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  1. benj1980

    Teacher Registration

    I don't know how the process in NSW differs. But me going to the Embassy could have been for anywhere. I'd recommend looking at what the NSW Teaching board require in terms of registration. I'm reluctant to give advice on this as I haven't experienced it. All states will have different requirements. I needed documents signed by a professional who was also an Australian citizen, with some sort of professional registration in Australia. If you know someone coming to the UK on holiday who is say a teacher have a chat with them and in WA's case would have saved a trip to the embassy! I had a great day, did some sightseeing so made the most of it
  2. benj1980

    Police Officer wanting to emigrate to aus

    In WA there's a massive advertising campaign as officers leave in their droves. Don't believe the rhetoric of they're all leaving to work on the mines this it would seem is incorrect and inaccurate... WAPOL will of course support the applications with visas, but I don't think there is a relocation package like the Armed Forces.
  3. Mandurah City is a good club, lots of Poms though!... My family have been involved/members for years in different capacities. There is little athletics that I'm aware of although my children never did it, I know others have and still do. The coast is great and after seven years in Mandurah I still nip to the beach most days. It has it's issues like Bunbury would, I'd recommend either living north or south Mandurah. I'm south and believe it's probably a little quieter which suits my family of five. Are you Oz already?
  4. I haven't made the move back so maybe my opinion is null and void really. But I think uprooting everything is a bit crazy for two years. If it is to stay for ever then I understand but the cost alone for those two years is significant. I'd suggest simply going back by yourself first for a mini holiday and take stock before committing to something as radical as that. My children are very happy here in Oz and they're very keen to go the UK for holidays but not a permanent arrangement. I'm always intrigued by the Ping Pong Poms with a family ie children. Such a huge undertaking!
  5. benj1980

    Am I Missing Something about Perth ?

    I'd agree if you didn't get a good feeling then maybe it's not for you. I don't know why you wouldn't love it, I do! I live in Mandurah which isn't in Perth of course. I appreciate the beaches and access to countryside more than the hustle and bustle of the city. That said I could happily reside in Fremantle! It's hard to comment because it is personal taste. Go with what is right for you, are there any other factors for moving to a certain city? This can make you feel more comfortable with a decision further down the road.
  6. I think people buy and sell cars quite regularly, so I suspect you wouldn't have any figures to back up MH plate ownership within Mandurah and neither do I. However living in Mandurah for 7 years there's far more vehicles without MH plates than with. This is why I find the basis of your argument on this bizarre. In fact if it's MH plate owners facilitating the drug trade in Mandurah the police should have a secret focus on these plates for a while!
  7. I'm fully aware of MH plates. I'm also fully aware that most people who live in Mandurah don't have them.
  8. I've lived in Mandurah for seven years and guess what I've never had a MH plate. In fact nor has anyone I know and having just had a quick look walking my dogs nor has anyone in my street, although there were a couple a bit further out. Having Pom friend cops, they suggest that meth is no worse in Mandurah than other areas. I do agree though it is a real issue in WA, but I'd like to think the younger generations are now steering clear. More education and obviously able to see the long term effects on others will see numbers drop slowly.
  9. MH plates?! I think we will leave it there...
  10. I live in Mandurah and totally disagree. Yes there is Ice use, but no it's not everywhere. I've read several comments that you've made about this now and I don't think it's accurate. I appreciate it's one persons opinion against another but maybe this is needed in this instance for a more balanced view. I live in the suburbs but work locally within the Mandurah community. Realistically if you live in the suburbs you won't find the issues that you can find in the cheaper, centrally located housing.
  11. benj1980

    New permanent migration cap

    I wasn't thinking about a housing crisis to be honest. I keep reading there's thousands of jobs in many sectors that can't be filled. I know first hand there's a shortage of teachers which isn't WA specific...
  12. benj1980

    New permanent migration cap

    I see Australia is increasing it's targets for permanent migrants, rising from 160k to 195k. Is this enough?
  13. benj1980

    AITSL Teacher Skills Test Questions

    I had to get something on headed paper confirming the amount of hours of teaching practice from the University. It was a pain and took some time and plenty of email follow ups!
  14. benj1980


    I'd suggest joining a fantasy comp, organised by work or something. If you are competitive you'll want to learn some rules quick so you don't get humiliated. I learnt that way and now really enjoy going to games and watching.