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  1. Tulip1

    Trans World Sports

    Shocking and wrong.
  2. Tulip1

    How much does the ping pong affect kids?

    I agree but I was responding to FirstWorldProblems who was explaining his position with what will be adult kids who can make their own decisions. He will likely be in a situation that his family will be split between two countries. Had he moved five years ago that wouldn’t be the case so the answer is move while the kids have no choice. It sounds tough and it is but if parents have decided to move the kids move with them. The parents are in charge. As for respecting their opinions, definitely. It probably wouldn’t change most parents minds if they’d made the decision but yes, respect them just the same. My comment on respecting their choices was in relation to the FirstWorldProblems saying his wife yelled oh no you will not to their daughter. If the daughter wants to remain in the UK as an adult that should be respected as it’s her choice. Had she been five years younger her feelings should still have been respected but she’d still be moving with her family.
  3. Tulip1

    How much does the ping pong affect kids?

    I agree, do it while the kids are younger. When they are at an age you can force the move you stand a good chance of them settling and remaining. They may not remain but it’s your best chance. FirstWorldProblems, I don’t envy your situation. It’s very likely you and your wife will either end up remaining stuck in the UK or move leaving one or two adult kids behind. There’s nothing we can do about it when they are old enough to make their own decisions. It’s the same as someone’s adult child moving to another country as I guess you did and millions of others have (my kids included) You just have to respect their decisions, support them and be happy for them.
  4. You looking forward to it?
  5. Today is a good day. I have received my 143 visa. Application February 2017 Request for medicals/police clearance/AoS November 2022 - all submitted Nov/Dec 22. Request for second payment last week and payment made. Visa granted 1st June. Grateful to Alan Collett and his team at Go Matilda. They have been fantastic. Excellence at its best. 
  6. Tulip1

    How is Megan doing so far?

    If he was honest on his visa application then he has nothing to worry about. Witch hunt or not, it should cause him no concern or worry, unless he was dishonest when signing what is a legal declaration. Same as for anyone, if you’re going to lie you have to be good at it and not drop yourself in it. I remember a friend of mines mum used to say to her when caught out on something….be sure your sins will find you out. I doubt they will revoke his visa regardless but it will show him in very poor character if true.
  7. I was in Bournemouth last weekend. Lovely weather and lots of people swimming in the sea and little ones paddling and running in and out the water filling their buckets up. I expect they’re all still alive and well today. I agree the idea doesn’t sound appealing but safe?…….I expect we’d all hear about it if people were dropping dead across the country following a dip in the sea.
  8. It’s because he repeatedly lied about it when asked (honesty and integrity are core values within ITV) and because of his senior position. Having a relationship with a young employee keen to succeed could be seen as taking advantage of his position. He did nothing illegal but his employer clearly feels they don’t want someone like that in their team.
  9. It’s not often that Blackpool is suggested as the place to go. Many would lose their appetite at the mere thought of going there.
  10. I did a similar thing. When my second one was only days old I got him all cosy sitting in his car seat in the hall ready to drive to pick my eldest up from playgroup. When I was stood waiting outside the playgroup for the doors to open the other mums were congratulating me and asking about my newborn. One said where is he and my heart sank as reality hit. He was still sitting in my hall. In habit I had just grabbed my car keys and walked out the door. He’s in his 30’s now and non the worse off.
  11. It’s what we are born into. The NHS is free healthcare from the cradle to the grave. Pretty much everything medical is free. If something has always come free is can be a shock to pay for it. I guess it’s no different from sending kids to school for free. If parents (here and there) suddenly had to pay for that professional service when they’ve been reassured from the start it was free it would come as a shock. Some here do have private medical insurance and some that are able do pay for things to speed it up. Many believe they do pay for that professional service through their taxes.
  12. I lodged my application in Feb 2017. In Nov 2022 I was asked for medical, police clearance and AoS. All this was submitted in Nov/Dec 2022 including AoS approval letter 22 Dec. I am still waiting for 2nd Vac payment request. I hoping I’m part of the 1000 mentioned. You may have a while to go yet.
  13. What lucky dogs to get a home with you. Much joy to be had between all three of you I expect.
  14. Tulip1

    Ten Pound Poms

    I hope there’s a second series.