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  1. Phoenix16

    HECS debt-owing money

    I’ve just started working a part time job just a few days a week and well Under the threshold and had a quite a chunk of hecs taken out of my first salary, I’m thinking as it was close to the end of the financial year they had assumed my wage annually was higher than it really is....
  2. Phoenix16

    Last minute nerves and stress

    PS I will add it is very hard leaving family, it was a whirlwind but also very emotional, luckily for us family did support and encourage our decision, but the reality of life here without family support and a young child is difficult, it’s the sacrifice you make. The upside is that family visit often, for them it’s a great holiday (especially winter there being summer here!) It can be tough when they arrive for a few months expecting full board, full maid and full chef service, plus it’s expensive but that’s the compromise!!!
  3. Phoenix16

    Last minute nerves and stress

    Ours is a similar story to yours, we moved here 10 years ago on a 457, we never looked to move to Oz but hubby got headhunted for a job and we went with it! He was flown out for an interview and rang me to say I’ve got the job get the wedding booked! So in 8 weeks we packed up our worldly goods, quit our jobs, got married then flew out the next day! We were pretty naive and just thought it would be a 4 year adventure but we fell in love with Oz pretty instantly and were lucky to gain our PR within the year, we are still here and citizens now, we feel incredibly lucky at the opportunity we were given and wish you all the very best xxx
  4. Phoenix16

    Transferring UK license to WA license

    Agree with Ali 100% but will add a caveat, at the time I applied to transfer my licence I was taking warfarin following a DVT in pregnancy 2 years previously. Every rational person knows this has no impact on your ability to drive a car, however, the licensing centre would not allow me an Australian driving licence until I had a full medical that determined I was fit and able to drive a car! It was a frustrating situation and my GP was simply ‘gobsmacked’ but nevertheless I was only granted a 1 year licence and had to renew it annually (at a pretty nice cost) until I finally stopped taking warfarin, which is another story as I should never have been taking it for the length of time I was, hey ho!!
  5. Wrussell is a respected resource, I would give serious consideration to his response
  6. Phoenix16

    Childcare subsidy on a 489 visa?

    I can’t find anything on these links that says CCS is subject to the waiting period nor via any other internet searches, it would be useful to get a definitive answer for other members who might be affected so Chrisso Gray maybe just apply and see what happens, you never know!
  7. Phoenix16

    Cosmetic Surgery on the NHS

    I’m going back a few years now but my friend got breast implants on the NHS because she of how her small boobs affected her psychologically, and it all happened pretty quickly, within weeks of getting the green light. I was the opposite with extremely large ones, got bullied mercilessly at school, attracted a lot of unwanted attention, would never wear swimwear and wore big baggy loose clothing to try to hide it, it majorly affected my life in my late teens and early 20’s, affected my confidence and self esteem and not to mention the back, neck and shoulder pain I suffered daily, I was rejected outright for a reduction and had to go private but despite that it was the best decision I ever made! Just thought I’d share this because both situations would be deemed cosmetic but for me it was just about wanting to feel ‘normal’...
  8. I’m sorry I have only just seen this. First of all you can say STOP, hubby might not be happy but the sale doesn’t go through and you get some breathing space... Im not a person of faith but I can tell you my ‘god’ is my gut instinct, when it tells me something isn’t right I listen and 99.99% of the time it is absolutely correct, it is now the barometer of many of my decisions!!! You are so far into the process that your job has moved on, I can imagine that is pretty stressful now you are rethinking, but if it helps at all I would say re-establishing yourself quickly back in the UK and close to home, will be much easier than starting all over again in Australia. Applying for jobs in Australia is a whole different animal, selection criteria is a big thing here and completely alien to many migrants, Australia can also be very networky and more about who you know not what you know. It’s not necessarily a bad thing it’s just not a system that UK migrants are used to so it takes quite some time to get established! All I can advise is that you follow your gut instincts, many have warned you on here about the Geneva convention and it’s really not something to take lightly if you have any doubts about your move and in particular your marriage. I have had that conversation with my hubby many times (and we are actually really happy!) and he assures me that if we got to that point he would never stop me returning to the UK with our daughter but that has no legal standing and whilst I know him to be the most caring, amazing and wonderful person, if he says NO then that’s it really. As an addendum it’s not a patriarchal law and I could do the same to him and yes if he wanted to return to the UK with our daughter because he didn’t like it here I would 100% invoke the Law to stop him. Our marriage is very solid and I don’t envisage us facing these decisions, also our daughter is growing and will eventually be able to make her own decisions regardless, I’m simply trying to highlight the issues you could face once you land in Australia as a permanent resident xxxxxx
  9. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    I read The Pearl Thief a while ago and really enjoyed it, I’ve read quite a few of Fiona Macintosh’s books and have been disappointed by a few recent ones but TPT was back on track! If you enjoy it try The Lavender Keeper and The French Promise, they’re sequential and I loved them, highly recommend.
  10. Phoenix16

    Finance in older age

    Thank you so so much for this advice, I definitely want to pursue it, whilst I still feel 21 and invincible the reality is I’m not and retirement age is much nearer than I would like to think!!! Could I ask you, how do I begin to start to apply for this? Could you point me in the right direction? And once again, so many thank you’s Xxxxxx
  11. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    Just started Ben Elton’s ‘Identity Crisis’, it’s a pretty interesting and brilliant read that is essentially a Murder mystery interweaved with today’s obsession with social media and reality TV, the detective blunders through today’s political correctness and there are laugh out loud moments, especially For me as an 80’s teenager whose first ever job interview with the local council involved answering questions about when I was planning to get married and start having babies , yes, looking back even I can’t quite believe it really happened!!
  12. Phoenix16

    Finance in older age

    Thank you! I do have some really old paperwork that’s been shoved in a drawer for many years but it will link up the gaps to enable me to get on top of this and up to date with where it’s at. Fingers crossed I can access it at 60 and it’s a nice enough nest egg to begin to consider the drive round OZ in a camper trailer hubby so dreams of!!!
  13. Phoenix16

    Prawn Cocktail Crisps Australia

    ALDI are doing the prawn cocktail chips again this week but I can’t stomach them, horrible, totally agree, it’s SKIPS of nothing for me
  14. Phoenix16

    Finance in older age

    I know I’ve been totally burying my head in the sand here but I left UK with a local government pension (27 years of contributions) that at the time was a final salary based pension final salary being 40K PA. That was 10 years ago, never thought about retirement, never notified them of my change of address, nevertheless thought about transferring it here?. Is it’s still worth claiming? S it worth anything?? Maybe I should let them know where I live first of all!!
  15. Phoenix16

    Help needed. Current 187 PR English.

    And, on a practical level, keep every single GP, specialist, psychiatrist report, keep everything.