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Found 24 results

  1. Homesick1

    Second move with a teen…

    I moved my family back to the UK after 11 years in Oz. My daughter was 13 at the time & was happy to return, but my then 19 year old agreed to come for a few months. We agreed that it would be a trial for all of us & kept our house in Oz in case we should decide to return. we’ve now been in the UK for 18 months, and my son moved back to Oz after 6 months, but my daughter loves it here & doesn’t want to leave! Due to health reasons, we now need to move back to Oz as the NHS has failed my husband. Obviously we have other reasons to return, but my daughter is so settled that I don’t know how to tell her we’ll be returning. She still has friends in Oz & we recently returned from a visit there (to see my son) but her feelings are unchanged. I know her life was so much richer there & she seemed to have more opportunities so I’m hoping she’ll settle in time. Anyone done the move twice with a teen and returned to Oz for year 10? Any advice or experiences would be so appreciated.
  2. Hi guys! This isn't super serious as I'm sure we'll manage, but I thought I would ask just in case I can get some firsthand tips and advice! I am due to complete UK highschool / my GCSEs around june/july time this year, and because of situations at home here in the UK, I believe I will be moving to Australia after I finish my GCSEs (so I will be 16). I was just wondering (as I know GCSEs don't really transfer well in the Australian education system) what sort of information/reports should I have from my UK school when applying to an Australian secondary school? What sort of information will they be likely to ask me to get a grasp of my skills etc. as a student? Progress reports? Teacher reports? Is it worth keeping a record of my assessment grades? Should I even bring physical/digital copies of actual assessments/tests? Any info would be greatly appreciated just to give me an idea of the sort of things Australian secondary schools will be looking for. Also; I think I will be moving to somewhere in NSW so if you have any info specifically for secondary schools in that state, feel free -- however any general info that will most likely apply to the majority of schools in Oz would be great. Thanks!
  3. Am I out of touch .....went to book myself in for a hair cut and the hairdresser tapped away on her calculator and said total treatment with conditioner and root colour:chatterbox: would be $310 dollars - errr no thanks. Now my 14 year old daughter has a party she is going to on Saturday night and wants her hair cut Saturday morning. Really don't want to spend the earth as she is only a teenager - anyone know of any reasonable hairdressers (maybe walk in ones) that could do a wash and cut for reasonable price for teenage girl in above areas ..... Cheers Sulac
  4. shotterygirl

    Teenager in Melbourne

    My parents are moving to Melbourne the year I start at university in England but I'll be going to stay with them every holiday for a few months. I'm stuck on where to meet people my age when I don't go to school or have a job. Any ideas?
  5. Hi I'm 15 years old and doing GCSE's in Maths,English,Chemistry,Biology,Physics,History,Geography,Photography,RE and Food Technology at my school. I'm quite academic at school and hope to go to university. My Family are very keen on leaving the uk and moving to Adelaide . I could be out there in weeks or months as people in Australia really want my stepdad to work for them and are keen to get him as soon as possible although I have the option to stay . My ambitions in life are to go and live in America but to do that I need good qualifications (dont know what career I want to take yet so have left it quite open).My questions are ....What's the education like there.is it good ? Is it better to stay in the uk? Are kids in Australia nice around my age? Would I suffer from the move as I have already done a quarter of my exams ? Thanks
  6. Hello there I'm 14, and my dad has been working abroad since I was 11, so my family decided to have him closer to home with a better job and better quality of life, we'd move to Australia. I don't know much about life there, so I'm a bit reluctant to go, so it would be nice if I could get the advantages/disadvantages of moving there from the UK. We're planning to move to somewhere in New South Wales. Also, I go to a grammar school, is that going to affect whether or not I'll be put back a year like I've been told I would be? It's supposedly a higher level of schooling in the UK, but I don't know whether that matters or not. Thanks
  7. My dad's been offered a job in Perth and the company he's going to work for have sent off visa applications for our family (dad, mum, little brother and myself). We're waiting to hear if the visas have been approved and then will hopefully be in Perth before Christmas! I was wondering if anyone could help me with what to expect when I move, how easy is it to settle in? what are the schools like? is there plenty to do? did anyone miss their friends when they moved and if you did how did you get over it/make sure you kept in contact? How easy did you find the move? Any other information on the move, Perth or any other aspect of moving to Australia would be greatly appreciated from everyone! :ssign16: Thank you, Emiley x
  8. domestic goddess

