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  1. Australia destroyed 3-0 by SA
  2. Wa7

    Make Men Masculine Again

    I thought it was “the judean peoples front”............
  3. Wa7

    Never have I....

    Swimming naked
  4. Wa7

    Never have I....

    4 for me
  5. Wa7

    Manchester City Banned for 2 years

  6. Wa7

    Would it be too hard for you all..

    How’s the new thread going PQ..............
  7. Wa7

    New year's resolutions?

    A very general guide is 3 cups of tea = 1 coffee.
  8. Wa7

    Selling car before move back

    At this stage no harm in asking. Let us know what they offer.
  9. Wa7

    Selling car before move back

    Yes, go with them and if you can guide them around the easiest, straight roads around your home so the test drive is a pleasant experience ( 5 mins is long enough) Also if anyone queries why you selling or the cheapness just tell them a relative has offered you their car for a bargain price so that means you can sell yours a bit cheaper. Obviously have a car model in mind for if they ask you what car you are getting from this “relative”.
  10. Wa7

    Selling car before move back

    Get it on Carsales ( $60 till sold ) and gumtree (free) I am currently on Carsales site and just had a quick look at 2014 fiestas (obviously not sure what model yours is) going for around $10000 but you need it gone so advertise for $7900 and be prepared to let go for low $7ks give or take ( yours is low kms so should get good interest ) Dont tell anyone your living the country or you will be getting terrible offers. If you took it into a car yard you would probably only get $2/3k for it so keep this in mind if you do get any interest........ Dont bother servicing just make sure oil level etc not low.
  11. Wa7

    What visa for Aussie Spouse?

    If eligible it’s the ancestry visa all day.
  12. Wa7

    Resigning and the moral thing to do! HELP

    Sooner you resign the better as this then gives them time to organise things ( stops them then trying to guilt you into working xmas because you left it “late” informing them. Enjoy your xmas/new year because who knows what may be happening next Christmas???
  13. Wa7

    Going Home

    Based on the information you have given stating everyone’s parents are British born then they all just need to apply for passports.
  14. Wa7

    Car hire from Heathrow .

    This must mean you have discovered Main st - Bears paw, Queens Head etc Get out to Tarporley and see how many fantastic old pubs you encounter on the way.