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Found 61 results

  1. Dreamer 11

    Moving To Darwin

    Hi There, I have just been granted my nomination for a Skilled Worker Regional Visa by NT government. We were initially planning on moving to Perth or Adelaide as we have family/friends there but NT gave us the sponsor. We are a bit clueless on the suburbs/areas in Darwin and any help or information would be appreciated. We have two young kids, one aged 3 and a baby coming up on a year old. Where would be the best suburbs for us looking to rent a 4 bedroom property? Ideally somewhere with good schools and plenty of parks. Thanks, G
  2. CliveReilly

    Irish families in Australia

    Hello all, I currently live in Ireland and have a small family, house, mortgage. You get the picture. I would like to move to Australia but need to do lots of homework firstly. I am VERY interested in hearing peoples experiences moving their families from Ireland to Australia. Why you went, why you did not stay here, employment, lifestyle, cost of living, fitting in etc ... etc ... Looking forward to speaking to you all. Cheers, Clive
  3. Hi guys So.....we've been in Melbourne for nearly two years now...I work full time as an EA in the CBD and my partner is a plumber and tiler with his own bathroom installation company. We have a 4 year old son and a 4 month old baby daughter. Whilst we've found friends through work and other social activities we're ideally wanting to meet up with other young families (we find that having 2 children when we're 30 makes us "young" over here!). When we're not working we do the usual family stuff; kids swimming lessons, days out, cooking, cinema, meals out, parks, camping and the weekly ritual of the local library but on our child free nights we like going to restaurants, bars and clubs. We love our music and enjoy entertaining and having friends round for meals and a few drinks (and house parties very occasionally). Partner plays golf and has recently got in to wake boarding also. If anyone out there is of a like minded nature and has kids (ideally of a similar age to ours) then please get in touch! Be great to hear from you. Alexandra & Jamie
  4. Hi All, Jus trying to establish are there many Irish people here heading for Perth. Thought is would be a good idea to get a thread going for us all. We are a family of 3 hoping to hit Perth late 2011 or Jan 2012. (Age 30/Age 29/Daughter Age 4) Was wondering if there are many others from Ireland in the same boat and was wondering if there is enough of us to arrange a big group meet up somewhere over the next while. Anyway include your details and chat soon. Cheers:biggrin:
  5. Hi there, we are looking around various places in NSW as a place to finally end up and Harbour has caught our eye. But having never been there we were wondering what it would be like for a young family, our children are 6,4 and 21 months. I am sure I will be ok for work as I have already noted a number of jobs (I am a nurse) and will start enquiring more seriously after christmas. But any advice and info would be great. Thanks!!!:jiggy:
  6. Hi there, my name is Vanessa. We have two boys, 3 and 5 months. We've just moved to Terrigal and don't know a soul! We moved to Australia a couple of years ago, have had several moves but this is our last hopefully. Really enjoying the Central Coast, but would love to meet other families around the Terrigal area. Are there any mums out there with a toddler and a bub who would like to meet up?
  7. Hi - we are a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children (7, 3 & 1 years old). We have a budget of around $600,000 and are wanting a 4-bedroom home with a pool with large garden etc. I have looked in every nook and cranny on realestate.au and domain.au and Quakers Hill on the surface looks a really affordable suburb and ticks most boxes. I have a little concern as the district is Blacktown which does not sound very nice (according to some readers) and has a bad reputation. I am wondering if there are any PIO readers who can provide some feedback on Quakers Hill and if it really is a good place to raise a family e.g. low crime, excellent schools, friendly neighbourhood, safe place (no thugs/druggies etc), hardworking people etc etc Apart from the most recommended places e.g. sutherland shire suburbs (which looks nice but expensive for housing in terms of size and features compared to Quakers Hill) we have also looked at Prestons and Casula, does anybody know if these are excellent suburbs to live? All advice and opinions greatly received! Thanks......
  8. Hi there, We are a British family of four - two adults and two children (aged 7 & 4) who have just arrived in Australia. We are currently staying in a holiday home on the East side of the lake whilst waiting for our belongings and dog to arrive from Blighty. We are looking for friendship with any like minded familes in the Lake Macquarie area who have been through or are going through the same trials and tribulations you face on arriving in this magical land. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Regards The Mackie Family (Newly escaped from Ellesmere Port, UK)
  9. wetnwindy

    Any families doing FIFO?

