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  1. nomadiccarpenter

    Decided I need a change

    Very relatable. Yet many don't understand.
  2. nomadiccarpenter

    491 visa grant for offshore non-essential workers

    It is! Although, there are a lot of challenges as described very well in this article: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/absolute-gridlock-five-challenges-in-australias-migration-program-facing-the-albanese-government/6z1gj92nc
  3. nomadiccarpenter

    New government

    Going on a third year of little net migration, I don't think there's danger of that. Especially since the new allocations aren't even the highest they've been.
  4. nomadiccarpenter

    New government

    There are many job vacancies which Australians alone can't fill. In the name of growing the economy and population again, there are brighter days ahead for migrants. I believe we can all look forward to serving and rebuilding Australia. The backlog is really the only issue now.
  5. nomadiccarpenter

    491 visa grant for offshore non-essential workers

    A handful. I don't quite understand the continued use of PMSOL list at this point. Shortages across the board and wouldn't this list cause more shortages in other occupations excluded from this list? I guess someone just needs to give the order not to follow it anymore, or at least greatly expand it. Just my uneducated opinion.
  6. nomadiccarpenter

    At what point do you give up?

    Let's brace ourselves for a slow month of May and June as we approach the elections and the remaining quota is filled. If we don't see 'back-to-normal' movement between July '22 and July '23, something's wrong, right? I've been reading Buddhism books to cope and staying as busy as possible.
  7. The processing times reflect the age of the applications they process that month. The elephant in the room is that there is a backlog of 70K+ migrants and many of them across different visas have waited over 30 months. 189s have seem some movement recently, some non-critical occupations. Despite things getting back to normal Covid-wise, just mentally prepare yourself for a long wait. I'm almost to my two year anniversary of applying for my 190. Been a lot happier lately living in the moment but it's been very stressful.
  8. nomadiccarpenter

    491 offshore

    Assume you mean 2020, which is still a long time to wait. To answer more politely than others, yes there isn't much you can do to complain as we've all been getting the same generic responses by contacting Home Affairs or political leaders. The good news is, this problem is coming to light more in the news, especially as borders re-open. Seems every week there's good news so I truly believe we're on the other side of this, even if that means we all still may have long wait with the backlog.
  9. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Visa Grant

    Seen a lot of movement for offshore, non-PMSOL 190s recently as well. This looks to be the year things get back to normal.
  10. Touche. Seems to be a trend in every developed country. I wonder how many of the applicants who have been waiting years will still work in their profession when the grant finally arrives.
  11. We get the same paranoid thinking from leaders in America too but the consequences are far greater for Australia. Truth is, if the job could be filled it would. Australia has already tried not having immigration and it isn't working. It's frustrating to see them take money from people only to have them wait close to three years.
  12. With the language being "visa holders," I'm interpreting this as we still won't see processing of offshore applications such as 190 and 189, since we don't "hold visas," correct?
  13. nomadiccarpenter

    190 wait times

    I applied for my EOI in February 2020 (offshore, carpenter, NSW) and was invited to apply less than a month later, right when the pandemic as declared. Been waiting for grant with no case officer assigned ever since.
  14. nomadiccarpenter

    VETASSES Carpentry Technical Interview

    Congrats on stage 1! I was asked a ton of safety questions; fencing around sites, know the ground you will dig, watch for surroundings and powerlines, PPE, etc. Other topics were reduced levelling, layout a site, terminology of what I was working on in my photo evidence. Identify components of a blueprint (if you have trouble reading their pictures, say so. I accidentally said 285 degree angle, instead of 28.5 because the internet connection made the numbers mush together). They understood though and didn't mark it against me. I knew in my head it sounded weird but just blurted it out of nerves. They may form some questions based on the evidence you submitted. Here's a nice video for some tips as well: I'm interested in tutoring if you'd like to DM me. I passed my assessments in carpentry.
  15. nomadiccarpenter

    Sydney property

    If by nicer, you mean warmer, yes. Although I only spent two winters in Brisbane. It was warmer than Sydney with more humidity. I still wore a light jacket some nights but could have survived easily without it. Just wanted to look good on the ferry! Looks like NSW is progressing well with the vaccinations. I've been avoiding the news because it was making this visa wait drag on more than it already was. It's healthy to get a break from all the doom scrolling.