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  1. benj1980

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Another landmark for us as we had our citizenship ceremony on Thursday. When I got home there was a bit of time for some reflection. Reflecting on the journey that had begun 6 years earlier. Deciding to bite the bullet, spend out on a skills assessment and take the plunge. We were able to talk about our past lives and the uploading of what seemed a million documents (another reminder came when I uploaded citizenship documents I might add!) Our office space was a poorly made extension backing onto the garage and had a reliable cold draft! It also reminded me of telling our parents about the potential move and having to answer those awkward questions. Waiting anxiously for emails from Australia at each stage of the process, then checking first thing in the morning, daily when we had applied for our visa even though deep down we knew we had weeks to wait judging by the timeline on PIO! The elation of finally getting our visas and then recognising the daunting task ahead. Selling as much as we could, packing what we needed, trying to save some money and make sure we said our good byes. Flying to the other side of the world questioning your decision, without jobs and knowing staying with friends was only a temporary fix. Hoping an online conversation would pull through into some sort of income and knowing with the summer holidays coming up, teaching jobs could be in short supply. Arguably making the initial move is the hardest part of the process to citizenship but there are plenty more bumps on the way. Having found work successfully early really helped. The next challenge was settling in and finding a rental. House sorted, schools sorted, work sorted you are cooking on gas. We were fortunate to have a close friend nearby throughout this process with children similar age. Having said that you need to step out of the shadow and make new friends and create your own life. My wife suggests it took her 4 years to feel that this is her home, which surprised me. Having our own home, work and new friends after 2 years I thought we had nailed it. We recently had a tragedy in the local area and it affected my neighbours, friends and our local community. It is then I realised this is a community in which we truly belong. My family in the UK have said now that you are citizens you can come back now! It's still hard for them to understand that we now feel like Australia is home and our citizenship has validated this. The journey has been long and stressful at times, and don't forget expensive but would I change it? Not a chance!
  2. benj1980

    WA heading for recession

    I wonder if ScoMo will be a bit more grateful to WA for keeping the economy going!
  3. benj1980


    Well I ended up just keeping my test date, Covid hit and although we were waiting for a ceremony we knew the virtual ceremony may be the only option. Then about a month ago we got invited to a ceremony and had this on Thursday. Delighted to get this done, another segment in our life journey achieved I guess! The ceremony was good and there were a few Covid rules put into place but this really didn't dampen people's spirit! Good luck to all, getting this over the line!
  4. benj1980

    Mandurah/Rockingham and British Pies!

    I live in Mandurah and have no complaints. I actually live near Dawesville as well. I'd recommend it as an affordable area on your budget and a nice place to live. There is talk of a supermarket being built, land has been flattened and cleared, but Woolworths in Falcon is a few minutes away. We have many friends in Dawesville and they all love it there, it's quiet and still not far from centre of town. I'd suggest it takes about an hour to get into Perth by car in quiet traffic.
  5. benj1980

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Are you applying for a regional visa?
  6. benj1980


    I would like an earlier test date if things come up, purely because I'm impatient. On Home Affairs it simply says 'unavailable' even post my date. How often does this change and what is the likelihood of getting an earlier cancellation? I see @Feb2017Cook is trying to do the same!
  7. benj1980


    I've got my test date on the 6th February after applying early November. I received an email in which they asked for more evidence but to bring it to my interview... I found this confusing so left it a couple of days and I then received my interview/test date. Does this seem normal?
  8. benj1980

    The truth about Australia's immigration policies

    I'm not sure of the reason for your internet rage, but I agree with everyone else. As sad as it is for the individual and family he knew the process. You aren't guaranteed a visa until it is granted, he should have been advised to go back to the UK and qualify in something that would have made him eligible. The system is very black and white. You can't let people off just because they have been on student visas and bridging visas for ages otherwise everyone would do it. I guess most of us have gone through traditional routes to get visas as well so we maybe wouldn't understand why there is a need to try and 'beat the system.' I retrained like many do, so it can be done.
  9. benj1980

    The truth about Australia's immigration policies

    You're a walking encyclopedia!
  10. benj1980

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    I know a teacher in a similar situation who went out bush for two years as he was able to get a regional type of visa which moved onto PR. He loved it and stayed another year, this was 4 years ago and maybe it's all changed. He would tell you his whole life perspective has changed from working remote and speaks the local languages to a fair degree. In WA there seems to be thousands of unemployed Phys Ed teachers who get work in Health and Biology subjects (shortage of science teachers) whilst teaching a couple of Phys Ed lessons per week. It allows them to still wear Phys Ed shorts and a polo shirt even when they are teaching more Science than Phys Ed! I'm presuming you are Geography, there's a fair amount of HASS Teachers as well unfortunately.
  11. benj1980

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Well we love it here. We haven't visited other parts of Australia so couldn't compare, that said we haven't felt the need to. Not to say we don't want to at some point. Bali is losing it's appeal to me already after two visits but the East coast is so expensive as a comparison. WA is known for being isolated, but of course it's closer to the UK and the majority of Asia. Lots to see and do in WA which we haven't exhausted yet, both north and south are beautiful and although a lengthy drive is part of the trip it doesn't seem as much of a punishment compared to shorter trips in the UK. I guess you're more likely to be stuck in traffic! Sounds like you've got a realistic strategy and that is always important. I think people think that getting what they want will be easy because they have a visa, a bit of self entitlement as they have worked hard to finally have the right to migrate. It's worth it when you get here and you can make your own luck. Get out meet people, join clubs and network. Opportunities can arise from this for work etc. Anyway I'm sure you know all this...
  12. benj1980

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Interesting that you choose NSW and Queensland, they seem to be the toughest states to move for teaching work. Obviously if you are flexible with where you live that helps. I'm in WA and didn't really have any dramas getting work but know of people who have been doing relief for years in Queensland and couldn't afford to live off a teaching wage in NSW (I'm sure this is much to their desired location!) Other states actively look for teachers as well. Good luck with it all, the process is worth it in the end. You'll find the work less stressful, time kind and better pay!
  13. benj1980

    Cornwall, expensive?

    Grew up in Kernow. If it had better weather ie a similar climate to Australia or even something in between I'm not I would have ever moved, besides the lack of well paid jobs... Going back next month, will be good to see family not sure if the children will appreciate the temperature drop! Property appears to be on the rise but I'm not sure how that compares with the rest of the country. I only look at houses in my old area every so often.
  14. benj1980

    Undecided about moving back to Oz after 5 years in the UK

    I still have friends who are trying to move over as teachers. They can't see staying in the UK system long term is a realisitic, viable option. I know where I'd rather be! Don't know Queensland at all but if you know the area that's an advantage that you have over new migrants. Hopefully one last big move and it is all over!