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  1. I have a British passport for my Aus born child and inside it states British citizen.
  2. Wa7

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    Well i wouldn’t of thought it would of been mid /high 30s but they still highly rated the beach. I don’t know anything about Bournemouth, Weymouth, Brighton beaches........
  3. Wa7

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    A year or so ago I was on a up north wa trip and we stopped at coral bay, absolutely fantastic little spot ( highly recommend for anyone with kids ) Just before leaving I got talking to a couple ( late 40s in age ) from the uk who had been doing a tour of Australia and had obviously seen a lot of beaches on their travels and they loved it also but said that there was some beaches in Scotland that they put in the same ball park!!!!! ( must be absolutely stunning to come close to coral bay )
  4. Wa7

    The "New Normal"

    What else would a bike shop do a roaring trade selling
  5. How longs Dianne Abbott got................ .
  6. Australia destroyed 3-0 by SA
  7. Wa7

    Make Men Masculine Again

    I thought it was “the judean peoples front”............
  8. Wa7

    Never have I....

    Swimming naked
  9. Wa7

    Never have I....

    4 for me
  10. Wa7

    Manchester City Banned for 2 years

  11. Wa7

    Would it be too hard for you all..

    How’s the new thread going PQ..............
  12. Wa7

    New year's resolutions?

    A very general guide is 3 cups of tea = 1 coffee.
  13. Wa7

    Selling car before move back

    At this stage no harm in asking. Let us know what they offer.
  14. Wa7

    Selling car before move back

    Yes, go with them and if you can guide them around the easiest, straight roads around your home so the test drive is a pleasant experience ( 5 mins is long enough) Also if anyone queries why you selling or the cheapness just tell them a relative has offered you their car for a bargain price so that means you can sell yours a bit cheaper. Obviously have a car model in mind for if they ask you what car you are getting from this “relative”.