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Found 39 results

  1. Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone knew whether it is possible to apply for a 482 whilest waiting for a 186de offshore? We have been waiting 5 months and my husbands employer is getting impatient is there any way we can get out there quicker? we are so worried we will lose his sponsor because its taking so long
  2. kinse2020

    482 visa and route to PR

    Hello clever people I will be moving to Australia soon (hopefully!) on an employer sponsored 482 TSS visa (medium term) which says you can’t apply for the permanent residency visa 186 until after 3 years working there. What are the chances of not being granted a 186 visa after the 3 years working in Australia? Has this happened to anyone here? Second question…is it possible to be in Australia on a 482 visa and apply for a PR visa like a 190 or 189? I am just thinking worst case if I wait for the 3 years and my employer decides not to go ahead with sponsoring me for a PR 186 visa and I need to go an alternative route that required the points test I will have lost 10 points as I turn 40 just before the 3 years is up. Thanks in advance!
  3. Firstly I am aware of all the risks in not getting a PR visa after 3 years etc. but I was wondering has anyone here been able to actually get a mortgage on a TSS 482 Visa?? A few websites say it is possible with 20% deposit, good salary, savings etc.
  4. Hello guys, I tried so hard but no luck finding answer to my question.. I worked in a big consulting firm and on a 482 visa (under accountant occupation). Can my working experience while I am holding 482 visa be used to apply 190 for another occupation (management consultant)? I have the skills assessment and pretty confident that the nature of my work and my employer shouldnt have no problem for both occupations. Thank you guys!
  5. Hi guys, need advice on which pathway to follow: I'm currently working as a Mechanical Engineer in Australia. However, that is my first working experience after my Bachelors Degree. Apart from this, I'm also a Mechanical Engineering Technician with 3 years of working experience offshore. I'm in doubt of which ANZSCO I use for the visa. Mechanical Engineer 233512 186DE: Probably not eligible due to the 3 years working experience after graduation. 189: Eligible but low EOI score. 190: Eligible but low EOI score. 482 Medium Term: Probably not eligible due to the 2 years working experience after graduation. 494: Probably not eligible due to 3 years relevant work experience in your nominated occupation. Mechanical Engineering Technician 312512 190: Eligible and higher score compering with Mechanical Engineer. 482 Short Term: Eligible. However, short term does not offer pathway to PR. I would need to ask my company to change my function from Engineer to Technician. 494: Eligible. Pathway to PR after 3 years. However, I would need to ask my company to change my function from Engineer to Technician. Seeking for any advices. I am planning to see a migrant agent but want to explore my options before spending any money.
  6. Hi all We are here on TSS 482 visas. British citizens with a reciprocal 'visitor' medicare card (yellow colour). Were referred for IVF. Clinic very happy to treat us but said we needed to wait until we had full medicare. The visitor (yellow) medicare card excludes ART (assisted reproductive technology). We have today applied for PR and I gather we are now eligible to get a blue (interim) medicare card. The medicare helpline today told me that the blue card is equivalent to the green card that citizens and PR get, and the bloke seemed to think it would therefore be worth us applying for that to get the ball rolling with the IVF. He didn't seem quite sure though.. I can't find any clear answers online because I am not 100% sure if Brits who already have the yellow medicare card are even eligible for the blue card! Or if that is for people from countries where there is no reciprocal agreement. Can anyone shed any light? Thank you
  7. Hi I am a student from India, living in Australia currently. I have finished my PG in Master of Supply Chain Innovation in December. I wish to immigrate to Australia but unfortunately, my course is not on the Skills list. I am planning to register for a baking course during my Temporary Residence period of 3 years. Please let me know how useful this course would be for me, and if you feel I should consider some other courses? Thanks!
  8. Hi Folks, I'm looking at acquiring a skills assessment for the Engineering Manager occupation. Has anyone had any experience of doing this either through IML or EA? I'm not sure if my profile would qualify and which assessment body would be the better option. Background: * Roughly 4.5 years of total Engineering relevant experience including the last 3.5 years in Australia on various 482 Visas (and currently on an Engineering Manager 482 visa) * Employed in the Engineering Department in 3 different Engineering relevant roles of which the last 2.5 years have been in a Manager capacity (with direct reports) and reporting to the Head of Engineering (Executive Management) of the company * I have a 3 year BEng (Hons) in Civil and Structural Engineering from the UK * I have a dual degree global Masters in Management (GMIM) and International Management (CEMS) Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello, wondering if someone at PIO can provide clarity - I commenced a healthcare job in September on a 482. At the time it was a requirement to work full-time (38 hours a week) and to earn above a certain threshold. Since then, it appears that the requirement to work full-time has been removed, as long as your salary doesn't drop below the threshold set for a 482 visa. This has not been explicitly announced, so much as quietly removed from the T&Cs... Just wanting to know if I could reduce my hours as long as I still earn the same hourly rate and don't drop below the salary threshold? I cannot find anything on anything on a gov immi site that mentions working full-time. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  10. Hi, I am currently onshore and my 482 visa expired in Dec 2020. I currently have an active BVA for the 482. This year I was invited to the NSW state 190 visa and I have filed my documents & medical reports in the IMMI account. I have thus been issued a BVC in inactive status with “no conditions”. In this situation, if I change my job, would the new employer has to sponsor my 482? Or will my BVA get cancelled on a job switch and my BVC will become active thus enabling me to work full time with no need for a new 482 sponsor? Your help is greatly appreciated. Regards Kits
  11. Good afternoon everyone! I have been a lurker on this forum for a while now and I can't tell you how helpful its been in making our decision to pursue migration to Australia! My husband and I made the decision last year, pre-covid, that it was something we want to do along with our toddler age daughter. Anyway, we have done all the right things so far, we've done a lot of our own research and figured out what visa's are and are not possibilities for us - we have also had a paid consultation with a registered migration agent, which leads me onto my question... My husband has contacts and could potentially get a job offer as 'Construction Project Manager' on a 482 MLTSSL Visa (obviously following border restrictions being eased or lifted - we are under no illusions that this is happening soon) however I was specifically told by the migration agent we have been using that he will have to have a skills assessment for this occupation and as he doesn't have a bachelors degree its a no-go. I had no reason to doubt our agent, this is his job, however I have now read and been told conflicting information. Not only is there a post on this site about 482 visas and skills assessments only being required for a 25-30 occupations, I also did a search online and 'Construction Project Manager' doesn't seem to be one of those occupations. I also read it here - https://www.seekvisa.com.au/tss-482-visa-skills-assessment/ Can someone please confirm whether this is the case or not? Is this old information? The whole process is confusing as it is without being potentially misled by someone who we put our faith and money in to helping us! Secondly, this same agent assured me that 'Construction Project Manager' only applies to construction project managers in 'building', when I asked what he specifically meant by this he said building houses/hospitals/schools etc. My husband is a Construction Project Manager in the Rail industry for tier 1 contractors (building railway lines, stations etc.) which we believe falls under 'civil engineering'. Again, is this true? Has anyone migrated who works in the rail industry who can shed some light on this? We know on good authority that the amount of railway work is booming, especially in QLD, NSW & VIC. Thanks in advance to everyone who read this and who can help!
  12. Areyousure