    Hi all new to forum and currently considering FIFO opportunity in Perth. DH would be fine but I worry that I wouldnt. Have 3 kids, 2 at school and a 1 year old so have major reservations about moving to other side of world and being on own immediately. Has anyone experienced this type of move or would you consider it. We have lived abroad before (ME) so are used to being away from family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:biggrin:
  10. Guest

    BBC1 looking for families

    BBC1 are looking for families to take part in the new series of Wanted Down Under. The programme gives families an opportunity to test drive their new lives in Oz, looking at areas such as work, property and lifestyle. You must be seriously considering a move to Australia, or even have your visa in place (this is not a free holiday!). At least one of the visa applicants occupations must be in demand in Australia. If you're interested please pm for more information. Thank you, The Wanted Down Under production team
  11. Hiya, Anybody living in the Wellard area (SOR)? We are a young family who are new to the area looking to meet up with likewise, I am 28, hubby is 33 and we have a son who is 26 months old. We are easygoing and into most things, parks, beaches, eating out, etc etc, it would be great to here from anybody in the area. S x
  12. Hello, we are a family with 2 kids aged 4 and 7 just moved to South Perth. Me (mum) working fulll time in CBD and hubby's setting up a business. We have friends from home and work here but none have kids! Because I work and not on the 'mum scene' I don't get the chance to meet other mums locally. Does anyone in the South Perth area with kids want to meet up at weekends etc? Trips to the park, picnics, beach (pub?!) I would love to hear from you.
  13. HI, just had a nasty argument with my mum and brother and wondered if anyone else has had the experience of family issues escalating when migration is mentioned! We dropped THE bombshell about nine months ago with the intention of being out of the uk by early 2012. Well, call us naive but of course we didn't think about the housing market and six months later are no closer to selling the house! The problem is everyone seems to be living with a huge pause button over their heads! Mum keeps saying the old..'if you are still here' , i am probably over compensating because we are going and trying to sort everything before we go. All seems a bit sad and cruel really... i even wonder if i am subconsciously separating myself from them...all too deep really Not asking for answers just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.... cheers, Judy
  14. Guest


    Hi all, Myself (30), wife Louise (31), Ruby (4) and Ella (2) are living in Jindalee and wondering if there were any like-minded families living in the northern suburbs that would maybe like to meet up? Louise and the kids are at home all day and it would be good for them to meet up with others in a similar situation. Ruby now has a place at Quinns Beach Primary Kindy, and we're looking at getting the kids involved in gymnastics, dance classes and the like. Any suggestions/recommendations on clubs would be good. Many thanks. Alistair, Louise, Ruby and Ella
  15. If anyone would like to organise getting together for a drink or a day out with the kids we would love to hear from you. We arrived on the Gold Coast In October from Colchester, Essex. We are 33 & 34 with kids 3yrs and 10mths. Paul, my husband is from Colchester. I was born in Australia (my parents are '£10 Poms') but have lived in the U.K since I was 19. Returning with a family has been a bit daunting but we are getting settled and the kids are loving it. :v_SPIN:
  16. Hi We're out on a reccie/holiday in 2 days time for 3 weeks !! Looking to meet families who have already made the move. We will be staying in Mount Martha for a week from 27 August, let me know if you want to meet up and tell us how worth it, it will all be ! Thanks
  17. Hello, we are a family with 2 kids aged 4 and 7 just moved to South Perth.
  18. Hi We are a family of four, my husband is 29, i 27 and we have two young children, 3 and 1. We have been in Perth 11 weeks, on a 457 visa. We came from Newcastle uk, but i am originally from Scotland. Chris works in Tax at Subiaco. At moment we are in Butler but will be moving to Quinns Rocks in Jan. As we hope to put our son to Quinns Rocks Primary. Just wondering if there any families in the area with children similar ages that may want to meet up, beach , park? Christine, Chris, J and E .
  19. Are you considering a big lifestyle or career change? Are you fed up with working all hours and not feeling enough benefit? Is money not buying you happiness? Do you have lots of 'stuff' but not much headspace? Do you want a different kind of lifestyle for your kids? Well a new series for Ch4 wants to hear from you. You might already have plans to emigrate across the globe or to an affordable part of the countryside, or to work for yourself... or you might not know what you want yet, except that you want to make a big change sometime soon. If you have lots of passion and think there's more to life than what you currently have we would love to hear from you. Please message me for more information. Many thanks, Helen
  20. Hi Everyone Having tried my best to google out the answer to the my dilemma regarding the best possible suburb to stay in Melbourne in our particular circumstances, I thought it would be best to have the opinion of the people who have stayed there or are themselves researching about this subject currently. I am presently staying in New Delhi, India. I would be moving to Melbourne with my family, including my wife and two girls, aged 6 and 4, some time in September. This was a difficult decision to make. The kids have got used to a big social circle of family and friends and rarely a weekend goes by without a get together, party or night stays. They are busy on weekdays with their swimming and tekwondo classes. I explain this because the most important of my wife's and mine concern is the possibility of outright rejection of the new environment by our kids, who might feel a sudden vacuum, coming from the ever happening schedule back home. I and my wife would both be working 8 to 5. Her workplace is Footscray and I would be working at Gelnroy and St. Albans, probably splitting my days of the week between the two. I have been warned about the northern and western suburbs by acquaintances in Melbourne, but I think I have no choice to move anywhere east or south of the city, as it would substantially increase the commuting time. Can someone please suggest the best suburb for us considering: We want to spend minimum time traveling (preferably less that 30 minutes for my wife and 45 minutes for me), so that we are able to spend the maximum possible time with the kids, and maybe take them to any extracurricular activity in the evening. We want the kids to accept the new place, which I think would require a family friendly place, good schools, extra-curricular activities such as sports, nearby parks etc. We would both be traveling by car, so proximity to public transport would not be a consideration. Rent would not be a prohibitive factor. Multicultural (or to put it another way, racially tolerant). Dominant professional class (not the most important criteria). Based on these criteria, I figured that Williamstown, Moonee Ponds and Essendon might be a good options for us. Other options, less favorable in terms of proximity to workplace are inner-northern suburbs Kensington, Parkville, Carlton, North Melbourne, but nothing east of Fitzroy. Can anyone suggest the best suburb for us in the given circumstances and also suggest if any other suburbs within 30 minute commute from Footscray in peak traffic hours. Thank you in advance for your help. Piyush
  21. justin&chelle

