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Found 218 results

  1. Hi all, Lengthy post but I hope somebody may be able to provide some advice. I am currently employed as a Product Quality Assurance Engineer within the Space industry in the UK. My current employer, ABSL Space products UK, are owned by the Enersys group, the largest provider of batteries worldwide from medical and industrial applications to Lithium Ion space batteries working inline with the largest space agencies in the world. I lived in Melbourne during 2014/2015 on a temporary working holiday visa and have been set on returning permanently since the day I left. Enersys have several manufacturing facilities within Australia and I am strongly hoping to arrange some form of transfer to the Melbourne facility when the world resumes some form of normality. I have been researching Visa classification for quite some time to weigh up the best options for the relocation of my family and I, to which I feel the 186 Employer Nomination scheme may be our best chance due to my current employer owning several Australian facilities. FIRST QUESTION- Does anyone know if this visa allows an option to work towards permanent residence? My main enquiry is in regards to the classification of my engineering job title within Australian standards. My issue lies with the skills shortage lists and the engineering roles they contain, I have researched extensively but do not seem to be able to find any Quality based roles within the lists, I would simply assume it is not a required skill, however almost every other type of trade, skill and engineering role is stated on the skills list from metal work, to a multitude of technical engineering roles, up to Manufacturing Managers. I struggle to believe Quality engineers are not required if all others classifications are in demand with quality and safety being the core of most businesses, unless there are a shed loads of Australian Quality Engineers maybe. SECOND QUESTION- My hope is that someone may be able to shed some light on the classification of Quality engineering roles and wether or not they are grouped with such titles as Production Engineer or Engineering Technologist? I will be approaching an emigration advisor to gain further clarification of our eligibility for emigration, however I have previously found the emigration lawyers to have a lack of knowledge within the engineering industry and therefore unable to give specific advise in the subject. I understand that different countries group Quality assurance within other engineering categories, so hoped that Australia may adopt a similar system meaning I will fall within another category. I am happy to provide a job description or some Australian Job Vacancies that match my skillset if it would help give further detail as to my current capabilities. THIRD (final) QUESTION- My current highest level of qualification is a HNC in Mechanical Engineering, with 4 years of experience as a Quality Assurance Inspector and I will have 2 years experience as a full engineer and a multitude of space engineering based side qualifications by the time we would like to apply to emigrate. WILL MY HNC BE A HIGH ENOUGH LEVEL OF QUALIFICATION TO APPLY as an engineer with this experience, or is my only hope to complete a bachelor's in engineering alongside my current role? I doubt anyone made it through this far, but if you did, you're probably as boring as me and work in compliance but seriously I'd be extremely grateful of any advice or contacts for an emigration lawyer who specialises in engineering. Many thanks, Jason
  2. tony_bezza

