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  1. Phoenix16

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    PS if the session does give you the green light to go ahead, be cheeky and ask them to knock the $360 off the overall fees if you decide to go forward with them!! Xxx
  2. Phoenix16

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    That makes sense! I’m assuming they think there is a possibility of you being eligible for a visa after an initial understanding of basics of visa eligibility for your particular circumstances, so a deeper evidence checking session is worth the $360 (pounds!) before you go further into the process and spend lots more money. That does make sense to me and seems pretty reasonable in my opinion (but I’m no expert I have to add!), all the best to you, I hope the session goes the way you hope and you’re on the way to your visa xxxx
  3. Phoenix16

    Immigration2Oz Evidence Checking session

    I’m reading this to mean you are applying for the visa yourself and are merely booking a $360 (pounds!) evidence checking session to assist you, I would assume if you were actually using a registered migration agent to apply for the visa on your behalf then evidence checking would be part and parcel of the not inexpensive fee you will be charged... for me the agent would be firstly assessing your chances of a visa before you part with a lot of money (although I appreciate there is never a guarantee of a visa) and advising you accordingly, requesting the appropriate documentation from you (and obviously checking it on receipt), completing all of the paperwork they can for you and then submitting on your behalf? This is what happened with us, although the company paid for everything so I cannot categorically state there wasn’t an evidence checking fee but it doesn’t make sense as evidence checking tends to be a big factor in deciding to go with a migration agent in the first place.... just my thoughts.
  4. Phoenix16

    Weighing things up

    I know doing my degree there would have been little knocked off the degree for nursing assistant, i knew of a paramedic who got credited for an anatomy and physiology unit but it didn’t take any time off the degree it just gave him a more comfortable semester with less units! EN’s joined us in year 2 and had to do 2 full years of study regardless of their knowledge and experience, I thought this was a little tough to be honest particularly those with many years experience and advanced EN qualifications.... my overall advice though is do the nursing degree because you are passionate about nursing, don’t do it for a visa, in 3 years time I wouldn’t be surprised if nursing is no longer on the visa lists, there’s a lot of nurses here and not as many jobs as there used to be. Saying that everyone says it’s cyclical so you never know, but just make sure your doing the degree for many other reasons than a visa xxxx
  5. Phoenix16

    Michael Jackson songs banned

    Not sure it was ‘trial by social media’ that grounded 737 maxes more so than the general desire not to risk more lives until there was certainty around safety....
  6. Phoenix16


    Hey, congrats sounds like it’s all happening for you! I don’t remember having to fast for our meds (can’t imagine which tests they do that require fasting.), but it was quite a while ago and I know things change, maybe call the place you’re doing your meds at and confirm their requirements before you go along...
  7. Phoenix16

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    A couple of comments I got from friends that did vote to brexit were ‘I blame Bob Geldof, just listening to him made me vote Yes...’ and also, ‘it was a bit of a laugh, never for a minute did we think there would be a majority win, Just wanted to make a point..’ as I said, knee jerk and humour seems to have been the overriding logic where my mates were concerned, I know it’s not so funny for them now!
  8. Phoenix16

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yes! Most people I know were fed up on various issues and thought the whole idea of having the chance to leave the EU was amusing, I think they voted in humour and felt they were making their point, never ever really believing the current farce would happen, I think for many it has seriously backfired and if they had the chance to vote again their vote would be very different, I’m not saying everyone I know voted to exit but I know the ones that did were very knee jerk and carried away with the moment, the long term repercussions are coming back to haunt them and they recognise it acutely, or so they tell me....
  9. Phoenix16

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Not commented or contributed to this post before but the feedback from friends in the UK is just their sheer frustration, I think the idea of leaving the EU was a novelty and an act of renegation but I think the reality is feeling very different and sobering! As a complete lay person could they not just call another referendum.. suspect it might me a massive majority vote to remain.... just saying!!
  10. Phoenix16

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    Yes, and the Yorkshire Ripper too who was pretty active in my locality as I was growing up... And yes, actually at the time everyone was pretty scared and horrified...I get your point but for me it was just truly horrific watching a terrified human being with a knife at his throat in front of the world facing an horrific death and there’s absolutely nothing I or anyone else could do to stop it, put it this way, I certainly didn’t make me desire to jump on a plane to Turkey and try to Join them. Of course there are psychos all over the world committing horrific crimes but I don’t think your analogy works in this case or should we be considering releasing Peter Sutcliffe and welcoming him back into our society because he’s really very sorry for his crimes and wishes he really hadn’t committed them and would never do such evil things again.....
  11. Phoenix16

    Doctors and PR

    I’m no expert and can’t offer any tangible advice, however, reading your post I would think as a complete layman that being accepted to the specialist assessment specialist pathway, being a consultant and having 75 points gives you some pretty fabulous chances to gain your PR pretty quickly and smoothly! I would recommend you contact one of the awesome migration agents that regularly post on here, I’m sure they can help you through your journey and my best wishes to you xxx @Raul Senise is one that springs to mind, he’s been so lovely and helpful to others on here but there are many more agents helping on here and I’m sure people will come along with some recommendations.
  12. Phoenix16

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    I’ve read his interviews too and the same thoughts did occur to me, interestingly I do think her father being domiciled in Bangladesh could potentially add weight to her claim to Bangladeshi citizenship....here’s hoping!!!
  13. Phoenix16

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    I completely agree xx
  14. Phoenix16

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    You didn’t offend me, it’s such a difficult situation and we all have our own thoughts and opinions. For me, I just cannot get over the shock I felt when ISIS beheaded James Foley and then went onto to behead all of the others, I didn’t know any of them but their situation really did distress me at the time, I was utterly horrified and would wake up in the morning praying they hadn’t done it (and I’m not religious). It had a massive impact on me that this really was happening and it jaded me, I cannot feel sympathy for someone who thought this was all ok, I just can’t find a way to think it would be right for her to come back to the UK and ultimately carry on where she left off, I honestly feel she got on that plane and went to great lengths to become a part of this evil in the full knowledge of the horrors they were committing. I can imagine once she got there she might have realised it wasn’t quite so wonderful, but I just don’t care now, she made her choices in full awareness of the evil being perpetuated and she has to face the consequences. Bangladesh may not want her, but they are certainly not taking on the UK’s problems, she isn’t a uk citizen, she isn’t the UK’s problem. Her evil will continue wherever she is, for me I sleep well knowing it’s not in the UK xxxxx
  15. Phoenix16

    Emigrating with child from previous marriage

    Reading back through this thread and reflecting on it I am going to say that it was never my intention to come across as judgemental and I apologise if I did. I completely accept that I do not know people’s full stories and of course why would they spill it all out on an open forum... separating children from parents brings out the emotions in most of us as most of us are parents and can’t imagine it happening to us... I think most posters were simply trying to emphasise the perspective of the parent facing the removal of their children to the other side of the world, but we don’t know the dynamics of individual relationships and I can see how it was perhaps perceived as judgemental. All I would say is that I do remember reading heart breaking posts on here from a particular poster who faced that very situation and it was hard to read his posts at times, if you get the chance I would recommend you search for crackerjack. They haven’t posted on here for a number of years but many of us were here then to read his journey and how heart breaking it was for him, obviously some complicated dynamics in his situation but it did emphasise how these profound decisions do affect the other parent xxx