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  1. Rallyman

    To renew or not!

    3 weeks to get my replacement UK passport , no issues
  2. Rallyman

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    You could say “everything better in uk don’t bother going to Australia “ close thread Good and bad points to both countries, were all different.
  3. Rallyman

    Someone stole my fridge!

    I think you would agree Cal that the op threads are a little bit bizarre to say the least
  4. Rallyman

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    I am not expecting anything not sure where you are getting it from ? I don’t get the uk v Oz which one is better, both have good and bad points why would expect supermarkets to be same it’s two different countries they are bound to be different , different climates vastly different population and vastly different size geographically .
  5. Rallyman

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    Hence why I said a mixture of both
  6. Rallyman

    Flights to UK now

    Might be a bridge too far even for @DrDougster
  7. Rallyman

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    Yes it’s changing very quickly but I don’t think it’s going to save the planet, if say Australia went all ev in next 10 years how would the grid cope charging all these vehicles. It struggles now add in the infrastructure required it’s going to be 20 plus years away. Also add in tax revenue lost on fuel sales this will be added to recharging cost , over all they will be no cheaper to run than ice in long term. A mixture of both is the way forward imho
  8. Rallyman

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    What don’t you have enough variety in over here in Oz ? Far more choices in fresh fish here in Oz. I personally think the quality of meat is better here In Oz plenty of fresh veggies and fruit what do you want that is not here in Oz ?
  9. Rallyman

    491 mechanic 90 points

    What are you going to do with your home sell up if you get a visa ? if it’s that bad you are going to be getting knocked down on price or if you do the work you will get your money back. So will have money in the end.
  10. Rallyman

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    The best supper market I have been too in Australia was a co op down in Tanunda , a deli counter that was amazing , bakery, full on butchers it had everything and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. why is it that it comes down to a uk v Oz best bashing match , Australia is different to uk , it’s going to be different they are two different countries . If you come here looking for it to be the same maybe costa del sol is a better option https://www.google.com.au/search?q=co+op+Tanunda&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-au&client=safari
  11. Rallyman

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    good article on service costs etc interesting that the advice to maximise battery quality only charge to 80% They are going to get more popular and cost will come down to purchase possibly ( hopefully) but they are not going to save the planet in next ten years if we are to believe ER mob imho https://www.canstarblue.com.au/vehicles/electric-car-servicing/ 10 cheapest cars in Australia still a fair way to go for EV to be 100% competitive https://www.carsguide.com.au/urban/hacks/10-cheapest-new-cars-for-sale-in-australia-79239
  12. Rallyman

    Fuel Prices in Adelaide

    What did you pay for new ev car ?
  13. Rallyman

    Government reshuffle

    Turnbull is not assessing mines individually he’s stated that they should be gone in nsw. How can you go from leader of lib party to head of a left wing think tank for labour. He is still very bitter how he was dumped as pm. from 2017 : And earlier this week, the PM talked up the need for Australia to embrace "clean coal" as an alternative to relying on renewable energy. "We will need more synchronous baseload power and as the world’s largest coal exporter we have a vested interest in showing that we can provide both lower emissions and reliable base load power with state-of-the-art clean coal-fired technology," Turnbull said in a speech to the Press Club.
  14. Rallyman

    Government reshuffle

    How can you be pro coal in one state and against in another stupidity at its best coal is used in so much more than just creating electricity , he is still bitter about being dumped but was happy to do same to TA
  15. Rallyman

    Government reshuffle

    He is More labour than a lib He swaps and changes his mind to suit current mood , latest coal needs to go in nsw he wasn’t saying this when in government. still very bitter about getting boot