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  1. Bulya

    Maths teacher, uk to aus with family

    The ACT region has the highest horse ownership per head of population in the country. We’ve just moved from Manna Park near Bungendore to Bundara Park on Captains Flat Road, Carwoola.
  2. Bulya

    Maths teacher, uk to aus with family

    Agistment centres aren’t cheap unless you’re going to buy property. Share properties are popular in the ACT region and most horses are not stabled.
  3. Bulya

    Maths teacher, uk to aus with family

    It isn’t. The Grand Nationals are held in Sydney and Tamworth, whilst not exactly Sydney, is recognised as the National Equine Capital of Australia.
  4. Bulya

    Maths teacher, uk to aus with family

    Horse agistment in Sydney is very expensive. Hope you have plenty of spare cash! ps. Long-time equine family
  5. Horror stories where exactly? Lots of conspiracy stuff but get me some empirical data..
  6. Bulya

    The Official Weather Thread

    Autumn appears to have arrived. 35 last week, 23.2 today and forecast 9 tonight..
  7. A lot less than when I was in IT sales
  8. Wrong type of printer for the volume.
  9. Bulya

    Should we move to WA from SA

    Left in ‘72 or ‘73, not really sure. Moved to Vic then later to NSW. Now in the ACT. Certainly wouldn’t return..
  10. Bulya

    Older teens making friends in Aus

    Lifelong friends? What a strange concept..
  11. Bulya

    The Official Weather Thread

    We booked tickets/accommodation etc months ago for the Sydney round of the Top Fuel Championship this Friday/Saturday. Saw the forecast 38 tomorrow so we’ve decided to go to Saturday only (26C). Saves money I guess..
  12. RBA want unemployment to increase. Another 130-150,000 lives destroyed for the ‘greater good’ of the rest of the country.
  13. And Alan Jones, who’s done a runner to England..