    lift engineer jobs

    wanting to go out to Aus once i have passed out at NVQ level 3 in lift engineering. once i am a trained lift engineer with a years experience i want to emigrate with my girlfriend to Perth. Was wondering what my chances are and if i need to find a sponsor etc... I have heard that the lift industry in Aus is split into mechanical and electrical and was wondering if anybody on this forum knows how my nvq level 3 in lifts would stand up. Also how long do you have to be in Aus before you can apply for residency and then citizenship.
  3. Hi there, We just got granted 189 visas and will be making an activation trip soon from Canada. I am a Mechanical Engineer with almost a decade in the natural gas pipeline industry in Canada. I already got the CP Eng designation in advance from Engineers Australia. My Wife is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with 6 years working in portfolio management for pension funds in Canada. Fixed income is her specialty. If anyone on this forum is hiring or knows companies that are we would be delighted to connect and go into more detail on our skills. Really looking forward to making the move. Thanks!
  4. Hi everybody. I’m a gas engineer looking to apply for the 189 or 190 visa. Just wondering if these visas require a certain amount of work experience before you can apply for them? I’ve been qualified and working for 3 and a half years. Also, if any other gas/heating engineers are on here and have moved over recently could you share your experience and thoughts with me please? cheers
  5. Hi everyone I am a B1 licensed aircraft engineer applying for a Northern Territory state sponsored Visa. I am 24 years old and have been working for a major airline in the UK for 7 years. I was after some advice as to how likely it is my visa application will go through and what the work opportunities are like for an AME in Northern Territory. I know they are very broad questions and any help is appreciated, many thanks.
  6. I am looking to submit my EOI for a 189 visa, with the following points: Age: 30 Education: 15 Experience: 5 English (PTE): 20 My migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia says the below. Within my EOI, will I have the option to choose my occupation based on the below ANZSCO Code? I know there are both 'professional engineer' and 'civil engineer' streams, which is confusing me a little. I am also currently awaiting my police certificates (Aus & UK). Should I wait until I have received these, or go ahead and submit my EOI now? I have read that all documents need to be submitted 60days after invite, is this the case?
  7. Evening all, I am starting my HND foundation degree in mechanical engineering alongside a level 4 NVQ next month with the hope that it will put me in a good position to progress into an engineering career in Victoria Australia. Are there any engineers on here who could give some good careers advice to somebody wanting to climb the ladder in Aussie engineering? More to the point what level of job should I be hoping to obtain with the HND level qualifications. I want to be looking into jobs well in advance but am not sure at what level they will give me the time of day. Graduate schemes etc. I am currently a Quality inspector for a large international company producing industrial gas turbine and Aero engine components, at the time of emigration I will have around 10 years experience within an engineering background. I will hopefully have Status metrology CMM qualifications also. Any help will be much appreciated
  8. Dear Lovely Fellow Members, I am a Mechanical Engineer who has migrated to Australia from Japan 4 months back. I am currently looking for work and find it very difficult. Somehow, I did get invited for interview at couple of places but after a few interviews I get rejected due to lack of local experience or very specific requirements of employers. so I am thinking of changing career to being a tradie/sparky. May be the tradie work such as fitter/electrician/plumber might be more stable and has a future here in Australia. I see that a lot of engineering work is unstable, gets outsourced and there is a huge supply of engineers here in Australia. I guess tradie work is always going to stay and can’t be outsourced to India/China so might be good in long term. Would you mind sharing your opinion and how to get in this field? Below are some specific questions 1. For a Mechanical Engineer which would be better field from employment perspective? I feel like HVAC/Refrigeration is very much in demand these days. 2. What is the process to be a tradie/sparky? 3. One of the electrical contractors has shown interest to provide me with pre-apprenticeship. Is it worth it? What would be a good way for me to move ahead? I will really appreciate if you can throw some light on my queries.
  9. hey all, I really want to work abroad in Australia but do not have a clue where to start or where to go. I am completely starting fresh and need to know what I need to do and where to look for sponsorships. I have just completed a 3 Year apprenticeship as a CNC miller setter/operator. I have a BTEC national diploma level 3 double grade PASS PASS and also I have a NVQ level 3 in cnc milling setting/operating. along with key skills level 2 in maths english and I.T, and a advanced apprenticeship completion certificate. been working for 3 years love what i do and want to up and leave for a good experiance and maybe make it permanent. any information will be helpfull like what i need to get started, where to look, whats the first thing i should do, how easy it is, how long it is. thanks guys your help will really help me out. ps i think the call my job in australia a 1st class metal machinist. thanks blake
  10. kimmy1996

    Emigrating as a seafarer ??