    Teenager not coping

    Has anyone got teenagers or had when they moved over who struggled with the different culture of how kids mix here. My lad is 15 and feeling isolated even though he has friends in school its the mixing outside that's getting to him. He's sport mad and used to being out with friends only coming home to be fed NOT vegging in front of a computer or tv. He's seeing councilor in school to help, he's in a soccer club I know we need to adapt our ways to there's but to a teenager its the hardest thing in the world. So if anyone has been through this please tell me it gets better:unsure:
  9. What's the one Song that immediately takes you back to when you were a Teen at School?The one that has you living and breathing that time,like it was yesterday.Mine is the great,and probs the best of all time in my opinion,Maggie May!:notworthy:What a time in life to be introduced to such a wonderful Song!:yes::wink:
  10. Hi, im new to poms in oz and was wondering if there was anyone i could talk too. I need advice and i want to know what it is like in australia. thanks ...laura.
  11. Guest

    Shall I move?

    Hey, my names Poppy and I'm 14 (15 in november) I am debating whether to move to live with my older sister and her family in Perth but have loads of questions I'm about to go into yr 10 and start my GCSE's but I know nothing about how GCSE's work in oz? Also for anyone who has already made the move, is it easy to make friends? I think a fresh start over there would really do me good but I'm kinda nervous... What's school like? (for people my age) Any advice would be great (: Poppy oxox
  12. Declan has been missing from the Cairns area since the beginning of March. He has not made contact with anyone, not taken his bank cards, mobile and has not accessed his FB. There are no leads at all as to where he may be, we are unsure if he has been kidnapped OR if he has run away. At one point it was thought he may have been heading down to Victoria, so can I ask all of you to keep an eye out for him in the hope we can reunite him with his family soon. I just can't imagine the heartache his parents must be going through. Thanks everyone:notworthy::hug::wubclub: Kate
  13. the hutchies

    dilemma help advice needed!!!!

    we have a small dilemma on our hands and i was hoping someone would be able to help.... we have to be in Aus this year at some time before the end of Oct as our visa will have expired... while we are still up for coming to Aus our kids are wavering a little...our son not so much as our daughter... the problem we have with her is she has a boyfreind who she has been with almost 12 months now, so she is having the teenage tantrums "of you cant take me from my freinds" i know they are young but he is going to try and knuckle down in his final year at school to further his prospects of coming to Aus eventually.... my question is, how old would he have to be and can he come to Aus without his parents....and is there a visa we can get for him? i hope someone can put my mind at ease
  14. Hi everyone, Ok, so we have just got back from our extended reccie, ( thanks to the volcano erupting ) in Melbourne and have made an offer on a house in Mt Eliza, however............ am now concerned about our 15 yr old daughter, as initially she loved it there and the house etc, but spent a day at Toorak college and hated it! I must admit, I wasn't impressed on my tour of the school, it was such a mess everywhere. We contacted the Penninsla School, but they don't have any places available for either of our children, which then meant we went to Haileybury, which thankfully has places available and both kids enjoyed their day there and I was very impressed with the school ethos etc etc, but this was at their Brighton campus, which means we would have to forget about living in Mt Eliza, or send them to the Keysborough Campus, which leads onto my question........ does anyone have any teenage girls living in the Mt Eliza area that go to Haileybury, Keysborough and if so how do they find the travel to school? Also can you tell me what the teenagers do at weekends in this area, as our daughter now thinks that it will be boring living in Mt Eliza and would prefer to live around Brighton and be close to all the things that Melbourne has to offer, but living in the inner suburbs was never our ozzy dream, but it is also important that the kids are happy, as if the kids are happy, then we are happy, if you know what I mean? Having just spent 3+ weeks with our teenage daughter, being totally miserable and moody, the last thing I could deal with is her being bored and missing home, because there isn't a lot to do in Mt Eliza. We are totally confused, AGAIN!! Please help! Vanessa :err:
  15. I have 3 kids aged 14, 12 and 10. we are due to move to Sydney (not sure which area but i have been looking at Cherrybrook) in April this year. My oldest son is in the 'gifted and talented' sets at school and although only 14 he has sat most of his GCSE's last year and this year. I am concerned that if he moved to Australia at his age that he will not be able to pick up the curriculum in time to get decent grades in the Australian exams and that his current UK exam results may no count. has anyone had a similar experience or can offer any advise? This would be greatly appreciated
  16. Guest

