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  1. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    Africa starving has been happening since I can remember along with floods and then famine , birth control would be a good start there but unfortunately it seems rape is very high there , what has happened since band aid and all money raised ? I mentioned on another thread about world population levels but got shot down by the usual select . Like it or not it’s the elephant in the room. Bees are one of the major insects that sustain human life I think we would last about 9 months if all were extinct , we may be the most intelligent species on the plant but not the smartest at times that’s for sure .
  2. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    I honestly don’t know if you are being serious or trolling your last comment is that sarcasm , more trolling or trying to be funny as you have lost me in that one. I have said we need to do more about climate change but pointed out the hypocrisy in banning a product in your own country but buying it from a neighbour it’s crazy. Its not difficult to see that but for some reason you argue against it you really need to get a life and enjoy it I hear the weather is good at the moment out of interest what do you do to contribute to help climate change
  3. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    You can’t see the irony ,in stopping the nuclear power in one country but buying it from another ? for somebody who claims to be so educated you are unreal totally deluded
  4. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    Fair dinkum, just putting a post about how hypocritical all these people can be. can you not see it ? Do you just criticize for the sake of it is that all you can do ? Go and have that hot chocolate mate it will do you the world of good
  5. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    Was reading about Germany and their power requirement's the green lobby have shut down their nuclear approach , they have to buy in power from France and yes you guessed it they buy in nuclear produced energy Interesting read : http://www.brusselstimes.com/business/technology/15050/electric-vehicles-emit-more-co2-than-diesel-ones,-german-study-shows?fbclid=IwAR2i5WyW2iGRAe1sKO7ns2Q1t-SkZASlLA0UOGAWQ2ZKoXlqgS0el15pQ0M
  6. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    patronising as ever, reducing waste , recycling, preventing landfill all helping to reduce climate change and you dismiss it as not the point ok if you say so, that is not getting it with an attitude like this. I have said we can all do more and don't have the attitude of its up to others everyone needs to do their bit, I see you cant comment on flying in to protest wonder how you would feel if it actually disrupted your day and cost you serious money What do you actively do ?
  7. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    I get it completely , I was saying what they are protesting about 20 years ago and made big efforts to recycle and seperate waste to prevent it all going to land fill. There is always more we can do. I find it very hypocritical for somebody to fly a 3rd of the way around the world to protest about exactly what she has just done ,and then jump back on the plane to go home surely you can see the irony in this ? you completely miss the point that the uk is one if the better countries and are happy to put everyone one down if not to your thinking , there are far worse countries than uk to protest in How do you feel about the bill and cost to tidy up after them , they are doing everything against what they stand for by creating the mess to clean up . How would you feel if it was your business that was effected ? would you be happy to give all your life comforts up ,? They are arguing and disrupting the wrong people and by doing so will turn more people against them than with them.
  8. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    But that’s the whole point , they are hypocritical ,as I said Emma Thompson flying in from LA and the straight back out if you think that’s ok you really don’t understand the situation they are targeting the wrong people , a guy from their group on a tv interview could only say millions will die and one flight per person in 5 years , he could not come up with anything else he made a fool of himself. how would you feel if it was your business effected ? How about the clean up bill are you happy to pick up the tab , The uk is doing a lot more than most,
  9. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    I think you will find that most people are aware of the climate change and are more than willing to do their part , as I said let’s see what would happen if they went to China to protest a country with major pollution problems compared to uk
  10. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    Why leave the place looking like a sh## hole then you think that’s ok as long as they got their message across ? The uk are doing a lot better than most other western world countries , sure it can improve and it will , maybe they need to go to China and protest there , but somehow I don’t think that will happen
  11. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    How about Emma Thompson flying in from la to join protest then flying back all a bit hypocritical don’t you think everything that the protest was about ?
  12. Rallyman

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    I haven seen that photo and was thinking is it from elsewhere or the protest mentioned no real way of knowing
  13. Rallyman

    Is Christianity under attack?

    Think the whole world is Fkc up at the moment, no place in a civilised society to kill people because they have a different religion , why can’t we just live and let live ?
  14. Rallyman

    Troubles return to N Ireland.

    No not denying that I don’t agree with uncontrolled immigration which as you said is on record that’s what I have posted and still stand by that today. I certainly don’t hate them as you you claim never said that , please provide proof if you think so ?
  15. Rallyman

    Troubles return to N Ireland.

    I agree I did vote to suite myself and pocket no denying that and you ?