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  1. Wa7

    Changing UK bank address to Oz

    Going back a few years now my bank informed me that simply logging in / out would keep an account active ( so no need for deposits/withdrawals)
  2. Wa7

    Swimming pool

    We have some friends here who are looking at the Sunshine Coast etc. What is Hervey Bay and Bundy like? Any particular bits to avoid? Work / schools etc. Early 40s, young at heart couple with a 8 or 9 yr old. He is a tradesman and she admin / pa The work you are doing looks great by the way
  3. I have a British passport for my Aus born child and inside it states British citizen.
  4. Wa7

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    Well i wouldn’t of thought it would of been mid /high 30s but they still highly rated the beach. I don’t know anything about Bournemouth, Weymouth, Brighton beaches........
  5. Wa7

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    A year or so ago I was on a up north wa trip and we stopped at coral bay, absolutely fantastic little spot ( highly recommend for anyone with kids ) Just before leaving I got talking to a couple ( late 40s in age ) from the uk who had been doing a tour of Australia and had obviously seen a lot of beaches on their travels and they loved it also but said that there was some beaches in Scotland that they put in the same ball park!!!!! ( must be absolutely stunning to come close to coral bay )
  6. Wa7

    The "New Normal"

    What else would a bike shop do a roaring trade selling
  7. How longs Dianne Abbott got................ .
  8. Australia destroyed 3-0 by SA
  9. Wa7

    Make Men Masculine Again

    I thought it was “the judean peoples front”............
  10. Wa7

    Never have I....

    Swimming naked
  11. Wa7

    Never have I....

    4 for me
  12. Wa7

    Manchester City Banned for 2 years

  13. Wa7

    Would it be too hard for you all..

    How’s the new thread going PQ..............
  14. Wa7

    New year's resolutions?

    A very general guide is 3 cups of tea = 1 coffee.