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  1. No they don't! You can choose studies from both sides if you want too. The recommended minimum units per week keeps getting lowered and it will get to a time when we are advised not to drink at all.
  2. Depending upon which study you trust the most.
  3. Aussie weather

    Still school holidays in WA, my wife has taken the kids away camping for 2 nights with one of her friends so house to myself tonight.
  4. Aussie weather

    Just popped out for some lunch and after a damp grey start it's now lovely blue skies and sunshine, that's what I love about Perth weather the suns never to far away, learnt very early on you never go out without your sunnies regardless of what it looks like.
  5. If oil is phased out- what then?

    Correct. I'm totally for green energy and admire how the UK has began to harness it just a shame the royal estate charges the country for the privilege!
  6. Man loses job re immigration status

    That's OK then
  7. What are you reading?

    I'm reading Scar Tissue, first proper book i Have read in a while normally use the kindle app.
  8. You seem very keen to justify your drinking habits, the hardest step is admitting you have an issue.
  9. Man loses job re immigration status

    Really? Dexter Bristol spent the last year trying to stop himself getting deported, he lost his job and was unable to get any benefits he moved to the UK in 1968!! It's OK though he died so the government don't need to worry about him.
  10. Once you have migrated where do you go on holiday?

    We have only holidayed in Australia so far, as has been said it is that vast it would take a lifetime to explore, Western Australia is an amazing state from the lush green of the South to the red dirt up North fantastic place to explore, we enjoy camping and it's great getting off the beaten track in a 4wd something you couldn't dream of doing back in the UK. We are fortunate to get more annual leave here and try to make the most of it by getting away as often as possible even just long weekends away, we do have a holiday booked later in the year to Japan as it's somewhere I have always wanted to visit and my daughter is studying Japanese at school. Not done Bali yet either.
  11. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    The Paralympic results from 2014 would not have changed the result one bit England and Aus were pretty much like for like with medals. in para events.
  12. NHS....Prostate screening does not save lives

    Thanks I was the one that reported it saying is there a better place on the forum, I did say when reporting it there was absolutely nothing wrong with the content I just felt it would get more replies in a UK section as it was an NHS related post. Anyway well done PB for bringing it up.
  13. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    Failed to come close? There was 9 gold medals in it at the end of the 2014 games? There's currently 34 I know that will change over the closing days though. Scotland were hosts and going on the theory the hosts do well they didn't actually do that well they did better on the GC
  14. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    Watching England v Oz hockey is like watching England v Germany in football lol
  15. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    A penalty shootout in hockey? I really wish it did but it's not quite getting me like a football penalty shootout!!! Someone needs to win!