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  1. Wanderer Returns

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Congratulations! I don't know whether a 491 would allow you to work in Cairns, but I taught there for 3 years and was very happy. Cairns is a great place - loads to do there and around and about - just too hot for too many months of the year, but I'd recommend it for a couple of years or so.
  2. Wanderer Returns

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    That seems pretty good value when you put it in that perspective.
  3. Wanderer Returns

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Thanks for your input
  4. Wanderer Returns

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Rydges not exactly in my price range tbh. I'd normally be staying in some country town whilst making a road trip, and it always seems to be 10am in the places. The cleaners are usually coming around with their trolleys from 9 onward. I'll make a point of asking in future though
  5. Wanderer Returns

    Bushfire season

    If you believe the BBC News at the moment you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world is about to end in Australia – words like ‘apocalyptic’, ‘evacuation’, and phrases like ‘state of emergency’ frequently appearing in the editorial. I’m finding this rather unnerving because I'll be returning to Brisbane to live and work in less than two weeks. Is it really as bad as the media is making out? Are we talking localised areas here, or are the effects much more widespread? I remember when I lived in Cairns the media used to go into overdrive every time a cyclone was a 1000 miles off the coast, but this seems a lot worse. I’m very sorry if anyone in the forum has been directly affected by this; losing one’s home and possessions must be heartbreaking. How well do insurers cover this type of calamity? I was in Brisbane in 2011 when they had the floods and I recall that some insurers didn’t pay out for damage caused by inundation from rising floodwaters. I’ve never owned property in Australia before, so how good insurance protection is against natural disasters is something I need to fully understand.
  6. Wanderer Returns

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    In my experience hotel/motel check-out time is always 10am. This appears to be non-negotiable, and woe betide anyone who is a minute late
  7. Wanderer Returns

    Happy Christmas Holidays

    Sorry to the OP, I didn't intend to hijack your Christmas message with a running commentary regarding one's ailments! Nor did I realise that the picture of my back would be quite so prominent! (I thought it'd be a thumbnail, not inline). I've been trying to delete it but I don't think I can
  8. Wanderer Returns

    Happy Christmas Holidays

    Thankfully my attack of shingles broke out in the middle of the heatwave we had last year (in the UK). I say ‘thankfully’ because I couldn’t stand anything touching my skin for the first month, so I had to sleep without sheets or the duvet. I couldn’t even wear a shirt for weeks , so I was pretty much house-bound because no one really wants to see a semi-naked 50-year-old parading around town, do they?! It took about three months before I could wear clothes all day and get on with normal activities without it driving me mad. I’m not old enough to get the vaccine, so I'll needed to rely on medication. Acyclovir is an antiviral that can be effective if you take it when the outbreak starts. I now keep a supply in the bathroom cabinet. Amitriptyline helped me get a good night’s rest, although I felt groggy in the morning - also in the aforementioned cabinet! Please don’t take this as medical advice of course; I’m just recounting me own experience. Looking on the bright side, shingles is like chickenpox - the chances of getting it again after the initial outbreak are low.
  9. Wanderer Returns

    Do Sixth form Chemistry teachers exist?

    This is currently the case, although it seems that professions can quickly be added or removed from the skills shortage list, so I'd bear that in mind. I previously taught in NSW and QLD, and I’m returning to teach in Queensland in January. To teach in any particular state you need to be registered with the appropriate body. In Queensland it’s the Queensland College Teachers (QCT), and in New South Wales it’s the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). They need to approve your overseas qualifications first, and make sure that they're comparable with equivalent Australian teaching qualifications. If your OH has a PGCE with QTS, then he should have no problem getting registered in any Australian state. The process can take a few weeks and there are quite a few hoops to jump through from recollection. As others have stated, Australian high school education finishes at the end of Year 12. Most students will be 17 by then, although some can be in their early 20s! Year 11/12 students are referred to as ‘seniors’, and the curriculum is similar to what British Year 12/13 study. To the best of my knowledge sixth form colleges don't exist in Australia, so your OH would work in a high school and teach students from Year 7 onward. That might be a bit of a deal-breaker!
  10. Wanderer Returns

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    We intend to ship out our Samsung smart TV when we move out next year. I'm not really bothered if I can't get Australian TV tbh (unless it's dramatically improved in the last 5 years!), just as long as I can get Netflix and other streaming services.
  11. Wanderer Returns

    Happy Christmas Holidays

    I saw this post and thought it'd be a good opportunity to thank all those in POI who have offered some great advice over the last few months, and wish them a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. But by pure coincidence @Bulya I had shingles 18 months ago, and I'm still suffering with PHN under my arm and around my back. I've broken bones and had a few operations over the years, but in my opinion there's nothing worse than nerve pain. Normal painkillers don't even touch it. It has definitely improved though, albeit very gradually. The only thing I've found that helps is just trying to keep busy, if you can concentrate for long enough - although that's not really an option at 3am! Hope you start improving soon.
  12. Wanderer Returns

    Undecided about moving back to Oz after 5 years in the UK

    Thanks for that - good to know
  13. Wanderer Returns

    Undecided about moving back to Oz after 5 years in the UK

    @DukeNinja - as a matter of curiosity, what did you mean by Wynnum being more 'liveable' than Redlands? Were you talking in terms of amenities, or just that area is nicer?
  14. Wanderer Returns

    Undecided about moving back to Oz after 5 years in the UK

    Yes, indeed. Should've read this first be posting - sorry!
  15. Wanderer Returns

    Undecided about moving back to Oz after 5 years in the UK

    Yes, will do! Thanks very much for your offer of help