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Found 707 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new here... We are part way through our migration process to move with my husband and 2 young children, planning on leaving UK next summer 22. We have decided on Sydney as our landing point as we have family west of Syd, work prospects and also as it is generally the most accessible from Scotland. We're aware that it comes with a hefty price tag in comparison to Scotland, so we are 90% but not 100%. I'm really keen to know first hand experiences of those who moved with young children, where you lived at first (from day one), how you picked your first living location and how you settled on an area to live. My son will start school this year, but will restart in NSW next year as he wouldn't make the age cutoff this year (he is 4). I'm not worried about his learning as he attends nursery, but i don't want to move him more than i absolutely have to. A key criteria is to live as near to the coast as we can afford. We are both mid level professionals. Thanks Ash
  2. Hey guys, hope everyone is well and to anyone affected by Covid our thoughts are with you all. I used to be a member of this site back in 2010 ish, we moved to Oz in 2014 and not needed to log in until now. I have since completely forgot my login details so I created a new account. This was BY FAR the best resource tool for us when we was going through the stages back in 2009 when we began our search down the rabbit hole. We now have a podcast here in Perth, WA called Expats 'n' Cork Hats. We are on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts and all the others too. If you want to be a guest on our show we would REALLY LOVE to have you on to discuss everything about your journey. You may be here in Oz wanting to go home, or you may be still in the UK thinking about coming here... Whatever your circumstances we would love to talk to you. We have done a few recordings now via Skype, it keeps it personal and intimate. We don't show the video, we just use it for the audio so don't worry, no one will see you. So, if you want to share your story to help or inspire others, please get in touch. Mark Rogers (One half of Expats 'n' Cork Hats).
  3. Hi, I previously posted a thread on whether good grades matter to get into private schools, and from the majority of replies i get the feeling that they do. So i now need to know if anybody knows of any good Public schools that are able to give extra help to students with special needs? Attention Deficit Disorder and possibly Aspergers Syndrome. Obviously i have to do my own research but reccomendations always help. Its not that he needs a special needs school, its just that he struggles with working alone all of the time. many Thanx Jen x
  4. I moved here with my husband and 2 girls aged 10 and 12 in October last year after 3 years of stress and heartache. Now my worst fears have happenend, they love it quite understandably as they are in fantastic schools and my husband has a job he enjoys on a lot less hours than in the uk - but I am feeling so badly homesick I cannot even think about the future here. My most overwhelming feeling is guilt, the kids were in good schools in England and we had family around us especially my mum who devoted herself to us all. I have a terrible fear that if I decided I couln't cope anymore and dragged us all back, I would end up without a decent school for the girls as the competition for places is so fierce. It took my youngest daughter a long time to settle here as she is very anxious and shy and due to her age, she would have be thrown into a scary high school after being nurtured in a small caring primary school which she now loves. I spend every day in tears feeling lonely and worrying about what I have done and wondering if I should just learn to live with the pain I have created rather than run the risk of ruining their lives. We have skype and free calls to Uk, I do have some good friends here too but the ache in my heart wont go away. Australia is an amazing place I want to be happy here but my heart won't let me.
  5. My wife and I are in the very early stages of applying to move from the UK to Australia, under what is most likely going to be a skilled regional visa. We are focusing on the Brisbane area (outside the CBD) and Sunshine Coast, apologies its a big area hence the reason for the post - which of the two is more suitable for a young family (we have 3 daughters 8, 5 and 2) with regards to good schools and respectable neighborhoods with professionals? We want to ideally live by the coast, walking distance, have cafes shops, bars etc but not too over crowded, also not empty. Chances are I will have to commute to Brisbane, as I work in finance. Would love to hear from anyone who may be able to help - happy to provide more info if my post is too vague. Thanks
  6. MrsWayLay17

