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  1. Phoenix16

    Australia - be proud of yourselves

    I would also add that in the last few days driving to work mid day for afternoon shifts I’ve noticed the traffic is getting quite a bit busier and my daughters school is opening next week with some restrictions, it seems we are moving towards a level of normality within a closed state that is keeping the virus largely out. I’ve heard comments/rumours that we will start to reopen cafes and restaurants slowly but the borders will remain closed for the foreseeable future, the beauty of an isolated state!! Xxxx
  2. Phoenix16

    Australia - be proud of yourselves

    We are in total lockdown, state borders are closed into WA, and we have internal borders closed so we can’t really move around within the state. Some friends of ours on a 457 flew back to UK for a 4 week trip in March between job contracts, I was messaging them saying I think the borders are going to close, you need to bring your flights forward etc and got blase messages back saying it’s all good here we’re having a great time, off the the Lake District to catch up with friends... they are now locked out of Australia, new job contract has been lost (because they’re not in WA not because the job has closed down). They were even contacted by the company willing to arrange and pay for flights back within 24 hours to beat the border closure and they just did not seem to realise how serious it all was getting. It’s turned their world upside down with assets (car, motorbike, JetSki) all here, many personal belongings etc, that need to be shipped back or sold, they are still having to pay rego’s and insurance etc. but from my own personal experience of contacting them (it literally all blew up here within a week of them leaving), I think Australia reacted and subsequently acted much swifter than the UK did, and I’m incredibly thankful they did, our Covid numbers are a testament to this xxxx PS stay safe in the UK xxx
  3. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    I absolutely agree! For so long I felt overloaded by Tudor themed books, and I did think how can Thomas Cromwell be that interesting, so many pages..? And yet it is and how wrong am I! You are so right, I’m reading a great book but also getting quite a different and interesting historical perspective from what I’ve read previously, overall just really enjoying it and can’t wait to complete the trio xxx
  4. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    What was your overall verdict on the trio? I’m loving Wolf Hall after taking many years to finally pick it up! I’ve bought the other 2 books and just can’t wait to start them if they’re as good as WH. I’ve read so many reviews, many raving but others pretty scathing at times, however, for me I’m so enjoying reading WH. Will be interesting to see if the final instalment also wins the Man Booker Prize!
  5. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    I haven’t read it but after a quick google premise sounds interesting, keep us posted, I do love a good thriller xx
  6. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    I’ve had Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel on my shelf for a good 9 years, I stated it a few days ago and have to say I can’t put it down, I’m really enjoying it.
  7. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    Agree 100%! I too have never read (or watched) Harry Potter but I do love the Cormoran Strike series, I also really did enjoy her first non HP book, A vacant Situation.
  8. Phoenix16

    Salary Packaging

    Ok, I realise this post will possibly be moved but wasn’t sure where to put it so apologies in advance!! Does anyone salary package? Having just started a new job I am being bombarded about salary packaging as it is a perk we are allowed to take advantage of!! I am tempted but it all sounds too good to be true, and I do have a HECS debt that is linked to my tax. I would not be interested in things like car leases and stuff but was wondering about the other options such as living expenses? It all does sound complicated but being so close to the end of the fringe tax benefit year I am being told stuff like I can get all my tax back from now until the end of March, is this really true?? Would love to hear from others who do salary package and also just you general experts out there with your awesome advice xxxx many thanks in advance
  9. Phoenix16

    Soon to be nurse emigrating to WA

    I would just comment that nursing is extremely competitive right now. Australian Universities are churning out many nurses each year for a much disproportionately lower number of available graduate nursing positions, which is realistically the only way many graduate nurses get their ‘foot in the door’. As a newly qualified nurse you would be competing with many Australian trained nurses in the same position, many of whom have had placements in Australian hospitals and made the vital contacts needed to even have a chance at obtaining an entry level role without securing a graduate placement. It is a harshly competitive situation at the moment and Australia does quite rightly prioritise it’s Citizens and Permanent Residents first. On the other hand, many nurses tell me the job market is cyclical and there may come a time when more nurses are needed, with this in mind my advice would be to get as much experience as you can and perhaps gain specialised experience and skills that would be attractive to Australian hospitals. I’m newly into a graduate role and it took me nearly 2 years to get it, my last chance really! We were told in orientation that for each of us here 5 others were disappointed, pretty humbling and very sad. As has been said previously, it would appear that some areas of nursing may be leaving the list, I know there was a time when many nursing graduates went into rural jobs after graduation as a way to gain experience but I hear even rural graduate programs and jobs in general are much more competitive now and no guarantee. My apologies to sound doom and gloom but the situation seems to be very much different even from just a few years ago...
  10. Phoenix16

    Do you shop or have groceries delivered.

    Unfortunately I’m too chaotic to know what I need for the week and menu plan, as much as I waste so much time I tend to go to the supermarket daily for that days supplies. I have tended to justify this by believing I get the freshest produce, however my friend worked as a home delivery person at Woolies, her job was fulfilling the home delivery orders and her training involved ensuring she selected produce with the longest use by dates and the freshest produce. She started work at 5am and on long weekends did night shifts so my arrival in the morning thinking I’m going to get the best stuff was perhaps a fallacy!!
  11. Phoenix16

    Which Labrador?

    We have 2 chocolate Labs, when we are not at home (I.e. working) they are outside running free (not chained up), they have shelter and water, it’s literally all we text about during the day, who will be home first to feed and walk the dogs and they also get walked before work. They’re happy as Larry and the reason we have 2 is company for each other, we got out first and just fell in love then one day in a pet shop we saw a picture of our 2nd on the wall looking for a good home and fell in love all over again! She came for a ‘play’ to see how she went, jumped straight in the pool, the owner at the time was horrified thinking oh no, while we just laughed our heads off and knew straight away she was ours!! I know the weather can be harsh here but our doggies have access to plenty of water and shade and loads of space to run around, I was more shocked that my in-laws in the Uk keep their dogs outside all year round even in the harshest cold and snow, now that would scare me. Our dogs are in and out at will when we are home and in winter when it gets blustery and cold they sleep inside but it doesn’t compare to a UK winter...
  12. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    I’m reading The Eight Life by Nino Haratischvili, it’s sweeping epic from the perspective of different generations of a Georgian family throughout the time of communist Russia, I’m really enjoying it and can highly recommend, 934 pages though, it’s taking some getting through!!
  13. Phoenix16

    Most Common Surnames

    Smith was also the most popular surname in Australia and NZ!
  14. Phoenix16

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    Wappentake!!! Now that is a blast from the past! Many of my friends were into heavy metal and we had some great nights there but alas I ultimately was a Josephine’s girl and that’s where I spent many of my weekends!!
  15. Phoenix16

    Is PR cancelled once you get citizenship?

    We got our citizenship 3 days before my husband had to fly to Singapore for work, the Perth office issued his passport within the day, although it was a long day of running around getting documentation and stuff together for him!!