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    491 offshore

    Congratulations! That's brilliant I am a History teacher and just lodged a week ago. They requested medicals, with a 28 day turnaround, as soon as the application was lodged. Have you told your head yet? It's tricky with the notice periods in schools isn't it.
  2. The Gees

    491 application for

    Wonder if anyone can advise? I am filling in the visa application / ELodgement form following invitation to apply for a 491 family visa. It asks for details of studies at secondary level or above. I have given degree / postgrad qualifications but do I really need to also include A Levels and GCSE's? The form doesn't 'work' easily for these. Many thanks!
  3. The Gees

    Change to EOI circumstances AFTER invitation

    @Cobs_Ahoy It sounds like you have researched very well and know your stuff! Did you find out the processing times through your own research too? We're aiming for the sunshine coast (and the visa obviously limits where we can live and work). Yes, all very tricky trying to get timings right when you have family considerations as well. Good luck to you, it sounds as though you are very much on the ball so I'm sure it'll all work out perfectly with the house, and the market is certainly in your favour.
  4. The Gees

    Change to EOI circumstances AFTER invitation

    I didn't realise! Thank you for the explanation!
  5. The Gees

    Change to EOI circumstances AFTER invitation

    A similar situation then! It's been really tough sitting in rented accommodation, watching the cost of houses go up in Australia and here in the UK - worrying that the proceeds of our house sale pre-Covid would get us less and less wherever we end up. I've got 85 points, including the 15 for nomination. It's a family sponsored 491. Congratulations on your invite too! Did that come through recently? Well done on keeping it all quiet. As a teacher I had to tell my head as a courtesy when I applied for the skills accreditation as I needed the reference. I think I'll keep this news quiet until I am more confident all is okay with the EOI error ! Whereabouts in NSW are you headed?
  6. The Gees

    Change to EOI circumstances AFTER invitation

    Thank you, that's interesting. I submitted this particular EOI in November so maybe they are still working through their back log. Hopefully if there is a shortage of teachers it will make it easier to find work within the location limits of the 491. It's a really strange feeling as we had given up hope really and even started rethinking our plans, particularly as we needed to think about stability and education choices for our children. Life has been on hold for such a long time and we sold our house in 2019 when we started this process so really have been in limbo! Fingers crossed that it's a sign things are opening up for offshore generally.
  7. The Gees

    Change to EOI circumstances AFTER invitation

    Thank you. I am really not sure why the invitation has come - my EOI is clear that I am offshore - maybe they are clearing a backlog. I'm sure it will unfold! I think I haven't been clear though - the change happened after my EOI was submitted but before QLD invited me. I hadn't updated my EOI because their website said they weren't accepting offshore submissions, so I thought I had time to update it before they opened the offshore submissions. I will also ask our agent for advice but obviously can't do so until Monday and was panicking a bit! Thanks again for the reply
  8. Grateful for any advice. .. Am overjoyed to have received an invitation to apply on an offshore 491 to QLD (and totally shocked as had almost given up hope, particularly as I'll turn 45 this summer!). I have applied as a secondary school teacher. Since lodging my EOI I have been granted Irish citizenship. I am a UK citizen and passport holder but applied for the Irish citizenship through descent in order to keep it alive as family heritage and as a future option for my children. The Irish citizenship came through in the new year (having taken about 3 years!) and I went to update my EOI and then didn't because according to their website, QLD aren't even open for offshore. So my question is - what is the best approach to take here? I can no longer update my EOI as it has been locked due to the invitation being issued. Do I try and contact them directly and apologise profusely and offer my explanation or have I stuffed up my chances on the application? I have no intention of trying to mislead or hide any info - do I submit the application and wait for them to ask the question about citizenship, which will surely arise? I understand that I can submit another EOI, but as I mentioned previously, I am on a bit of a tight time frame due to my age. Many thanks for any advice you can offer