    My partner is a ships engineer and we want to emigrate. His skill is on the list but to be skill assessed he has to actually travel to Australia on a visitors visa to resit an examination which was "probably one of the worst experiences of his life", the oral exam for class 1 certificate. It seems grossly unfair that most persons get assessed in the UK i.e brickies have to lay bricks, Carpenters build a wall or something similar, both in front of independant examiners. They have to prove their qualifications same as those who have degrees have to show their documents. He has documentary evidence of every days work he has ever done on board ships, a UK government qualification and an agreement exists between UK and Oz to recognise each others standards and qualifications but he still has to go there and resit the oral, this will cost us £1300+ with accomodation, exam fees etc. before we even begin the application process - no pressure !! It's like asking an accountant to go all the way there to resit his accountancy degree !! Anyway, bitching about the process won't help. We need to know if anyone has been through this process whether the oral is a full blown chief's oral or a more laid back chat about the persons experience and knowledge ? He is undecided whether it's actually worth going through with it because he is not fully confident of passing the oral again despite being 2nd/Chief for a good number of years. Has anybody been through this ? What is your experience ? I hope someone out there can offer some advice. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I have been thinking about this for a while and i was just wondering if there was/is anyone out here who might be able to provide some advise on what might be a good strategy. Background: Bachelors of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Masters of Electronic Engineering, MBA. I have worked 100% as an electrical engineer in the rail manufacture and coal mining industries. I have a total of about 5 years of work experience, mostly Design, Reliability and maintenance. I would like to make a shift to the Oil and Gas industry, but most of the jobs i see want experience in O&G already. I have toyed with taking some sort of short course in an oil and gas related field to give myself a leg up... This might be a long shot but does anyone have any suggestions as to what else i could do, or where i could look for a leg in the door? Cheers.
  12. Dear, I am Arun, recently received my PR for Aus. I am a Civil enginner. I have 4+ years of experience in India in construction industry and currently working as Manager-Planning in India. My Academics is post graduate in Civil and Structural Engineering from UTS, Australia. I'm terrified, as one of my mates from Sydney has told me that the chances are really tough to get a job in Aus.:err: So I would like to know what are the chances of getting an opportunity in Australia to work full time, in Construction industry? And also what improvement shall I make before coming down to Aus (Im still in India, preparing to come in Oct'2014)? All your suggestions are welcome and greatly regarded
  13. IT Technicians / Engineers Helpdesk Engineers / Technical Gurus / Fulltime OR Part-time OR Contract. Are you looking for a fun, challenging, dynamic role? Do you want to work where part of your day includes playing with the latest technologies and actively researching the latest trends? Do you want to have the ability to help grow the company you are working for and benefit accordingly? Server, Network, Desktop, and Business IT Support Progress your IT Career & broaden your experience Base Salary + Super* + Car* + Allowances* + Performance Bonuses Ategra is a small professional Managed Services Provider located in Palmerston, Darwin. So if you anyone qualified you know has an interest in visiting, traveling or migrating to Australia, get in touch, we often have short term and permanent positions available, we have even provide immigration sponsorship for several staff. We have a loyal client base, many arguably amongst the best in their respective industries, who are diverse, dynamic, fun and most importantly they all understand the importance of a solid IT infrastructure. Attractive Salary Package; Plus; Benefits, bonus program; and Company Car. We are looking for highly driven, enthusiastic self-starters who have had previous customer facing IT support experience looking after multiple Small to Medium or larger IT networks. The role involves mostly offsite work and varies from troubleshooting clients day to day issues and regular maintenance to conducting migrations and project rollouts. You will have the opportunity to work with some of the latest and greatest technology and software (RMM tools, Virtualisation, Hosted Services, Cloud Computing and more). We are currently using a mixture