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  1. Bit odd isn’t it……..
  2. It’s Parley and Bulya, two of those happy, positive and friendly aussies you hear about………….
  3. Wa7

    Your last meal....

    Wasn’t too fussed on the bacon when I got here ( or the sausagesI) have slowly got used to the bacon and cannot for the life of me find decent gammon. Have uour favourite Chippy takeaway or curry as you won’t have it for a few years I suppose.
  4. Wa7

    Just can't settle here

    I don’t think going into a pub, surf club or cafe and talking to strangers constitutes a social life, if that’s all Richie2022 potentially has after 7yrs then no wonder this is how they feel.
  5. Wa7

    NIN issues. Need help

    About 5 yrs ago.
  6. Wa7

    NIN issues. Need help

    Back in 2004 my Australian partner lived in the uk with me for a few years and I don’t remember there being any issues with getting a NI number/ card issued. Also regarding your kids passports, I have an Australian born child so simply applied for a British passport for them ( I am British born to British born parents )
  7. No. The whole point is to get it in as little tries as possible. I don’t think the majority of people play it for points.
  8. Absolutely pointless doing it if your just going to throw away 3 words and boringly get it in 4 or more tries. Surely the whole point is to get it in 2 or 3 tries?
  9. Wa7

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I’m implying that he probably wasn’t as fit as you was implying.
  10. Wa7

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I don’t have the guys notes in front of me. How fit and healthy this 70 something bloke with pre existing health issues was is anyones guess………..
  11. Wa7

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    From memory of the story this guy had underlying health conditions and was actually attending the hospital with health issue linked to these pre existing issues and was only then discovered to have Covid.
  12. The amount of clues given I’m not surprised
  13. Wa7

    How much do you need to retire in Australia in 2021?

    What’s your thoughts on Westpac at the moment Whey aye ?
  14. Wa7

    Buying a house

    If you type in an address of a house on a particular street you like then this should land you on realestate.com with the particular house details you have searched, click on this and scroll away, it should then give you the homes previous sold prices and even a close indication of its current value.( sometimes homes won’t show previous sold prices but then you just type in next door ) Obviously next doors price is only a indicator but it gives you something to work off