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Found 395 results

  1. Homesick1

    Second move with a teen…

    I moved my family back to the UK after 11 years in Oz. My daughter was 13 at the time & was happy to return, but my then 19 year old agreed to come for a few months. We agreed that it would be a trial for all of us & kept our house in Oz in case we should decide to return. we’ve now been in the UK for 18 months, and my son moved back to Oz after 6 months, but my daughter loves it here & doesn’t want to leave! Due to health reasons, we now need to move back to Oz as the NHS has failed my husband. Obviously we have other reasons to return, but my daughter is so settled that I don’t know how to tell her we’ll be returning. She still has friends in Oz & we recently returned from a visit there (to see my son) but her feelings are unchanged. I know her life was so much richer there & she seemed to have more opportunities so I’m hoping she’ll settle in time. Anyone done the move twice with a teen and returned to Oz for year 10? Any advice or experiences would be so appreciated.
  2. has anyone regretted bringing kids up in oz?
  3. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has come across either of these dilemmas before: 1. JOINT OR SEPARATE APPLICATIONS FOR DAD / KIDS My wife is Australian and I am a UK citizen. We have lived together in UK since we met in 2008, we married in 2013, and have since had 2 kids (born in UK with UK passports only). - I'd hope a spouse visa shouldn't be a problem for me (been married a while, I'm healthy, no police record, professionally educated etc). Processing time showing as 18 months (75%) - I'd hope the kids shouldn't have a problem getting citizenship by birth (given their mum is Australian). Processing time is currently shown as 5 months (75%) - Does a joint app become more complicated or take longer? options I can see are: (a) Kids and I all apply together under a single 309/100 visa application with both me and the kids named as applicants. (b) I could do my own 300/100 spouse visa app, with my wife doing separate citizenship apps for the kids at the same time - presume we'd need to declare this on each app somehow. A bit worried this could get messy? (C) We could do the kids application first and wait until granted before lodging my application. This would avoid confusion, but delays me starting my application while we wait for the kids. 2. OTHER CITIZENSHIP One of the questions for my wife is whether she has citizenship of any other countries. She has applied for but not yet granted UK citizenship (by ancestry). Im hoping we can tick the no box for now but change it at a later date if necessary - unless the answer gets locked in? I wondered whether to include some commentary in the bit about future plans ie we want to get to a point where all of the family unit have both UK and Australian citizenship. Does that sound like a good approach? Any info on experiences of others would be much appreciated. Thanks Ali
  4. Mattandgab

    Mid 40s couple in Newcastle

    Hi guys, we are looking to meet some ex pats in our area! In Newie and loving it .X2 teenage kids, we have lived in Devon, Somerset and London
  5. I moved here with my husband and 2 girls aged 10 and 12 in October last year after 3 years of stress and heartache. Now my worst fears have happenend, they love it quite understandably as they are in fantastic schools and my husband has a job he enjoys on a lot less hours than in the uk - but I am feeling so badly homesick I cannot even think about the future here. My most overwhelming feeling is guilt, the kids were in good schools in England and we had family around us especially my mum who devoted herself to us all. I have a terrible fear that if I decided I couln't cope anymore and dragged us all back, I would end up without a decent school for the girls as the competition for places is so fierce. It took my youngest daughter a long time to settle here as she is very anxious and shy and due to her age, she would have be thrown into a scary high school after being nurtured in a small caring primary school which she now loves. I spend every day in tears feeling lonely and worrying about what I have done and wondering if I should just learn to live with the pain I have created rather than run the risk of ruining their lives. We have skype and free calls to Uk, I do have some good friends here too but the ache in my heart wont go away. Australia is an amazing place I want to be happy here but my heart won't let me.
  6. I am very unhappy and need to go back to the UK as I miss family, friends and culture badly. My partner does not want to go back to UK at all and even more now because of COVID. We have a 9 year old and 11 year old who know the UK well (we moved fove years ago), miss our family in the UK but enjoy the lifestyle here . We only came here for a two year adventure as my partner's medic work is loads better here. I have been trying to get home for three years but as my partner does not want to go he has resisted and refused. I don't want to rip out family apart so want us to go together. I'm desperate to go back. Time is running out due to kids schools and my partner digging in his heals more deeply every day. Would moving back to the UK be completely foolish in the current COVID situation?
  7. I met my Australian partner in Brisbane 5 years ago and we have had a child together and another one on the way. I am desperate to move home to the UK but despite previously agreeing to this my partner now says he will NEVER EVER move there. I’m desperate to go home and take the children with me but it seems like I am totally trapped here now. Has anyone had any experience of this, particularly where children are involved?
  8. Hi all, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter's new YouTube channel for kids. We're new to Perth, and based in the Northern suburbs. We're hoping the channel will entertain and educate kids as well as us showcasing our new life in Perth from Amelie's perspective. Here's the link Amélie - Crafts and Fashion If you like it, please give it a thumbs up/subscribe and share. Also any constructive feedback would be appreciated. More content will appear over the coming weeks. Best Regards James
  9. Mandy3112

