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  1. benj1980

    Malaysia Airlines

    Thanks all, I've ended up with a combination of Emirates and Singapore with a stopover in Singapore. Malaysia became more expensive and it took away the decision really!
  2. For reference my transcript was called a reference transcript. It stated the following: Name Student ID (Uni ID) Course studied Length of course Within the transcript table: Modules and credits Days it took to complete Detail of the module No final grades provided. But it had the letterhead of the university, which presumably is the crucial element! The most ridiculous thing is a SCITT is a more robust way into teaching. You have more time in the classroom learning your craft instead of discussing theory. You still complete assignments but you have a superior amount of time immersed in the classroom. I have worked with/for Uni's since and confident in what I am saying! In fact, a lot of feedback from schools in Australia is graduates haven't had enough exposure to the reality of the classroom.
  3. My advice here is 8 years old. But it requires the following: Age range taught Subject Amount of days teaching practice It also stated that my SCITT was an associated institution of the university
  4. Did you seek communication with the Head Registrar Rob? I know I am not the only person who came over via the SCITT route.
  5. I requested a transcript and the request went to the Head Registrar. It was on letterheaded paper but i'd suggest it looked like it was created in Excel. The University in a reply to me stated that they had received quite a few of these requests and were looking at ways to work with the SCITT going forward. The University was confident that the SCITT was ensuring that what was on this piece of paper was being completed to the full. I tried without this transcript previously and it was rejected.
  6. benj1980

    Waiting for an invite.....

    In WA they don't post you rural that was phased out about 10 years ago and that was more for new graduates. You can of course choose to go rural and there is potentially more jobs that way. Maths is also not the only shortage subject, schools are keen to listen to English, Science, Maths and Technologies at the moment. HASS not so much but there is some vacancies. There's always an abundance of Phys Ed teachers so a second subject is important. In my experience, currently involved in recruitment of teachers in WA.
  7. That is the million dollar question! But you've made some progress at least and that's a good feeling. What I can tell you is that all states have a teacher shortage when you move outside major cities. It would appear the Federal Government are responding to this, so I am watching with interest. I do have limited contact with schools in other states but we have had a couple of teachers move interstate and they mentioned shortages as well. Hopefully it all goes your way and you'll be able to pick up a suitable role asap. What do you teach? Universities are picking up again, but you should avoid the increase in grad teachers in WA. Please note Phys Ed is competitive here, it is useful to have a minor subject (other than health studies).
  8. Maybe if anyone else knows where it has gone they'll let you know! If they accepted 65 last time, you should be fine...
  9. Congratulations on that, so that's a couple of the big hurdles out the way. @paulhand suggested 65 points at the moment gets you through to visa processing. Do you know the timeline currently for this? We used to have a 189 visa timeline spreadsheet going. When is the next round due? Get in there!
  10. benj1980

    Moving with older children

    If your eldest is not looking at University then get over when you can. There's plenty of trade certificates on offer at schools and TAFE. GCSEs as have been mentioned have no currency here.
  11. Hi Matt If you are moving over from the UK you need to embrace the new country. UK A-Levels do translate to Australian universities but they'd much prefer ATAR which is the 'equivalent' course. How would Mimi meet new friends, create memories, if she was doing distance learning at home to do A-Levels? I'm not even sure if it is possible, I've never heard of it. GCSEs mean nothing here, employers are interested in your Year 12 qualifications. These can be ATAR, General certificates similar to GCSE amongst others including trade type of certificates. You could explain what GCSEs are to an employer but if they're an old school Australian you may get an interesting response! The school year here is different to the UK so you would need to work out what year Mimi would be in. Ideally being here for Year 11 and 12 would be the ideal. Two years of senior school education would provide her with the Australian education platform to go to University or further education. It's hard to break from what you know and Mimi's age is an important consideration to a move. My children were all primary school age so it was different for me! However, it may be sacrifice that you have to make or decide you don't want to make in terms of disrupting her education. If she is University capable she could also complete a bridging course (they vary in length from a month to a year - online or face to face) and then start Uni. I had a student who submitted an essay and they accepted that he could write to university level. There's lots of options these days...
  12. benj1980

    Doing UK GCSE’s / IGCSE’s in Brisbane

    You'll find that all Universities will look at Australian qualifications on a case by case basis. It's not true that they'd simply look at A-Levels, in fact far from it. Universities actively recruit overseas students, whilst profitable they also fill up courses. I randomly selected Manchester University for a Business degree: Undergraduate International Entry Requirements | Alliance MBS (manchester.ac.uk)
  13. AITSL took me out 8 weeks. No point booking anything else until you know your qualifications will be accepted.
  14. benj1980

    Medicals autistic child

    They aren't fee paying students so I'd assume they are PR. Temporary residents pay school fees.