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  1. Phil1712

    NSW 190 occupation list experience

    You may need to get your NVQ qualification transferred to an AQF
  2. Phil1712

    NSW 190 occupation list experience

    How old are you? How many years experience of being a decorator do you have? And which qualifications do you hold?
  3. Asked to do medicals again everything submitted this week and agent reckons between 4 to 12 weeks for grant all being well
  4. You have to do the dreaded form 80's. What a ball ache they are
  5. Hi just reviving this thread. Has any been granted yet?
  6. Phil1712

    Dog import info

    No nothing yet
  7. Phil1712

    Dog import info

    Hi has anyone used Petair recently? Is there a notice period you have to give them to start the process? I want to start the process for my dog in October, would this be possible?
  8. Phil1712

    No electricians accepted in Queensland

    I would get a second opinion
  9. Phil1712

    After the medicals (190 visa)

    The good old form 47a
  10. Have to do police checks and medicals again Submitted march 2020 491 painter and decorator
  11. Received CO contact today so hopefully not to long now.
  12. I used Concept Australia and they seem to know their stuff. But be aware of processing times, I have been waiting over 27 months now for my 491 grant
  13. Phil1712

    What hope is there ?

    Good luck hope you get to Oz soon
  14. Phil1712

    What hope is there ?

    Hi, when did you submit your application and what us your occupation?