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  1. Phoenix16

    Nursing in UK

    Yeah!, I’m getting good at writing SC, had lots of practice!! However, could you advise what is a reasonable length of writing for each SC, with grads we have to do it in 250 words but for level 1 nursing jobs I’ve had differing opinions from nurses, one told me he would write 2-3 pages for each criteria.....? I’m trying to work out what’s the right balance to grab the recruiters attention, give enough detail without boring them too much also!!
  2. Phoenix16

    Nursing in UK

    Lots of great ideas to think about, thank you everyone , just gotta keep trying and being positive, something will come up, there’s another grad recruitment coming up too and I am still eligible to apply so will also give that another shot xx
  3. Phoenix16

    Nursing in UK

    Yep, everting you say is true!! I don’t want to move back to UK, but the nursing profession is so dire here, I’m thinking 12 months in UK gives me the experience I need then I can return with much more credibility, it’s a tough gig here right now, My only chance of a grad program is waving bye to my family and taking my chances in the uk, it’s shocking....
  4. Phoenix16

    Nursing in UK

    So I am dual UK/AZ citizen, I have graduated as an RN, but because of the dire situation here I cannot start my career as an RN, I am wondering whether 12 months working in the UK will help my cause. The job situation in WA is particularly grim, I’m hoping I can work in UK for 12 months which involves leaving my family behind, but the only way I can gain experience in order to have credibility as a nurse is 12 months experience post grad. What will I encounter in terms of registration? I’m relying heavily on my UK citizenship for this, can anyone help with advice xx
  5. We cannot even begin to imagine what happened in this case but I agree with your sentiments. Ironically my hubby did a 'ride for suicide' rally today with all of his workmates, to basically raise money and awareness. what I cannot and never will understand is when those who are so desperate feel they also need to take other, innocent, people with them.
  6. Phoenix16

    Its Eurovison Again!!

    So, as the title of the group suggests, I just know i'm going to get chewed up with the fat, but hey ho here goes, Who's watching Eurovision (very early tomorrow!!)!! I am and i'm proud! As its mothers day ive got a free pass to slob all day on the sofa, hubbys set the alarm for me for 4am (the voting is the best!), he's promised me a delicious brekkie, could anything be more perfect!!!! (PS our fave brekkie place got booked out months ago for Mothers Day so i'm really happy to get a second Mothers Day next weekend when it literally will be quiet, relaxing and simply perfect, win win for me!!!)
  7. Phoenix16

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    I’ve been a citizen for the last 3 years and can only recall being required to vote once! Luckily in WA we have the choice to vote in local elections it seems it’s only the federal elections we have to vote in. However, I do recall a friend of mine who told me she had lived in NSW and didn’t vote in an election as she was out of the country only to receive a letter telling her she’d had her driving licence suspended for 28 days for failing to vote !, and yes, voting is a pain, I’m with you, why can’t we just tick one box! I smiled at all the candidates as I left and said yeah I voted for ya, cos I had to literally vote for everyone in order of preference!!!
  8. Phoenix16

    Time limit to travel after visa being granted

    Your comment ‘as yet....’ indicates some degree of uncertainty and a 457 is so the wrong visa to arrive in OZ on if there is even a sniff of uncertainty. It really was once the ‘golden ticket’, but not anymore and will just cause you such stress if there is any uncertainty in your job security. If Australia interests you then I would really recommend you look into permanent visas as your route of entry, so many more opportunities will be available to you with a permanent visa. I wish you all the best on your journey xxx
  9. Phoenix16

    Thoughts and Ideas please xxxxx

    He’s being stubborn! He’s more upbeat these days, he’s focusing on his diet and trying to be as healthy as he can, work is grinding him down, particularly the travel, I’m just trying to make life as easy as possible for him and ensure his down time is quality time where he gets the opportunity to relax. I honestly do think the stress/pressure he’s under at the moment is causing many of his issues so I’m doing everything I can to make home his sanctuary and place of peace. We both know he can’t sustain this forever and I think we will make some big decisions when he gets through the current demanding work pressures that are linked to a specific contract negotiation that is finally reaching a positive resolution, there will be some breathing space after that and I think it’s the time we will have a chat about some big changes! It looks like I might finally get my nursing career off the ground (worse time ever in the industry to graduate as a nurse!!) which could possibly allow him to step back a little. Will keep you posted and thank you so much for your thoughts xxxxx
  10. Phoenix16

    Time limit to travel after visa being granted

    Neil, don’t pack up your belongings, don’t sell the house.....you are tied to the company whom your 457 is linked to. I’m not sure what you are saying, reading between the lines, has their been a downturn in work for them or have they found a suitable Aussie to fill the job? 457’s are not what they were, Australia has also changed in terms of the job market. I championed 457’s for that is how we arrived here but it is oh so different now. Do not imagine that a job on the visa list is a wanted job, trust me there are so many OZ graduates I’m actually surprised they have a list at all these days. And, I can honestly say for every job I have applied for in recent times they will only ever consider Australian PR or citizens.
  11. Phoenix16

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    Well apparently they have met quite a few times so my mistake! The historic comment meant to convey the first time a North Korean president had stepped into South Korea, pretty historic in my book xxxxxxxx
  12. Phoenix16

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    Regardless of his race and heritage I tend to agree. I was reading an article about the Hondurans who are now being asked to leave USA, there is much emotion and I tend to empathise with it but apparently the policy was only ever temporary and could never legally lead to a green card, Obama continued to extend the terms of the agreement (10 years max extended to 20 by Obama) (USA Honduras’s refugees) whilst never ever giving them an avenue to legitimise their rights to remain in USA. Trump is the fall guy for saying enough is enough and it’s ended, but the issue is Obama wasn’t strong enough to deal with it and just passed it over to future presidents to decide.
  13. Phoenix16

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    I’m going to be really controverisial, it seems because he is ‘trump’ he can do no right. Regardless of what people think about him he has facilitated the historic Korean meeting of north and south and is about to replicate it himself, it is unprecedented and before I get jumped on can someone clarify exactly what Obama did to actually earn the Nobel Peace Prize other than being the first Afro American president? The rest of his tenure seems to have been largely bland and forgotten.....
  14. Phoenix16

    How to break the news

    The sooner the better, give them as much time to adjust as you can, and just keep positively reinforcing how great it all is!!
  15. Phoenix16

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    Agree with Rammygirl, my child is an Australian citizen, cannot imagine ever not being able to be here in oz with her, citizenship removes that worry for me (also was very proud to become an Aussie actually), I’ve read too many stories on here of families separated simply because they did not become citizens. I can’t imagine, if you live here permanently why you wouldnt....

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