    help teenager in coffs

    were moving to coffs harbour in march is there any 17 year olds out there who would like to show my daugher around and help her settle in
  17. Might be moving 'down under' and I just want to know what teenagers do for fun. I will be 15 when we go and will probably go to Perth. I'm from huddersfield,a pretty big town so am used to having lots to do. I would like to get into surfing but am pretty useless at most sports. How long are the holidays? what exams do you do? I'm starting my GSCE's now,in England. Will i fit into school and when does school start and finish? I know it's a lot of questions but any answers would be a help! :arghh: help please !!! harriet.
  18. Guest

    teenager exams uk or oz

    Hi our daughter is about to start her final year in secondary school here in the uk in sept, and we are hoping to get our visas around easter time next year. She will be ready to sit her exams so not sure to stay here till the summer for her education or to go over to oz and let her sit them there as she would have to stay at school till Nov in oz. If she picked up her education in oz around easter time im not sure how her exams would work in oz as its probably a different education program. She thinks she want to be a hairdresser on leaving school so do anyone know what age they start college in oz for this. thanks yvonne
  19. Guest

    Teenager and Visas

    Hello all. We are considering a move to Oz having attended a migration seminar and trawled the net for information. We have 3 boys, and our eldest will turn 18 in September. This will probably be before we submit a Visa application (176 State Sponsored hopefully). He has just finished 2 years at college (HNC course) and is thinking of leaving to get a job - doing what I don't know! Can he be included in our Visa application or does he need his own? Does he need a college place lined up in Oz? Note that he's not keen on coming with us, but we are obviously worried about leaving him behind. Thanks Roobarb
  20. Guest

    Teenager Here to Talk

    Is ther any teenagers between 12-15 to talk to me about what it is actually like in oz because im not too upfront on the idea is any one here to encourage me ? x
  21. Guest

    Homesick teenager ?????

    Hi, we moved to Perth a month ago (not very long I know) and my husband, 2 boys and myself are all fine but our 14 year old daughter is very very homesick, and suggestions, has anyone else experienced this with a teenager??? thank you very much
  22. Guest

    Post GCSE Teenager question

    We are hoping to migrate shortly after our son finishes his GCSE's. If we were to stay here he would go to 6th Form college to do A levels. How would this work out in Australia? He is an October birthday so will be touching 17. Would he be expected to go to a college immediately in September or would he be behind or in front of his peers. I know the school year is different over there and that children start school at 5 instead of 4 but am still a tad confused. (doesn't take much!!) Also, is there a legal requirement to put your children in school straight away? Our daughter will be 13 and have just finished year 8. We were hoping to have 3 months or so travelling around first before we settle. I look forward to your answers. Andrea xx
  23. Hi, we're moving to Perth in Novemeber and my 16 yeared old daughter will finish her GCSE's in June this year she would be going onto college in the UK but after spending hours looking on the internet we have no idea wether she would be required to go to school or TAFE in Oz does anyone have any idea or links that may help us. Thanks Alan
  24. Hey There Everyone... I have a slight problem, i do not understand the school system in Australia.At current i am 16 (British Year 11 at school) and i have 3 of my GCSE Exams left, i turn 17 in september and i probably will be 17 when we move to Aussie. I'm due to start college in september 2006, but if i move to aussie and i do not manage to finish my education at college.. what will happen to me, would they put me back a year maybe more, make me take tests, please help! Also, because of my age, i think il get put back into year 11, which honestly i am not so happy about but it i have to then i must. My dad (who is on this forum as well his name is: Jonathan) hopes to get work in the Brisbane so please come i have sum names of good schools/colleges near that area One last thing, whats the driving age limit in Aussie ? From Stressed Out Teenager. Laura