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  1. Phoenix16

    The role of a migration agent

    Personally, I really don’t see how you can comfortably apply for a visa without a MARA agent right now. Yes there is a cost, however, firstly you will get an honest, realistic appraisal of your chances of success (really not so easy these days}, secondly, they will submit on your behalf an application that has the best chance of success, without errors and silly mistakes, and will keep you informed along your questions and concerns. As I have seen in my 9 yearsin OZ the rules have changed so much, it’s so much more difficult to get a visa and so much more expensive, the rules are incredibly rigid, not something you would want to leave to chance these days, a MARA agent can help immensely to navigate you through the present minefield xxxx
  2. Phoenix16

    Really need advice on what to do

    Thank you so much Quoll and Ali, really great advice. As it’s turned out she’s not been well today, I tested her urine and another UTI (3rd in 8 weeks), managed to get her into a GP within the hour and got the antibiotics! I’m going to go in and chat with the teacher Monday, if they are onboard to help we have quite a few sleeping bags so can ensure she has a fresh one each night if needed and I’m sure they will allow an extra bag for spare clothes, pants etc, I’m also sure they will ensure she is close to a toilet. She hasn’t confided in friends about this but there has been the odd occasion where she has felt able to tell them she’s ‘peed her pants’ and joke it off but, she has lovely friends who are very caring and sensitive, the school overall are very very supportive so I feel optimistic now that we can possibly make this work for her. Once again, thank you so much for the advice, it helped me get some perspective and look at the situation more rationally! Xx
  3. Phoenix16

    Really need advice on what to do

    Ok, not sure I’ve posted in the right area or even if this appropriate for PIO but really need balanced advice ASAP. my beautiful 11 year old goes on her school camp next week, first camp and with all her class, for 2 days, it’s incerdibly well planned with 1 teacher per 3 kids ratio, it’s a mandatory camp and my daughter is/was/isn’t so excited... She suffers recurrent UTI’s and has been diagnosed with a lazy bladder, she was dry at night completely until 9 years old but suddenly started to have problems. She is under a specialist and takes daily medications that are aimed at her muscle bladder control. It isn’t really working and she now wears a nightly sleep ‘nappy’ which is wet every morning and at least 1 night a week completely explodes requiring bed changes. I am in 2 minds as to whether the nappy is exacerbating the problem and ‘enabling’ my daughter who suffers urgency with urinating... anyway that is background information. My dilemma is that tonight she got very distressed and wet herself before she could get to the toilet, she does it occasionally at school particularly in sports and I always pack fresh shorts and pants for her on sports days. Tonight she got distressed and said ‘I can’t go on camp, I’m literally going to just pee myself all the time....’ it completely broke my heart, she’s already stressed about sneaking off to the bathroom at night to put on a sleep pant before bed whilst on camp, she asked me for some plastic bags to put her wet sleep pants in to bring home... now I just think I should pull her from the camp trip. She desperately wants to go on the camp trip but is stressed out about her bladder and I am just distraught at the thought of her sneaking around to put on a sleep pant, and gawd knows if it explodes and she sleeps in a wet sleeping bag for 2 days because she’s scared..... I don’t really know what to do here, my heart says tell school she’s cant go, she wants to go desperately but she is so worried about her bladder and I want to protect her..... I’m hoping you Mums and Dads and rational people out there could give your advice, I’m kind of in the ‘cancel the trip’ mode but would appreciate advice xxxx
  4. Phoenix16

    Nurse wanting to emigrate. Where do I start?

    Before you go the the painful and expensive lengths of registration I would look at the demand for nurses in Australia and you will see it is now limited. Most states no longer sponsor nurses and whilst its still on the list for immigration, the job market is not what it was. Before you start your journey, I would just say it is a very expensive one, that will land you in a very expensive county, and whilst nurses earn quite a bit more than the UK, its relative to the living expenses in OZ. I was on placements with nurses who were really frustrated about their inability secure full time employment, most were bitting and batting with part time contracts here and there, trust me its dire right now.
  5. Phoenix16

    shopping in oz

    I do, personally, think there are some great options in OZ, Witchery and Country Road are brilliant, CR I tend to think of as the NEXT I left home, they can be pricey, but we have Kmart, and I can honestly say beats any Primark (as in the one I left 8 years ago so I don't know what its like now!), although a few joggers I bought in Kmart last year are still brilliant and wearing even better than when I bought them. I think its subjective, come to OZ with am open mind but feel free to order your favourite bit online, just don't assume you can't get it here, you might be surprised about all the awesome things you actually can get here xxxxx
  6. Phoenix16

    shopping in oz

    Country Road is my fave, Witchery i also recommend. I don’t order from overseas anymore (except books!), I find everything I want here in OZ, also Seafolly, swimwear / beachwear to die for!!
  7. Phoenix16


