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  1. You moved, and for poms it’s a rare thing to do once here.
  2. Bulya

    The Official Weather Thread

    15.7 to 38 today. I walked several km’s to the mall and back and it was 36 by the time I got home. Nice breeze and super low humidity
  3. Port Stephens is a much nicer place than the Central Coast which is pretty rough..
  4. Bulya

    The Official Weather Thread

    Fog this morning on a day that reached nearly 38 degrees.
  5. Think about what you’re interests are, the type of weather you like, etc etc. Remember that Australia isn’t a country, it’s a franchise. Get your head around that and you have a better chance of making it...
  6. What’s funny is those that move to one state/territory and think they’ve ‘done Australia’. Surprisingly large numbers of them too...
  7. Bulya

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    Minuscule compared to even a decade ago
  8. Bulya

    The Official Weather Thread

    35.9 currently but a nice low 13% humidity. Should be at Gibraltar Falls today but probably busy being a weekend..
  9. Bulya

    Purchasing a Car

    You do realise we’re taking about Australia, not blighty?
  10. Don’t do beach. Beach has sand and it gets into places it shouldn’t. River or pool more betterer imho.
  11. Bulya

    Purchasing a Car

    Not in the ones I know. They will spend thousands on traded quality vehicles. And you get warranty
  12. Correct, it’s a pommy term.
  13. Bulya

    Purchasing a Car

    They’re wholesaled off
  14. Bulya

    Purchasing a Car

    Used cars in Australia increased substantially in price due to COVID. Holidays are off so people upgraded their vehicles