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  1. UK is second most powerful country in the world

    Serious fire power there
  2. I saw my first black snake this year while cutting the grass on our block of land it soon shot off when the mower got near , I have been here 7 years now btw they are thongs not flip flops As to Newcastle it's certainly a great place and is on the up as are property prices , rent is ok , the amount of new homes under construction is simply unbelievable its a great area with so much to do on your door step ,
  3. Brexit

    From discussions with family and friends it was about controlling immigration not open door policy's , never just stopping it all together along with many other issues
  4. Brexit

    Our house sale fail through 5 weeks before the referendum because in the end they could not afford to buy it , we managed to get a sale completed 6 weeks after , so I am in the same boat
  5. Brexit

    Agree the tactics used by both sides indeed did have to be questioned ,but speaking to family and friends ( from all over the uk )who voted both ways never ever thought leave would win the day , I think you are one of only a few who thought the leave would be successful
  6. Brexit

    Inevitable ? I was totally surprised the result ,
  7. Brexit

    Agree 100% , and some wonder why the leave vote won
  8. Brexit

    How can he justify the cost ? this is the problem they are so far out of touch with the real world
  9. Brexit

    We paid 7k au to fly Emirates sydney Manchester business in March return
  10. Brexit

    Nothing sweeping about what I said , there are certain posters on this thread that have made comments that don't fit into a civilised society because people have diffrent opinions , I think you know full well what I was implying , the"comments have no place in society " not necessarily the person , more than happy to stick to the topic but don't criticise just because somebody my have diffrent views ( not aimed at you btw)
  11. Brexit

    Sure people talked about wanting to leave but in all honesty never thought the country would get a referendum on it , Blair promised one but it never materialised ,DC only gave one because he thought it was a vote winner to retain power and never believed the country would vote to leave people who wanted to leave the eu have certainly not carried on like spoilt school children who can't get their own way , there's been enough remarks on here by some remain people that sums their attitude up well and quit frankly have no place in society
  12. Brexit

    Good to read about positive things happening in uk
  13. Brexit

    The people who wanted to leave have certainly not carried on like you say , I can't remember mass protest being organised because a democratic vote didn't go their way
  14. Brexit

    The upside for the EU when the uk eventually leaves Ireland will be able to fill the budget short fall with all these business moving over there , wonder what the mood would be if they contributed and received what the uk has over the last 20 years
  15. Brexit

    What do you actually want , I am not in a position to give chapter and verse on how and what will be agreed. As stated before it's about what is best for the uk not other countries in the eu You are concerned on how it will effect Ireland , so maybe your country has more to lose than the uk