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  1. Tulip1

    UK mortgage while in Australia

    You will need to get a consent to let from your mortgage provider. Most will agree to this for a fixed term, a year for example. Some lenders will be more flexible than others. After that you’d be looking to switch onto a buy to let mortgage. The best thing to do is have a chat with your current provider and if you don’t like their terms have a shop about.
  2. You’d be wise to contact Paul who’s commented. He is a highly regarded agent on here.
  3. Well done mum. I wonder if many did that, just think of the sibling arguments it would save.
  4. My mum used to talk about the excitement of who would be lucky enough to find the coin in the Christmas pudding.
  5. Tulip1

    Parent Visa

    The wait time is more like ten years I think. Also, does your partner have any children? If so they are part of the balance of family test I believe. Apologies if you realise these things but not everyone does. I’m sorry I can’t help re the form you mention, hopefully someone will be along soon that can. Best of luck.
  6. Tulip1


    It is only working day 4 today and arguably the third working day as UK Thursday would be Australia’s Friday. How many working days did their terms and conditions state. Transfers are done far quicker these days but it’s still within the accepted timescales. I expect it will be there any day now.
  7. Tulip1

    Visa choices for Son (non dependent)

    There must have been a reason but what a shame they weren’t included in the parents visa application six years ago. Perhaps they weren’t dependents but it sounds like they would have been with their extensive education record. Fingers crossed it all works out for them.
  8. Tulip1

    Pet flights to UK

    I agree with the others, use a specialist company. I’d say the Perth direct flight would be the best option. It will be an unpleasant process for a dog so I reckon the quicker it’s out the way the better. I believe even on the stops they remain in the crate so it makes sense that 19 hours is better than say 30. It’s a long time onboard and they’ll be a bit hungry and bewildered on landing but on and off only once would be the kindest if possible.
  9. The queue will be at least ten years, probably longer. I assume the sponsor will need to meet the criteria prior to grant of visa so hopefully that will still be the case with your sister. I guess no one can know what situation they will be in a decade down the line. A bit strange you are asking a bunch of strangers on a forum these questions when you are liaising with your own migrant agent who will be able to advise you much better.
  10. Tulip1

    RIP Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

    Totally overboard. I expect I wasn’t the only one sticking to Netflix yesterday.
  11. Tulip1

    RIP Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

    I agree. A death is always sad but someone dying more than 20 years beyond average life expectancy cannot be unexpected.
  12. It’s slightly different but you certainly can raise a dispute and get your money back if you’ve used a debit card.
  13. Tulip1

    Relocating from UK - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Help

    The cost of some advice will be tiny compared to the cost of moving out there and probably having to move back a few years later. Even if your flights etc are covered, there’s still many other costs involved. In my opinion, after reading your comments, advice is vital. Good luck.
  14. That makes sense. I think there’s something about final salary pensions too where many employees weren’t aware it opted them out or something. It’s not me so I know little about it but I remember years ago someone talking about it and it was to do with them being in a final salary pension.
  15. There is something about when you opt out of serps you get less state pension/it effects it in some way. I’m not sure exactly what but there is definitely something like you can potentially get less (which would perhaps fit with needing more years to get the same)