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Found 73 results

  1. Hi there We run a successful bathroom and laundry renovation company in Mordialloc, Melbourne and have some positions available at the Victorian Bathroom Company. Originally from the UK, we moved to Melbourne 10 years ago and the Director/Owner is a Licenced Plumber and a Registered Builder. If you're interested in viewing the position details, and to apply, please follow the Seek link below: https://www.seek.com.au/job/59429987?type=standout#sol=5815e9c9c266576fb191117d1232f30bb5debe3e We look forward to hearing from any suitable applicants.
  2. Hi, My partner and I would really appreciate any help with skilled visas for Plumbers. I have so many questions and I keep getting told different things. We're wanting to go down the route of skilled migration as a Plumber in Australia. We have both lived in Australia previously for 4 years (I was sponsored) but left due to family reason back at home in the UK. So, my partner has a NVQ level 2 in plumbing (Not a level 3). Do you know if NVQ level 2 is enough of a qualification for a Plumber? He has over 5 years plumbing experience in the UK, and 2 years plumbing experience in Australia. We've been advised that to pass VETASSESS you need to have either Gas or Roofing experience. However, he doesn’t have much experience working with gas and no experience in roofing. My partner is currently completing a Gas course to get the knowledge, would this be enough for VETASSESS? Please can you give us some information about how hard or easy the test was for you. Any tips, advice or guidance would be great. Thank you in advance for your help. Jeanette
  3. Perfect Hire are currently seeking general, skilled and qualified labour. We work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Construction companies in Sydney and are seeking hard working individuals to join our team. We offer sponsorship for the right candidates that have trade qualifications. ABOUT US Perfect Contracting - specialised subcontracting in demolition works and asbestos removal. Perfect Hire - provide skilled labour and equipment hire to construction companies. Perfect Concrete Care - Provide all concrete related services, such as, concrete cutting, coring, grinding and scanning. We are currently seeking General Labourers, Skilled Labourers and Carpenters to join our team of professionals. We are looking for a punctual, reliable and committed person with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. We offer ongoing training and promote qualification achievement. We require the candidate to hold a valid Australian White Card. A valid driver's licence and own transportation would also be highly regarded. Only a candidate with full and unrestricted Australian working rights will be considered. Previous construction labouring experience is desirable and any current and valid industry tickets or qualifications are highly favourable. --------------------------------------------------- GENERAL LABOUR RATES Job Type: Casual Hourly Rate: $26.50 /hour Experience: Construction Labouring: 1 year (Preferred) License or certification: White Card (Required) Language: English (Preferred) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job --------------------------------------------------- SKILLED LABOURER Job Type: Casual Hourly Rate: starting at $27.20/hour www.perfecthire.com.au Job Type: Casual Salary: $27.20 to $30.00 /hour Experience: Construction Labouring: 2 years (Required) License or certification: White Card (Required) Language: English (Preferred) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job --------------------------------------------------- CARPENTER / JOINER RATES Full-time hours + weekend and night work available Rates: $45.00 to $60.00/hour + benefits + super Job Type: Full-time Salary: $45.00 to $60.00 /hour Experience: Carp: 5 years (Required) Licenses or certifications: Carpentry (Required) White Card (Required) Australian Driver's Licence (Required) Language: English (Required) APPLY HERE: https://perfecthire.com.au/apply-for-job

    Popular trades in QLD?

    hi, I'm moving to hopefully Cairns in September if not will be in rural qld where-ever the wife can get a job, but I'd like to do a short training course in a popular trade in rural qld, but I have no idea what trades are popular or in need, if any can suggest something that'd be great. I currently work in IT.
  5. hwhattywhat

