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  1. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    I would suggest you are correct. You can have all the subject knowledge and passion in the world but if you can't communicate to your audience it's a waste of time. Nobody wants to teach a subject that is completely alien to them however, that said some have and thrived. Maths would be difficult as you need to continue to build your knowledge and aptitude in the subject to move on to the next level of difficulty, but history or civics just read up on the subject. Having said this, not at senior school level!
  2. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    I don't entirely agree with this. Pay wise yes, the latest offer isn't enough. Safety in some schools is coming under scrutiny perhaps but it is a small amount I would suggest. Although schools aren't full of angels who want to learn. People leave the UK teaching profession in droves and it is not just inner city schools. The work life balance doesn't even compare, there's more flexibility certainly in the public system although I can't comment on the private system. My experience is based on a tough secondary school, followed by a leafy green secondary school in the UK followed by a low socioeconomic high school and of course my teaching network. I left whilst academy structures were in their infancy, I understand this has really stripped schools in the UK as they strive to save money. Public schools here aren't superbly resourced either but has support mechanisms through the department to support with disabilities, mental health and behaviour are active and work well with schools. I'd be interested in knowing what sort of school you work in Blue Flu?
  3. benj1980

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    Surely you've all read Barefoot Investor and know that crypto isn't the way forward, LICs are!
  4. benj1980

    PiO traffic

    I was just wondering what the traffic is like on the forum these days compared to pre pandemic levels. Less people seeking visas therefore a reduction in traffic? Or has it maintained constant? Maybe an admin could share the details?!
  5. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    Times have changed, previously I would have had a few responses by now! People looking for work! Western Australia has only just reopened I guess, as well a higher point score... Can anyone confirm whether they are/or aware of others finding it difficult to emigrate because of points in teaching?
  6. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    Well yes the points have all changed since I applied you needed 60 I think and I had 65! I haven't kept up to date with visa requirements admittedly in any detail. @Marisawright it seems you have
  7. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    The Visa asks for Secondary Teachers it doesn't stipulate subjects?
  8. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    I think what you need to understand is if you enjoy politics, citizenship etc. That obviously what you'd teach over here would be different. We have HASS teachers who are Poms but they are really teaching things that they have little subject knowledge of because you are teaching in a different context. There's more overlap with Geography of course. It's not really an issue you'll just have to do some reading and research!
  9. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    @ScotErin would need to check that out and it could change of course!
  10. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    What is it? Is it HASS related? History, Geography, Citizenship& Politics, Business Studies? In terms of migration I think as a High School teacher it would be ok. But it is a HASS role I'm thinking so you would need to be flexible as HASS teachers are pretty common. Skilled occupation list (homeaffairs.gov.au) There's plenty of visa options I think?
  11. benj1980

    Any teachers moving over?!

    Always Science and Maths. English, Technology seems to be the next priority and then HASS, but not Phys Ed! Unfortunately everyone wants to be a Phys Ed teacher over here, many split their time with their secondary subjects and most of them are awesome in the classroom.
  12. benj1980

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    I'm intrigued whether Rick2021 ever made it?!
  13. benj1980

    Teacher Registration

    I was in the UK and booked an appointment at the Australian embassy in London. It meant my teaching registration came through before I was in the country and therefore able to work almost straight away as a relief teacher. Although I paid to get things signed, working after a week was a stress off my mind having a family including three children! At the time it had to be signed by a professional whom was an Australian citizen I believe, this was 7 years ago so may have changed and it was Western Australia...
  14. Hi Guys I haven't been on here for a while, but as we start to open up here in WA I thought I'd put a post out. I was wondering if there are any teachers who are looking to make the move soonish, perhaps you already have a visa or close to obtaining it. Many schools in the state have struggled to obtain teachers this year due to retirements, Covid mandates etc. This will pick up but if you are wondering when might be a good time to move, now I'd suggest would be as good as any. I work in the public system in a High School so your typical comprehensive school in the UK. SOR in sunny Mandurah we are looking out for more teachers and good teachers will be picked up pretty quickly into more lengthy contracts, leading to permanency. Two people I have connected with have from this forum have ended up with permanent jobs at my school to date, so if you have any questions please message me or reply on the post and I'll get back to you. There's always plenty of debate over where you should live when you come to WA. I preferred the more rugged feel of where I live compared to NOR. But then I'm from Cornwall so the more un-spoilt coastline the better for me! The reality is there's jobs NOR too.