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  1. Eagle2020

    190 Visa Grant

    Let's hope so
  2. Eagle2020

    # Is it OK (TV Show: Adam Hills The Last Leg)

    The show is on channel 4
  3. Eagle2020

    491 visa processing time

    It should be from visa lodgement but with the pandemic those processing times are fantasy. I lodged my application back in March and still nothing. Unless a vaccine is found I don't think any offshore grants will be issued to non priority until at least July next year
  4. Eagle2020

    Latest on 190 offshore...

    Submitted 491 to SA in march. Just a waiting game.at least another year here in the UK. I don't think offshore applications will be granted until vaccine is found or you are on the priority list
  5. Eagle2020

    Queensland 190s

    Good luck
  6. Eagle2020

    Federal budget -190 visa

    It is very disappointing. We have invested thousands of pounds and are told nothing. Our lives are in limbo.
  7. Eagle2020

    Any offshore 190 been granted recently?

    In the same boat not knowing is so frustrating
  8. Eagle2020

    Visa agent recommendations

    Concept Australia. Based in Kent and Manchester
  9. Eagle2020

    190 processing time decreases to 5 months

    What visa has your friend applied for and with what occupation?
  10. Eagle2020

    Looking for MARA agent

    Concept Australia
  11. Eagle2020

    Visa granted

    491, 190?
  12. Eagle2020

    Visa granted

    Hi has anyone that is offshore had their visa granted in the last 6 weeks?
  13. Eagle2020

    The end???

    I'm hopefully off to Adelaide.
  14. Eagle2020

    The end???

    Which part? have family in Harris Dale
  15. Eagle2020

    The end???

    Hi where in Aus are you going too?