of some really cool RMM tools to manage our clients systems. If you have most or all of the following – PLEASE APPLY – we would love to hear from you. • SBS 2003/2008/2011/ Server 2003/2008/2008R2/2012 Experience • SMB Routers/Switches/Networking • Advanced Troubleshooting Skills (Desktops/Servers) • Good understanding of DHCP, DNS, VPN, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server and Internet Technologies • Server and Network Maintenance • Previously used Remote Management and Monitoring system (Kaseya, Zenith Infotech, Labtech, Level Platforms etc) • Fantastic client facing/interpersonal skills (our clients value our simple to understand approach the most) • Current Driver’s License (ideal but not necessary) • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCITP/MCSE would be great, but not essential) This is a great opportunity to work in a growing and exciting company. We have a very dynamic work ethic. We provide an environment with plenty of learning, variety and great customers. We have a caring and fun team whose focus is making a difference in our customer's business. If you think you would make a great fit into our company, please email us a quick cover letter and resume to jobs@ategra.com.au About Ategra Computer Technology Since 1997 Ategra has been a respected and professional IT Services & Support and Managed Services provider in Darwin committed to our clients. This is an opportunity to join a company that values their staff, rewards them and has a friendly positive working environment. IT Technicians / Engineers / Tech Guru at Ategra Computer Technology Darwin NT Check out more details http://www.ategra.com.au/contact-us/news-blog/434-ategra-now-hiring
  14. Hello all Still plodding through the Visa process (state sponsorship) and we have got to the point where we must decide on which state would offer us the best opportunities, preferably South. I'm an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) (unlicenced) and we have looked at each states SOL. WA: is out of the question at the moment as we are not on their SOL. SA: I'm on their list but there are some conditions to be met, I read this to be that you must gain work experience in this state, can anyone clarify this? Victoria: I'm on their list with no conditions so this may be a possibility. NSW: This state is broken down into four areas and the SOL for each does not include any Aircraft trades. I get the impression that there is not a great requirement for aircraft engineers on a state sponsorship visa and yet this occupation is on the skills shortage list for Australia. I would be grateful if anyone could confirm my findings or offer some advice. Thank you all Ian and Debbie
  15. Hey, Im after some assistance in my UK trade & qualifications 'converting' to Australian Qualifications. I successfully completed a; Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Engineering I also have the following; Advanced Diploma in Engineering and Technology (Electrical/Electronic) BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Electrical/Electronic Engineering NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations NVQ Level 3 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Whilst completing my apprenticeship & these qualifications I worked for an electrical manufacturing company for 4-5years so have hands on experience. I am already a Permanent Resident of Australia having been here for 4 years already, I have just recently applied to become a citizen. I have done some digging around on the internet and reckon my trade is similar to a cert 3 engineering:electrical/electronic. I have also found that this trade maybe eligible for a electrical license but thats just going by internet forums. I am completely stuck on what to do and where to go so If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I keep being told to head down the TRA route but Im not to sure on what to apply under as Electrical Fitter is more an Electrician but then think I maybe eligible?!?!
  16. Can someone please enlighten me with current job market situation for mechanical engineers in WA? The only job site that i find useful is seek.com. Most job sites have similar recruiters posting the same vacancy and there are very few companies posting vacancies, making me feel there are very few vacancies i.e. my opinion. I'll be flying to perth in september and it is frightening, so far i have applied for 20+ position and haven't received single call. Ideally i would prefer to have job before i land but looking at the current trend it looks, it will be tough to even secure interviews even when i'm there.
  17. Hi I'm corgi registered, nvq l3 etc etc looking for some info on the industry in Oz and availability of work etc. Thinking of Adelaide as a poss area to settle. . . And advice would be much appreciated
  18. Flash90

