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  1. Tulip1


    Then say that. What you posted has nothing whatsoever to do with your long term plan of moving back. I’d wait a while longer if I was you. Nothing is open here and a job won’t be easy to get although they’re still out there. You will need to quarantine for two weeks when you get here and if you intend staying with family they will also need to quarantine for two weeks. No different households are allowed to mix so you don’t be able to see family/friends and this is likely to continue for many months. As you’ve planned this move back for years, waiting a little longer won’t make much difference. Up to you but it’s the worst time to be coming back. Covid is terrible here right now, 1820 died yesterday, that’s in just one day and almost 100,000 have died in the last 10 months. Why take yourself out of safety. The vaccine programme is doing well so things will hopefully start to improve but it will be sometime. All adults will be offered it by the autumn so that tells you it’s not a quick fix.
  2. Tulip1


    Moving back indefinitely is very different from ‘I haven’t seen my family for two years, would this be compassionate grounds’ you putting that would make most people think you are talking about a trip back to see family. I believe you need to show evidence you are moving back such as left job, ended tenancy etc. Is it your plan to move back long term then? It’s not a good time to do that really unless you’re very unhappy there.
  3. I completely agree with everything you’ve said here. I also worry that attempting to put all this pressure on the government may actually have a negative effect. They’re not going to start letting more in and reducing the queue times but they may end up saying we can’t be doing with all this shit we’re getting. It’s quite possible that tons of emails and lobbying from ageing people wanting to move to the country quickly will just piss them all off. I understand people wanting to try and get the queue times lowered, I am in the queue myself. I do think what’s put on the website regarding wait times should be made clearer as it’s not right to give people unrealistic timescales and it’s good that people are asking for that to be looked at. I also hope they shock us all and get a positive outcome regarding the queue times too.
  4. Tulip1


    No, what you’ve stated wouldn’t be seen as compassionate grounds. You wouldn’t be able to see your family even if you were there right now and that’s likely to continue for some months. Households are not allowed to mix but irrelevant anyway. If they gave out exemptions to those who hadn’t seen family members for 2 years they’d be giving out thousands.
  5. Tulip1

    Tied myself in knots

    Paul is a migrant agent and is highly regarded on this forum. You’d do well to make contact with him for a full assessment.
  6. Oh dear. It was meant as funny sarcasm but strange that the truth behind it hit a nerve. Nothing wrong with trying to do something about it but the ‘ridiculous’ parent queue times won’t change. The fact is they don’t want older people going out there to live, we are statistically an expensive drain on their country. It would be good if they gave clearer timescales, perhaps current ones and some form of predicted ones. I guess the problem is if they predicted someone applying today would take 10 years to get a visa and over the years they reduce the annual allocation by half then in 8 years time those who had it in their minds they had two years left would be moaning they’ve been mislead as they’ve still got 5 years left or whatever. They probably can’t win on that and they probably don’t really care.
  7. Love that you state you think all politicians are terrible yet you’ve written to them asking for their help.
  8. Tulip1

    Leaving Employer after 186 Direct Entry Visa Grant

    Yes. The fact you are asking this question tells me you already know there are implications to resigning.
  9. Tulip1

    Is it a good move financially?

    The first thing you need to do is see if either of your occupations/professions are on the skills lists and if they are that you satisfy the criteria. They have tightened up a lot recently and getting a visa can be very difficult. If they’re not then you won’t be able to get a visa to move there. I assume you have checked? If you have then in answer to your questions - don’t worry about your daughter, young children are very portable. As for is it a bad financial move, not necessarily. Yes it will be costly but it may be worth that for the experience of living in another country for some years with all the new experiences and different culture to enjoy. Our holidays cost us a lot and there’s nothing to show for them other than the pleasure they bring along with the experience and new things seen/learnt. Some would see the costs a waste, others would brush them away as money well spent on doing what they wanted to do/scratching that itch. The first thing you must do is find out if it’s possible to get a visa.
  10. Tulip1

    Is it a good move financially?

    Silly question but I assume you know you actually can move to Australia? There’s many people that say they’d like to/considering it when they have no chance of getting a visa so I’m just checking you’re confident on that front as otherwise everything else is irrelevant.
  11. Tulip1

    Student visa

    As an international student, all fees and living costs have to be paid by yourself and they are high. No loans available at all.
  12. If you want to then go for it. Not my thing on a bloke but you don’t need to worry about what me or anyone else thinks. Do what makes you happy.
  13. I don’t get why Covid can’t be mentioned. It’s probably one of the top things talked about in the world right now. It certainly seems to be in my world.
  14. Tulip1

    Visa type and agent

    Paul who has commented is a well regarded agent on this site. It would be worth contacting him. It doesn’t sound too hopeful that you will be successful in emigrating but the sooner you know one way or another the better. Good luck.