    482 or 485

    I’m about to graduate from my medicine degree in the next couple of weeks and would be starting work at NSW hospital on a 2 year contract. I got the option of applying for the post graduate visa 485, or ask my hospital to sponsor me for the 482. Any advantage of the 482 over the 485 visa?
  13. Hi all, I am an Australian citizen, while my partner is a British citizen. My partner is currently sponsored on a 482 visa which expires in February 2022. We recently registered our relationship as de facto (in NSW) and are hoping to lodge our Partner Visa application at the end of the year. Unfortunately my partner is really disliking his current job. We've had a meeting with a migration lawyer and he mentioned my partner won't fall onto the Partner Visa Bridging until his 482 expires. He responded with this at the very end of our meeting and haven't had a chance to ask further. My question is, what if my partner resigns from his job? Surely he would automatically fall onto the Bridging Partner Visa and this would give him the freedom to move companies? Thanks for the assistance.
  14. Good morning, I have a job offer as an Emergency Department doctor (resident medical officer, not a specialist) to start very soon and need to apply for a 482 visa, along with my spouse. I have never been to Australia and live in a country with a very low number of Covid cases. I realised that I would not only need a Visa but also a travel exemption to actually travel to Australia. Would anyone know, how hard is it for a doctor (and/or their spouse) to get a travel exemption? The cost of a visa for both of us is very high and I am hesitant to pay it if we only have a tiny chance that the travel exemption will be granted, as it appears that we cannot apply for an exemption without having applied for the Visa. We've had no help after calling the Home Affairs, but the employer is happy to issue a letter stating that I am required to start in the Australian hospital soon. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  15. Hi Everyone, Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are currently looking at a 482 Visa mid - long term for a 261313 job Role. My partner has 10 years experience in computer development, and while he holds a diploma it’s not in computing. I’m wondering if we manage to find a job that will sponsor him will he still need to go through the ACS skilled assessment? I also understand that with sponsorship you’re tied into a contact to work for an employer for an amount of time does anyone know how long this is? I’m also trying to see if there are regions we cannot work in as on the 491 visa I know you can’t work in big cities (which is where the work would be for us) Sorry for all the questions, I’m getting a fried brain! Thank you.
  16. Hi Everyone, I run my own company in the UK within the healthcare sector and I’m looking to become an overseas business sponsor to operate in Australia and sponsor myself to expand our operations into Oz. I have lodged an application to become a sponsor and this morning have received an email saying: “ImmiAccount service access approved” “Access to the following service(s) has been approved by the Department: * Organisation Account Administration * Online Lodgement” I’m a little confused, does this mean that our business has been approved? The reason I ask is because when I login it says the application is still being assessed. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  17. sumeetjadhav444

