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Found 26 results

  1. Good morning, I have a job offer as an Emergency Department doctor (resident medical officer, not a specialist) to start very soon and need to apply for a 482 visa, along with my spouse. I have never been to Australia and live in a country with a very low number of Covid cases. I realised that I would not only need a Visa but also a travel exemption to actually travel to Australia. Would anyone know, how hard is it for a doctor (and/or their spouse) to get a travel exemption? The cost of a visa for both of us is very high and I am hesitant to pay it if we only have a tiny chance that the travel exemption will be granted, as it appears that we cannot apply for an exemption without having applied for the Visa. We've had no help after calling the Home Affairs, but the employer is happy to issue a letter stating that I am required to start in the Australian hospital soon. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. FelicityS

    482 Visa Without Assessment

    Hi Everyone, Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are currently looking at a 482 Visa mid - long term for a 261313 job Role. My partner has 10 years experience in computer development, and while he holds a diploma it’s not in computing. I’m wondering if we manage to find a job that will sponsor him will he still need to go through the ACS skilled assessment? I also understand that with sponsorship you’re tied into a contact to work for an employer for an amount of time does anyone know how long this is? I’m also trying to see if there are regions we cannot work in as on the 491 visa I know you can’t work in big cities (which is where the work would be for us) Sorry for all the questions, I’m getting a fried brain! Thank you.
  3. Hi Everyone, I run my own company in the UK within the healthcare sector and I’m looking to become an overseas business sponsor to operate in Australia and sponsor myself to expand our operations into Oz. I have lodged an application to become a sponsor and this morning have received an email saying: “ImmiAccount service access approved” “Access to the following service(s) has been approved by the Department: * Organisation Account Administration * Online Lodgement” I’m a little confused, does this mean that our business has been approved? The reason I ask is because when I login it says the application is still being assessed. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. sumeetjadhav444

    482 sponsor selling business

    Hi guys, I have a question that I was hoping you could help with. I'm a 482 visa holder and currently in my 2nd year of sponsorship. My employer has decided that he wants to sell his business. I have been with this business for 5 years and in light of that, the employer wants me to move over to another of his businesses. The role and other entitlements are exactly the same, the only thing that would change would be the business itself and it's location of course. I am of course worried that this is going to reset my timer and result in me having to restart my 3 year period on the 482 visa. The second option I have is to stick with the new employer that is buying this current business and is willing to sponsor me as well. Thanks for patiently reading this. So my question is, which of these situations will I be able to carry forward the time I've spent on my visa rather than having to start over. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I have a 482 visa and the employer that sponsored me has unfortunately lost a job contract just before I started my first day and I need to find a new employer who will take over sponsorship or sponsor me. I work with IT as Project Manager. As you all know I have two months to find a new sponsor. And I'm starting to panic. Doesn't mater what state or city, I just want to find a job. Please share your experience and how my chances look like for the moment? All help is highly appreciated.
  6. Veronica1988

    TSS 482

    I am applying for a TSS Medium Term Stream 482 visa. My prospective employer has applied and I am waiting for my agent to send my paperwork. My problem is that as a nurse, I qualified with an advanced diploma in 2010. I topped up to a degree in June 2017 so that I could work in AU. I have received a job offer etc as I have been working full time since 2011. I came to AU in October 2018 and have since been working part time as a casual employee. My agent tells me that it is required that I have 2 years full time experience since June 2017 when I got my degree. I worked full time in UK for roughly 1y 3months and casual part time for the last year. Does anyone know of a similar situation where previous work for over 5 years (though I didn't have a degree) is acceptable for immigration? Veronica
  7. Hi Married couple (age 33 and 30), no children. We moved here in December, and were each sponsored for a 4-year 482 visa through my new employer. We love it here and are thinking about settling permanently. Assuming the rules don't change between now and then (!), I understand that if I continue to work for my new employer for a further 2.5 years I should be able to apply for Permanent Residency (I think it's the 186 visa?) However, what will happen to my husband? He is self-employed and I don't think his occupation (media / advertising) is on either the short or medium-term skills list. Can he get permanent residency, and if so, how? Thank you in advance, Lucy
  8. Deniz Adrian Hoteit

    Skills Assesment required?

