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  1. Tulip1

    If you could choose one thing..

    I remember on Saturdays as a child we’d have oxtail soup for lunch and a bloomer from the bakery in the middle of the table to dunk in it. We’d just pull chunks off the loaf and dunk, loved it but I’m not sure I’d fancy it now
  2. Tulip1

    If you could choose one thing..

    Looks wonderful Toots
  3. Tulip1

    Applying for RRV from outside Australia

    Very sad news re your dog. I don’t think your daughter suddenly enrolling on a course will work. I believe they ask for many months history in order to stop people changing their situation to fit the criteria. She probably should have done that straight after her A Levels. I would speak to Paul if I was you. You need to know exactly where you stand and what you can do and he will provide that for you. Good luck
  4. Tulip1

    Things you just don't get.

    Great film though
  5. Tulip1

    Applying for RRV from outside Australia

    I think that will impact her application. I’m quite sure she won’t be seen as dependent on you as she could move into a house/flat share or something. Her still living in your house doesn’t mean she’s dependent on you. It would be best to run it past a migrant agent such as paulhand above
  6. Tulip1

    Tightening character test

    I guess the answers simple, behave yourself and you’ve nothing to worry about
  7. Tulip1

    One way travel insurance

    What if you were taken ill on your stop over? Worth getting cover
  8. Tulip1

    Substantial ties

    I thought I’d read sister in law sorry
  9. Tulip1

    Things you just don't get.

    Agree, it is needed (unless you have millions and can cover the cost of any disasters) just not always purchased.
  10. Tulip1

    Substantial ties

    I’d say it’s very weak tie, not even a blood relative
  11. Tulip1

    Contributory parent visa

    Agree with above, get divorced
  12. Tulip1

    Traveling back to the UK with a 9 month old

    You just have to get on with it. It will be hard work and horrible, I remember it well but nothing you can do about it. An extra seat is a lot of money so worth thinking about a hotel stop part way which will cost a lot less. A seat would be good if you have the money. If not you take turns walking the length of the plane a million times hoping with all your might that they will soon need a nap and make the best of it.
  13. Tulip1

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Well I wouldn’t want to be away from a baby so young but I don’t really see a problem if someone does. The baby has its father and nannies to care for it and it certainly won’t be neglected so why should it matter. If a parent had to go away for a few days with work would it really matter? I wouldn’t enjoy being away from one so young but each to their own, there’s worst things a parent could do than take a short break and leave the baby in excellent hands.
  14. Tulip1

    Things you just don't get.

    If you chose not to get it then you take the risk and shouldn’t expect others to bail you out, that amount could have had a few more zeros on it if he’d had something serious. It’s selfish and I hope he repaid you
  15. Tulip1

    Things you just don't get.

    I don’t agree, people know it’s a good thing to have they just risk it. No one likes paying for any insurance as it’s rarely used and therefore seen as a waste of money. We all know though that it may be needed, your car may get stolen or be in an accident, your house may get burgled, flooded or burnt down. People who holiday without insurance chose to take a chance, it doesn’t just fly under their radar.