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  1. What were your hobbies/pastimes in the U.K?
  2. Bulya

    Australia's best pie 2023

    Can’t beat a good fish pie!
  3. Bulya

    Moving with older children

    South Australia. Thankfully left there for good in ‘73.
  4. Bulya

    Moving with older children

    We were 15, 12, and 10. Couldn’t have turned out better
  5. First day of winter, and it’s the warmest day for more than a month.
  6. Don’t forget Exeter and Bundanoon..
  7. It was originally an English game. And it’s marones, not maroons.
  8. You’re off my Xmas list!
  9. Anybody going to Origin this coming Wednesday?
  10. Bulya

    The Voice Referendum

    Local hero is Mal. Stand named after him
  11. No my days visiting the wrong side of the country are well and truly behind me
  12. No thanks, we’re doing just fine
  13. Not like that here. Must be a WA thing…
  14. Origin I now only a week away now in Adelaide, wish I could be there