    Hotels for families in Melbourne

    Helpppppppppp!!!!!!!! We are a family of four going to Melbourne Australia in August to get our visa's stamped, we have not yet booked our hotel. Can anyone recommend a good hotel in Melbourne or near by. We plan to use the hotel as a base, so that we can visit Berrick, Mt Martha and a few more areas we would like to move too. Any help would be welcome, thank-you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: :arghh:
  22. Hi I have just joined this forum as we are moving to Sydney in October so wanted to say hello in case there is anyone else doing the same! We are going on my NZ passport and hoping to eventually get permanent residence through the employer nomination scheme (both mine and my husbands occupations are on the list). Need to find work first though - we have started looking but the general response is your CVs are great, see you when you get here:eek:. Would really like to get jobs lined up before we go but not sure how feasible that is? Anyway, me, my husband (both in our thirties) and our two little girls aged 1 and 4 are off in October, house under offer about to exchange, very excited to be moving to my favourite city in the world!
  23. I don’t think it is right to turn others threads into a debate of the rights or wrongs of taking children away from 1 parent so i’ll start one of my own. We have 2 threads running at the minute, 1 by a father looking for advice on how to keep his children in the UK and the other by a mother looking to take her children away from their father. While the father is getting loads of support the mother is being attacked, why is that so? The father could be a right arse and just looking at ways to get back at his ex, but nobody has said that or asked any questions in that direction, we are just happy to offer positive support (the way it should be) But the mother..... how dare she want to start a new life!!!! Anyone with children going to Australia are taking them away from family, friends and their not being questioned or attacked, but somehow taking them away from a father WOW you can’t do that. Not interested in how good or bad the father is, it’s morally wrong! I can only talk for myself but we looked at it from all angles, are we doing the right thing? We spoke to our son about it, we tried to talk to Tracy’s ex and he wasn’t interested, it wasn’t as straight forward as stuff him lets go just to piss off Tracy’s ex. So when it come to asking questions on PIO, things like “what about the father” weren’t helpful, we had already thought about that. How many people have really thought about the impact the move will have on their children and family members? I bet people that have and are trying to take their children away from their other parent have thought long and hard about it. IMHO if you have no support or real advice to offer then don’t say anything, because you’re not helping! Taking children away from another partner is a very stressful thing to do, it’s a long process that’s very costly and I know myself we had loads of questions about the processes involved and not to many people would offer advice in the open because of the grief they would get off other members so it was all done via PM.
  24. Hi there we are a family of 5, me 27, hubby 32 and 3 kids, 2, 3 & 10! Any other families local to us in South Wales thinking of going or on their way, be great to hear from you x
  25. whichway

    What do families do?

    Ok so just to make myself out to be even more stupid, I do not know what families do. Me and my partner have been here for four years and for a variety of reasons we haven't done any fun things!!! Anyway now that (hopefully) we are turning over a new leaf we need family things to do. Things with a 8month old. He doesn't like sun and sea (yeah I dont know why he wanted to move here either)! Because I have been living like a recluse for so long my mind is a blank so if anyone knows what families "do" I'd love some ideas. Preferably tings that don't really cost money. Thanks in advance. :biggrin: