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  1. Rallyman

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    The new variant Omicron is now in Qld https://apple.news/AHtupCQmpST6pWsH21cNdMg
  2. Rallyman

    The Ashes 2021-22

    Sorry you didn’t make that clear in original post , after today’s performance it might be best not to show it.
  3. Rallyman

    The Ashes 2021-22

    Very poor show from England best they could hope for is 4 days of rain and get a draw.
  4. Rallyman

    The Ashes 2021-22

    Duplicate post
  5. Rallyman

    The Ashes 2021-22

    I thought c7 were showing it ?
  6. Rallyman

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Maybe DYOR it’s out there This might help you as you seem to be struggling: On 21 October 2020, the ABC journalists Mark Willacy, Dan Oaks and Alexandra Blucher published a story that accused November Platoon, from Australia's 2nd Commando Regiment, of committing a war crime based on the single 'ear witnessed' account of a US Marine. The members of November Platoon have since written to the ABC and provided a 10 page letter addressing the provable lies and damage this article has and continues to cause our Veterans and families. We are calling on the Government to commission and Independent Review into this article to address the issues raised by the November Platoon letter dated 17 October 2021, and to assess the conduct of the ABC Journalists involved in accordance with the ABC's own policies, the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics, and all other appropriate legislation.
  7. Rallyman

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    But the so called journalists didn’t check anything out about the story , they printed it on total hear say to get a sensational news story or they thought that , Totally made up when it turns out that they weren’t even operational in Afghanistan when the ABC claimed the events took place , gutter press at best on the back of tax payers money. The 3 journalists involved should in be sacked . How would you feel if somebody just made up a story to make you look bad or even accuse you of murder. All on the back of hear say ?
  8. Rallyman

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Very good read , well written.
  9. Rallyman

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    The ABC who made up a story about SAS soldiers killing a civilian in Afghanistan, yet the very platoon accused didn’t arrive in Afghanistan until a month after the abc claimed the incident occurred. They all have their agendas to push. This is off topic we need to get back to covid as in the title of the thread.
  10. Rallyman

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Incorrect post from me sorry
  11. Rallyman

    Man Made Global Warming, is it to late.

    Basically what the planet has done for last 10 million years or so. extreme weather / climate hot and cold , http://www.climate.gov/news-features/climate-qa/whats-hottest-earths-ever-been
  12. Rallyman

    Your next car.... petrol electric diesel

    I think they will over time , a great amount of infrastructure to put in and big money as well I just don’t think the time frame being pushed ( 2030 ? ) is realistic. it will be interesting to see how the new bread of World rally cars go next season with hybrid and how reliable they will be .
  13. Rallyman

    Your next car.... petrol electric diesel

    This puts me off electric: So this is the hassle ive had with my electric car this morning... 20 miles of charge left so put on charge last night at home. Got up this morning and its tripped off and the charge point is registering a fault that needs an engineer out for it. Called the company and the earliest they can get out is two weeks. Five mile drive to the local retail park to use the fast charge points - Both out of service. Two miles into work to use the charge point there. Won't connect through the app and then i can't get into the app. Phone customer support and theres an IT issue that means all our charging points are down but as a bonus its locked us out of our apps so we can't used the only other charge point within the range ive got left on my car. Currently having to trickle charge with 96 hours to get to full charge. Not impressed one bit.
  14. Rallyman

    Where near Newcastle

    They have gone up like the rest , no cheap places now . unless you want to live in a less desirable area. Traffic has increased as well meaning 45 min travel now pulls you closer to the city unfortunately.
  15. You go off on tangents and use tiny snippets of posts to take things to completely different level to suite your own agenda. Going to leave it here with you as I think you might be looking for a reaction, you have made a number of personal comments about posters which is against the forum rules . Ignore list for you