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Found 96 results

  1. Mattandgab

    Mid 40s couple in Newcastle

    Hi guys, we are looking to meet some ex pats in our area! In Newie and loving it .X2 teenage kids, we have lived in Devon, Somerset and London
  2. Hi everyone, May of this year we landed on Australian soil and went to my husbands family in Richmond NSW. We are currently renting a property here however don't feel its the "Auzzie dream" we dreamt of. We were introduced to toowoon bay which i LOVE! However have been told for my husbands work (electrician) would be best to head more towards Newcastle way. I do not want to be in a busy city... we have 2 young boys 4 and 1. a little dog. My boys LOVE the beach... and I love to grab a coffee.. so ideally somewhere that is not too busy but still not isolated.. beach a short drive at the most.. and somewhere i can get my coffee would be perfect!! We are very outdoorsy and love animals.. My oldest is very happy with the green tree frogs and lizards we find in our garden at the moment!! I am currently studying in children services from home whilst looking after my boys but hope to start work beginning of next year. Our tenancy runs out in July so starting to look up where we are heading... Honestly cant wait to get out of this property! Can anyone provide us with some information regarding good places to live!! We haven't really had chance to make any friends here as my husband has to travel to sydney every day and works long shifts.. nightmare! can take him up to 2 hours to get home in the evening! Hasn't been the most brilliant start but hoping things perk up with a move to a more ideal area for us and the kids! Thanks everyone x
  3. Hello everyone, Im hoping someone can help me as this site was wonderful for information when we first moved to Australia. We have been living in NW Sydney for about 8 years and have decided to move out towards the Lake Macquarie area as we have not progressed as much as we would of hoped for (buying a house). Our kids are settled, work is great things are fantastic apart from the fact we just can't afford to buy a house here and well we are sick of landlords. Anyway Im asking for helping with everything in terms of moving so education (high school & Primary) government (state), and very good schools and looking for nice family friendly suburbs plenty of sporting activities (cricket, soccer, netball) and away from high crime areas. Doesn't have to be on the water just somewhere we can be for the next 30 years raising our kids. This is a massive move for us as we are all so happy where we are. Any information would be great. Thanks
  4. :jiggy:Hey Gday Mates!!! Anyone thinking of moving to Newcastle NSW, just got our CO yesterday so it starting to feel real now, oh my goodness Im excited and nervous at the same time!!! Would be fantastic to hear from some people who are moving to Newcastle or nearby!! Maybe could chat and compare notes etc.... Hope to hear from some likeminded people Kirstie and Marc xx:wubclub:
  5. Hi All, Although Melbourne has been on my family's target list (we have 189 visas) I'm currently courting an opportunity in Newcastle. So does anyone care to share a warts and all of Sydney's little sister? Thanks all
  6. Anyone from NSW fancy a christmas drink in Newcastle? If you are inerested, let me know. There are some fab bars around here...:coolxmas:
  7. I am currently living in Sydney and about to move back to Warners Bay in NSW where myself and husband had previously lived for 10 years. I have met lots of women who are members of the Pomzin0z here in Sydney and have enjoyed meeting up with them each week. I wish I had known about this site whilst I lived in Lake Macquarie. Could anyone contact me if any such group or members exist there.
  8. Hello All, My Partner has always wanted to complete an apprenticeship in Carpentry but due to his choice to travel and contributing circumstances he has never been able to do it. Now that we are moving to Oz permanently its a great opportunity to do the things we always wanted to do. We will be living with my Parents at first so money isn't really an issue either. Has anyone had any experience finding a Mature Age Apprenticeship in Oz? Any advice we can get would be so appreciated!! :smile::cool:
  9. Hi, Thought i would start another thread up to see if anyone would be interested in having a good natter. Maybe in a couple of weeks so that we can get a few people interested, Also any sugestions on where to go may come in handy :biggrin: Mags
  10. Hi there I have just lodged my general skilled 175 to Victoria today....just about made it in time! I was wondering if any other teachers were planning on moving over any time soon? Thanks Jon-Paul
  11. My hausband has been offered a job in Newcastle and we have to let them know by friday 11th May if we would like to take them up on the offer. Can anyone let me know anything about Newcastle? Cost of Living, lifestyle, what to do with two kids aged aged 9 and 6, which areas to look to rent in, Anything would be appreciated as its such a big decision and we dont know much about Australia........ Thank you, Louise
  12. sandramcd

    Schools in Newcastle?

