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  1. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    So why the emoji? Irony is clearly lost with your good self unfortunately so do you think China have accountability in all this ?
  2. Rallyman

    5G - Loads of stuff coming on line

    Been reading about 5G over 12 months ago , pretty sure I mentioned it a while ago on here It’s scary stuff indeed.
  3. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    So going by your emoji to B61 and your reply you don’t think China have any accountability in any of this ?
  4. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Here you go BTD this is the real problem
  5. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    China bought over 2 million masks from Australia by telling their state owned company employees to go out and source them and ship them back to China via their own state owned freight company back in jan / feb leaving Australia with no stock or supplies, they have known how bad this would get and told the world nothing. They are misleading the world again as they are not including people who test positive if no symptoms are shown , they haven’t got on top of it at all.
  6. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Apparently they shipped 100 tons of supplies back in February ( A Chinese state owned company) Pauline Hanson has been quite vocal on stopping any foreign purchases of businesses or assets and it seems government have listened.
  7. Rallyman

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    You might find this useful : https://www.covidvisualizer.com/
  8. Rallyman

    Positive things about now

    They are doing same at golf club near us
  9. Rallyman

    Positive things about now

    Which golf club is that ?
  10. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Sorry to hear this mate speedy recovery
  11. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Hope your on the mend soon
  12. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    After actions of people at weekend . Not a fan of his but he sums it up well for me ,
  13. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    When you see the response at Bondi yesterday can you blame government for more strict actions and measures, if you wish to be treated like an adult start acting like one , the Scenes at shops is unbelievable, it’s time people became responsible, you can’t fix stupid though.
  14. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    Bus loads of shoppers From the city are coming out to rural areas any buying everything up , id to prove where you live now required locally where I live
  15. Rallyman

    Corona Virus

    you criticise for blaming then go on a rant to blame government who you seem to hate with a passion, unbelievable hypocrisy at its best. It’s a known fact now that bus loads of people are coming out to Rural areas from cities and strip buying all major items from shops. our local Woolworths and Coles now requires I’d to be produced to prove you live locally .