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  1. I am just enjoying reading the thread! When we applied we would have jumped through so many hoops to become citizens but it was all actually pretty straight forward. At the time we did it, I know it has now all changed so much. Our timeline was applied early June, sat test late June, citizenship ceremony July. It has all changed now, times are so much longer, it was much simpler for us however, I will stress and emphasis, citizenship to us was incredibly important and our priority, we would not have been making any travel plans that could/would jeopardise it. You have to decide what is most important to you right now, leaving the country for an extended period of time will without doubt affect your ability to apply for citizenship and quite rightly so, regardless of your reasons, Australia’s looking for people committing to stay and that does mean committing to living in the country. Your time outside of Australia will undoubtedly go against you for your current citizenship application. I would suggest you do what you need to do them make a firm commitment to live in OZ for the required time then apply each for citizenship at that point when you are able to make the commitments in the true essence that is required by Australia.
  2. Phoenix16

    So has Nursing finally gone the other way?

    I completely agree about SC, it is so incredibly important that you nail it, I have learned that the hard way!! It is a complete pain doing SC but once you get you’re head around how you need to write it and what you need to say and demonstrate it’s not as arduous as it feels initially! It’s a great opportunity for the applicant to showcase their skills and experience very succinctly and from my past life as an employer, it cuts out the need to trawl through pages and pages of CV’s, cover letters etc to try to find the info you’re looking for! SC is the downfall of many a candidate!! Xx
  3. Phoenix16

    So has Nursing finally gone the other way?

    I totally take on board your points, there are some dynamics at play that lead me to my conclusion, however, I have said in a previous post that I don’t believe it’s being done deliberately to make me look less committed and perhaps that’s my own insecurities for seeing it that way! Basically we deliver a fabulous service, some more efficiently than others and unfortunately for me my background in senior management makes me think strategically, I am always looking for more efficient ways of doing things and that’s how I plan my work (PS I’m not currently working in health care, I know there are strict protocols in how we care for patients and I’m not comparing my current role to that which is entirely different!). However, I will make the point that in my previous life as a senior corporate manager I put my staffs work life balance as a priority, flexible hours to fulfil school pick ups and drop off where we could or many various other scenarios such as urgent appointments etc were all accommodated where possible within the needs to also deliver the business. anxious staff worrying were less productive than happy staff who were not worrying. I was reacting to Backtodemocracys points about employers continually striving to get more for less and in the corporate world that is very true. in terms of 50 applicants, most being graduates and none successful, what a shame! Maybe one of them could have actually blown you away after a little bit of initial support and mentoring! Tongue in cheek as I’m sure you will come back with the depth and knowledge the job needed that a grad could never fulfil, but if we do invest in local talent and support them, perhaps they could quite quickly become your organisations best assets.
  4. Phoenix16

    So has Nursing finally gone the other way?

    And I also realise other factors can be at play such as ‘my lift home won’t he here until 5.30 / my bus doesn’t leave until 5 etc so I thought I’d stay in the office and get things organised for tomorrow’ all normal and reasonable but I know that’s not the case here.
  5. Phoenix16

    So has Nursing finally gone the other way?

    I do think there are some time management issues that need to be looked at and a new manager recently alluded to this, however, I do feel disingenuous by my comments as I will say my colleague is very passionate about the work we do and really cares about her work (as we all do of course). I do not think she is trying to deliberately make me look less committed at all, I think there are some insecurity issues and I think it’s also a case of just not being able to ‘let go’, she often emails in on her days off with pointers and minor things she forgot to handover, that’s a nice trait but as our role is at the bottom of the ‘pecking order’ within the organisation her work life balance is paramount in my view. I have been in senior roles where a commitment beyond 9/5 is imperative and goes without saying but the financial rewards compensate for this. And in those roles I would have spotted situations like this, my priority managing many staff was their work life balance and being aware of their workload demands, if I saw staff still working way beyond their finish time I would want to know why to ensure we were not under resourced and as such ‘exploiting’ dedicated staff, or maybe to identify inefficiencies in working processes that could be improved. I also have a work ethos where if something important happens that requires me to stay back and deal with the issue then that also goes without saying and the organisation has a process to recognise and compensate for this. Ordinarily the workload is such that it can all be easily completed within contracted hours, however for my own personal reasons and circumstances I do generally arrive around 30 minutes early and I love this quiet time to have a coffee while checking emails and planning/anticipating the day ahead and the priorities I need to focus on. I wasn’t having a pop at my colleague I was really just musing over comments raised by back to democracy!
  6. Phoenix16

    So has Nursing finally gone the other way?

    Im not sure about your comments re nursing!! As a grad nurse the pay is pretty good in comparison to the UK but its all relative to the cost of living I suppose...my point was bringing nurses over expecting plentiful jobs when nurses here can't get jobs or at the very least secure jobs, everything seems to be casual, temporary and part time only. Anyway, you have got me thinking about my current job.. pretty low level government job, but interesting to me, I enjoy it! But.. I work in a team of 3 covering 2 FTE roles part time. the job is 8.30-4.30 and works beautifully. I'm an early bird, I love early mornings, my routine (school bus drop off schedule) means im usually at work for 7.45 -8am, I love this early time to grab a coffee, check emails and prepare well for my 8.30am start, it suits my family commitments and i'm happy to get a heads up early so I can plan my day effectively to leave on time at 4.30pm which also suits my family commitments. My colleague, however, is usually there at 7.30am and doesn't leave until around 5 to 5.30pm although she is only paid from 8.30 to 4.30. the workload does not warrant this, I never ever leave work over to the next day, all of my tasks are completed by the time I leave, we share the roles on alternate days so I also know that her workload does not warrant the hours she puts in. I cannot understand what work demands are warranting these hours from her, the workload simply is not there, but it is making me feel very uncomfortable in that is it making me look less committed?? I work efficiently, I deliver a great deal in the hours I am paid and I complete everything and more, nothing is ever left over and I always go above and beyond, I have testimonials from colleagues to attest to this. I feel guilty leaving at 4.40/4.40 whatever time I leave even though I know all of my work is done and I would simply be killing time by staying, is this the pressure now to keep us in line? I have to say my managers don't make me feel pressured but it does frustrate me that they also don'y question why my colleague is doing this? surely they would think 'hang on a minute, she's working at least 2 hours a day unpaid' (for no reason)?
  7. Phoenix16


    Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Saying that Australia is being tough on dual citizens and will strip you of your Australian citizenship if it believes it warrants it. As another poster mentioned the laws were enacted primarily to deter terrorism but many other are being caught up in them, and as another poster mentioned we don’t know the ins and outs of your brothers case, but on the few facts you’ve supplied if it is a first offense and non violent towards anyone whatsoever hopefully he gets a second chance. But yeah, ‘permanent’ resident is not as ‘permanent’ as many may believe sometimes, Citizenship, where it’s possible, it a no brainer if you plan to live in Australia for the long term xx
  8. Phoenix16

    Is There a Point to Royalty?

    At the end of the day you can’t ignore the publicity they generate, and that’s what continues to attract visitors to the UK. Megan is ‘America’s’ own princess, that will guarantee so many more visitors to the UK (particularly the US) especially if Megan fully assumes and transcends into a fully fledged ‘royal’ as Kate Middleton seems to have done. At the end of the day as a British citizen the Royal Family don’t hold the fascination for me that they might for other countries and that’s really precisely the point! They don’t excite me, I’ve lived with it all my life but for others it’s particularly special, and especially USA now they have a princess (or a Duchess at the very least!). The pomp and ceremony is our tradition and it does hold special value to our visitors, I personally think it’s important on that level. There are elements of the royal family that need to be smudged out, prince Andrew and his sleazy shenanigans a must, and his off spring, I don’t see the value at all.
  9. https://www.bedfordhospitalnursing.co.uk/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=13497+Perth&utm_campaign=Talk+to+us+about+your+perfect+role.&utm_content=13497+Perth&fbclid=IwAR0CGYdeEkA3oPNVUeLkeX_iy4vt19ufVy30xwYAaBqlz_TYjZDhln9bYhU So last year we had Scotland recruiting grads and now we have Bedfordshire recruiting grads.... When I enquired on here a year or so ago about going back to the UK to gain experience (in complete desperation of NO opportunities here) I was promptly told I could not get registered in the UK without at least 12 months experience. Has that all changed now? The NHS are seriously recruiting over here where we have a surplus of qualified nurses (or rather a large pool of nurses who can't find jobs despite the increasing demands on health care as people live longer and chronic disease increases....I know, budget restrictions...). On a personal level, I have now managed to bag myself a grad program and I am incredibly excited but I can't help but think about all of those grad nurses I competed against, it is incredibly tough right now. It would lead me to my next question, should Australia still be granting visa's to nurses when there is such surplus, and well trained 'stock' here? I do understand unique specialisms being in demand but I'm even questioning that at times, many of my 2017 cohort are already part way through their masters in their various specialisms.... I think there is so much talent already here in Australia, I do firmly believe its NOW time to close the door and focus on the home grown talents here xxxxxxx
  10. Phoenix16

    186 visa & secondary applicant

    My understanding of the 186 is that she now has PR in her own right and regardless of what happens with her relationship or his job her visa, and as such her rights to remain in Australia, are completely unaffected. Best wishes to your colleague, it sounds like she’s having a difficult time, but at least she doesn’t need to worry about her visa xx
  11. Phoenix16

    I Just Need To Get This Off My Chest,

    There have been some wonderful posts on here and I thank you all for the lovely responses. I want to give a massive thanks to The Pom Queen for so fabulously shutting down the ‘secondary’ thread that started between the usual subjects, their agenda was not what this thread was meant to be about. However, I will say, we all choose the way we want to live our lives, and in today’s world their is enough evidence and information to inform us of the consequences or not of the choices we make, yet we are still free to make the choices we want. I just do not find it productive to start apportioning blame to people for the choices they make, healthy or not. For the record my wonderful grandma was a heavy smoker and drinker until the day she died aged 99. We all know we can all make lifestyle choices to improve our longevity but sometimes the most healthiest people get cancer and sometimes the most unhealthiest simply don’t. My stance is compassion and care for someone with this horrible disease, it’s definitely not to lecture them on what they could have done differently to avoid it, that just simply serves no purpose whatsoever and I don’t believe it’s my right to lecture anyone anyway xxxxxx
  12. Phoenix16

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    You might find that cancelling your private health increases your tax, it might just be tax savvy to keep your private health and obviously all of the benefits having private health brings, when you do need it it comes into it’s own but fingers crossed you never will xx
  13. Phoenix16

    I Just Need To Get This Off My Chest,

    My sincere apologies, think I was a touch over sensitive, didn’t read your words properly and just way too emotional, much calmer today, thank you xxx
  14. Phoenix16

    I really don't get it

    I have to have a massive chuckle at the way you say it but overall tend to agree!! Still belly laughing at the thought of all those puffed up ‘hey I’m an MP I’m soooo important’ people making their way to Crawley new town to vote!!!