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  1. Bulya

    Just can't settle here

    Many want to continue living like they did ‘back ‘ome’. It simply isn’t going to work.
  2. Bulya

    Just can't settle here

    Where do you come from?
  3. Bulya

    Still here and still feel the pull

    You’re setting yourself up to fail, you have the wrong mindset. You be better off staying where you are and save yourself a lot of time and money.
  4. Anybody going to Origin 2 in Perth this coming Sunday?
  5. Nature Strip destroys its rivals at Royal Ascot.
  6. Bulya

    Nanny State Policies

    Flawed concept. Turned into a disaster.
  7. Bulya

    Nanny State Policies

    It was an expensive failure. People couldn’t rent, people in rentals with good records kicked out because Indue are notoriously late paying rent and now they find that hundreds have major sums missing. The auditor-general report slammed it. Thankfully it’s days are over.
  8. Wighton NSW best and that after being slammed all week as a weakness.
  9. Origin #1 from Sydney tonight. NSW have several out through injury so that should even it up.
  10. A lot of evidence wasn’t allowed. She was dudded.
  11. Bulya

    The Official Weather Thread

    Snow everywhere! Amazing sights this morning and more on the way.
  12. Looking like the best start to the ski season in half a century.
  13. Bulya


    Far more complicated than it appears but it will take a king time to really understand. Only good live, it’s not suited to TV unlike the NRL, Super Rugby etc.
  14. I grew up! I’d be bored silly at that other game.
  15. No. I support the Raiders and Swans and Australia. Daughter took me to several GWS games last year and they’re a strong second to the Swans.