    482 sponsor selling business

    Hi guys, I have a question that I was hoping you could help with. I'm a 482 visa holder and currently in my 2nd year of sponsorship. My employer has decided that he wants to sell his business. I have been with this business for 5 years and in light of that, the employer wants me to move over to another of his businesses. The role and other entitlements are exactly the same, the only thing that would change would be the business itself and it's location of course. I am of course worried that this is going to reset my timer and result in me having to restart my 3 year period on the 482 visa. The second option I have is to stick with the new employer that is buying this current business and is willing to sponsor me as well. Thanks for patiently reading this. So my question is, which of these situations will I be able to carry forward the time I've spent on my visa rather than having to start over. Thank you.
  18. Hi, I have a 482 visa and the employer that sponsored me has unfortunately lost a job contract just before I started my first day and I need to find a new employer who will take over sponsorship or sponsor me. I work with IT as Project Manager. As you all know I have two months to find a new sponsor. And I'm starting to panic. Doesn't mater what state or city, I just want to find a job. Please share your experience and how my chances look like for the moment? All help is highly appreciated.
  19. Veronica1988

    TSS 482

    I am applying for a TSS Medium Term Stream 482 visa. My prospective employer has applied and I am waiting for my agent to send my paperwork. My problem is that as a nurse, I qualified with an advanced diploma in 2010. I topped up to a degree in June 2017 so that I could work in AU. I have received a job offer etc as I have been working full time since 2011. I came to AU in October 2018 and have since been working part time as a casual employee. My agent tells me that it is required that I have 2 years full time experience since June 2017 when I got my degree. I worked full time in UK for roughly 1y 3months and casual part time for the last year. Does anyone know of a similar situation where previous work for over 5 years (though I didn't have a degree) is acceptable for immigration? Veronica
  20. Hi Married couple (age 33 and 30), no children. We moved here in December, and were each sponsored for a 4-year 482 visa through my new employer. We love it here and are thinking about settling permanently. Assuming the rules don't change between now and then (!), I understand that if I continue to work for my new employer for a further 2.5 years I should be able to apply for Permanent Residency (I think it's the 186 visa?) However, what will happen to my husband? He is self-employed and I don't think his occupation (media / advertising) is on either the short or medium-term skills list. Can he get permanent residency, and if so, how? Thank you in advance, Lucy
  21. Deniz Adrian Hoteit

    Skills Assesment required?

    Hello my name is Deniz Adrian. I´ve been in Australia for 2 years on a WHV. Im from Germany and a qualified bricklayer and did my master of bricklaying and concreting (kind of builders license) I want to apply for a medium term visa 482 and my question is now: Do i have to make an skill assesment or are there any examptions? I even worked in Canberra as a bricklayer and i´ve got 9 years experience and all my qualifications. Because if i read right, a skill assesment wouldn´t be necessary or am I wrong? I appreciate your help. It is really confusing me and i really want to come in november. Cheers Deniz
  22. Call me paranoid but I can’t stop worrying that my 482 visa might be refused. It was only submitted last week and I have no specific reason to be worried, so really I’m just coming on here for a bit of reassurance. My skill is on the medium skill shortage list (materials engineer), my skills were verified by Engineers Australia, my employer was accepted as a standard business sponsor, the position was advertised locally for one month.... etc. All the boxes have been ticked! Plus the employer and I are working through a registered migration agent (TSS Immigration). So given the basics above, is there much risk of a refusal?
  23. Hi all, recently, as everyone knows, cutoff points for 189 and 190 has reached the sky. I have applied EOI haven't got an invitation yet because of low point(65 in 189). So, I am thinking to find a company that can sponsor me(482 TSS) and eventually apply for permanent residency(186 ENS). If there is a user like me, or in a similar situation, I really need advice from the user. main concern is whether employer is normally willing to help for the employee's PR application if the employee has no issue with the them or not. any suggestion or experiece sharing will be very greatful TIA TIA P.S: My ANZSCO is 251211(Medical radiation Imaging).
  24. Hi All I realise that the answer will probably be "You're screwed" but just in case anyone has any advice... I entered Australia in Sept 18 on a TSS subclass 482 (medium-long term labour stream) visa, my skill is listed as "Software Developer". I have lost my job, though no fault of my own, and I am struggling to find a new job because I require a new sponsor. I have 60 days to find a new sponsor or I have to leave. Realistically, it will become more desperate than that way sooner as I have no income and bills to pay. I have a UK limited company. If I work for that company, whilst I am in Oz, am I breaking any rules? If I leave after 60 days then immediately reenter on my existing Travel Visa, am I breaking any rules? (I know I can't work on a travel visa). How complicated would it be to have my skill changed to something a bit more flexible? Are there any other pearls of wisdom anyone can provide? TIA Barry
  25. A couple of questions on the 482 TSS visa I’m hoping this forum can help me with.... Firstly I’m trying to find out the exact health requirements for a 482 visa. What do we need to prove when applying for this visa? I’m finding the home affairs website unclear. Secondly, do we need I pay for my child’s school in Victoria on a 482? The appropriate website hasn’t been updated since the 482 was introduced! So anyone who is living in Victoria know what happens?? TIA!