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  1. Bulya

    Australia v China

    Small table if we’re talking about the British. After their disastrous performance in Iraq and Afghanistan one would think you’d know better than to make such a dumb comment. Remember what a senior British officer said to American General David Petraeus after the Americans had bailed them out for the second time. if you don’t know, you should.
  2. Bulya

    Most enduring international chocolate bar

    And more cocoa solids, less fat. Very little chocolate in British ‘chocolate’.
  3. Bulya

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Doc said that’s a fair way off. Still not a problem.
  4. Bulya

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Get my 2nd shot in an hour. Something else I won’t have to worry about.
  5. Bulya

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I agree on the NSW bit fwiw…
  6. I’m disappointed that my mobile phone speed didn’t improve after my COVID vaccination…
  7. Not in the ACT they don’t. Four years high school, 2 years college.
  8. Bulya

    The truth on Perth?!

    Why did you select Perth? Serious question.
  9. Bulya

    The truth on Perth?!

    It’s a bloody nice place to visit!
  10. Bulya

    The truth on Perth?!

    I worked with one of those in my IT days. He didn’t stop whingeing about being bored, but all he wanted to do was go to a pub a talk about ‘you know what. Many offered to take him to events and stuff you can’t do in Blighty to no avail. 3 months later he resigned and went back. Why do they come here in the first place?
  11. I’ve done more than enough travelling. I hope my daughter gets to see some of the places I’ve been to over the last half century,, but it won’t be for some time…
  12. Bulya

    The truth on Perth?!

    Nothing to do with size of the beer glass. My comment stands