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  1. Ferrets

    Cost of moving to Oz

    On FX rates more than 2.2x in accounting. Cost of living is about 1.5x, so overall a win, but I am in Qld. Working hours vs Europe is +20%. Overall though the right mix for us.
  2. Ferrets

    Cost of moving to Oz

    Unfortunately our cost of moving was around GBP £30k all in, excluding car purchase bit including two months of car hire. I would also check out what visas can make entry at the moment, think you need PR. I also know families that have struggled to move to PR from a temporary visa. The Costa come over time, occupation review, medical, visa so not a pump sum. However flights, accomodation, shipping container and car hire were the big ones. Best of luck and I hope you find an option that works for you.
  3. Ferrets

    600 Visa Expiring

    Hi all, Family members onshore have their 600 visa expiring soon. They are struggling to depart, with flights repeatedly cancelled. Has anyone been able to extend the 600 visa in Covid time? Or will they.need.to apply for further 600 and move to bringing visa? Thoughts appreciated
  4. Ferrets

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    This is all semantics. 804 holders get medicare as residents. 804 applicants are not not eligible. British citizens (as I understand) on a bridging visa are eligible for reciprocal Medicare. My in-laws on visitor visa get new Medicare cards each time they come over. Hope that makes sense
  5. Ferrets

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    Contact does not mean active support. You are right about separation of visa and property expertise, hence the nudge to @Alan Collett who deals in parent and tax issues. You need a frank assessment of your own circumstances; if you will be reliant on UK pension it will be hard, and realistically you need to be self funded in retirement unless you are dual-living (which is a different can of worms) However you proceed it must be hard to make a choice in flux during these times, and hope it works out well.
  6. Ferrets

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    Stop it. Land tax is irrelevant if you are migrating (staying), and no cost. Your understanding of the 804/864 seems off, you need a medical examination before grant of visa rights. Medical costs on the reciprocal agreement with the UK are covered in part, but hey I wouldn't want have that cover only. You need to consult an agent for strategy and your own peace of mind.
  7. Ferrets

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    Not on an 804, but same bridging conditions. Their expenses are significant due to private medical, and frankly senior discount / travel discount are so irrelevant that we have not discussed. Is it worth it? I am sat here at my parent's with all the grandkids and they are clear the benefits outweigh the costs. But this also dependent on your own circumstances. Personal view? If you are here I would not be leaving.
  8. Ferrets

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    If you live in the house 365 my understanding is that there is no annual charge. My parents have no knowledge of this charge.
  9. Ferrets

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    As a question, land tax is only applicable as temporary resident of an onshore property. Are you planning to stay permanently or to move 6 months / 6 months between Aus and UK?
  10. Ferrets

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    Taxation is unique to circumstances and couldn't comment. Best advice would be to align strategies with a MARA agent, @Alan Collett would be my first port of call for parent/tax but all of the agents who regularly post here would be equally recommended.
  11. Ferrets

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    My understanding: Land tax surcharge is applicable if you are not resident in the property for 183 days a year. FIRB charge is what it is. Alongside the above it is designed to prevent foreign investors buying property and leaving vacant. My parents are on bridging visa and it works for them at the moment. It is however not a "cheap" option and shouldn't be treated as such; FIRB and private medical, alongside reciprocal mount up. However you need to balance where you want to be, and importantly when you may be able to come back given current circumstances.
  12. Ferrets

    Management accountant through experience (not certified)

    Likewise I found that experience prior to completion of CIMA was not counted. Accounting is odd in that it is one of the few profoessions (last time I checked) where technically you don't need experience just the positive skills assessment. That means that unless you have studeid in Australia & done a Professional Year (both tuition fee rorts) it is very difficult to get the required points, with recent invites north of 85 points as highlighted above. You need a strategy, and as flagged one of the MARA agents here will be able to support. In the overall scheme of moving to Australia the cost (if any over inial consultation) is immaterial. Good luck!
  13. Ferrets

    Weird Visa Help, which visa first?

    Think the best route would be a skilled visa for PR, then come and go. Being out of the country might impact citizenship timelines and in the future you might need an RRV if the travel component expires. There are also potential tax implications from gaining PR and working overseas. I got around that by going via an onshore agency so I got paid in AUD, but it was messy from the agency end. Might be worth an initial consult with one of the MARA agents who post on your potential strategy. Good luck!
  14. Totally agree it's unrealistic to continue in current form, but on the face.of it the 864 is potentially much cheaper to the tax payer than other streams which is why they might pull that lever to get the second vac, particularly as onshore at this time. But hey just speculation. Hope your health is doing as well as possible at this time!!
  15. My gut was to disagree, but with little else to do during lockdown curiousity led me to the Productivity Commission's 2016 report. It stood out that the costs associated with the parent visa seemed to be based upon the 143 / 103, with a footnote to confirm this. A surprise for me was that 90% of the 103 visa holders and 73% of 143 holders at the time, had a weekly personal income of less than $300; meaning that on average most would never pay tax and as such be net receiviers from the state through the balance of their working lives and into retirement, including entitlement to the full aged care pension assuming no other international or domestic income. On that basis the calculated cost of $335k - $410k per parent stacks up. However, if you think of an 864 / 804 (assumed arriving with full UK state and personal super), would only be eligible for the pension after 10 years, and in many cases for the UK example potentially never eligible. Whilst there are of course associated healthcare costs, I suspect that if the same analysis was applied to 864/804 visa holders the cost to the tax payer would be significantly reduced vs the headline cost above, and potentially even covered by the 2nd Vac payment of the 864. Dependant upon income and tax status you may even see a surplus from these visa holders, and that's why I think it's a lever the government have to pull. There may be some better data on this but I couldn't find. In respect of easing the overall burden on social services, I suspect that this will simply return to some of the recommenations that have not been implemented prior; namely a virtual removal of the 804/103 streams, and doubling at least in first pass the 2nd Vac for the 846/143 streams. No talk of that in the media but I am sure it will be on the agenda in the coming months (along with franking credits, etc). Jeez I really was bored. Better get Netflix!! Good luck to all those waiting for visas, hope they come through soon!