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Found 148 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a newbie here and apologies in advance because this has probably already been asked atleast 100 times before We, like so many are thinking about making the move to Oz but there's so many if's, buts and maybes and some of the threads on Google don't help in making it any easier to understand. I came across this site and thought it's the best one I've seem and seems a lot more friendly than so many others. I am a gas safe registered domestic engineer here in the UK both natural and LPG. Have my level 2 plumbing all C&G qualifications as well as my oil ticket (I'm not sure if this is much use in OZ) My hubby is a level 2 qualified plumber again C&G. We can get a state sponsored visa which is fab but we understand that we may need to do some bridging qualifications out there to get a licence to work. My first question is does anyone know what we may need to train for in addition to our qualifications to bridge any gaps and if it's something we can do here before we come so we are fully ready to go when we get there? We have two little ones so I'm keen to try and secure a job before we move (although we are ready to go) and I have a few trips over there planned to try and speak to employers. I'm just worried it's not always easy to come back if we can't get jobs and have lost everything (I'm a mum, I worry ) Second question is, are there lots of ladies in the trade world there? It wasn't the easiest for me starting out here being quite a small women to secure a position and I ended up volunteering just to get a work placement to train etc. I'm hoping that businesses in Oz are much more open minded and accepting. Have a happy new year everyone x
  2. Hi everybody. I’m a gas engineer looking to apply for the 189 or 190 visa. Just wondering if these visas require a certain amount of work experience before you can apply for them? I’ve been qualified and working for 3 and a half years. Also, if any other gas/heating engineers are on here and have moved over recently could you share your experience and thoughts with me please? cheers
  3. I am an ex British gas engineer I live in Melbourne and own my own heating service company. I am looking to employ a heating service person servicing and repairing gas central heating systems just like you would do in UK. Please if interested Jim
  4. SWMOY04

    how to set up utilities

    hello all. still on my.mission of moving. two weeks to go now. just secured a decent house in Mernda, we were lucky to have someone go and view and apparently the landlord liked our profile. Our viewer is also going to furnish with beds and a few kitchen basics for our arrival. paid my bond this morning and my first rent will be due just before I take off from UK. my next quandary is utilities. I'm not liking the idea of landing in a half furnished house void of electricity etc. how quick/slow are the utility companies in setting up? can I set up whilst I'm out here? our lease starts a week prior to our arrival as we have friends who have volunteered to collect our furniture and do some cleaning if needed... so I figured the utilities could also get started
  5. I have scoured high and low and cannot find any guidance from the Aussie govt websites regarding butane gas canisters. I have a number of CampingGaz cylinders for camping, and just want to know if they're allowed to be imported via sea or not. I also have a soldering iron which contains gas too. Your experience or wisdom will be greatly appreciated. choose files... Click to choose files
  6. Hi, Thinking of moving to Aus with my family, my current position at home is Gas Operations Manager, running large contracts within the domestic gas industry. Could anyone advise how I would go about finding the same or similar lines of work in Aus? Thank you in advance.
  7. Guest

    Gas Fitters Watch Out!!!!

    Having planned with my family to start a new life in Australia our plans came to a crunching hault. Even though as a gas fitter you earn the points to qualify for a Visa, dont begin to get excited. The Australian Visa Bureau contacted me yesterday and explained the following...... Even though i have a City & Guilds NVQ Level 2 in Gas Installation & Maintenance and i am Gas Safe Registered with experience. Because i didnt do an apprentership with a company i do not qualify. What is that all about? When i did my NVQ i had to work with a company to train and gather evidence for a portfolio. Surely that is the same thing ??? Unbelievable!!! As you can imagine i am annoyed at the whole process and i think it is plain silly to prevent Gas Fitters moving to Oz because they had no apprentership. I am not even aware you can even get a gas apprentership these days? Maybe with British Gas but These days people who want to better themselves get off their backside and pay for and go to college themselves. If Anyone has faced the same troubles as i just have please let me no because apparently the Visa bureau have this problem with Gas Fitters all the time. So they tell me. :mad:
  8. Guest

    Uk gas bbq can you convert??

    I'm sure I read a post on here recently about converting your UK GAS BBQ to Australian fittings. Is this possible? Really hope someone will reply to this! As we're just about to give it a good clean ready for the packers! Don't want to waste time doing it if we can't take it.
  9. StaceyGC

    Gas BBQ.

    My husband and I are going through our furniture deciding on what to take back to the UK and what to sell. We know we have too much furniture for a 20ft container but unfortunately that is all our budget will allow. My husband insists he wants to take his BBQ and outdoor heaters back with us. All gas. I hope this is not a silly question but will the the UK gas bottles fit/work?
  10. Guest

    Best Energy Company

    Hi All, I will be moving into my first rental apartment soon in Sydney. How can I choose the best energy company in terms of charges? Browsing on the internet, there seem to be comparison websites around. Do these really work? Has anyone tried them before? Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi I'm corgi registered, nvq l3 etc etc looking for some info on the industry in Oz and availability of work etc. Thinking of Adelaide as a poss area to settle. . . And advice would be much appreciated
  12. John T