    Hello my name is Deniz Adrian. I´ve been in Australia for 2 years on a WHV. Im from Germany and a qualified bricklayer and did my master of bricklaying and concreting (kind of builders license) I want to apply for a medium term visa 482 and my question is now: Do i have to make an skill assesment or are there any examptions? I even worked in Canberra as a bricklayer and i´ve got 9 years experience and all my qualifications. Because if i read right, a skill assesment wouldn´t be necessary or am I wrong? I appreciate your help. It is really confusing me and i really want to come in november. Cheers Deniz
  9. Fanatic278

    482 visa refusal probability

    Call me paranoid but I can’t stop worrying that my 482 visa might be refused. It was only submitted last week and I have no specific reason to be worried, so really I’m just coming on here for a bit of reassurance. My skill is on the medium skill shortage list (materials engineer), my skills were verified by Engineers Australia, my employer was accepted as a standard business sponsor, the position was advertised locally for one month.... etc. All the boxes have been ticked! Plus the employer and I are working through a registered migration agent (TSS Immigration). So given the basics above, is there much risk of a refusal?
  10. Hi all, recently, as everyone knows, cutoff points for 189 and 190 has reached the sky. I have applied EOI haven't got an invitation yet because of low point(65 in 189). So, I am thinking to find a company that can sponsor me(482 TSS) and eventually apply for permanent residency(186 ENS). If there is a user like me, or in a similar situation, I really need advice from the user. main concern is whether employer is normally willing to help for the employee's PR application if the employee has no issue with the them or not. any suggestion or experiece sharing will be very greatful TIA TIA P.S: My ANZSCO is 251211(Medical radiation Imaging).
  11. Barry Denson

    Lost job on a TSS Subclass 482 visa

    Hi All I realise that the answer will probably be "You're screwed" but just in case anyone has any advice... I entered Australia in Sept 18 on a TSS subclass 482 (medium-long term labour stream) visa, my skill is listed as "Software Developer". I have lost my job, though no fault of my own, and I am struggling to find a new job because I require a new sponsor. I have 60 days to find a new sponsor or I have to leave. Realistically, it will become more desperate than that way sooner as I have no income and bills to pay. I have a UK limited company. If I work for that company, whilst I am in Oz, am I breaking any rules? If I leave after 60 days then immediately reenter on my existing Travel Visa, am I breaking any rules? (I know I can't work on a travel visa). How complicated would it be to have my skill changed to something a bit more flexible? Are there any other pearls of wisdom anyone can provide? TIA Barry
  12. A couple of questions on the 482 TSS visa I’m hoping this forum can help me with.... Firstly I’m trying to find out the exact health requirements for a 482 visa. What do we need to prove when applying for this visa? I’m finding the home affairs website unclear. Secondly, do we need I pay for my child’s school in Victoria on a 482? The appropriate website hasn’t been updated since the 482 was introduced! So anyone who is living in Victoria know what happens?? TIA!
  13. Dlasar27

    Advise required.

    Hi Guys, ive got a question, a friend of mine is about to apply for a tss medium stream from offshore Australia as a motor mechanic. He's got the skills assessment and all but left Australia on a bvc. His protection visa that he applied for was refused and was asjed to leave in 28 days and he left in 14. Just wondering if this would have any effect on his visa application. Like will have an exclusion period of 3 years and be ineligible for tss?
  14. Chef.pande

