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  1. Phil1712


    Has anyone had a problem using those Sports Direct holdalls as their luggage?
  2. Phil1712

    Malaysia Airlines

    Has anyone recently flown with Malaysia airlines and taken those Sports Direct holdalls for their luggage?
  3. Phil1712

    191 visa

    Granted on 5/10/22
  4. Phil1712

    191 visa

    Ok thanks
  5. Phil1712

    191 visa

    I am the lucky ones to be granted my 491 visa. My question is I know I have to apply for the 191 visa after 3 years of holding my 491 visa but say I apply 4 years and 3 months in the 5 year term of the 491 visa, does the application of the 191 visa have to be completed and granted in that time or will my 491 visa expire this having to have to leave the country. Hope that makes sense
  6. Phil1712

    Extra baggage allowance

    Has any one travelled recently and received extra baggage allowance as you were emigrating? If so who did you fly with and was there a charge for the extra allowance?
  7. Phil1712


    Would my 22 year-old daughter need to take another driving test when she enters Australia?
  8. Congratulations, when you going?
  9. Cheers mate SA painter and dec submitted march 2020 meds done again Aug 30 2023 submitted September 21 grant 5/10
  10. Phil1712

    Visa granted! Finally

    Congratulations. How long did you wait from getting medical done?
  11. Phil1712

    NSW 190 occupation list experience

    You may need to get your NVQ qualification transferred to an AQF
  12. Phil1712

    NSW 190 occupation list experience

    How old are you? How many years experience of being a decorator do you have? And which qualifications do you hold?