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  1. Rallyman

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday PQ
  2. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Australian citizens have to obtain a visa to leave https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/crisis/covid-19-and-travel
  3. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Currently not allowed to leave Australia unless it’s special circumstances with a approved visa .
  4. Rallyman

    Political correctness gone mad

    Radio 2 are though
  5. Rallyman

    Stop the boats!

    Does this include the ones with latest I phone , Nike tracksuits and trainers ? Are you sure they are refugees feeling persecution or economic migrants?
  6. Rallyman

    Stop the boats!

    still coming https://apple.news/ADUxTlziHT82K62EKxaSPIg
  7. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    A good wage back then
  8. Rallyman

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Let’s see what happens. Haven’t predicted an awful lot as don’t have all facts , Let’s see what German car makers do when they can’t sell their products in uk
  9. Rallyman

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I honestly get the feeling that certain people do think like this. they would rather see the country go down the pan than get a good deal, no belief in their country what so ever.
  10. Rallyman

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    Any links to these allegations?
  11. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    When I started out I was earning £19.50 per week on a YTS scheme, then got a fully indentured apprenticeship which took my money up to £60 a week take home (This was in 1980) , I would say £200 per week as a 16 year old apprentice is reasonably ok , learn to walk before you can run .
  12. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Totally different costs of living comparing apples to oranges
  13. Rallyman

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    If you were a multi millionaire the uk staying in the eu would not stop you from buying a property in the south of France .
  14. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Good on him
  15. I know people who work at this hospital, it’s 15min from where I used to live let’s see what comes out and not jump to any conclusions, we don’t have any details as yet .