    Hervey Bay and surrounds

    We're looking to settle in Hervey Bay. Originally being from Brisbane I can't envisage us living back in a big city. Does anyone have any links with HB and know if it would be well suited for a family of four with their children of Primary school age. What is the employment scenario like there? I've looked online and that's been helpful but I was hoping some of you would be able to give their insight. Are there any areas around HB (Not Maryborough) that you think is worth checking out? Keen to go anywhere from Bribie Island area right up towards Bundy but not quite as far as that! HB preferable.
  7. A couple of questions on the 482 TSS visa I’m hoping this forum can help me with.... Firstly I’m trying to find out the exact health requirements for a 482 visa. What do we need to prove when applying for this visa? I’m finding the home affairs website unclear. Secondly, do we need I pay for my child’s school in Victoria on a 482? The appropriate website hasn’t been updated since the 482 was introduced! So anyone who is living in Victoria know what happens?? TIA!
  8. trHi, My husband is being relocated to Sydney in September and we are faced with the tricky task of finding a school for now four year old from London. I know she is still young but we only plan to be in Sydney for 2/3 years and then move back to the UK. Having already had over 18 months of learning to read and write (as they start earlier with this in the UK) we have been advised to put her into year 1. She adores what she calls 'work' and her teachers in the UK, teachers I know in Sydney and two educational consultants have recommended this would the best move especially since we would prefer her not to be too far behind when we come back to the UK. We wanted to send her to a Public school but they refuse to even asses her for a Year 1 place. Does anyone have any views or experience with this situation? Or found a private school that worked well in this situation? Any thoughts or ideas so appreciated. It seems so daunting with never having been to Sydney and not being able to look around schools before we leave the UK. We were thinking of northern beaches as where we may base ourselves but again this is not set in stone. Thank you!
  9. Any idea what sort of documentation is typically required when applying for or starting a new school? I'm looking at Queensland in particular. I'm presuming general proof of ID, possibly some sort of handover document from their school in the UK, possibly medical documents (?)... Any general info or links to relevant posts would be appreciated. Regards BFB
  10. The best schools are located in predominately the east and south-east of Melbourne. There area also a couple of other great performing schools on the Mornington Peninsula and Werribee.
  11. Guest

    Schools in Sydney

    There are three tiers of high school in Sydney: - Private schools. Nowhere near as expensive as Britain, because they are subsidised by the state, but even so, when you are earning Aussie dollars, they can certainly add up. - Selective high schools. Each year, year 6 students can elect to take tests to see if they can get a place in a selective high school. About a quarter of those sitting the tests get offered a place. Don't assume that your "local" secondary school is operating on a catchment system. These schools are all fully selective: Baulkham Hills High School · Caringbah High School · Fort Street High School · Girraween High School · Gosford High School · Hornsby Girls' High School · Merewether High School · Normanhurst Boys' High School · North Sydney Boys High School · North Sydney Girls High School · NBSC - Manly Selective Campus · Penrith High School · Smith's Hill High School · St. George Girls' High School · Sydney Boys High School · Sydney Girls High School · Sydney Technical High School Some of the remaining ones, Chatswood High School on the north side and Ryde Secondary college, on the north west side come to mind, are partially selective, whatever that really means. Comprehensive schools - these schools are like sinkhole schools, educating those who are either not bright enough (more like not good enough at sitting exams) to get into selective state schools or have parents who can't afford to send them to a private school. Something else to think about with these schools - a large proportion of the students have a south east Asian background, so Chinese, Vietnamese, people from well off families, including Indian ones. There is some controversy at the moment about North Sydney Boys, for instance, where it is claimed over 70% of their students come from a non English speaking background. Of all the cities to live in, in Australia, the one I liked the most was Sydney. But I wouldn't educate my children there. If you are not into the 11+, or into the kind of selective hell one goes through to get one's children into certain primary schools or secondary schools in some parts of England (Bradford comes to mind, and the Trafford part of Manchester, though not the much more egalitarian Manchester local education authority), and if you don't want your children to be in the minority if they are "fortunate" enough to get into a selective high school, then maybe it is better to look at areas other than Sydney for places to live. The impact of selective high schools tends to mean that the neighbouring non selective comprehensive school is like a sink hole school. Basically, the selecitive high schools take the cream of the students, including from private schools. In Sydney, if you can afford to send your kid to a private school, first you would try to save the $15,000 to $25,000 a year fees by seeing if you can get them into a selective state school. If you look at somewhere like Melbourne, in comparison, they have only 2 selective high schools and if you live in the catchment area for Balwyn High, (one of the best state schools in Victoria) you get to go to the school. In Brisbane, Brisbane High school is selective, but only partially so. Not sure about Adelaide high school - it is selective, but I am not sure if it also offers places to it's local catchment students.
  12. Guest

