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  1. Wanderer Returns

    ISA taxed in Australia

    Hello - you are confusing your rights of residency in the UK/Australia with your tax residency. By the sounds of it, you are currently resident in the UK for tax purposes - not Australia. Your UK income will only be taxed in the UK (unless you have the misfortune of being a US citizen), and it's got nothing to do with Australia. This isn't financial advice, but you should be able to open an ISA, and whilst you remain resident in the UK, you won't pay any tax on the gains because an ISA is a UK tax-free investment. However, if you return to live in Australia you would then need to declare any earnings from your ISA because it isn't a tax-free investment over here.
  2. Wanderer Returns

    Covid and impact on Adelaide

    That's a biggie. It'd be nice to head down to northern NSW for the weekend, which is a couple of hours away, but no one wants to get hit with a 3 grand quarantine bill on return!
  3. Wanderer Returns

    Emirates suspends all flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

    Qatar Airways got my wife here safely last June, so they'll be getting our future business - as long as they stay competitive. I'd agree that out of all the gulf airlines they seem to provide the best experience (recent events excepted). Apparently, since I posted this Emirates have made a U-turn on that decision, so perhaps they have come to the same conclusion as you did.
  4. Wanderer Returns

    Covid and impact on Adelaide

    Yes, you can do all those things - you'll think you've arrived in paradise! The Covid app isn't mandatory, but it's recommended. Each state has different restrictions. Up here in Queensland you'd never know there was a pandemic going on in the rest of the world if it wasn't for a few floor markings and bottles of hand sanitizer as you enter shops etc. When I visited SA in October it was the same down there, although they did have a minor outbreak and were locked down for a few days back in November. Face masks aren't mandatory, so it's down to personal choice at the moment. Here's a link to the SA government info... https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/public+content/sa+health+internet/conditions/infectious+diseases/covid-19/about+covid-19/protecting+yourself+and+others+from+covid-19 @DavidIII - I thought you'd already arrived in Australia?
  5. Wanderer Returns

    Emirates suspends all flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

    Yes, indeed - although I imagine that 4km is heavily patrolled!
  6. Wanderer Returns

    Emirates suspends all flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

    Sea kayak would be your best option - it's about a 100 mile paddle from PNG to Thursday Island
  7. Wanderer Returns

    Is it a good move financially?

    @Paul1Perth Nottingham was definitely a cooler night out, but Sheffield was safer! @DrDougster I thought you were quite young?! I remember the Palais, but I only ever went there after it became Ritzys. I also remember going to Libertys and the Black Orchid once, although we never returned to the latter after this rumour about a lad who had his drink spike there, and then woke up in a bath full of ice with one of his kidneys missing. How the hell did we ever survive our youth?!
  8. Wanderer Returns

    Purchasing a Car

    It depends what that warranty includes - some are not worth the paper they're written on. The one time I bought a newish car from a 'reputable dealer' (it was a Peugeot dealership in Sheffield about 25 years ago) within a month the cylinder head gasket went, and when I returned to the dealership they said that the warranty only included mechanical failure and not 'wear and tear'. This was highly debatable given that the car was only a couple of years old but I got the repair done anyway, which cost about £300 at the time, A fortnight later a milk float pulled out in front of me and the car (and the milk float!) were right-offs! I also broke my elbow and the insurance pay-out was sufficient to ensure I recouped all my costs, but I've never bought a car from a dealership since. I'm sure there are some very good ones around like the one @Paul1Perth mentioned that really look after you, but I just prefer to buy a good runner privately and pay for any repairs out of the money I saved.
  9. Wanderer Returns

    Emirates suspends all flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

    @Jon the Hat I'm sure you'll make it here when the time comes
  10. Wanderer Returns

    Purchasing a Car

    If you're going to buy a second-hand car, then you're usually better of buying it privately. If you buy a used car from a dealer, they are usually just selling on a trade in which they've done zero work to - and then stuck their margin on top.
  11. Wanderer Returns

    Is it a good move financially?

    I don't see you you rushing back there any time soon! Buderim of Beeston? Hmm...
  12. Wanderer Returns

    Is it a good move financially?

    I did my teacher-training in Nottingham Uni and a week after I started the course, a fella got murdered in the street below my apartment. Not sure if it was a shooting or a stabbing, but there was one of those little white tents for a while. Apart from that I rather liked the place - much more interesting city than Derby!
  13. Wanderer Returns

    Is it a good move financially?

    We were too, but money doesn't buy happiness. Congrats on the visa - when are you emigrating?
  14. Wanderer Returns

    Is it a good move financially?

    I totally agree, not to mention there's virtually no litter or mindless graffiti - how nice is it here
  15. Wanderer Returns

    Transferring money from house sale in UK

    That was actually a screenshot from Transferwise's transfer page - I guess they are trying to show you how competitive they are!