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  1. Phoenix16

    What the hell,

    If Kate managed to ‘sneak’ into a pub for a catch up with the school mums why are we reading about it? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as innocuous as it sounds, I’m sure security checked it and the mums out before she arrived and the press were tipped off for the good promotion.... I’m not particularly a big Megan fan but I’m warming to her. If she is all she is portrayed to be by the press and such a social climber then I would think her son would not simply be Archie, he would be ‘Sir/HRH Archibald blah blah blah Mountbatten Windsor duke of blah blah blah....’ she would surely have insisted on the highest title available for him. I think she fell in love, and loved the whole whirlwind and build up to a royal wedding (who wouldn’t) but I think the reality of it all is hitting her hard and we should leave them alone.
  2. Phoenix16

    Resigning and the moral thing to do! HELP

    Lots of lovely comments, overriding theme seems to be ‘look out for no 1’, I tend to agree, if I think about it realistically I will spend my whole wages on paying others to look after my child, I do feel bad at leaving but I will be giving full 4 weeks notice and happy as Larry to train someone else up into the role. As I said it is basic admin but there are elements that are complicated, I picked them up so incredibly quickly I do believe I could train someone up into the role in a week!
  3. So here is my dilemma. I start a whole new career on Feb. I currently have a great job that I love. The job never closes, Aka, Christmas and New Years we close public hols only. As the newbie, I know I am expected to cover all of the days over that period to allow others to take their leave. I have now got an amazing opportunity that means I’m likely to be working Christmas/New Years etc next year, it goes with the territory and I’m on board. So I would really like to resign early and enjoy a lovely summer with my daughter in the knowledge I won’t have that opportunity next year. My current role is low level admin (as confirmed by my boss who said you have to take this chance but has suddenly got amnesia!). My dilemma is that I plan to resign in the next few weeks which means I will leave early December to enjoy a lovely summer with my daughter but I’m being made to feel that I’m ‘shafting’ them by not staying until after Christmas. I know my choice is ‘selfish’ but it’s for my family and everything I earned (which is not a lot) would be spent paying others to do the things I would do with my daughter, it seems pointless to work for nothing just to keep a corporate boss happy.. would welcome your opinions xxx
  4. Phoenix16

    What Book are you reading??

    Reading Bill Bryson’s ‘The Body’, after studying nursing for 3 years I must say this is a funny, interesting book with so many nuggets of anecdotal gold dust! It’s a great read, it might not have got me through exams but it would have certainly turned on a few light bulbs earlier! A great read and highly recommended to those interested in anatomy and physiology, philosophy and generally how the heck humans function!!
  5. Phoenix16

    They/Them and the Brits

    Wanted to add, how would we recognise they/them in a fair and equitable way (in terms of sporting excellence)....
  6. Phoenix16

    They/Them and the Brits

    So I instantly thought of Sophia Coppola, but a little research brings up Jane Campion and Kathryn Bigelow, all of whom are film producers too and all names I’m familiar with, but there were many more. So, turning it all on it’s head, perhaps having gender specific awards in these categories might actually raise the profile of female directors and producers?! It’s a discussion that could go on and on and on and just gets even more thought provoking... thanks to all for giving me a great opportunity to really think about things with all of your different views xx
  7. Phoenix16

    They/Them and the Brits

    Sophia Coppola springs to mind and she’s won a good few awards!
  8. Phoenix16

    They/Them and the Brits

    Yes, the awards ceremonies would certainly be more boring than they already are and I agree more opportunities to bag an award and no harm done but on a wider thinking level I am realising there really is no difference between male and female acting or singing it’s really just about giving opportunities for more people to be recognised in the industry. I do, however, think it’s altogether different in sport, there is a physical difference between men and women, sporting world records and achievements back this up, in this instance I believe it is right to recognise female sporting excellence and male sporting excellence separately which begs the question how them would we recognise they/them sporting excellence? Just throwing it out there...
  9. Phoenix16

    They/Them and the Brits

    Thank you all, great comments and all valid. You’ve given me lots to think about.... I agree men and women are different, certainly women would be disadvantaged in sport by removing gender categories, I believe. But film and music... I can see the argument and take it all on board, thought provoking at the very least... They don’t have male/female producer or director categories so why actors??? Great comments and perspectives from you all xx
  10. Phoenix16