    Bricklayers in NSW

    Hi everyone, My partner and i are about to make the move to Sydney in a few weeks time. We are trying to work out what licenses bricklayers need to work in Sydney and how to go about getting them? If anyone could help we would greatly appreciate the insight. In line with this query if anyone could give us an idea of an average wage for brickies in NSW that would be most helpful too! Many thanks in advance!
  6. A TAFE in Melbourne will commence February 2008 trades training in cabinet making, building and bricklaying (better in Melbourne than hot Sunshine Coast ) If anyone interested they should get in now, only accredited agents of this TAFE have been informed as of today More details will be available soon.
  7. Hi everyone, First post here, I'm a local Gold Coast builder ( Aussie ) with many a good pommy / trade mates. Recently, my best pommy mate told me about this site, about the Brits who are looking to land in Oz, come across many problems relating to either building or buying a house, 'tradies' who are looking to chase work only to find that local licences are required over and above what you may bring with you or from what you have been told. As many of you may or may not know, there are many pitfalls that can start you off on the wrong foot, so to speak and can become nightmares. If my pommy mates & I can help you out with your building requirements, no problems but the main topic here is to tell you how is really is, ( Not to gloss over and make everything sound wonderful ) I'm happy to give honest advice and basic guidance ( Not legal ) on matters. There no costs attached. Any queries that I answer will be a 'general rule of thumb' approach with a genuine comment as to how things really are at present or what may be required. Topics may include but not limited to ........ *** For 'tradies' who come out only to find that they need local state licences, etc. *** Looking to buy a house, what 'local problems' do we need to look out for? *** Looking for a tradesman on the Coast ( you may prefer an ex Brit ) or anyone else for that matter, etc. Regards, JP
  8. Hi everyone, We are still pulling all the paperwork together to submit to vetassess so we have got no chance of ever applying for the visa before the July deadline. Does anyone know how likely it would be for sparks (or any other trades for others out there who may be interested) to be invited once the tests etc have been completed and passed? My husband is nervous about spending all the money to do the vetassess test and then for us never to be invited!! :unsure:
  9. Mr Fabricator

    Calling all metal work trades !!!

    Hey guys , and female welders ( PC ) Vetasess forms submitted 3 weeks ago and agent suggests a result back 5 weeks from now . Im a Anzsco 3222 sheet metal trades worker However thats all the info he and i know , its like talking about a secret society with regards to test centres , test days , format of trade test etc . Any info at all . In the area of test station locations Cost of trade test duration what do u havto do , format how often do they sit these test days any other info at all Agent says they have absoloutly no idea on anything and hopefully some info will come through with my skills assessment . Im not " worried" about the test TBH but would be nice to know something so i can prepare a little and factor everything into my schedule. Maybe im just a control freek ?? Ta in advance . lee
  10. Please PM me if you are interested in any of the following - we are located in Manly, Brisbane. Ritz hot stick power pole fuse remover and attachements - 3 months old. This is used in Queensland by Electricians to remove power pole fuses. GORILLA fibreglass extension ladder - 12 - 21ft - 3 months old. Mitsubishi Express Van (white - 2008) only 30250km on the clock
  11. Hi I am sitting my skills assessment very soon for a trade and its costing me 2400 dollars, now I know they have some costs to cover but come on. I cant get over the price there charging for it and im just hoping to god the rest of oz aint as bad now. I lived there 8 years ago and been back couple of times but by looks of things its gona cost a lot more now. I used to be dead set on going to oz for last few years but recently since really looking into it been having second thoughts. Gona cost heaps getting there and setting up. Oh well I have a few days to decide before I pay a fortune for a test that counts for jack when I get there :chatterbox: Sorry for the rant
  12. Hi people im starting my etl course on Monday and am wondering if anybody has brought the books you need for this course at a place other than the tafe in balcatta, i have been quoted just under $600 bucks for the 3 books you need, any cheaper places in or around Perth...?
  13. Alanlisa

