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  1. Tulip1

    Parent VISA

    He quoted he wants to bring his parents out to Australia to live and help out with childcare. He did say they will possibly only be there 6-9 months at a time but to say he wants them there to live and do childcare for up to 9 months a year makes it sound like a permanent move. Coupled with him saying he assumed they’d be on a bridging visa until 103 was granted I think he was meaning a permanent move with some travel to Europe and the uk too. Looking after grandchildren in a childcare capacity would be considered as work I’m sure so the 600 probably isn’t what they have in mind. Perhaps he can clarify the situation in mote detail
  2. Tulip1

    Immigration with 2 wives

    Good to hear
  3. Tulip1

    Immigration with 2 wives

    You want to take your first wife’s children away from their mother just to suit your goal? How does the mother and children feel about that idea?
  4. Tulip1

    Parent VISA

    I thought that was the case. They’re thousands that have been sitting in the 103 queue for a great many years, the OP is going to be disappointed if they think the parents can turn up on a tourist visa and remain there
  5. Tulip1

    Parent VISA

    I may stand corrected but I’m sure the 103 has to be applied for offshore and I don’t think there’s a bridging visa, just a long queue of approx 20 years
  6. Tulip1

    Dean Stephens

    Is the father ok for his children to move to the other side of the world?
  7. Tulip1

    143 visa payment times help

    We have an appointment with our Mara agent in the new year. We are currently in Australia now and if we get time when we're back we will call over and see him as they are in the same town as us I hope your agent wasn’t the one who told you the process will take 3 years! May want to try another one if they did
  8. Tulip1

    143 visa payment times help

    I understand where you are coming from. Not many years ago the timescale was only a few years or even less. Now we’re all waiting forever it seems, I feel your pain! Best to get your application in as soon as possible
  9. Tulip1

    143 visa payment times help

    That’s what I was thinking Quoll, unable to work, unable to get any benefits and expensive school fees. If the OP is wealthy non of this will matter I guess but if not it doesn’t sound realistic
  10. Tulip1

    143 visa payment times help

    Not an easy time to take your son, he will be about 16 then and likely in the middle of exams.
  11. Tulip1

    143 visa payment times help

    Waiting time will be about six years for you not three
  12. Tulip1

    What are you listening to ?

    Brilliant song, one of my favourites
  13. Tulip1

    The role of a migration agent

    From my understanding, Raul is a very experienced MA who is highly valued by many on this forum
  14. Tulip1

    Emigrating and leaving parents behind

    So many have been in your situation. It is 100% your choice where you live, they don’t own you and you are an adult making your own decisions and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, they are acting like this because they are devastated, their only child and grandchild are moving away and they feel bereaved. The loss to them is heartbreaking and that’s why they are behaving like they are. You ask are you being selfish? This has been touched upon many times on here and the reality is you have to be a bit selfish if you want to emigrate. No one can think their extended family will be over the moon about their loved ones moving to the other side of the world, therefore if you still do it knowing you’re hurting them then there is an argument of being selfish. I dont think there’s a problem with that, it’s your life and I’m very pro grown up kids making their own choices. You’re putting what you and your now family want over what they want, that can be seen as selfish as you’re satisfying you not them, perfectly normal and good for you. They may come round when you’ve moved and visit you, they may not. Totally understandable they don’t want to move. Only time will tell but you should do what’s right for you. Back to the ‘selfish’ bit, there will come a time when they are old and maybe in need of help and a time when just one will be left old and alone. I’m sure you’ve thought all these things out and still want to go but just thought I’d mention that as there’s many on here who will tell you how hard that is when it happens. One final thing which sounds very gloomy but again has been said on here lots and is important. Should anything go wrong in the future when you’re out there and you want to return to the uk you would have to get permission from your fiancé to bring your kid back. Many people have been in this situation and cannot return (unless alone) as the father won’t give permission for the kid to return and they usually win in court as that’s where the child is resident. Best of luck, if it’s what you want go for it and be happy (just understand your parents cannot be happy about it)
  15. Tulip1

    Working Holiday Visa

    “Is there anything I should be aware of before I apply?” Yes, that you may not get your visa in time for your flight! I’ve heard they are taking several weeks.