    Enrolling into school on temp Visa

    Hi all, Looking for some advice from anyone else in my situation. We came to Sydney in January on a 3 month visitor Visa. We have just applied for the Last remaining relative Visa (835) and been accepted and granted a BVA WA, with rights to study. Does this mean I do not have to pay the school fees for my daughter to go into primary school? Or are we classed as temp residents even though we are awaiting PR?
  10. Hi, I moved to Sydney (from London) 13 years ago and have finally had enough of the rat race. I'm moving with my family to the Sunshine Coast and looking for advice about the best locations for beaches, shops, schools etc My 2 boys have special needs and one will need to go to a special school - it appears that Nambour and Currimundi are the only options. My other boy has mild autism so I'm hoping to find a location that is best placed for him i.e. Primary schools that have a good reputation for helping kids on the spectrum and plenty of local therapists. If you have kids with special needs and live in the Sunshine Coast, I'd love to hear your thoughts and advice on our move to the Sunny Coast. Thanks Sue
  11. Hi all PomsInOz, We are moving fairly soon to the Bunbury area and are looking at schools in the area. Kids are 4, 6 and 9 and to be honest I don't even know where to start. Help! Happy to fee-pay if that means better education. My 9 year old is introvert and likes his maths, my 6 year old is pretty good at reading and writing, would like to be an 'author' and write bout science, that tells you enough, and my 4 year old hasn't gone to school yet but loves scribbeling and singing and drawing.... Any good advice is welcome. AlandEs
  12. I see a lot on here about where to settle with kids for schools but where are the best places if schools are not an issue? My OH and I would like to be near decent restaurants etc but also not right in the city centre and we'd be happy to commute to work - any suggestions?
  13. Hi guys So.....we've been in Melbourne for nearly two years now...I work full time as an EA in the CBD and my partner is a plumber and tiler with his own bathroom installation company. We have a 4 year old son and a 4 month old baby daughter. Whilst we've found friends through work and other social activities we're ideally wanting to meet up with other young families (we find that having 2 children when we're 30 makes us "young" over here!). When we're not working we do the usual family stuff; kids swimming lessons, days out, cooking, cinema, meals out, parks, camping and the weekly ritual of the local library but on our child free nights we like going to restaurants, bars and clubs. We love our music and enjoy entertaining and having friends round for meals and a few drinks (and house parties very occasionally). Partner plays golf and has recently got in to wake boarding also. If anyone out there is of a like minded nature and has kids (ideally of a similar age to ours) then please get in touch! Be great to hear from you. Alexandra & Jamie
  14. gaz n family

    Dental Care for kids

    What is the set-up down under for dental care with children of parents with permanent visas? Both my kids have braces in and we were hoping that their treatment would be completed by the time it came to the big move. I talked this over with their Orthodontist a couple of days ago and she told me that their treatment needs to go on for at least 1 more year. How can we ensure they get the right treatment for them when we get there? Are they entitled to free treatment being kids? Does this free treatment cover Braces? And, if you wouldnt mind, any other tips you might think of. Thanks in advance.
  15. readstogo

