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  1. Aunt Agatha

    Saving money moving back to the UK

    Thanks @Sustain I don't need the tips anymore (happily living in the UK with lower cost of living!) but I second your whatsapp suggestion. Saves an absolute fortune on texting etc.
  2. Aunt Agatha

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    I did the same thing the first time I went to Tesco Jock. Just stood there like a plum and then suddenly clicked and had to pack at the speed of light LOL. I have been offered help with my packing lots of times since - I'm not sure if that's because I usually have two small kids with me or because they think I'm incapable...
  3. Aunt Agatha

    Chances of finding a job in UK whilst still Australia??

    We're in beautiful Northumberland :-) Where are you moving to? I know what you mean - we moved from London to Aus at the exact same stage in our lives - no kids, recently bought a house, careers really taking off etc. - and a part of me wishes we hadn't done that. I wouldn't swap our Australian experiences or friends for the world but our timing wasn't ideal. I'm sure you'll be fine back in the UK, you're at a different stage in your lives now and your reasons for going make perfect sense! PS We moved back with a three year old and a one year old - the journey isn't as bad as you'd think but I highly recommend a stopover or two, made the world of difference for us.
  4. Aunt Agatha

    Chances of finding a job in UK whilst still Australia??

    You're welcome - glad to be of some use! :-) My DH is a business analyst and we are really enjoying being back. We joined the National Trust and have lots of lovely days out with a picnic. The kids are in their element spending time with Grandma and Grandad and the shops are great! We loved Aus too so are very lucky. I see from your signature that you moved back to the UK and then back to Australia in 2012 - what made you go back to Aus?
  5. Aunt Agatha

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    Manchester is such a cool city - I loved it there during the early nineties when it was at the height of its music scene. I have to agree with JockinTas - although we've had sunshine, it certainly hasn't been shorts weather up here! I agree too about not being bothered about the weather and if we did ever move back to Australia, Tasmania would be top of my list. I fell madly in love with it on a two week visit a couple of years back. Would be a lovely place (for us) to retire if our kids decide to live in Aus.
  6. Aunt Agatha

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    I went to University in Manchester, OH is from Cheshire. And I genuinely don't know about it being grim up north. I find it breathtakingly beautiful, friendly, exciting, culturally rich and with a real independence of spirit up here.
  7. Aunt Agatha

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    Just click "edit post" Shelley and delete the pics :-)
  8. Aunt Agatha

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    I'm meant to be right under that rain HelensvaleHoward (Northumberland) but we have blue skies here! It is blustery (not surprising given the geography). We are expected to get a hike in temps this weekend though it will be 18-20 degrees rather than the 25 the south is expecting which suits us hardy northerners perfectly! ETA I realise that pic referred to Friday's weather but Lastonealive said "the UK" was currently grey and wet and it's generalisations like that which get us all into bother. Likewise you can't say that "Australia is..." both places have too much variety. Likewise that assertion about staff in cafes etc giving bad service. Not something we have experienced since arriving here in Feb. (And that includes a trip to the North West so not just a NE thing). I lived in Brisbane too so can make the same comparison - we found service great in Brisbane and (despite expecting poor service after reading PIO!) we have found service great here too.
  9. Aunt Agatha

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    It must be something to do with geography in the UK, we've had nothing but good manners and friendliness from checkout staff in the North East!
  10. Aunt Agatha

    Quick update!!

    Fantastic update @Helz980! So pleased you've settled back in and congratulations on the job. I agree re getting out more with the little ones here, we've been having a ball - despite the weather!
  11. Aunt Agatha

    Chances of finding a job in UK whilst still Australia??

    My DH got a job in the UK while we were still in Australia. I just asked him for his advice and he said: Sign up with all the relevant recruitment agencies in the UK - they get to know you and will start coming to you with jobs. Apply directly to companies you'd like to work for. Always explain that you're a British citizen and in the "process" of moving back to the UK if you haven't booked flights yet (sounds better than "I'm not exactly sure when we'll arrive"!) As soon as you see a job, apply for it. Even if it doesn't seem perfect - you just need something to get you over there and get you started. My DH applied for a job that was being advertised directly by the company. The CEO interviewed him via telephone then two days (or evenings I should say - the interview was at 10.30pm) later he had a Skype interview with the guy who would be his boss. He was told at the end of that interview that he had the job pending references so it can happen really quickly. That was in December 2014, they asked him for a mid-Jan start, my DH asked for early Feb (we had booked flights prior to his first interview) and they said yes. It's all been great so far. Good luck, it can happen!
  12. Aunt Agatha

    Your FAILURE to settle in Oz

    I did settle in Australia - for 11 and a half years - I then I decided to settle somewhere else. Success/failure played no part in it. I wonder if people who emigrate and settle in Australia permanently consider themselves to have "failed" in their own countries? It's such a strange PIO phenomenon (in my experience) this idea of "failing" if a person moves/wants to move back to the UK.
  13. Aunt Agatha

    Decision made but .....

    You do sound happy and in forward motion Tillyd - really pleased for you! Good luck with your move and the situation with your OH.
  14. Aunt Agatha

    Never been so glad we MBTTUK

    Oh I'm so sorry to read this! I can only imagine how distressed everyone must be feeling. I am so glad you MBTTUK in time. Thinking of you xx
  15. Aunt Agatha

    Back six weeks - was it a mistake??

    Small correction: we are with Good Energy, not Eco. They are an eco provider which is where my memory confused me.