    VETASSESS - Electrical Trades

    Hello all, We are about to begin the process of going through the trade skills tests. Can anyone tell me how long it takes from 1st logging your paper based assessment to receiving your techincal/practical assessment and when are payments due for each? I was wondering whether it would give us enough time to save up for the 2nd part after the paper assessment was completed. Really want to start the process as soon as possible but we do need to begin saving for it all and I was hoping we could get the 1st part done and then save for the 2nd part and so on. I'm assuming that once you have been assessed that it doesn't have an expiry date on it so we could apply for the visa in say another 9-12 months. Anyone's advice is appreciated. Thanks Lisa In a very wet manchester :mad:
  14. hello everyone.. my boyfriend is English and will be coming to Perth in 6 weeks to live. He will be here on a Partner visa. He would like to know if anyone has any info on what the best way is to go about getting into a trade here. He is not overly fussed on what the trade is, but just wants one under his belt. Does anyone know if there are faster ways of obtaining a qualification than doing a whole apprenticeship? As we will be renting together we may not be able to afford him being on app. wages.. also if anyone knows much about the mining industry here in WA and if there is on the job training this way. Or if there are courses at college that can help you get into a trade? I dont know much about this stuff myself and thought there might be some people who could help me out. Many thanks!:biggrin: Bertieb
  15. Hi Has anyone on here done this interview yet? My oh has sent away paper application. What happens now? We only have 10 weeks before Victoria state cancel our state sponsorship application so need to get this done asap. Help please :confused:
  16. Does anyone know if Victoria will put paint trades worker back on skills list? Am I right in saying new smp skills list will be released on 1st July?
  17. Hi All, We arrived in Sydney (well Central Coast) two months ago. I am a recruitment consultant in the city and my husband is a carpenter. I had a job to go to but my husband didn't but since arriving he has had constant work from three firms and has just been offered a permanent job by another. I just wanted to pass on a few tips to help others moving over.....esp for those of you that have maybe not looked for a new job in a while. - Do a CV (there are plenty of examples online if you've not written one in a while) - Get references (we had one from his previous boss and one from a client) - Get a portfolio of images to demonstrate the level of your work. Once you have all of the above get on the phones or go in and speak to people (it's how we do it in recruitment!!!) - Call through the phonebook - Drive around your local area and speak to the foreman on building sites - Jot down the name of firms on utes etc in the local area (3.30pm onwards in your local pub is normally a good place to find them!) - Be willing to do labouring etc if that's all they can offer (it'll get your foot in the door!) - Register with temp agencies (again gets your foot in the door) I hope this is useful....good luck everyone!
  18. Changes are being announced to the Skilled Occupation Lists with effect from 5 December: Schedule 2 SOL 1. Building and Engineering Technicians nec - 312999 - Engineers Australia has been added to Vetassess as an Assessing Authority. 2. Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor Mechanic (General) - 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Bricklayer – 331111 Plumber (General) – 334111 Schedule 3 SOL Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Schedule 4 SOL Occupations added: Chief Executive or Managing Director – 111111 [AIM 60 points] Advertising and Public Relations Manager – 131111 [AIM 60 points] Art Administrator or Manager – 139911 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Conference and Event Organiser – 149311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Liaison Officer – 224912 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Jewellery Designer – 232313 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Web Designer – 232414 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Food Technologist – 234212 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Biotechnologist – 234514 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Education Reviewer – 249112 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Network Administrator – 263112 [ACS – 60 points] ICT Systems Test Engineer – 263213 [ACS 60 points] Fisheries Inspector – 311311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Primary Products Inspector nec – 311399 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Fitter and Turner – 323212 [TRA – 60 points] Snowsport Instructor – 452314 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Occupation removed: :Medical Technicians nec – 311299 [Engineers Australia – 40 points] Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 See http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/all/whatsnew/01C71AD8B74B450ACA2577EC000576B4?OpenDocument&VIEWCAT=item&COUNT=999&START=1 Cheers, George Lombard
  19. Hi I applied for state sponsorship in South Australia on 03.03.2011 and I am interested if someone else has already applied on this occupation, please share your experience Complete Set of Documents Received by Immigration SA Office 07 Mar 2011 Thank you
  20. Just reading the Herald Sun Real Estate supplement. Says if we are planning to get a renovation it might pay to get a move on. There is a shortage of skilled tradespeople in eight of the 13 skilled trades monitored by the Housing Industry Association meaning the frequency of tradies not turning up when promised will rise. When they do turn up they will charge more. Web site is HIA - Welcome to the Housing Industry Association Ltd
  21. The Department of Training and Workforce Development - Skilled Migration Western Australia - Skilled Migration WA is now accepting applications from carpenters, electricians and fitters
  22. Skilled Migration WA is now accepting applications from carpenters, electricians and fitters.
  23. TRADES NO LONGER AVAILABLE VIA THE 'SMP WA SPONSORED' (176,886,475 and 487) I have noticed on the new WA SMP that Thay no longer sponsor~(correct as of 26/01/11) 323211-Fitter (general) is no longer available, (what the hell is general fitter???) 331212-Carpenter 341111-Electrician (General) 351411-Cook The Department of Training and Workforce Development - Skilled Migration Western Australia - Occupations in demand I am applying under 331213-Joiner, I am worried that things can change very quickly, has any one experienced this???
  24. janinewhiteley

    White card for trades.

    Help!!!! I have found a web site that lets you you take your ''white card'' (for tradies) What i would like to find out is, can this be done in the UK? or does it have to be done in OZ. any answer plz:confused:
  25. Looking at page 6 of this document, http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/residenceVisa/Documents/AssessmentCriteria.pdf What would be the category for someone who's self-studied for IT vocational certifications (Comptia A+, Network+ etc.). Category E? But that's for Australian qualifications holders? I am also doing an Open University diploma/degree as well so would that count as equivalent? Why is an IT support tech assessed by TRA? Why not the ACS? Given that IT techs could go onto higher level tech jobs (e.g network admin) with further certifications.