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  1. Hi all I'm probably going to sound completely nuts, but here goes... So I went on my honeymoon to Oz in June this year, it was delayed by three years due to the pandemic so we had quite the build up! My husband did a year in Oz in 2009 but this was my first time. We did Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns and I absolutely loved it. Like many say, the lifestyle seemed great and for me there was something really special about Australia. Before I went away, I have never had a desire to move away, mainly because I really like where we live and I am super close to my family. But since I came back from Australia it is all I have thought about. I came back wishing that me and my husband travelled more when we were in our 20s (I'm 34, which I know isn't old, but we have a mortgage, dog and other commitments!). We did lots of lovely European holidays but I so wish we had taken a year out and travelled. To be honest, I feel stupid writing this because neither of our jobs are on the skills list, we can't afford to move, and I think I would find it really hard being away from home. Above all, I am actually happy with my life here; I guess I just saw another side of the world, kids scuba diving on a school trip to Fitzroy Island, outdoor BBQs, and how clean everything was. I know it's no bad thing that I've got the bug for travelling- maybe I just need to get some holidays sorted so I feel like I've got my next adventure booked! Obviously, a honeymoon is no reflection of real life and I know the reality is far different. I'm not even sure what I am asking here, but hoping at the least it will be cathartic if nothing else Ty if you've got this far! Soph
  2. SophW

    Moving back for to Oz for UNIVERSITY

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but do you miss Oz at all? X
  3. SophW

    Should we move to WA from SA

    Ah sounds like a great position to be in! Really admire people brave enough to make the move. We were in Oz in June and I can absolutely see the appeal of living there. Wish you every success, no matter where in the world you may end up x
  4. SophW

    Should we move to WA from SA

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but have things settled for you?
  5. SophW

    Second move with a teen…

    Hello @Homesick1 you sound like you're having a really rough time. I remember your older posts and how unhappy you were in Oz. I can't see in this thread whether you feel settled here? You sound very concerned about everyone else-which is lovely- but don't forget about yourself. Sending good wishes from a fellow north-eastener!
  6. SophW

    Homesick for both places

    Thank you. As an aside, I've seen many of your replies on here and I think you're always so constructive and measured in your responses to everyone
  7. SophW

    Homesick for both places

    I'm sorry you're in that situation I know what you mean about the flight. I did it in June and I couldn't really understand the 'only 24 hours away' - it's a long, long way and a lot of travel!
  8. SophW

    Homesick for both places

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but do you think you'll stay in Oz given how you've felt on this trip to England?
  9. SophW

    Do you have to be selfish to move ?

    Best of luck with whatever you do! I was in Australia in June and can absolutely see the appeal for bringing up kids.
  10. Glad it's all worked out for you here in the UK, and you've got your Aussie memories to boot! x
  11. I absolutely love the last paragraph of your post, T. Since coming back from Australia for my honeymoon in June, it's all I've thought about. Without getting too deep, I'm 34 and never really travelled while at uni (like many do). My theory is that I've seen an amazing part of the world and want to see more, but realistically I can't take a year off work and bugger off I also need to think about my biological clock which is currently battling with my desire to go see the world. Similar to you, I am really happy and settled here, although grateful 2 weeks in Oz opened my eyes to the world out there and how short life can really be. Your post has helped me in ways you probably don't realise, so thank you. X
  12. Hello. Hope you don't mind me asking when your original post was a couple of years ok, but did you go back to Oz in the end or stay in the UK? X
  13. SophW

    Big move X2 😬😬

    Ah bless you, thank you! We were supposed to go to Oz in 2020, but...the rest is history! I''m so sorry to hear about your husband not wanting to go back and the impact that must have on you. I also see you've been receiving some PMs about your post which is totally uncalled for. I look at this forum out of interest and it's good to hear different opinions. Whatever the future may hold, I wish you all the best and really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me xx
  14. SophW

    Big move X2 😬😬

    Hi @Huntersmummy I've bee somewhat obsessed with this forum since me and my husband had our delayed honeymoon to Oz in June. I noticed in previous posts that you wanted to return to the UK - do you mind me asking what made you stay in Oz all these years later? I'm sure living in Oz is nothing like a two week honeymoon, but boy did we have an incredible time! X