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  1. Cerberus1

    From Quaratine Melbourne to Mount Barker 5251 Adelaide

    Dogtainers & Jetpets are the two main companies. We used Dogtainers a couple of months ago to pick our Dog up from Quarantine and ship to Brisbane.
  2. Cerberus1

    Wildlife thread

    Nat spotted this little snake on our land last night. It's a White Crowned snake - never seen this particular species before. Only tiny, around 15cm, not particularly venomous. Website I was reading up on about it says "Relying more on bluff display than bite. . They will generally rear up & 'mock strike' with mouth closed, more of a 'head butt'.
  3. Cerberus1

    Finding a rental in Australia

    https://www.stayz.com.au/ is probably the biggest furnished rental / holiday accommodation type site. Some people rent cabin style accommodation at Big 4 sites - https://www.big4.com.au/ Apartments - could have a look at Quest https://www.questapartments.com.au/ Also worth a look at https://www.realestate.com.au/rent - you can refine the search to show furnished rentals
  4. Cerberus1

    Expat insurance ?

  5. There are many good registered migration agents who post on the forum who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Westly Russell - http://www.pinoyau.com/ Raul Senise - http://www.ozimmigration.com Richard Gregan - http://www.overseas-emigration.co.uk/ Alan Collett - https://www.gmvisas.com/ All MARA registered, many years experience as agents, all have contributed on the forum for around a decade or more.
  6. Cerberus1

    Good Hairdressing Salons in Melbourne

    Call me Mr.Suspicious, but when you sign up to the forum using the following email address: hello@kikihairextensions.com.au it does kind of start the alarm bells ringing ? Maybe have a read through: https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/products-and-services/business-practices/advertising-and-promotions/false-or-misleading-representations
  7. Cerberus1

    BUPA Australia email address

    Thanks for the info However, just for the sake of transparency, you're being a little disingenuous stating that you were looking for an email address and how the social media team helped you out super quick, given the fact that according to your IP address, you're posting from BUPA.
  8. Cerberus1

    Aussie weather

    Local dam is looking a bit sad after weeks / months? of negligible rain, dam level currently at 5%.
  9. Cerberus1

    Agent recommendations

    There are many good registered migration agents who post on the forum who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. @wrussell http://www.pinoyau.com/ @Raul Senise http://www.ozimmigration.com @Richard Gregan http://www.overseas-emigration.co.uk/ @Alan Collett https://www.gmvisas.com/ All MARA registered, many years experience as agents, all have contributed on the forum for around a decade or more.
  10. Cerberus1

    How to entice more migrants into the regions

    BankSA CEO Nick Reade, (speaking at the launch of BankSA's latest economic bulletin) says incentives are needed to attract skilled migrants to smaller cities and regional centres. He said approaching population growth in a smart and targeted way was vital for the less populated cities and states to ­develop stronger economies and higher living standards through increased workforce participation and productivity. “With our regional towns and centres, we need to provide the right incentives to get more ­people to move there,” Mr Reade said yesterday. “Australia doesn’t need less migrants, we just need to find ways to attract more migrants — and other Australians — to states like South Australia.” Melbourne had grown by more than 125,000 people, Sydney by more than 100,000, and Adelaide by just 9600 in 2016-17, he said. The number of skilled ­migrants to South Australia had dropped by 23 per cent since 2014-15, from almost 11,000 ­people to about 8000, he said. “Other cities are bursting at the seams, and facing real challenges as a result,” he said. “But we cannot allow the loud voices to our east to drive outcomes that would only worsen our situation. Rather than growing our population simply for the sake of having more people, we must be focused on ­attracting skilled workers from ­interstate and overseas.” In calling for a plan to address South Australia’s sluggish population growth, which at 0.6 per cent lags behind the rest of the country, Mr Reade backed a target of at least 1.6 per cent, or an extra 17,000 people, a year. He said education models needed to be revamped to ensure skills matched fast-growing and changing industries, and for the small business start-up rate to increase from 11 to 15 per cent, which would see an extra 7000 firms ­offering employment. “We should also consider more semi-skilled workers — including migrants — to fill the jobs that unfortunately many South Aus­tralians don’t want to do,” he said. Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge said the country had a migrant distribution problem. The federal government is looking to impose conditions on skilled visa holders, forcing people to spend far more time in regional centres. “When they’re there, hopefully they’ll put down roots, have their kids going to school, and make it their home,” Mr Tudge said. South Australian Premier Steven Marshall told the BankSA forum that Canberra had ­accepted “we do have a two-speed population” issue and the state needed “preferential migration status”. “There are states that say we have got too much (growth) — that is not our problem in South Australia; we are missing out,” Mr Marshall said. Elsewhere, former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce said there needed to be more money spent on regional infrastructure to encourage people to the country. “In Sydney, people are saying it is just so overcrowded … the traffic is bad,” “Rather than spend another $5 billion on Sydney roads why don’t spend half a billion dollars in Tamworth and attract a lot more people into that area … and actually start spreading the population around.”
  11. Cerberus1

    Looking for a good MARA agent based in UK

    Richard Gregan - https://www.overseas-emigration.co.uk/meet-the-team/
  12. Cerberus1

    Where's the cheapest land you can buy in Aus?

    Have a look on realestate.com.au You can specify 'Land' as the property type and a minimum land size. You'll probably have to enter at least a state (QLD, VIC etc) as I don't think you can search the whole country. Specify Max price value, sort by price and away you go. Haven't seen anything under $10,000 when I had a look for QLD, there were some around the $15,000 mark. Quite a few were auctions though, so they may have sold/sell for low amounts.
  13. Cerberus1


    https://www.gov.uk/find-pension-contact-details will help you track down your pensions. https://www.gov.uk/voluntary-national-insurance-contributions for paying voluntary NI contributions
  14. Cerberus1

    25 Million today - Too many ?

    That's definitely true, when we first moved to SE Melbourne suburbs, it was all agricultural land all around us, but it's all gone to housing in last few years and suburbs have just spread further and further out. This is pretty much the area. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-18/melbournes-food-bowl-at-risk-as-housing-developments-grow/10006834 Similar article about farms in NSW http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2018-04-13/how-to-save-australias-remaining-farmland/9627516
  15. You wont have got the notification Ali because, quelle surprise, it's not true. It's important in times of fake news and project fear to actually get the facts. The NMBA responded to the claims back at the end of March. That seems quite clear, so there's not much point in perpetuating the myth any more on this thread.