    Graduate engineer migration

    Hello everyone! I have recently completed my mechanical engineering course in England and in a few months time I will obtain my degree from the university as well. Luckily my university is in the list of Recognised Graduate subclass 476 which is specifically for engineering graduates so I believe that certainly makes me eligible for this visa! However I think I am also eligible for Skill Independent 189 and probably 190 visa if I achieve straight 8 bands in all IELTS general components so I will score up to 60 points! so my question is that if I score straight 8 bands in all the components will I be eligible for this 189 visa or not? if not then why? I would be really happy if someone could guide me through this! Thank you!
  19. Hi all I am doing my skills assesment as a Computer and Network Systems Engineer (263111), as I dont have many qualifications I am doing a RPL for the ACS. I have completed everything up to the question : 3. Describe the design method you used on this project and the rationale for its selection. The project reports I have done are essentially a network/domain migration and datacentre design and build, however I am stumped by this question. Can anyone supply me with some advice as to what options I should consider for this answer? What design method might one use to design and build a Bladcentre (Vmware), SAN based datacentre? thanks Rich.
  20. Hi! Just registered and this is my first post, so please bear with me! My husband is currently a BT Engineer (official title: Cable Jointer) and we're thinking of making the biggest decision of our lives and moving to Oz. Trouble is, I'm not sure that his occupation is enough to get us in. I've had a look at the S.O.L. and there appear to be a couple of job titles that may apply (like Telecommunications Technician or Linesworker), but these have to be approved by TRA. Does anybody know if we are on the right track? Just thought I'd ask the question before we started spending money! Are there any ex BT engineers out there who could give us any nuggets of info or advice?
  21. Hi folks, I received an email from immigration SA today (2 Nov 2010) informing my SS application was approved. My ANZSCO is 261313 Software Engineer. I just lodged my 176 online visa application with DIAC. Will upload all the documents tomorrow. My timeline: 11-May-2010 ACS applied 20-May-2010 IELTS L7R7W6S6.5 25-Aug-2010 ACS approved (261313) 11-Sep-2010 IELTS L7R7.5W6.5S6 27-Sep-2010 SA SS applied 02-Nov-2010 SA SS granted:jiggy: 02-Nov-2010 176 lodged xx-xxx-2011 176 granted
  22. Hi All, I'm new so apologies if this has come up before/is in the wrong section... I'm an experienced Mechanical Design Engineer moving to Brisbane. I have friends there and a visa; so from that point of view, I'm set. I'd really appreciate any advice or a share of experiences of any other mechanical engineers who have managed to get into the resources industry. I'm doing everything I can from writing a great covering letter to contacting agents and companies direct but not much has come up yet. Any who has any advice for me would be really helping! Much appreciated, M
  23. i am totally lost on where to start, i have searched for hours on the internet for what kind of work i could do in oz. I have 5 years experience as a pressure control engineer with a gas network company ( 4years of that advanced apprenticeship). does anyone have any useful information on gas maintenance companys or where to even start ! my job is basically regulator maintenance/mechanical fitter/pressure control.. which probably comes under a different title in australia which is throwing me off. any help at all would be much appreciated. thanks !
  24. Mrdebond

    Drink drive ban.

    My Name is Dean, Im 26yrs old. I'm after a bit of advice, Im a Fully qualified Refrigeration & Air conditioning engineer. I work on all climate control equipment & ventilation. Ive recently been given a driving ban for 17 months-for driving under the influence of alcohol (Idiot!!) I'd really like to secure a working visa in Australia as Ive had enough of this dump & need to get away! However will this ban & subsiquent criminal record (no previous convictions of anykind, first offence) stop me? If im banned from driving in the uk, does that apply in Aus too?? I'm just clueless atm & hope someone can spare some advice?? Thank you.Dean
  25. Hi guys, hope all is well and you're having a good new years. I was hoping to get some advice from any of you that have been in a similar situation: I've just returned to Australia (Australian/British citizen) after having finished my master's in civil engineering in the UK, I received a 2:1 overall (~64%) and 69% in my final year project. My problem is that over here there's plenty of different grading schemes so how do people put down there result on their CV and how would I go about determining my equivalent grade? I know Australian Education International can provide assessment but I don't really have the $295 and 3 months time to wait if it's not necessary (the majority of graduate programs start opening in February-March). Also, I was hoping to get membership with Engineers Australia but unfortunately I was unable to pursue this before I left the UK due to my academic tutor having health problems. Is this likely to be something that employers look for? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. meezy