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  1. We all like a bargain
  2. Are you being serious?
  3. It has to be controlled you can't have a open broader policy , you are not comparing apples with apples , the uk has a population of around 67 million on a land mass roughly 30 times smaller than Australia , As you know there is a housing shortage in the uk which has been discussed before with more and more green belt being taken something has to give. Why don't you think that controlled immigration is not ok ?
  4. Excellent summary
  5. She is s ABC emloylee and uses this as a platform for people to follow here on social media ,paid by the tax payer,as a presenter of a show for the ABC she has obligations as the ABC is supposed to be impartial in its views, if this was not the case I doubt she would have got into the news . Think you have shown your true colours with your last statement regarding the St George flag , is this any diffrent to the Scottish and welsh flags that you see when in these countries, what about the aboriginal flag
  6. It's controlled in Australia having open boarders is not the answer
  7. I can accept the apology and it would mean a lot more if she resigned from her ABC job
  8. You have missed the point completely , being educated in Australia she should know how important this day is you don't try and make cheap political comments , thanks to she has done more harm than good with her comments , not her finest hour
  9. She is a educated person with a degree in engineering from Brisbane university I believe , she knew exactly what she was doing as said before a time and a place and ANZAC day was not it , you can't defend her
  10. Agree with this , she was fully aware what ANZAC day is and what it stands for no need for this . The abc should terminate her contract , she is being paid by the tax payer if she is not happy in Australia she can always return to her original home land
  11. You need to read my post earlier , I said they have not just achieved all this last week , Military force should only be a last resort China are playing a much bigger role in all this , NK are getting raw materials to do this from somewhere
  12. Agree sanctions is the way to go , the comments coming out of NK this weekend are quite alarming to say the least, they guy needs taking out
  13. The top 2 could be down to the capping on parapet not fitted correctly , all the others below windows maybe cavity trays and weep holes blocked or windows not sealed correctly at a first glance
  14. Was back in uk in March for 3 weeks rained for 2 of them , my comment was a bit tongue in cheek
  15. You get a week without rain in the uk and there's a water shortage , hosepipe ban .