    Schools in Mornington/Frankston

    Hi we are moving to Melbourne shortly, we have two children 8 and 6yrs old. They currently attend private education here in the UK and are looking for very good schools in the Mornington/Frankston area? They dont need to be independent as we have heard the schools in Oz are much better than here in England! Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks sarah :confused::wacko::confused:
  13. Dreamer 11

    Moving To Darwin

    Hi There, I have just been granted my nomination for a Skilled Worker Regional Visa by NT government. We were initially planning on moving to Perth or Adelaide as we have family/friends there but NT gave us the sponsor. We are a bit clueless on the suburbs/areas in Darwin and any help or information would be appreciated. We have two young kids, one aged 3 and a baby coming up on a year old. Where would be the best suburbs for us looking to rent a 4 bedroom property? Ideally somewhere with good schools and plenty of parks. Thanks, G
  14. Guest

    Schools in Baldivis

    Hi there We are looking at different area's for when we move out in March. Can anyone tell me if there are good secondary schools in Baldivis? Your help is appreciated Sharon:hug:
  15. My husband has the opportunity to get a job in Sydney and i always said it was the one place i would go... so here we are considering shipping our little family early next year which is rather daunting. My son is 3 (29th May 2014) so i presume he won't be starting school for a while which seems odd as he seems school ready here but that might just be because of the nursery/pre-school he is at here. And my daughter currently does 2 days at a nursery. We're thinking we'll live there for a few years and then return to the UK but i worry about my son being behind in terms of education when we come back because of starting school so much later in Oz. Has anyone found this? and when would he actually start school? I presume we're not entitled to any sort of funding like you get in the UK with the 15 hours. Is there the opportunity for them both to do morning child care on a few days a week? We're look at living in the suburbs around Manly which i presume we need to secure first before even looking at child care places. Thank you for any advice - feeling totally clueless and rather daunted by the prospect!
  16. Hi, I moved to Sydney (from London) 13 years ago and have finally had enough of the rat race. I'm moving with my family to the Sunshine Coast and looking for advice about the best locations for beaches, shops, schools etc My 2 boys have special needs and one will need to go to a special school - it appears that Nambour and Currimundi are the only options. My other boy has mild autism so I'm hoping to find a location that is best placed for him i.e. Primary schools that have a good reputation for helping kids on the spectrum and plenty of local therapists. If you have kids with special needs and live in the Sunshine Coast, I'd love to hear your thoughts and advice on our move to the Sunny Coast. Thanks Sue
  17. The Pom Queen

