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  1. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    Thanks Marisa. I forgot to come back to this thread, but you and I were on the same wave-length. I'm going to stay a night in Sydney to rest, then take a bus the next day to Newcastle for a two week Airbnb to get my bearings. Plus, the wages for carpenters seems comparable. Also wanting to learn other skills so it looks like a somewhat affordable place to do it. Could end up being home, who knows!
  2. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    Hey everybody, thanks for all your tips. It's still kind of up in the air on where I'll end up, but I was thinking I may just start off a month in Sydney to get settled. However, the rental market doesn't seem geared toward new arrivals. Very luxury-oriented it seems. There's hostels of course, but I have too much stuff to look after. Worse, flatmatefinders has been a sketchy experience so far, but I know there's still potential for some finds there. I know Sydney is a tough market and for that reason, maybe I'll just hop a bus to Newcastle the day after arriving in Sydney to get my bearings. Any thoughts on the best way to just catch my breath the first month arriving so I can get my act together? Thank you! Edit: I arrive the 14th of February.
  3. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Visa Grant

    Thanks! I'm heading to Sydney in February. I may settle in Newcastle, but also see a lot of opportunity in Syndey.
  4. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Visa Grant

    Thought I'd revive this thread with some good news. 32 months after applying, my 190 NSW was granted! Carpenter, offshore. Got my first CO contact 24 of October. After submitting medicals the 5th of November, grant came just five days later. Made so many friends here and if you all have any questions, I'll be there for ya!
  5. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    Sounds about right! Thank you, Rallyman.
  6. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    I suppose my Vetassess Certificate III would count, at least I'm led to believe. Unless that was just to prove my skill to get the visa. I'm making a list of questions for my agent. I've waited so long for the visa that all these questions are popping up left and right after becoming numb to the possibility of moving there actually happening!
  7. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    Thanks for the tips. Good to know. I'm from the US, but I imagine it's pretty different in Australia. I like the idea of running my own business but perfectly fine putting in grunt work the first year or two so I can learn how things are done the Australian way. Then move into my own jobs. I'll get things set up posthaste regardless. When you say companies "putting people on wages now," do you mean counting them as employees rather than contractors?
  8. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    Understand, thanks Paul.
  9. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    Good point. Forgot I still have an ABN from my working holiday last time. I do have a migration agent so will go over the final details soon. I won't turn down any thoughts from @paulhand and @wrussell on the fine print of the 190 visa in regards to where my work comes from.
  10. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    I love the vibe of Tweed Heads from what I've learned so far. It's closer to Brisbane where I want to be eventually. I suppose the only issue is the jobs listed on Seek seem to be all in Queensland which might be a problem from my visa conditions (190). Unless like you've mentioned, the employer is NSW based, or I have my own business.
  11. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    Thank you, Marisa. I do plan to end up in Queensland eventually so I'm with you on the Gold Coast or Brisbane area again. In regards to Sydney, I am starting to see it in the same realm of New York and Los Angeles. It's a city that is better to be "invited" to with a job offer, rather than going there with no job. Yet here in the US, NYers will encourage you to be there, it's never been a wise strategy in my experience. Leaning toward being in Newcastle or Central Coast and if an opportunity in Sydney presents itself, preferably a hefty wage, then I could live in Sydney. I do like Sydney and the energy of big cities but trying to be measured after past mistakes. Any recommendations on towns close to the Queensland border? I like the idea of owning land around a smaller town like Nimbin or Lismore eventually. Just now learning about Tweed Heads.
  12. nomadiccarpenter

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    After a long two and half years having applied for a NSW 190 visa from offshore, I was asked to do medicals for the first time. Now, the idea of moving to Australia doesn't seem so mythological and have to seriously plan now in case my grant is coming soon. I'm a carpenter - I have two years experience building residential homes. Six years building sets for film and television productions. Everyone seems to want to move to Sydney which leaves me to wonder if I could be overlooking other locations. Are there any other cities I should look into? Newcastle? Wollongong? How about further up the state toward Queensland? I'm not picky with what kind of work I will undertake. If it falls under carpentry, I'm romantic about about helping build Australia's infrastructure such as rail projects, bridges or even stick to building homes. I imagine the film industry would take quite some time to network my way in, which seems to be Sydney based. I want to stick to my two year commitment of living in NSW. Planning on duel citizenship eventually, so wouldn't want to cast any negative light by living elsewhere when it comes time to apply. I also admit I'm a bit of an idealist and want to do the "patriotic" thing by staying within the state, but I understand how some struggle to find work in certain states. I lived in Brisbane a year back in 2016 and have visited Sydney twice and worked in Moree, NSW a few weeks. Thanks for all your support and advice.
  13. nomadiccarpenter

    Visa application submitted 3 mins late

    I was very worried this would happen had Morrison's cabinet been re-elected. That shouldn't even be an option for a government.
  14. nomadiccarpenter

    Waiting for visa news: any tips to make the wait less painful

    Make a plan for years to come - learn new skills, a language, do projects you won't be able to if the visa grant changes life circumstance. Read buddhism books to curb insanity! Save, save and save. Though it seems like they process new cases over old ones so you may not have to wait long at all. We just never know!
  15. nomadiccarpenter

    Decided I need a change

    Very relatable. Yet many don't understand.