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  1. What else is Easter about apart from chocolate eggs and bunnies?
  2. Well at least they have a opinion and they have that opinion because someone died in a trench somewhere a long time ago, good for them for letting there opinion be known.
  3. Sandgroper

    Glad I don't drink anymore!

    Just a glass of red a day is bad for you. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/wine-risk-death-alcohol-cancer-heart-disease-safe-drinking-units-a8566716.html
  4. Sandgroper

    Ryder Cup, has to be the best watch in sport.

    Golf? Rather stick hot needles in my eyes...................football closely followed by Rugby union for me! Golf and cricket for me is for those that were not to good at sport at school.
  5. Sandgroper

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Google really is your best friend isn't it ?
  6. Sandgroper

    25 Million today - Too many ?

    So so much more than sand to see, not many places on Earth with the types and variety of landscapes to explore as Australia.
  7. Sandgroper

    25 Million today - Too many ?

    Great isn't it leaves all that empty space for me to explore absolutely fantastic country!
  8. Sandgroper

    Trump is spot on with this one

    I also read the UK was OK once........not so ok sure though ?
  9. Hard pressed to beat 2012? It pished down all summer shocking weather eased off a little for the olympics and a great legacy that left partitipation sport has never been lower in the uk!
  10. No quite happy where I am thank you.
  11. Sandgroper

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    A European army doesn't necessarily have to include the United kingdom.
  12. Sandgroper

    Trump pushing for 4% of GDP on military.

    It's about time NATO was dissolved anyway and some form of European army formed without the likes of the US and Turkey on board.
  13. Sandgroper

    World Cup Thread

    Improvement? Southgate has picked a young team with nothing to prove and relied on set pieces for 80% of the goals. Not really improvement just a little different lets see in 2020 how they perform or will England fail again.
  14. Sandgroper

    World Cup Thread

    Anyway 5.20 am time gor bed.
  15. Sandgroper

    World Cup Thread

    I agree they did look upset and they do have so much potenial but by Euro 2020 they will all be on £250k a week with a tabloid press that hates them and we will be back to square one.