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  1. benj1980


    CBD is flat, but the Perth Hills is full of erm hills... My uncle lives there, he has views of the CBD and the Indian ocean at a far distance.
  2. benj1980

    Teaching in Australia

    I have confirmed with the Department of Education WA today that if you go the 482 visa route you won't need to complete an AITSL assessment. I was also told if you were to require a AITSL assessment further down the track having worked and been registered by TRBWA to switch visa, AITSL would look favourably on your application even if it was through a SCITT - this is a very new agreement in place with state governments. The person I spoke to couldn't confirm case by case scenarios but suggested someone with a PGCE including SCITT would qualify for sponsorship. The grey area would be a three year teaching degree followed by further study. You would need to contact the email address below directly to discuss your situation: international.recruitment@education.wa.edu.au My new contact was very helpful and committed to bringing over teachers to WA, I appreciate it is his job but he was aware of SCITT models of training and on how that is impacting their recruitment campaigns. I get the impression there is a balancing act between Federal and State policies and that they aren't completely aligned.
  3. benj1980

    Teaching in Australia

    From my experience school direct isn't accepted neither is a 3 year degree through AITSL. Were you funded whilst doing schools direct or fee paying, that can sometimes make a difference. If your Masters was Autism in Education that may have been acceptable to AITSL, but it seems a bit of a lottery. Frustratingly TRBWA (WA's teaching board) would accept your registration however you need to receive a visa first and this is through AITSL considering your teaching degree and qualifications equivalent to Australia. To top it all there are plenty of 3 year trained teachers in Principal roles and the likes in WA, so don't get me started on that. My background is SEN and autism, if you were over in WA I'd be able to get you a job in a heartbeat at the moment so to read this is frustrating for me! There's a real shortage of qualified SEN teachers with experience and knowledge. When I left for Oz nearly 8 years ago now you also couldn't complete a PGCE if you had already obtained QTS. In the eyes of England and Wales you were already a qualified teacher and therefore couldn't register for it. I'm happy to be corrected! I did a SCITT and originally got rejected, I looked into doing a PGCE elsewhere but would have had to go to Scotland!
  4. benj1980


    I live in south Mandurah and more than happy. It takes 90 minutes to get home from Optus after a Dockers game but I can live with that to live in a quiet area. My children came over just a little older than the OP and they've made friends, settled in easily and are generally happy. There are a couple of rougher areas of Mandurah though, but I just stay away from them - much like any big town/city.
  5. benj1980


    And I thought this discussion was about passports!
  6. benj1980

    870 - Sponsored Parent (temp) Visa query

    Hmm my in laws are looking at this option. Did I read this is going to be reviewed?
  7. benj1980


    How would they know? Wouldn't I just be in a different line? I have lots of friends who haven't renewed their British passports and have been back multiple times, never had an issue or delay other than queueing in a different line.
  8. benj1980


    I'm contemplating renewing our British passports, but not really fussed! Although we do like to travel a bit we have Australian passports. I'm aware some countries you pay a tourist or temporary visa fee and others you don't dependent on your passport. So my question is what countries do you pay visa fees on an Aussie passport and which ones on a British? For example, I believe you don't require a visa on a British passport when going to Vietnam, but you do with an Australian passport?
  9. benj1980

    Wanted Down Under

    Just wondering if this is still going strong? I suspect it was at least postponed for a while due to Covid?!
  10. benj1980

    Waiting for an invite.....

    Yes, I just think sometimes it could probably be quite easy to assess. I wondered if checking your previous travel would come into it, but you declare where you have been to the best of your ability. I don't know I'm clearly under thinking it. I actually feel the same about AITSL, but don't get me started on that! My thinking there is there can only be one person assessing your documents for AITSL and they only work from 0900-1300!
  11. benj1980

    The Voice Referendum

    Oh it's through scholarships, but there's plenty of them. In fact over the last few years every indigenous student who has gone to university has received one at my school.
  12. benj1980

    The Voice Referendum

    I work with many indigenous people and their communities in WA. They question who will be representing them and because of this will vote No. They are not aware of any invitation to be involved with the Voice from a practical point of view. With so many mobs in a vast country how can you represent all of them? Every area has indigenous councils, committees and advisory panels. Isn't this enough? We have indigenous students who will successfully complete university education without paying a penny, I'm not against this as they can lead their local communities in the future whilst being educated and having such positive experiences. That's one example of many including indigenous traineeships, mentoring, programs etc. I'd prefer more of this than a new group in Canberra.
  13. I had a letter stating my practicum days this was signed by the Academic Registrar, an academic transcript from the University stating the units that I completed and my PGCE certificate. My associated university was very accommodating, I appreciate many aren't and they are not required to provide an academic transcript. This was all on the University headed paper.
  14. benj1980

    Waiting for an invite.....

    Sorry @Marisawright not sure what happened there...
  15. benj1980

    Waiting for an invite.....

    I often wondered, how long does it actually take to approve your visa. They check all your documents, they're all there. Stamp!