    Quicksmart backpack stroller

    Hello! Bit of a long shot, but.... Has anyone used the Quicksmart backpack stroller for travelling? My youngest will be 3 when we travel. She has a Trunki, but in the event of a full-scale meltdown I will need to strap her into a buggy if we need to get to a gate quickly! This stroller seems perfect as it packs away and can even fit in the overhead lockers. Is it too good to be true? Thanks!
  16. Hello there I live in Bulimba, QLD, with my husband and two girls (3 and 7). I work full time so find it hard to meet people, even mums in the playground since I'm on the run doing the school run! Would love to meet up with/ without kids for a glass of wine and a good ol' natter. I've been promising myself to exercise so a gym/ jog buddy would be good too (I'm by no means super fit, my current exercise includes walking to and from the fridge :wink: and I shuffled through the bridge to brisbane). ooh posting this wasn't too bad after all! claire
  17. Hi there. Me, my wife and three children (4,9, 15 years old) are meeting at Hillarys on Sat 9th November at 12pm for a picnic, drinks and fun by the beach. Other families are coming too and it will be a great opportunity to socialise and to meet new people. Don't worry if you don't have kids, this is an open invitation for everyone. Look forward to seeing you. Please let me know if you can make it. Philip
  18. Hi, I am a 40 year old professional pommie male with a 35yr old wife and two kids (3yrs and 0.25yrs) looking to meet up with other families with kids in Mona Vale/Warriewood/Newport areas. Does anyone know of any groups or places to meet up? I have seen a british flag in a tree in the flying fox care park in Mona Vale and wondered if this was an Ex-pat group meeting point? Thanks Chris
  19. Hi All, As many of you know we are here on a 457. With 2 children under school age and the fact that we cannot claim any Centrelink Benefits (Family Allowance) etc, I am looking for a new venture that I can do from home. I am opening a ebay shop initally with childrens character PJ's in ie, Bob, Dora, Lazy Town etc. However I have got the oportunity to get my hand son some NEXT kiddies clothing mainly tops/jumpers/cardi's etc also Oshkosh and maybe Gymboree. My question is who anyone buy NEXT kiddies stuff in Australia?? Obviously it would be mainly people from the UK as they know the brands, but would that demand be enough? I am just trying to do bit reseach before I put my backside on the line and shell out the money to buy the stuff in. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks Em x
  20. Playghirl

    Coffs Harbour- any pomsinoz?

    Hi We are coming up to a year in Sydney now but realise that we will never be able to buy a 3 or 4 bed family home. Rent is now 700 per week in Leichhardt. Scottish hubby currently has almost constant work driving a manitou and clearing 1300 per week. Will be doing a crane course this week which will certainly improve his employability if not his wage. I am a teacher earning about the same.... On our wage we should be able to afford a nice property in COffs / SAwtell/ Reston/ urunga and surrounding areas.... But what is the employment situation like??? i Am also interested in what people's views are like to live in this area. Hubby is SCottish, and we have two girls not at school yet.
  21. Hi guys, have a question that i'm hoping someone may be able to help with, apologies if this has already been asked before:wacko: We are moving back to UK next year and i have been making enquiries about getting the kids back into schools, particularly my eldest who will be going into year 7. I contacted the local county council and they informed me that it would have to be classed as a late application as we have to residents at the time of applying. This means that my child will be allocated a place at the nearest school to us- and this could quite possibly not be the school of our choice! Has anyone encountered this situation when returning to UK and if so is there any way around it? :wink: Thanks xxx
  22. Hi Me and my partner are making the big move soon and are about to book our flights. We have an 18month old toddler and was wondering if anyone could advise on the best way to plan our flight. We are going to have 1 stop, should we pick a flight that has a short 1 hour stop or a flight that maybe has an 8 hour stop. We don't know if after 20 hours of flying we will just want to get there ASAP or if the stop will do us all good. any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  23. I have just started sorting through our childrens toys and getting rid of anything that we aren't taking to Oz. We have decided not to take our eldests bike (it was only cheap anyway and I'm sure she'd love a new one) and we are not taking her swing or slide or anything else from the garden. From her inside toys, we will get rid of the ones neither of them play with, or things that other people have bought for them that make stupid noises (other parents will understand this :wacko:!). They have lots of wooden toys, such as blocks and puzzles, that we would like to take, but are unsure as to whether customs might have issues because we know that wood can be a problem. Some of them are fine - they are painted or varnished which means we can take them with no problem. However, looking at some of their things today, some of them are made of plywood which don't seem to be varnished or painted at all. They are mostly puzzles, for example jigsaws and dominos. So, my question is can we take childrens toys that are made of plywood? I presume that plywood is used to make packing crates/protective covers for tv's etc for shipping, so is it okay to take it?
  24. vikkeytymo

    Views on Karratha WA??????

    My brother is sorting with his boss to sponsor my husband to work in his Tavern as a Chef. We have 4 children (2 daughter's aged 13 & 11 and 2 sons aged 7 & 5). Now I've done some research regarding renting/buying a house and the weather, plus info from my brother (he loves it) but he has no family to care for. What is it actually like to live there? What is there for kids to do? What is the lifestyle like? Can you survive on wages that aren't miners wages? Any info/personal opinions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Vikkey x
  25. Hi I am in the process of gaining my visa for a permanent move to Melbourne early/mid 2013. I will hopefully be finding work in or around the CBD and I am in desperate need of advice on the best places/suburbs for myself and my young family to settle, what local expat communities there are as we will not have any family or friends in Oz. We are keen to be close to parks and other things for the kids to do. I have scoured the real estate sites to death but need some areas to narrow the search down a bit!! Any help will be fantastic.... Thanks in advance.... :hug: