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Found 233 results

  1. Any special needs teachers who have migrated from India? How is it there? Success in careers? Are there vacancies?
  2. Hi everyone, I want to apply for AITSL assessment but my Bachelor's Degree from Spain is a 3 year course. I also have a 2 year pre-university (and post high school) related degree but the fact is that it wasn't taught at uni so I guess it might be consider a VET or Advanced Diploma. I've been working 12 years in the US as a primary and middle school teacher and I didn't have any problem when did the degree equivalence in the US as I was granted a bachelor's degree. Is there any posibility that AITSL accepts my 3 year degree if I show them proof of all my experience? I was even thinking to send them my official credential evaluation report from the US agency that autheticated my transcripts. Sorry guys I guess this is an uncommon scenario but this is my situation. I'm already in Australia with a student visa (my wife is the studying a full Bachelor's degree at uni) and would like to apply for PR so we won't have to pay those extremely high international student fees for the full degree. In case I can't work it our with AITSL I might give NZ a try since from what I've been reading they accept an overseas 3 year degree. Thanks a lot! Cheers! Diego
  3. Burnsie

    Police Checks?

    Hi all As a teacher I uploaded my DBS (CRB) as police check document. Is this all that is required? Ive just had my medical last week and so all documents are now submitted but just thought if the DBS is not the correct police check document I could be getting on with obtaining the correct one whilst waiting... Thanks for any advice...
  4. Fez

    189 vs 190

    Hi guys, brand new to this site so still finding my way around so hope I’ve done this correct. A friend and I have just finished our PGDE in England in science and maths and are wondering whether it would be best to go through the 189 or 190 route? I’ve research a little bit into this and was wondering if anyone could clarify why you receive an extra 5 points(taking us to 70) for doing the 190 and is there a catch (I.e. have to work in really regional areas?). Has anyone had much luck with either route and any experience with the process would be really helpful. Also if anyone has has any advice on the AITSL evidence document you have to provide which needs to contain the number of days supervised teacher etc etc that would be really appreciated. thanks in advance guys
  5. Hi, EOI can anyone advise? Where you fill out the education section on the EOI, do I need to list my GCSEs, A levels and PGCE or just my BA Hons degree for which I will be claiming the points?
  6. CharlH

    3 Year teaching Degree??

    Hello all. I am a new user ... recommended by my Brother-in-law ... I have been researching moving to Australia to teach for a while but I am still rather confused as to the value of my Teaching Qualification. I have a 'BA Hons Early Years Education with Qualified Teacher Status' Degree - I am a fully qualified Early Years and Primary Teacher with QTS - My degree however was 3 years and from what I have gathered from research, to teach in Australia I will need a 4 year teaching degree. Please can someone clarify this for me? Don't want to get my hopes up if there is no chance! Thank you in advance for any advice given!
  7. Hardeep Sahota


    Hi all, I'm very new to this and this is my first post. Could anyone in the Queensland area let me know what it might be like to work with Randstad? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  8. Alligator-eyes

    VIT registration

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of the VIT registration process? It seems to be quite a long form to complete yet there doesn't seem to be any way to save the form to come back to at a later date. Am I missing something?!
  9. Greebo

    Teaching Qualifications

    Hi All, My wife is a teacher with lots of experience, she has a BaHons teaching degree (includes PGCE), at the time this was a 3 year course specialising in Resistant materials (now migrated into the heading Design & Technology), she currently teaches food (home Economics) and has been head of Dept. Does anyone know if this is valid as some literature says you must have a 3 year degree PLUS PGCE or a 4 year course including PGCE. Any feedback welcome. Many Thanks
  10. :sad: My wife recently had her teaching skills assesment back from teaching australia which came back unsuccessful. She was being assessed as a Secondary school teacher. She has been working in FE colleges (16+ years age group) for over 10 years now and is more than capable of teaching in secondary schools. She has a degree and Masters degree in her subject but the problem is that in Australia the secondary school years run from 12 - 18 and in the UK its 12 - 16. As my wife teaches 16 -18 year olds we thought she would fit into this category and have been told by various agencies that this would be fine. Teaching Australia didn't accept this because she completed her PGCE fulltime based on 16+ students. Is the only way round this for her to give up her 40k a year job to do another PGCE based on 12-18 or do a PHD and then get 3 years experience in a Uni? It seems like all people who have done this PGCE and have many years expereince are being turned away because it doesn't quite fit into the Australian education system. Surely there is something she can do in the evenings to enable her as qualified without doing a fulltime year course. PLEASE PLEASE help we are so deflated by this and are desperate to take our 1 year old daughter and 5 year old son to Australia. Is there anyone who has had the same issue or does anyone know how to get around this? Many many thanks for reading and any help would be greatfully appreciated. Jack & Laura
  11. Hello, just looking for a bit of advice please. we are looking to emigrate to WA. My partner is a primary school teacher (3-7) and has completed a 3 year education studies degree and then a further 1 year PGCE (3-7). She has worked as a teacher now for one year. Prior to this whilst at college ect she worked for a pre school as a nursery nurse/play assistant, working around 20 hours per week. In relation to the skills assessment I see no issue from looking into the AITSL requirements, but in relation to experience she has only worked as a teacher for 1 year and I understand you need at least 3 for visa applications My question is would the pre school work she completed at college count towards the experience as its a similar occupation that she has developed and gained further qualifications? any help would be appreciated. thank you.
  12. Hi all! New to the forum, but I have a burning question I've been wondering for a while. I'm a secondary science teacher, looking to migrate to Victoria at the end of this year/early next year. I enjoy teaching, and am looking forward to seeing whether the work life balance is any better over there. My question is; If I get a 189 visa granted, so I HAVE to get a teaching job over there? Say I taught for a year or so before deciding I'd had enough- could I just get another job in a different profession? Or would immigration people hint me down!?:laugh: I can't seem to find any restrictions regarding the 189 visa- are there any? Part of me thinks that unless I went onto claiming benefits, I'm sure it wouldn't be a massive issue. Or is this best saved until I've been there 4 years, become a citizen and then can no longer worry about the visa? Thanks in advance!
  13. kfdp

    Secondary Teaching Question

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! I have a couple of questions that I'm finding tricky to find answers to that are applicable to my specifics. So I've been working my behind off for the past, at least, 2 years: working and studying full time, aiming to be a secondary teacher, with the goal of the Australian dream. I'm currently studying History through the Open University, averaging 2:1, and hope to complete this next summer (2016). I am planning on applying for admission into a PGDE Secondary History course for that year, so if all goes well I will complete that in Summer 2017. I will have: BA (Hons) History degree (3 years) PGDE Secondary History (1 year) Do I need work experience to apply for 189 visa? Could I, in theory, apply as soon as I have those precious, hard fought for, blood sweat and tear soaked pieces of paper, and still have the chance of being granted a 189 visa as a Secondary Teacher? Thank you for any and every piece of advice, even if it's direction-pointing! I hope you all are having a lovely evening! Please understand that I do know that there is the very good chance that Secondary teacher will be taken off the list at any moment, however if that is so, then at least I'm qualified to teach here in the UK, and I'll just have to be creative for a chance of living and working in Australia in the future :cute:
  14. I am a teacher in the UK. I have a 3 year BA(Hons) Primary Education degree and 3 years teaching experience. As my degree will not be eligible I am looking into teacher aide / classroom assistant jobs. What advice and experience do people have of this position? All advice and comments would be greatly appreciated. I really want to move to Australia to work in education.
  15. LauraLinder

    Teaching in Queensland

    I am looking into moving to Australia, to Queensland. I am a fully qualified teacher with 3 years teaching experience, however, my degree was 3 years and isn't transferable to Australia without a top up. I have a few options: Move to Australia and study another year to top my degree up. Move to Australia and become a teacher aide / classroom assistant, or even work as an after school care provider. Then top my degree up if I want to. Do another year as a student in the UK, then move to Australia to be a teacher. Whichever way I do it, all I know is, I really want to move out to Australia and I want to continue my profession as a teacher. HOWEVER.... What is the reality? What are teaching hours like in schools in Queensland? What is the curriculum like in Queensland? What is the workload like? How many jobs are about and in what areas of Queensland? This is a huge step, and every options has its cost implications etc. I don't want to make the move and it have been a waste of time and money because I can't get a job. Yet equally, I don't want to not move, and in many years time regret it because it would have worked out great. Apologies for the long post, but all advice from those in Queensland would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Although I am a first timer, my wife and I have been using this website since January when we started the monstrous process of applying for Australia. We have had our medicals and police checks and just awaiting the outcome for our visa. Very excited!! I have started looking for and applying for jobs but was wondering whether any teachers/lecturers in WA could offer any advice. I am secondary PE trained but have experience in Secondary, FE and HE and have been granted state sponsorship as a vocational education teacher as I have bene teaching vocational programmes for the last 7 years. I was just wondering what the employment prospcts are like for teachers/lecturers and I want to be realistic in the jobs I am applying for. I have several years management experience but so far have assumed that australians would like to see some australian experience under your belt before you start leading anything. Is this true or would you recomend that I go for jobs similar to what I am doing now? Also, has anyone got any suggestions on how write a killer letter of application to suit the Aussie employer? Thanks, an excited and hopeful migrant
  17. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could help please! Am currently on my first WHV which runs out on 1st October. (Stupidly) I haven't done any regional work and therefore do not qualify for my 2nd WHV. I am a PGCE-trained primary school teacher from the UK, who has been teaching for 4 years, some experience in teaching another language (albeit at primary level). I want to stay and live in Melbourne, ideally for a few more years, and have been looking into a 190 state nominated visa. I have already applied for my VIT and sent off my AITSL skills assessment forms yesterday (08/07/14). What is the likelihood of a) being accepted for a 190 visa and b) if I am given an offer (I hope to apply for my state nomination with Victoria at the beginning of August), will I run out of time and have to leave the country...? Any help would be greatly appreciated please!!
  18. Hello, can anyone help to clarify the Teaching degree situation for me. I have been told that my 3 year BA (Hons) degree in primary education will not be recognised in Australia and that i need to have done 4 years and have a PGCE. I have QTS in the uk and have taught for 5 years full time. Thanks Ruth
  19. Hi, Hello..... First post here... :biggrin: Just looking for some advice really. I'm over here working as an IT Developer on the company sponsored VISA after being transferred from the UK. My girlfriend is qualified as a primary school teacher in Scotland, and chose to come with me to Australia rather than do her probation year there. She's registered to work in Victoria, but, despite lots of applications, has never been offered an interview for the graduate positions. We were under the impression that teachers were in high demand in Australia, but we've had feedback that she's up against 30-60 applicants for each role :frown: Queries: I wondered if there were any other expats out there doing teaching jobs... Whether they've had similar problems getting a job... Whether anyone has any ideas how she could make herself more attractive to potential employers... (e.g. tutoring, volunteering as a teaching assistant, doing a local course???) We're at our wits end really - She's been registered for a couple of months, and submitted 20-30 applications all over Melbourne with no luck. Any ideas ? 457ScottishExpat
  20. chrisnlinz

    teacher help

    Hi Im new to this forum and wondered if anyone could answer a few questions I have about teaching qualifications? We are just in the process of starting our application process. I have a further education PGCE (14+) and a dance degree. My pgce placement was teaching at fe and he level. Since graduating 2 years ago I have been on supply in secondary education, mostly as general cover (dance teachers never seem to be off work!) mainly english, maths with some performing arts cover. Ive also had a couple of long term stints in PRU's. As well as this I work self employed as a dance artist/choreography. I suppose the main thing im worried about is how easily I will find work seeing as my pgce is fe and my work experience has been secondary ed plus i gave QTLS not QTS. Also will my pgce be recognised over there. We have our hearts set on Perth when and if we get out there. Hope someone can help!:biggrin:
  21. Hi all, a graduate I am a graduate with 3 year degree in SL and currently opting to enroll for teaching diploma .The question is i saw in few threads that degrees earned overseas and saw particular countries are not given any recognition by AITSL. Is this true?:err::err:
  22. Bexskeet

    Teaching in Brisbane

    Hi All, I am a recently qualified teacher but trained in post compulsory ed in london and therefore do not have a QTS but do have a PGCE. I finished training last year so am currently doing my first year of classroom teaching. I have been doing supply working in primary, secondary food technology and art (my specialism) at a school for BESD kids, this is all in my first term, we shall see what the rest of the year brings! My brother lives in brisbane and has been begging me to come visit for years. I decided that I wanted to visit on the working visa and stay for a year. I am trying to work out if I can teach in Oz and how I should go about it. I have read so much but would appreciate any advice! I am particularly wondering: Do I need to have QTLS or QTS to be recognised? Do I have to register with the Queensland college of teaching (QCT)? Can I work on supply? Is there a minimum amount of experience required? Thank you!!
  23. Hi, I'm a secondary school teacher looking to move to Oz at the end of April (start of second term) this year. I have not yet decided where out of Perth/Brisbane, as I want to know where it's more likely I'll find work (permanent or casual). I have tried contacting teaching agencies, but the outlook is not good. I also have other experience in retail and admin that I am happy to do. I heard the economy is good in Perth, with lots of work available? Please help me decide! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  24. Guest

    Supply Teaching

    Hi, We're flying to Sydney on 1st September and I am hoping to get work supply teaching. Does anyone know if there's much work in Sydney, what rates I can expect and what agencies to register with? Any info greatly appreciated.
  25. Hey guys I have not posted any detailed updates since touching down in Oz as there were so many things going on that the stress was overwhelming. The first few months here was far from fun and I didn't want to admit that I was feeling like I had made a huge mistake. Suffice to say that living in Oz initially felt very different to the months I spent here some twenty years ago and the many holidays we have had here since. So here goes: We touched down in Brisbane November last year and after struggling for 4 years to get a visa I assumed that the worst of the worry and stress was done. The truth was it was just beginning. As soon as we arrived the race was on to get everything sorted out before we ran out of cash or had the visa revoked. i had just about enough cash to keep us for about 4 months before we would have to get back on the plane. The visa we finally got was a provisional 489, formerly known as 475 which came with living and working restrictions. So I had two priorities: 1. Find somewhere to live that was in a regional postcode within 90 days. That sounds like not such a big ask and I guess that was the easy part. 2. Find a job in a regional postcode that was within driving distance of the regional address. Not so easy. We hung out in Brissy for a week or so and then started to hunt in earnest for somewhere to live. The sooner I moved out of Brisbane, the sooner we could start meeting the two year regional living requirement for permanent residency. I wanted to be within two hours drive of Brisbane as the main reason for coming to Oz was to be close to my sister. I was never that keen on the hot weather but I did like the beaches. So we bought a map in the Post office and drew a circle two hour drive around Brissy. For the next 10 days or so we visited pretty much every hinterland town and everywhere up the Sunshine Coast. We saw some lovely spots but with very few schools anywhere near and what looked like zero employment prospects in other places the list became narrower. Eventually we settled on Caloundra as it seemed slightly cheaper to rent than the rest of the coast and it was beautiful. I went through the lengthy process of registering my teaching credentials with the department of Education and employment so that I work as a casual relief teacher. I was then waiting to be interviewed by them so they could make a decision on what salary I would be paid if I was placed in a state school. They sent me details of the available jobs in my specialism and there were 3 in the whole state. The closest job was west of Dalby in a remote region - about 4 hours drive and the other two were in the far north. None of these were suitable so I realised very quickly that getting work as a teacher was probably not going to happen. I started to apply for lots of different jobs. I knew it was the wrong time of year. Schools were closed for the long break and most jobs are advertised in September. So I googled a list of every independent school from Caboolture to Bundaberg, realising I may have to move further away. I finally came across one job two hours north of Brissy. It was just over an hour's drive from Caloundra so I thought it might be doable. I applied through the agency and within two days I had an interview. When I got out of the car at the school it was 42 degrees C and there were kangaroos on the lawn and flies everywhere- one of the joys of heading inland. I went in to the interview and the air con wasn't on. Jeez. Despite the heat, I thought it had gone ok as they gave me a tour afterwards but I couldn't be sure. The grounds and buildings were lovely and apart from the stifling heat it looked like an idyllic setting with a bushland backdrop. We returned to Brissy and they said they would be in touch. I then heard nothing. I forgot to mention that my sister and her family left for UK for 8 weeks in November so we were alone while all of this was going on. We were looking after their house in Brissy and at the same time trying to get ourselves settled up further up the coast. In December we moved to Caloundra. Our furniture and shipping was not due to arrive for another 8 weeks so I scoured gumtree and ebay. I managed to furnish the place for 350 dollars and then bought some bedding and kitchen things from kmart. As soon as the rent payments started that is when the money started to rapidly deplete. It was coming up to Crimbo and no jobs around. Nobody wanted to hire a teacher that was likely to disappear come term time. I had plenty of real estate experience so I was able to get a job in Caloundra as a sales specialist but this didn't start until after New Year. The teaching agency was closed for crimbo so there was no way of getting any feedback from the interview. Crimbo was a tad miserable. We were for the most part on our own apart from Christmas day which we spent with my brother in law's family. New year passed and I started the job in Caloundra. It didn't take me long to establish that the boss was a complete tool and most likely the reason he was looking for staff on the mouth of crimbo was that the last person had marched out the door. Anyhow I figured I would stay until something better turned up. After 4 days I got a call from the teaching agency saying another school had seen my cv and wanted to interview me. I said 'okay but before I go, what went wrong on the last interview'? 'Err, I will find out' he said. The next thing he called back and said they want a second interview just to ask some additional questions. The next morning I went back to the real estate job. I worked the whole day. The tool was gone most of the day on appointments. He marched in the door at 6pm and said: 'Alright Champ?' I said 'yeah great thanks, and seeya round because I don't work here any more'. He was flabbergasted because I think from his perspective we were getting on great..... not. So I was again unemployed but feeling more positive about being able to get some teaching work. The next day I had a phone interview to answer additional questions. I got the job and started work the very next day. I felt pretty lucky to have got the one one and only job I applied for, especially since there was nothing around. It didn't take too long to realise the commute was brutal with the long working hours and after falling asleep on the road and almost crashing head on one morning I knew something had to give. We broke lease in Caloundra and moved north. Then we had a car disaster. The car we had borrowed from my brother in law gave up and died and they bought a new one. They offered to lend it to me but I said I would buy one. I was just considering a car loan when my sister suggested she buy my half of the house in Ireland. It was less than I wanted to sell for but with that I was able to go ahead and buy a brand new I30 which was ideal. I banked the rest. After almost a year teaching in Queensland I can safely say that I have never worked so hard as a teacher. The senior assessment procedure is so convoluted and complex that it is massively labour intensive. When they convert to national assessments like NSW it will be easier for teachers but in the meantime, half the holidays are lost in the assessments. In the first two terms I was having a crappy time with one particular student who was like a dog with a bone. I bided my time and quietly logged every issue. Eventually they made one mistake too many. The school supported me and expelled him for which I was very thankful. It became much easier after that as most of the students are lovely uncomplicated country kids who are so kind hearted. After three moves in a year we are finally in the one place. One of the advantages of moving inland is that we were able to afford a nice big house for less money than our Caloundra place. However, we are not so keen on the town we live in. It's a boring place and everywhere we go we bump into people from work or students and I feel like I haven't left. Just today I met 6 people in Coles in one 10 minute slot. So if our landlord wants us to move when the lease is up in march we will most likely leave town and commute again. Not so far this time but maybe half way to the coast so that it is easier to get to the beach. One good thing about being rural is the chance to be in the fire brigade. That has been a lot of fun so far and it really feels like the true Oz experience. I have done fire-fighting in my younger days so most of the equipment looked familiar but I knew naff all about wildfire. I still have a lot to learn. It has helped me become familiar with most of the crawlies in Oz as when you set fire to stuff they all run out in your direction. When you get home and take the gear off you always have a few up the legs lol. yeuch. So far we have been so busy that there has not been much time for fun stuff. There have been a few ups and downs. Some health issues incurred some chunky medical bills and finances have only just started to move in the right direction. The year has been fairly tough. I have spent most of it being exhausted and stressed out trying to get used to so many new things / situations. We are now finally finding time to relax and enjoy and remind ourselves of all the things we like about the place. Does it feel like home? Not yet. Will we stay forever? I don't know to be honest. Before we came I would have said yes. Next year though my son will turn 18 and he can decide whether to return to UK. I am not sure how I would feel if he was so far away. Time will tell. The plan was always to live in Brissy near my sister but to be honest we love the Sunshine Coast so I am hoping we can end up there for a while at least. The whole place has such a great chilled atmosphere. I love the fact that the beach is packed at 6 in the morning. My contract is full time permanent which I gather is hard to get in Queensland. Right now the plan is to see what the next year will bring and hope that bush fire season is not too busy. Oh and I still really want to get a Birman cat but no pets allowed here. Next place hopefully. Gosh I have gone on a bit. Sorry all. Millie x