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  1. benj1980

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    Well that's annoying. You need nearly every single question to be correct in reading to get the 8. A small drop in concentration and you need another test! Writing is where people normally drop points.
  2. benj1980

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    In my timeline signature there could have been a November IELTS but I got a 7.5 in writing first time round, grrrhhhh..... I guess I was worried about failing AITSL at the time?!
  3. benj1980

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    Why wait to do the IELTS? Many people have not received the magical number required and had to retake (myself included!) It will only delay things if that happens. It's a great feeling to get over the line with IELTS and AITSL, you know you are on your way then! Where are you looking to move?
  4. benj1980

    Student visa option to PR

    I read that as thanks Moron! There was me thinking you'll get no other advice/support calling people names like that!
  5. benj1980

    Living in NZ on Oz PR

    Speaking to a fellow Pom yesterday... Do we still have an entitlement to live in NZ if we have PR in Oz? I believe this was the case a few years ago? Is there a pathway to citizenship this way? Or was this a myth?! I'm not going anywhere I might add, my wife would kill me if I suggested moving again any time soon!
  6. I'd go but them I'm happy in Oz! You're fortunate to have access to the country obviously many strive for it and fail. Sometimes I think maybe we take this for granted and forget about why we ensured that we have these options available to us. For me the reason for PR in Oz was my children, I can't live my life through my parents. I left early enough for them to accept I won't be there in their late years although they visit regularly now and we will go back within the next couple of years...
  7. benj1980

    Student visa option to PR

    No option of sponsorship from your current role? After a student visa you'd be in the same boat trying to gain a visa after spending thousands and thousands as an overseas student. With no guarantee of a visa at the end of it, would your new qualification be suitable back in the UK? It's not the smartest choice and smells of desperation!
  8. I think parents would normally be the driving force behind an application that's all. I.e. organising the paperwork. Good luck with it all. If you are looking for HECS you'll need to defer I'm afraid.
  9. Are you not doing this with your parents? The waiting time is over a year at the moment.
  10. benj1980

    Uk school leaver

    Coming down to my neck of the woods! I'm not sure that completing an apprenticeship in the UK and then coming over is very beneficial. I know a couple of sparkies who have struggled to get work when first moving over.Their qualifications aren't deemed sufficient so they need to complete additional courses to be registered. Local businesses didn't want to take them on as technicians because they knew they would leave as soon as they were qualified. It worked out well for these two guys in the end but it was a bit stressful for them for a while struggling for work. One still works for the same company doing the same job basically without being supervised I guess!
  11. benj1980

    Sydney is a terrible place

    Come over and west and wear my rose tinted glasses!
  12. benj1980

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Good on you Millie. Our paths have crossed a few times on here and you were good enough to send me an IELTS book quite a few years ago now! Interesting how you joined the Firies as I have done the same. A good way to meet local people from all walks of life. Glad it's all worked out in the end, you were due some luck but I think sometimes you make your own luck. Best wishes and what is the business? Anything interesting?!
  13. benj1980

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    As a big dog lover I love this pic! Grass looks great, but for how long?
  14. Ah ok, I was thinking the English is good for a Liberian!
  15. @Welshy I've come over and are living my dream. I have more money, SPARE TIME and work opportunities here. You sound switched on and know what you are getting yourself involved with. I don't know if you have children, but mine love it here. That is my realistic account of migrating to WA. I'm in Mandurah though not Perth as such. Of course there is negatives but I don't think it's as bad as some of the posts on this thread! Good luck to you.
  16. benj1980

    Duration if Aitsl assessment

    Scott you can take General for migration purposes ie extra points.
  17. @boo-yaa I'm intrigued by your country of birth. Liberia?
  18. benj1980

    When to move with 7 year old

    If you know the area you are going to live it really isn't as daunting.
  19. I spoke to a friend recently about this. He trained as a chef in Australia as an international student and has ended up with PR. He laughed that he couldn't do it now. It cost him a fortune in any case and caused a great deal of stress going from one visa to another. He moved over about 8 years ago. I think there are a few too many buttercups on here. The reality is that a lot of the students who come here hope to live here permanently, they can be Poms or from anywhere else. Why would you spend a far greater amount of money than it would cost to do the course in your home country to achieve a qualification. If you completed teacher training here, you would need to get it assessed against British standards in the UK. I'm presuming it would be the same in say nursing. Many courses have units that wouldn't be relevant in another country due to different laws, environment and procedures. So if you were looking to work in your home country after qualification you've added a hurdle. There are wealthy Asian students in particular who come over and this is also a fact, I had it at Uni in the UK. Dad has sent them to the UK to learn about Western culture before joining the family business, whatever it is... I totally agree the vast majority of students fall into one of the two categories, having recently worked in conjunction with a University I have met students who would come under either category!
  20. benj1980

    PG DIp in Nursing

    I just read this thread for the first time. The bumps you've had sounds similar to teaching as there are new ways to qualify as a teacher in the UK. Perseverance is the key, it seems to take Australia a while to keep up to date with the UK's qualifications. That said it is entirely their decision whether to do this. I'm glad this is working out for you guys. There's many who do new style qualifications and aren't so lucky. It's worth it when you get here!
  21. benj1980

    Happy New Year!

    I wish all posters miserable, whingeing Poms or not a Happy New Year. Hopefully a big year for me and my family!
  22. benj1980

    We are home at last

    Totally agree. Although my sister really liked WA, I'm sure if and when she does move she'll look back to Sydney. It has 'more going on.'
  23. benj1980

    When to move with 7 year old

    We arrived the 1st of November 2015 and the children were in school by the 4th in our desired catchment area. I felt it was important for the children to meet potential friends before the school holidays and this worked out well as they met up with children (and we met with parents/adults) during the Christmas break. The difference maybe is that we knew where we wanted to live, had an idea of the school and had researched the cost of rentals so knew affordability wouldn't be an issue. I reviewed the schools, as a teacher myself I was really interested in the data anyway! I guess the main difference was that we had been on holiday to the area a few years before so we had some sort of idea what we were doing. That said we are in South Mandurah and the house builds in that time really surprised me, places weren't quite as I remembered them!
  24. benj1980

    We are home at last

    I can't compare with other Australian cities because I haven't lived in these places but Perth does seem pretty special. My sister lived in Sydney and was really impressed with WA as a whole when she got down to see us. @Davo453 out of interest why are you going East, is it in case you are missing out somewhere? That's my only fear!
  25. benj1980

    Melton Mowbray Pie in Perth

    Never understood the pork pie, but then I'm from Cornwall the origin of the food from the Gods!