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  1. If oil is phased out- what then?

    Which the queen owns as in HM revenue and customs
  2. If oil is phased out- what then?

  3. If oil is phased out- what then?

    Hence my comment “not common knowledge”
  4. If oil is phased out- what then?

    Was in Newcastle over Easter the amount of ships coming in and loading up with coal to go over to Japan and China mind blowing , seems ok for them to power industries with coal fired power stations but not here , why ? I used to live local to a plant that produced cement , they built the latest furnace which could burn old Tyres with the filters fitted to it no pollution , so technology is there to control the emissions
  5. If oil is phased out- what then?

    I don’t know but she is getting around 50 million per year from them , not common knowledge , I was reading about the increase and proposals for wind farms a number years ago and this was what was stated ,
  6. If oil is phased out- what then?

    The queen is one of the biggest gainers with wind turbines , all the ones in the sea are on crown land and have to pay rent to her Around 50 million per year !
  7. If oil is phased out- what then?

    Agree , cars will be electric sooner than we all think , I also think drones capable of carrying people will be here sooner than we think
  8. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I think you would find if a poll was conducted that 99% of the people would like a full overhaul of the House of Lords it certainly has a purpose but it needs a radical kick up the backside
  9. If oil is phased out- what then?

    A chap local to me in the uk developed running a car on water by taking the Hydrogen out of it from his garden shed He he was a real back to the future Doc !! it was snapped up at the time by shell and he was not allowed to discus it
  10. US, UK and France attack Syria.

    As the saying goes , we may have the clocks but They have the time
  11. US, UK and France attack Syria.

    What’s this all about is the question I have been asking myself , is it oil , world control a back door way to sorting Israel once and for all ? Looking back at history there has been infighting for the last 1000 years around this region is it going to change any time soon .... No
  12. US, UK and France attack Syria.

    I have many friends who voted both ways and we all agree we should not be getting involved , it’s only you that is trying to put spin on it to link it to leaving the eu , which is of course just you’re opinion
  13. US, UK and France attack Syria.

    I thought this thread was about the bombing of Syria ? , everybody I have spoken to about this action said it’s wrong we should not be getting involved here this includes people who voted to leave the eu This action has nothing to do with leaving the eu , you are completely wrong on this , it’s about the use of chemical weapons May has done this to try and boost her standing but it’s going to back fire big time
  14. London’s murder rate outstrips New York

    I hope he is not convicted , it’s quite simple don’t break into people’s homes and nothing will happen to you , by all accounts the burglar had been caught breaking in before and was known to police , no sympathy from me sorry