    Skill assesment

    Hi, I am a chef having 6 years of continious experience in cooking. Do I need skill assessment ? Nomination aproved Passport Country India. Kind Regards
  15. I'm new to this forum so I'll say "hi". I'm Alex and I'm hoping to move to WA in the New Year for a job in Perth. I'm being sponsored on a 482 4 year visa and about to submit the application, and trying to anticipate what supporting documents I'm going to need to provide. I know I'll probably need police checks for myself and my husband (who I'm sponsoring) from the UK, but I also lived in Perth 2013-215. When I first came back I was going to apply for 189 PR and was collecting my documentation, including the Australian Federal Police certificate. This is now technically out of date, as it was issued in 2015, but as I haven't lived in Australia since then I was wondering whether it would count, or if I should just put a new application in. Time is of the essence as I've got a provisional start date in Perth of the 16th March! Thanks in advance
  16. clairehowell

    457 to 482

    Hi, my 457 was granted in December 2016 and valid until December 2020. I recently changed employer - still doing the same job. My new employer has put me on a 482 as the 457 is now redundant. However because of this I have lost 6 months of my original end date of December 2020. I want to know what grandfather rules are in place to honour my original 457???
  17. Hi everybody. I am trying to find a sponsor for a 482, my job title is in the shortlist. Because of that, I am a bit scared of the GTE rule (Genuine Temporary Entrant) as I have been in Australia for 4 years (see my own story below). Did you have your visa refused because of GTE? What is the best way to avoid this? Also if the 482 visa is refused, can I re-apply for a 482 later? What are my options? A bit more about my situation: I have been in Australia for 3.5 years, working for the same company in a Senior role. I spent 2 years under my 457, then the company nominate for the PR (ENS 186 Direct Entry) a before my 457 expires. After 15 months, the nomination of my employer has been refused "Lack of evidence regarding the training". They have done it, they have all the documents to prove it, BUT they didn't provide them and the case officer just rejected the application without giving us a chance to provide the right proof. Anyway, that is my current story and I am trying to find a way to stay here and work.
  18. Hi all, i’m a Australian qualified trade diploma holder living overseas planning to apply tss 482 visa. I ha e a 2 years of experience as a baker. Can someone suggest me whether I need a skill assessment or am I exempt from it as I have Australian qualifications. Please help.! Thank you
  19. lewisant48

    TSS 482 applicant Documents

    Hi all. Just looking for a few other ideas as i've asked elsewhere. My accredited sponsor (who recruit internationally a lot so no hitches on their front) are submitting my nomination over the next few days. They've said for my application they will write the reference for the character requirement (stated as an option on the home affairs website). Medical isn't required for my role. 2 years experience required which i can provide payslips for along with the mandatory references. Passport, driving licence for me and my wife along with marriage certificate. Signed job offer/contract. It's been suggested elsewhere that some people have had to provide history of residency for the previous 10 years along with travel history of 10 years and proof of employment going back further in time. What are other people's experiences of how many documents they've had to provide? I want to front load it all before i submit the application so i'm trying to leave no stone unturned here!
  20. Hey Everyone, I'm new to these boards but wondered if you might be able to share some sage wisdom. This is my current situation: - I have just entered the second year of my WHV. I want to remain in the country at the end of this year. I live and work in regional Victoria and my parents are also citizens here (they moved 11 years ago, I have only just joined) - I am a trained social worker, but I have not yet applied for my qualifications to be assessed by AASW but i know there is a very long waiting list. - my current employer is willing to sponsor me for a TSS (482) visa. i am currently doing a role which is not full time and is wellbeing work in a school rather than social work per se. I have spoken to the DIBP contact centre and they have advised that my best course of action would be 482 medium stream, to give me enough time to do the EOI and application process for a 189 (if they should allow me to apply). So my current questions are: 1) do i have to apply to AASW for my qualifications to be assessed if I am already employed by my sponsor? 2) within that application, do I need to pay for the additional assessment of my skilled work experience, or can I just provide that documentation as part of the visa? 3) my employer has never sponsored anyone before (they are a large social care provider in victoria like Anglicare) is it a straightforward process for them? i have looked at the required steps online but just wondered about others experience. Thanks in advance everyone...
  21. lewisant48

    What would you do...

