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  1. Just trolling mate best to ignore
  2. Rallyman

    Delivery Driver Roles

    All the global companies fedex TNT etc more important do you have a visa ?
  3. A generation ago the car manual showed you how to adjust valves and tappets , todays tell you not to drink the contents of the battery. your prejudice holds no bounds and has no place in a fair and equal society The more you post about it the more I think you are just trolling / trying to provoke reaction , quite sad imho. You do remind me of a previous poster slips my mind who at the moment. Won’t be replying any further on this subject.
  4. Love reading your replies Bob , got some WD40 here if any good
  5. So what you said was in jest ? . I honestly thought that nobody on here could make such comments and be serious. I still don’t know if you posted just to get a reaction or you think it’s funny or in-fact you are very serious and that’s how you feel . PIO is not the place it used to be,
  6. He obviously doesn’t get how it works ( the team you support) I have some fantastic memories of Europe matches over the years all be it a few years ago now , epic fa cup and league cup runs , my nan took me to my first game at 5 years of age her ashes are on the ground. congratulations on promotion.
  7. Rallyman

    The Official Weather Thread

    Cold and wet in hunter last few days heating on !
  8. Having been a wrexham supporter for 50 years I am well aware of the lower leagues and football league and what they are named.
  9. It’s not be known by that for over 20 years, division 1 does not exist it’s name was changed to the premiership it’s not a advertising name. anybody who follows football or soccer as it’s known by here will know about the premiership it’s the biggest league in the world.
  10. There is no division 1 now it’s been premiership for 20 years , division 2 became league 1 etc etc
  11. They were state enforced nothing the federal government could do. I fear a Biden type administration but let’s see , time will tell
  12. League below premiership