    Hi there, my husband has an interview at Newcastle Uni at the beginning of June and will be going on his own to check the place out. Can anyone advise about good schools in and around Newcastle? We have 5 kids ranging from 1 month to 10 years and are looking for child friendly suburbs with everything walkable if possible. Thanks!
  13. Hiya Have been out for 2 months living in Swansea have two 7 yr old boys who are in school, just wondering if any poms in this area, to meet up with for a beer/vino
  14. Guest

    Teaching - Sydney to Newcastle

    Hi, Flights booked for myself and the family (2 1/2 year old boy and 7month old girl plus wonderful wife) to arrive in Sydney on 7th January 2011 after a four year wait of having received our visas. Long story but with perseverance our dreams our eventually becoming reality. I am a secondary school teacher and am awaiting approval to teach from NSW department for education and training. I would love to find a permanent job but we also want to live around the central coast area, but through research I understand it will be difficult for me to gain a job in that area. I am willing to travel down to Sydney or up to Newcastle for work but would like some hints or tips from like minded people or those who have been/are in similar situations. I work in a tough inner city school in England so am not that bothered about how 'good the school is. Any help?
  15. I'm not sure if I can cope with another 'night shift' after the game against the Gooners but if I don't turn up I feel like I've let the other guys down. Many of them come from all over Sydney, one from Central Coast, work the next day too. Once I'm thinking about it, even going to bed is no good because I wake up anyway. Liverpool v Man Utd at 1045pm tonight? A much more civilised time. Why don't they kick of all the EPL games at that time?
  16. Anybody else here, especially mums with babies. I have a 14 month old boy who really needs to play with other kids and I cant find a play group. I'm 34 and here with my aussie/brit hubby who is now going to uni in newcastle. Culture shock for me as I'm used to living right near to the city in Liverpool, all these gardens!
  17. Looking to move to and work in Australia? Visit the FREE SkilledMigrantJobs.com expo. We have employers seeking health care professionals, tradies, mechanics, engineers, mining, oil and gas professionals to name a few... Register on SkilledMigrantJobs.com.
  18. Hi I have been looking for work as a Technical Administrator/IT Scheduler since we moved to Newcastle 17 months ago. I have extensive experience in Tech Admin working for IT Corporate Companies in the UK. All my roles were Call Centre based. We are on a 457 visa and go for permanent residency next year with my husband’s employer. All my references are checkable. I am on linkedin under my married name and have a recommendation from my last employer in the UK. All work references are checkable and I have a reliable work history. If you know someone that’s looking for an honest, reliable, hardworking person with good experience pls contact me via email on here.
  19. Guest

    Moving to Newcastle

    Hi Everyone Just thought Id post a little meessage to say hi!! My partner and I are moving around Nov time to Newcastle because he has been offered a new job. Very excited about the move but also quite nervous/scared because its the not knowing what to expect and also the fact that Oz is 21hours on a plane from family. However we can skype and Im sure we will end up seeing family more out there as they can visit for holidays etc. If anyone has any words of advice or info then please feel free to let us know. The more we know the easier it will be to settle in (well I hope anyway)
  20. Anybody else leaving on that flight? :biggrin:
  21. Hi Are their any teams around Macquarie Hills or nearby suburbs that have any spaces for my husband he is also a refereee but looking to get back into football for the excersie and socalising side of it. Kind regards MariaL
  22. Guest


    Hi all Just after some advice about moving to Newcastle. I am currently living in Darwin with my wife and 4 year old daughter. I am thinking of a career change that might end up with me relocating to Newcastle. Basically I was wondering if anyone could suggest nice suburbs and schools for me to research before I decide to make the move south. Also, if anyone has any good or bad points about the area I would love to hear them. Make an informed decision that way. Thanks MadMunky:confused:
  23. Guest

    Newcastle schools????

    Am moving to Newcastle area end of year and am trying to find out about best schools? We are looking for somewhere for Yr 11 and Yr 7. Would like to live locally but just not sure. Ideally one of the christian schools in the north and am considering St Philips, Medowie Christian, Merewether, Bishop Tyrell Anglican.... any opinions or ideas on these or any other schools up there? Many thanks
  24. Hi! We are moving to Newcastle at the beginning of May. My husband is being sponsered by his employer. Our 457 was submitted yesterday and we've been told we don't need medicals so I'm hoping it won't take longer than 6 weeks. I have the shippers coming today to give me a quote- any advice for that? At the moment I feel overwhelmed by all the stuff we need to do to get our house rented out over here! Any advice on areas to rent in Newcastle would be great...I think we have a pretty good idea of the suburbs (spent a lot of time on realestate :biggrin:). My husbands office is in Mayfield and he would prefer not to be more than 30min commute away. We would rather have a pool than be near the beach. Our budget is up to around $600/week for a 4 bed property. What else can you tell me about Newcastle- parks, pools, mountain biking and things to do with young kids (6, 4 and 3) Thanks!!
  25. Hi there, Maybe a weird request, but I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who lives in/around Newcastle NSW and is heading over to the U.K. in the near future, and who might have a spare few kg's space in their luggage. Short story is I wanted to send some chocolates back home but when I looked at the Australia Post website I found I'd have to pay about $50 to send $30 worth of chocolate. If you wouldn't mind carrying it for me I'd happily pay the U.K. postage. Cheers, Paul