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  1. Brexit

    Where does the figure of 80 billion actually come from ? Just plucked out of thin air ?
  2. Brexit

    It certainly wasn't my main reason , as controlled immigration is good for a country
  3. Brexit

    The Vauxhall plant in elesmere port is closing due to loss of actual car sales of the Astra , it has nothing to do with bexit , it was off loaded to Peugeot I think 2 years ago , there were discussions 3 years ago about it closing , I have first hand information as a family member is a union shop steward there
  4. Brexit

    So basically a deal will be done , as in life there are always compromises and it will evolve over the years
  5. Brexit

    I agree mate I have been saying the same thing since day one on here
  6. Brexit

    I am fully up to speed of uk history political wise thank you , and as I said this not a left or right agenda ,you can put as much spin on it as you like it won't change anything
  7. Brexit

    That's good to know you actually spent some time there but the world has changed a lot since you last lived there and as said before , you did not vote as you were not entitled too , so in all honesty your view is worthless it doesn't effect you
  8. Brexit

    The " Right " ? The extreme left leader of the Labour Party also wants to leave the eu along with other leading members of the opposition front bench this is not a left v right agenda , you need to understand this which appears to go over your head
  9. Brexit

    You understand wrongly , we had a vote , the result was to leave , get over it if there was another vote it would be the end of parliament as we know it
  10. Brexit

    What are you on about , the comments were about democracy just pointing out that people didn't go on like they are today when thatcher gained power , but you didn't live in the uk then did you ,
  11. Brexit

    But a 2nd vote is not going to happen, the vote was to leave , you cant have everything thing your own way , life is not like that , you post and make statements as fact but in reality it's your opinion ,nothing more , we are entitled to our opinion that's how democracy works I can remember Thatcher being elected some loved her some hated her there was no demand for another vote and I can tell you that those times were a lot harder than anything leaving the eu will be
  12. Brexit

    If we have another vote and that is to rejoin , I would accept the result , might not be what I wanted but I would accept it
  13. Brexit

    I agree we had a vote and that was to leave
  14. Brexit

    The best of it , is from posters who last lived in the uk 20 odd years ago for 5 min who were not eligible to vote telling everyone what is best for them , they don't seem to understand that the uk had a democratic vote and that was to leave
  15. Brexit

    In reference to my post , keep on with insults true colours coming through