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  1. benj1980

    Swimming pool

    Any further updates with landscaping? Always looking for ideas!
  2. Hi Suin Is your name Irish if so how do you pronounce it. I come from an Irish family and it's not at all familiar, I'm intrigued!
  3. benj1980

    Emigrating with child from previous marriage

    Sounds like @Louella just wanted people to agree with her and tell her the tricks of moving a child away from their father. I'm sorry you haven't had the result you were looking for. You are right your question was a bit vague maybe and on an open forum it came across quite blase. (I don't know how to do the accent on the e, anyone know please let me know!) It is not a decision to take lightly and being a father myself I'd fight tooth and nail to keep my children in the same country so I could continue loving them and watching them grow. Luckily I'm still happily with the mother of my children in Australia. Yes no one knows your reasons, which are personal and it's of course your decision to make. However going on the offensive after reading some comments by regular contributors of this forum isn't really the right thing to do, don't you think? Especially on a topic that will morally have such a divided opinion? Maybe you should explain why your child will be better off in Oz and get the practice in!
  4. benj1980

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    I stopped posting on that when I forgot my password and had trouble logging in!
  5. benj1980

    new BBC documentary called "school"

    One school? Not exactly raising standards throughout the country then! The only ones I can tar with the same brush is the ones I know about and the feedback from teacher friends. Not one of them have said becoming an Academy has improved things for them, in fact it has made things worse as I mentioned. These teachers are in schools in Cornwall, Devon, Bristol and Wiltshire. I'm from Cornwall, trained in East Devon and lived in Wiltshire for five years as a teacher. @BacktoDemocracy Out of my cohort 50% have left teaching that I'm aware of. They did this within 5 years. I'm fast approaching ten years in teaching now and I teach in WA, which I much prefer. I was looking how to move out of teaching myself as I couldn't see myself in the role at say 50. I have friends who teach in Dubai, Egypt (previously Saudi Arabia), China, Bali, NZ and Vietnam. All who were going to quit teaching and thought they'd give somewhere else a go first. They have all been working in these countries for a couple of years and have no intention of coming back. I used to think teaching abroad was for singles and a temporary thing. It doesn't seem to be the case anymore with many of these schools now linked up with private institutions in the UK and well looked after. I digress again.
  6. benj1980

    new BBC documentary called "school"

    I believe that MATs in particular employ finance expertise, that of course becomes the problem. Financial expertise but not education! A difficult situation which needs a balance. I always remember Gove saying how great the teaching profession is a great career path, despite record numbers dropping out. Ministers for education with no teaching experience are also flawed, but I guess there aren't many ministers with such experience! I digress...
  7. benj1980

    new BBC documentary called "school"

    I worked in two LA schools whom turned into Academies and then MAT. They have nose dived. Results have gone down, Ofsted ratings plummeted, massive turnover of staff and big cuts throughout the school. Yes schools could be a bit wasteful but this Academy exercise has been a disaster. I don't know one person (and I'm in contact with plenty of teachers, admittedly South West England) who would suggest that becoming an Academy has helped their school. I'm pleased to be out of that system and so are the 50% of teachers that I graduated with!
  8. benj1980

    Help! Retrain but as what?!

    Yes and there are jobs there!
  9. benj1980

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    We could have mutual friends then! If you have children involved with Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, AFL that is... I don't know how long you've been in Mandurah (I've noticed only 15 posts) but any questions about schools I may be able to help.
  10. benj1980

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    You need to make sure you have 4 year degree level study, 90 days teacher training experience and credible transcripts and certificates. Your school experience is fine, although gaining enough points for a visa with two years may be a struggle.
  11. benj1980

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    5 years? Why?!! Can't agree with that sweeping statement!
  12. benj1980

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    I'm a teacher living in Wannanup
  13. benj1980

    Help! Retrain but as what?!

    When you say WA do you mean Perth? A friend of mine has been offered several positions Mandurah/Bunbury way!
  14. benj1980

    Help! Retrain but as what?!

    @verystormy has a very good point. What points will you need to have a realistic change of achieving a visa in the future? 70/75? Can you gain these points?