    uk gas bbq

    I lovingly cleaned and the transported our Weber Gas BBQ over to Brisbane earlier this year I found the gas regulator and hose didnt fit the Oz gas bottles (no surprise there), but thought it would be a case of a conversion kit Having contacted both Weber and now the "Australian Gas Association", I have been advised conversion is not possible Any ideas anyone before I put my pride & joy out for scrap JT
  13. i am totally lost on where to start, i have searched for hours on the internet for what kind of work i could do in oz. I have 5 years experience as a pressure control engineer with a gas network company ( 4years of that advanced apprenticeship). does anyone have any useful information on gas maintenance companys or where to even start ! my job is basically regulator maintenance/mechanical fitter/pressure control.. which probably comes under a different title in australia which is throwing me off. any help at all would be much appreciated. thanks !
  14. I am a 26 year old male from Wolverhampton.I have been working as a technical heating engineer for British Gas for the past 4 years.I am now looking to emigrate to Australia,but need some information on finding a job.I have scoured the internet looking for Australian gas companies and gas fitter jobs,but have been unable to find many.Would it be more beneficial for me to initially apply for a 12 working holiday visa,then try to find work whilst on that?or to keep on looking for a job first here in the UK?It would be great to hear from any gas engineers who have already emigrated or found jobs.Any help would be greatly appreciated.I have listed my UK qualifications below,just incase anyone out there is looking to offer me a job lol :-) EEDH Energy efficiency (domestic heating) Installation and servicing of unvented hot water storage systems CCN1 Core domestic gas safety CEN1 Domestic boilers CKR1 Gas cooking appliances HTR1 Balanced and fan assisted gas fires/wall heaters DAH1 Ducted ait heating WAT1 Instantaneous water heating appliances NVQ Level 2-domestic natural gas maintenance NVQ Level 3-domestic natural gas maintenance All certificates to prove above qualifications are all valid. If anyone out there knows of any gas companies who might be looking for employees then please get in touch with me.Craig
  15. Hi All, New to the forum/site but have a few questions that i'm hoping some of you guys may be able to help with! Myself and my other half are thinking of moving to Oz late next year (2013), having looked around on the net at the skilled migrant process, I am unsure on what is the best option for me to get skill assessed on. Below is a bit about my experiece and qualifications: HNC Building Services (HVAC), C&G 2079 F-Gas (Air con), Qualified UK Gas engineer through the ACS/gas safe scheme, 7 years working within the M&E industry working on mechanical services. Aside from my qualifications above I have also got the Engineering Technician status from CIBSE which has a mutual recognition from engineers australia as a chartered engineering associate. I suppose, what i'm asking is what people would recommend as the best route to take in getting out to Oz next year as a skilled migrant? What trades are more in demand? Would it be as a general Plumber based on the above skills (even though I have no formal plumbing qualifications)? Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks
  16. Hello, please can you help. I came to australia on the 16th may 2012 on a working holiday visa but really would like to extend my stay possibly permanent. i started to look for work straight away, i seem to be getting nowhere and agencies dont seen to be much assistance. in the uk i worked as a gas engineer both commercial and domestic. im in brisbane at the moment, but am prepared to work anywhere, do anything, along with f.i.f.o work. can you please help thanks in advance liam
  17. bazza79

    gas fitter ?

    hi all im new to all this so bear with me,me and the misses are realy keen to move to australia preferble perth i am a gas main fitter i looked up the description of this on the skilled list and it says you need to work downstream of the billing metre wich is what i do but then in the tasks it goes on about instaling appliances wich is upstream help please...:arghh:
  18. hey all, I'm in the M+E trade back in the UK (Gas,water,fitting)and im looking to head out to Perth in Decemeber! Been pinging out loads of emails to M+E companies out there but have had no response at all! Does anyone know of any companies in this field of work, or could help point me in the right direction?? I'm going on a holiday work visa first just to see how I get on...So I dont mind if im working as a plumber etc and dont do Gas as i know the rules and regs will be different??? thanks Chris
  19. dannymull

    Gas Fitter?

    (first post, not sure if I'm in the correct area?) I’m going to try and process a visa application without using an agent. Ideally, I’d prefer to use one but need to keep the cost down. I’ve noticed how very helpful members are & hopefully, someone can help me….. Gas Fitter? Can anybody let me know if they have a similar working background. I’m a Gas Safe registered engineer and work on industrial and commercial heating (gas and oil) such as warm air htrs, force draft burners, process burners, & all types of boilers inc steam. I have been told by two separate people at Oz Expos that I’ll have to do an assessment on plumbing? I could do it, but I’m more familiar with 6” pipe than 10mm pipe (& especially plumbing bathrooms) - does this sound right? Trades on the SOL that I could be in (I think)? Gas Fitter 334114 AirCon & Mechanical services plumber 334112 Production or Plant Engineer 233513 Industrial Engineer 233511 The Vatasses – once you’ve passed them, do they expire? ie Do I have to lodge my visa application within a time scale of passing or being recognised for competence. Thank you.
  20. Hi, my wife has been sponsored on a 457 visa and we are moving with our two boys (11 & 9) in January. I currently work offshore UK North Sea as a control room operator on Buzzard platform. I've made a few contacts, but have nothing sorted as yet, if anybody knows anybody looking for production guys, would appreciate the heads up! Cheers Chris
  21. Guest

    Gas fitters

    Hi All I am new so go easy on me, all i want to know is there a call for domestic gas fitters in Oz? Cheers Richard :biggrin:
  22. The Pom Queen

    Mining and Gas Expo in Cairns

    For anyone interested there is a mining and jobs expo in Cairns on Wednesday 2nd November at Cairns Convention Centre between 10am - 4pm. More info can be found here: http://www.skills.qld.gov.au/
  23. HI everyone is there anyone out there that knows where in south australia i can get my uk gas qualifications assessed so that i can apply for an australian gas licence any help would be great thanks
  24. Gillard is right on this one and I just cannot understand the opposition to her bill. :eek: http://digitaljournal.com/article/312579 Australia is the world's leading polluter and the Country who will suffer the most is Australia if global warming is not strangled.
  25. I read that in The Australian today - an Aussie company is a partner. They do not know yet if it is properly viable to extract it. And also in the news in OZ that HUGE mine in South OZ - Olympic Mine - cd be the largest open cut mine in the world.