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  1. Work skills assessment - qualified accountant

    It was based on the invitation round of 20th December https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/WorkinginAustralia/Pages/20-december-invitation-round-2017.aspx Good luck Ferrets
  2. Work skills assessment - qualified accountant

    Hi there, You need a migration assessment from a recognised body so that is a hoop that needs to be jumped - I am not sure what your reciprocal is but mine was CPA and that was straight forward. However, at the moment Accountants need 80 points for a 189 given the last EOI invitation round, so would suggest you get going quick to get in the queue!
  3. Good areas to live for families

    It's really nice and laid back. We had a rental in Wynnum North, and now moved down near the Esplanade. If that can be in your budget with 2 under 2 it is superb; we went for a walk with out 5 & 3 yr olds yesterday and they were thrilled to see the crabs, fishes, pelicans and bats! (they have seen them many times). The train ride back into the city is not great, so that needs to be taken into consideration - I am able to work from home so it's ok for us, but otherwise I would cycle. If you need any more PM and I can do you a tour
  4. Good areas to live for families

    We are in Wynnum / Manly and that seems a popular family place - it's described as Brisbane's seaside (though not beachy as Moreton Island hogs the sand). A great vibe and we are really enjoying it
  5. Differences between states

    The difference between the capitals s striking - we wouldn't have moved from the UK to Melbourne for example, but are totally at home in Brisbane. I guess it's worth thinking that the distances are as big as Europe and therefore it naturally makes a difference between states.
  6. Isn't it wonderful?

    It's not my thing, but I'm a big supporter of this because it simply has no effect on me or mine, so good on them. If it makes any difference to the sex education my children receive in school then frankly it was probably unfit for the modern day and age. In the meantime AUD $122m wasted on an opinion poll that could have been done for AUD $10,000.....well that is worth getting riled over
  7. Long term car rental in Brisbane

    For us it was Hertz from Brisbane Airport. We had originally arranged for 3-4 weeks but ended up extending over the telephone on a week by week basis until our new car arrived.
  8. Long term car rental in Brisbane

    We did two months before buying, but tbh the cost was actually relatively low so could have rented longer. What period were you thinking of?
  9. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    I think that it's a bit of a need thing, those that want to move back are seeking guidance and advice. I guess I am part of a group that is often too quiet - moved and very happy. We find the heat in Queensland awesome (second summer) and it was a low risk move for us as all immediate family is here. That said we are still new, so I haven't converted this to a good news story just yet 😉 A lot of people who use the site for visa help do generally drift, and perhaps there are lots of good news were that aren't told! Good luck with your planned move, we have no regrets 😀
  10. Randstad

    Do you mean work directly for them or to seek work through them?
  11. PRV confused

    Your permanent residency should still be intact (caveated that is based on my experience of current visas) but the travel visa element may have expired. Under your circumstances you should have a good shot at an RRV which should be quite cheap and quick - as you were resident for 25_ years and all family is there can't see any issues. Might be worth a quick chat with an agent like Alan Collett on this - don't expect you would need significant support. Good luck!
  12. Securing Employment Offshore?

    My experience was that there is little interest from recruiters when you are offshore - I started applying, got callbacks and was in essence told that it would not be progressed whilst I was offshore - main driver is employers want you to start asap. If you are able to transfer with one of your existing employers that would be ideal, but otherwise you really need to think of saving up to cover an anticipated gap in employment. Once you start looking, the market tends to move quicker than the UK, but it also depends on the prevalence of jobs in your industry in the area. Good luck!
  13. If the 143 is only in the queue you have options, as TPQ has said above you need to speak to an agent urgently to understand appropriate strategy.
  14. Moreton Bay College

    I think it really depends on your location. Ormiston has a good reputation, and their facilities are great, but it is a the end of the train-line being near Cleveland. We are in Manly and looking at Moreton as our final location in the Brisbane area is not finalised - any move would take us in rather than out which would make Ormiston harder logistically.
  15. It's likely due to the balance of family test with the one child policy that means greater eligibility for Chinese parents.