    Special Interest Schools in Adelaide

    Special Interest Schools:Music Brighton SecondaryFremont-Elizabeth City HighMarryatville HighWoodville HighAgricultureUrrbrae HighLanguagesAdelaide HighIgnite Programs for Gifted StudentsThe HeightsGlenunga InternationalAberfoyle Park HighDance/DramaCharles Campbell SecondaryGolden Grove HighSports and Physical EducationWirreanda HighHenley HighWirreanda also coordinates the Southern Vales Physical Education and Sports Program involving Christies Beach High (aquatics), Morphett Vale (cycling) and Reynella East High (basketball and hockey)In addition, eight secondary schools in conjunction with the respective state sporting associations, have established special interest sports programs:Seaton High (baseball)Pasadena High (Basketball)Blackwood High (Netball)Marryatville High (Tennis)Brighton High (Volleyball)Heathfield High (Volleyball)Mount Gambier High (Cricket, Football and Netball - NB Australian Football that is!)Single Sex SchoolsGepps Cross Girls HighMitcham Girls HighVocational CollegesWindsor Gardens Vocational CollegeSouther Vocational College (at Christies Beach High)Australian Science and Mathematics School (enrols students in years 10,11,12)These were listed in the Govt brochure: If anybody knows any more, perhaps add them and then we can buld up a good list.
  18. Hi there, My husband and I moved from UK to Sydney in 2001 and then moved back to the UK in 2005 with a 1 year old son so that he could grow up around family. After living back in the UK for 4 years, we have decided to move back out to Sydney because I feel it is a better place to bring up my son. He will be starting Kindy in Jan 2009 and we will be moving to either Baulkham Hills or Castle Hill. I was thinking of putting him in the Hills Private Grammar School but I have heard that the Primary Schools in the Hills District are just as good. Does anyone know if this is true and if so, could someone give me some advice as to which of the Primary Schools in Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill are best so that we can make sure that we rent in the catchment for the school. Thanks in advance. Vanita
  19. Hi, Can anyone help us please. We are moving to Melbourne in Sept this year and have narrowed it down to a few areas; Berwick, Narre Warren South, Lynbrook, Endeavour Hills. Our kids are primary school age still but we are trying to think about Secondary Schools for when the time comes in 3-4 years. Can anyone shed any light on the situation with secondary schools in these areas? Any good ones to recommend, or avoid? Also, where does Lynbrook Primary feed into? Many thanks, Sam
  20. Hi, we are moving to the sunshine coast from the uk within the next 3 months & am desperate for any info anyone can give me on schools in the sunshine coast. We have 2 girls aged 12 & 9. Just wondered if anyone has similar aged children there & how they settled in? Are the schools similar to uk or completely different? When do they break up for their summer hols? Can anyone reccommend some schools? We haven't decided where exactly to settle, depends on work for hubby(plumbing) & where's right for the kids. Any info would be greatly appreciated....so much to find out....so many decisions :confused: please help!! Thanks, Sarah
  21. Hi everyone, completely no idea what I am doing or what button to press, so bear with me on this one. Im married with twin 6 year old boys who have very mild aspergers syndrome and dyspraxia (high functioning autistic). Very unhappy with the english schools and way of life for children and families with this problem. Heard a lot of good reports about schools in Australia and understanding for autistic children but have no idea which area is best to look in. My husband is motor mechanic and train mantainer and can do carpentry so hopefully will have a chance if we apply. So is there anyone out there who has similiar situation with children to me or knows anyone who can give me some advise please. Im trying to find out a town or part of Australia which would suit my children the best. Anyone moved there and have child or children in school with similiar problems or at least a school with english accent children would help. Im already worried they wont be able to handle the move! Best regard Julie :wacko: :arghh: :spinny:
  22. Guest

    Mandurah Schools???

    Hi all, we are new to this whole forum thinghy but would really appreciate some help. We are hopefully moving WA at the end of the year, with the probability (just waiting for confirmation) of jobs in Mandurah, but I have read loads of different stuff, including that the secondary schools are not so good and there is nothing to do for teenagers. Just wondering if anybody knows wht there is for kids and teenagers and what the schools are like and of course the best suburbs? any help welcomed. ta
  23. MrsMoo

    Moving Schools UK-Oz-UK

    Hello to all PomsInOz My husband has just been given the opportunity by his company to move us to Canberra for 12+ months. Relocation package is excellent etc but...there is a big but. My twin sons, aged 13, are currently in Year 9 at school and, if we go, would completely miss Year 10 of their GCSEs, having to go back to the UK to start Year 11 having missed half of their modular assessment and probably jeopardise their GCSEs entirely. If we were able to stay longer in Australia, say for 2 years, to the point where they were 16 (the equivalent time to finishing their GCSEs) would they leave their Australian school with any qualifications that would allow them to return to the UK and do their 'A' levels? If the above all sounds like gobbledigook, just say :embarrassed: and I'll try and rework it. Thanks for your help
  24. Captain Roberto

    Schools around Eastlakes, Sydney

    Does Eastlakes have any decent schools and High Schools? I know there isn't any good state Schools, but was wondering if anyone knew of others (religious maybe)?
  25. Lord D Vadher

    Moving to Melbourne

    Greetings all, This is my first post here. I will be moving to Melbourne on a Permanent Residency Visa in September 2015 and am going through the roller-coaster of emotions! Moving with my family (wife and two young children) I am eager to find out more and secure accommodation and employment. We have been looking at the Brighton area and feel it is a good fit for us, my daughters at 2 and 4 and we feel the schools and just right for them. I am a secondary Lead Teacher of Science and aim to take a natural progression up to Head of Department. Any advice on area, Schools, jobs, and finding short and long term rentals will be greatly appreciated! Thank you D