation as a compliance monitoring auditor with a few basic auditing certs ISO9001 nothing to gain points. We have 1 child aged 2 and another due in September. where is have tied myself up in knots is firstly what visa to go for. My wife is on the list but not sure how many EOI’s they are accepting. Then I was informed my a agent they were only dealing with people with sponsorships firstly how easy is that to obtain and secondly does this come with a big risk of the sponsor tearing up the sponsorship? Because this is such a big life changing move I really want to make sure that it’s done right for my family and I am not left stuck in Perth having to return home. I am sorry for all the information but it’s unfortunately all that is going on in my head and the lack of clarity due my own misunderstanding is causing a bit of stress. any help I would really appreciate it. Steven