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  1. Ferrets

    How different areas of Oz differ?

    My work will likely limit me to capital cities for the next few years. Realistically I would not have traded London for Sydney and Melbourne....not worth the move for something that has been described as comparable by recruiters for lesser career opportunities in my field. 90 minutes in traffic in Sydney on Friday underlined that for me, as did the Melbourne weather in December Perth / Adelaide / Hobart / Darwin are short on opportunities for me, but of these we have been to Adelaide but wouldn't tick the box for us, and nothing would draw us to the others. Guess that means Brisbane or bust for us!
  2. The difference between "don't believe all advice" and "most people's advice" can be key at visa time (adlib gap filling)
  3. Ferrets

    Moving home alone after 10 years

    It feels like a cheat of a caveat; all of our siblings are here, my parents are here, my wife's parents are 6mos/6mos..... It has made it a "low risk" migration from our perspective, but appreciate it's likely not the norm.
  4. Ferrets

    Moving home alone after 10 years

    I think this is why migrating for us has been like a duck to water - we were a set family unit of 2+2 and have always had a focus on that. We miss friends etc. but overall has been a good move for us. It actually wouldn't matter where we were tbh (before Australia we were set on a step via New Jersey), just so happens at the moment there isn't anything that would get me out of Queensland. It sounds like @Banana707 made the right call - good luck with your life back in the UK!
  5. This question pops up from time to time where applications were made years ago but with a subsequent change to the age restrictions. Given this is non standard and quite specific to personal circumstances suggest you speak to your agent on this. Good luck!
  6. Ferrets

    Fraser Island Camping

    If you are nearby then would.give it a go, we are doing Moreton for our exploratory trip
  7. Ferrets

    Consulting for UK company from Australia

    Hi there, I used Randstad as a local company to contract back overseas on arrival. Worked easier than setting up a formal structure and still showed local income. Good luck!
  8. Ferrets

    Ielts results

    For some professions you need a 7 or greater across the board in the Academic test. For points you can sit the General to get 8 or greater across the board to get 20 points.
  9. Ferrets

    Australian income tax

    We did our own first returns, but we had taken advice from Alan. We established that if you are are an Australian Tax Resident that any winnings from residual UK premium bonds are all taxable like bank interest
  10. Fair point, only problem is that tracking the progress of an 864 that has moved 6 weeks in 21 months (as @ramot pointed out) I am struggling to keep on topic. Might be easier to log out and log back in in 36 months time to check progress
  11. My numbers were a bit simplistic, and were admittedly based only on the new pension. For those retiring before 2016 the contributions made would typically have been at a different average salary - but will park that one. Certainly agree that there is trouble brewing though!
  12. I think that the advent of auto enrolment means that the UK is already on the path for the abolition of the pension in it's current form to move to an Australian system whereby you pay into your own named account and then a state pension is means tested. Not sure how quickly it will happen but definitely on the way!
  13. Simply if the pension was abolished by parliament then there would be limited recourse which underlines that it is currently a benefit (reality is it wouldn't happen, but is the same when they change age and contributions, etc.). If it were a named account then this would not be possible. I was also mulling up that because it may be possible (I didn't do the sums on the sliding scale of NI) to pay more in NI than you claim as a pension, which again emphasises that it is more of a universal benefit, akin to child benefit before the changes is 2010. The language of the politicians is particularly unhelpful in this area though - I think Steve Webb when he was pensions minister and still wanting to be re-elected went to pains to emphasise it was not a benefit and a right, yet now he is in the private sector is talking about how the system needs to be adjusted / changed to make it more equitable to the younger generations. As a result there is never the proper conversation that needs to be had as they are all eyeing the next general election.
  14. We are getting closer to each other each reply That said I would stick with an average working life of 35. I will do 46+, my wife will do 15-20 (in terms on tax and contributions - her work is unpaid but far harder than mine as the children are....lively).
  15. Employer rates are 13.8% over £8,400, so based on average salary of £27,600 it's approx £2,649. Plus £2,200 employer contributions = £4,849. I've based my thoughts on an average 35 years contributions but yours is based on a max 46 year working life. Given various circumstances (maternity, paternity, etc.) I'd argue 35 is more realistic at this point, which gives £170k (so a big whack above my initial ramblings). But then take off 50% for NHS contributions and that brings you back to £85k. Can that support an £8,500 pension based on current life expectancy and expectations? I know it's moot for most here as stamps have been paid against promises made, but it's still a looming issue.