    I know from reading your posts you’re dealing with a lot of things but WOW, house moves alone.. you’re so brave!! When I joined the site you were in Melbourne and since then you have travelled so far, if you write the book of your travels I promise I will be the first to buy!! Xxx
  8. Every order I make overseas warns me that Australian customs may charge me GST, I still click ‘buy’ With that in mind and when a delivery takes much longer than forecast I assume customs are looking at my purchases and working out a GST bill, the fact I’ve never received one is not my problem. I don’t recall ever having VAT or other taxes taken off my purchases either, happy to pay GST, even the double whammy approach can often be cheaper than onshore prices.
  9. I use amazon UK to send my niece and nephew gift vouchers to their UK addresses for birthdays / Christmas, will this be affected? I am also a massive reader so for myself I order tons of books I can’t get over here... Amazon Aus is rubbish, expensive and usually the books I want can only be ordered as ebooks and unfortunately I’m a traditional book reader, sniffing the pages and bending the spine in anticipation of a fab read are essentials! I will be upset I feel I can’t sent my family the.vouchers they like to receive, but in terms of books I shall divert my business to book depository or booktopia, shame on Amazon.
  10. Phoenix16

    Nursing in UK

    Yeah!, I’m getting good at writing SC, had lots of practice!! However, could you advise what is a reasonable length of writing for each SC, with grads we have to do it in 250 words but for level 1 nursing jobs I’ve had differing opinions from nurses, one told me he would write 2-3 pages for each criteria.....? I’m trying to work out what’s the right balance to grab the recruiters attention, give enough detail without boring them too much also!!
  11. Phoenix16

    Nursing in UK

    Lots of great ideas to think about, thank you everyone ?, just gotta keep trying and being positive, something will come up, there’s another grad recruitment coming up too and I am still eligible to apply so will also give that another shot xx
  12. Phoenix16

    Nursing in UK

    Yep, everting you say is true!! I don’t want to move back to UK, but the nursing profession is so dire here, I’m thinking 12 months in UK gives me the experience I need then I can return with much more credibility, it’s a tough gig here right now, My only chance of a grad program is waving bye to my family and taking my chances in the uk, it’s shocking....
  13. Phoenix16

    Nursing in UK

    So I am dual UK/AZ citizen, I have graduated as an RN, but because of the dire situation here I cannot start my career as an RN, I am wondering whether 12 months working in the UK will help my cause. The job situation in WA is particularly grim, I’m hoping I can work in UK for 12 months which involves leaving my family behind, but the only way I can gain experience in order to have credibility as a nurse is 12 months experience post grad. What will I encounter in terms of registration? I’m relying heavily on my UK citizenship for this, can anyone help with advice xx
  14. We cannot even begin to imagine what happened in this case but I agree with your sentiments. Ironically my hubby did a 'ride for suicide' rally today with all of his workmates, to basically raise money and awareness. what I cannot and never will understand is when those who are so desperate feel they also need to take other, innocent, people with them.
  15. Phoenix16

    Its Eurovison Again!!

    So, as the title of the group suggests, I just know i'm going to get chewed up with the fat, but hey ho here goes, Who's watching Eurovision (very early tomorrow!!)!! I am and i'm proud! As its mothers day ive got a free pass to slob all day on the sofa, hubbys set the alarm for me for 4am (the voting is the best!), he's promised me a delicious brekkie, could anything be more perfect!!!! (PS our fave brekkie place got booked out months ago for Mothers Day so i'm really happy to get a second Mothers Day next weekend when it literally will be quiet, relaxing and simply perfect, win win for me!!!)