    What would you do; I was offered a job sponsorship under a 482/TSS visa back in April, the company have various locations and it took a while but they nailed down a location and put me in touch with their location managers. Bear in mind this is all while i'm in the UK waiting on news...They then tweaked things three times so despite still wanting to put me in NNSW/South QL i got changed to three different potential locations and three different managers, all of whom were awful at communication. Anyway, the communication was few and far between and then complete radio silence - it was absolutely gutting. Then, after about 6 weeks of silence the person that recruited me called with a massive apology and saying they've had a lot of issues with area managers and visa changes affecting where they can send me and they offered me Adelaide, Townsille or Cairns. The day before they called we went ahead and paid a retainer to a migration agent to start a 489 process for NT as my girlfriend's job is on the list. I've now had another call after emailing to say i preferred Townsville. The call was the company saying they can get the ball rolling with a 482 for Townsville if i want it. SO the dilemma is; 482 in Townsville meaning that in 6 months we can apply for a 190 in QL should her job stay on their 'on shore list' or stick with the 489 for NT and forget the sponsors because of how they've messed me around. I'm really stuck because my heart says sack off the job but my head says it's a way in to the country and a 190 in QL, a 489 in NT means we'd have to live there and we never visited NT and it's clear that it isn't the easiest place to settle and find work.
  22. Stayorgo

    482 TSS then 189

    So I’ve got a job offer and will be moving over to Australia in the next few months on a TSS 482 medium term stream visa. We also lodged an EOI for a 189 a few months ago. Based on our points and length of time in the queue so far we anticipate receiving an invite in the next couple of months (assuming occupation remains on the list!). We therefore plan to move on the 482 with me as the primary applicant, then apply for a 189 with my partner as the primary applicant. Anyone else done this? Know much about doing this?
  23. Hi, I am de facto on my girlfriend's 457 visa. She is sponsored by her company but hates her job and wants to quit. Meanwhile my company are willing to sponsor me on a 482 visa and she could then become de facto on my visa so she can change jobs without any visa restrictions. I have been working for my company for 10 months. Does anyone have any experience of that switch? Do my company have to carry out labour market testing (LMT) even though I've been in the role for 10 months already? Is there anything else we should consider? Thanks for your help.
  24. Hi, We're currently awaiting for our sponsor to conclude Labour Market Testing, submit a nomination for our TSS visa and provide us with the TRN for our visa application (assuming job is still there). Due to sponsor's internal processes not keeping up with recent changes to the Labour Market Testing requirements, the sponsor has had to re-advertise the job because the original wasn't online for long enough; they realised this before they submitted the nomination. Our plan was to submit our visa (all ready to go) as soon as the nomination TRN is received but I'm now wondering what happens if the sponsor makes another admin error and the LMT isn't right? Would the nomination get refused and if so would our visa be automatically refused and we lose our fee? Not sure whether to wait for the nomination approval before submitting the visa, but would be yet more delays. However I have visions of the sponsor submitting the LMT evidence with the nomination only for it to be bounced back and re-run for a third time and then for the job to go and we've already paid our application fee. Thanks
  25. Hi all. I was recently interviewed for a job with a company offering sponsorship to successful candidates. It seemed to go really well and i felt there were a few hints towards me being successful (these were interviews for multiple jobs of the same role rather than 1 job available). I travelled the length of the UK for the interview and they were really thankful for that and made a point that they will 100% call whether it's successful or not. They said they'd call by Thursday or Friday and i'm pretty certain they said next week which would have been there 17th. I haven't heard from them and i'm hoping i got my weeks mixed up and it's this week as in today but my worry is that the visa changeover on the 18th may be delaying it and putting things in jeopardy. It's not so bad as we can apply for a 489 but we were just kinda hoping to get over on a temporary visa first and experience other parts of the country. Is any body experiencing similar or do any migration agents think the change would delay things as companies go though all the details with a fine toothed comb?