    They/Them and the Brits

    Just been reading an article about Sam Smith wanting to be recognised as non-binary and being referred to as they/them, much respect to they and them wishes but, I’m shocked to read that the Brit Awards, in light of this, now want to consider removing male and female award categories. I’m throwing it out there to see what others think? My own view, and this is mine, is that I am proud to be she/her. I was born in 1968 and grew up in the 80’s where I was ‘terrorised’ at school for having big boobs and nicknamed ‘frauline jugstermier’ (my German heritage) by the boys, in my first job interview I was asked if I was engaged/married and when I was thinking of having children, I had to call my first boss Sir, his demand. I overcame all of that adversity and ended up running the whole division, I’m proud of what I achieved, I took all of the sexist and sterotypical comments in my stride, it was the sign of those times, it made me stronger actually! I’ve also lived through the times of massive change and respect, I know many of the boys that called me that name, they are lovely, respectful well adjusted men. We are a different, more progressive and more tolerant world now, but I feel uncomfortable that all of what I went through and progressiveness I have lived through should be so quickly diminished. I am proud to be she/her and am proud to know he/him, I welcome they/them but not at the loss of all we (she/he, her/him) have worked so hard to be.
  11. Phoenix16

    Should I Be Honest Upfront?

    I do appreciate your reply, my concern is that if something goes wrong and I don’t get a final offer. We are told under the grad program we have been offered a place but it is not a binding contract at this stage. I want to let my current employer know as a courtesy but ultimately if something goes wrong I don’t want to lose my current job, it is a juggling act and whilst wanting to do the right thing I don’t want to jeopardise my current job if something goes wrong with the new one pre contract, that was my issue..
  12. Phoenix16

    Should I Be Honest Upfront?

    So here is the dilemma. I have a great job, I started in May so I am still progressing through my probationary period which is due to be finalised in November. I am getting great feedback, I know I’m working well and to all intents and purposes I believe they are really happy with me and are mapping out the future with me as a long term employee. And, that was my intention when I applied for the job... however, I have now successfully gained a grad nurse position starting in Feb. I didn’t realise I was eligible for one last attempt until July but once I realised I was, I naturally grabbed the chance to apply thinking ‘well it doesn’t matter, I have a great job so nothing to lose’. However, being successful in gaining the grad means it’s a complete no brainer, I have to do the nursing, it’s what I’ve worked so hard for and wanted to do so much. Now, i have the grad offer, I have to go through the pre employment stuff which is a formality, I don’t envisage any issues. I would ideally like to leave my job December, there is no leave over Christmas other than statutory holidays and due to the nature of the work I totally get this. I have offered and am still committed to covering all the Christmas days so others can take leave but ideally hope to leave 1st Jan so I can spend the last few weeks of the summer holidays with my daughter before starting the new job. However, here is the issue, it’s a juggling game to resign before getting official confirmation of the new job I.e contract, and I know my current job will be a pain to fill and put pressure on colleagues if I drop it last minute. My question is, should I be honest now and up front and let them know I do have this new opportunity and in all likelihood I will be resigning at a future date? Should I forewarn them as an honest thing to do but if something goes wrong can I revoke my resignation? I’m trying to think about the right thing to do for myself and also the organisation I work for, the very last thing I want to do is leave them in the lurch at the worst time of the year, January!! All advice welcome xxxx
  13. I am just enjoying reading the thread! When we applied we would have jumped through so many hoops to become citizens but it was all actually pretty straight forward. At the time we did it, I know it has now all changed so much. Our timeline was applied early June, sat test late June, citizenship ceremony July. It has all changed now, times are so much longer, it was much simpler for us however, I will stress and emphasis, citizenship to us was incredibly important and our priority, we would not have been making any travel plans that could/would jeopardise it. You have to decide what is most important to you right now, leaving the country for an extended period of time will without doubt affect your ability to apply for citizenship and quite rightly so, regardless of your reasons, Australia’s looking for people committing to stay and that does mean committing to living in the country. Your time outside of Australia will undoubtedly go against you for your current citizenship application. I would suggest you do what you need to do them make a firm commitment to live in OZ for the required time then apply each for citizenship at that point when you are able to make the commitments in the true essence that is required by Australia.
  14. Phoenix16

    So has Nursing finally gone the other way?

    I completely agree about SC, it is so incredibly important that you nail it, I have learned that the hard way!! It is a complete pain doing SC but once you get you’re head around how you need to write it and what you need to say and demonstrate it’s not as arduous as it feels initially! It’s a great opportunity for the applicant to showcase their skills and experience very succinctly and from my past life as an employer, it cuts out the need to trawl through pages and pages of CV’s, cover letters etc to try to find the info you’re looking for! SC is the downfall of many a candidate!! Xx