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  1. Tulip1

    Adding daughter to visa

    You will need to contact him directly
  2. Tulip1

    Not declared convictions

    I doubt it. I don’t think you will pass the character test. To my knowledge a prison term of 12 months or more is usually a no. The fact you didn’t declare it on your visa application will seal the deal I think.
  3. She can fly as an unaccompanied minor, they look after them very well. 5 may be a tad young but certainly in the next few years there’s no reason why not.
  4. Tulip1

    143 and skilled Visa question

    You are best to ask them then. People on here are very helpful and will try and help but a Mara agent will know far more and it will be correct.
  5. Tulip1

    143 and skilled Visa question

    And you have at least 50% of your children settled in Oz?
  6. Tulip1

    Driving license application in QLD and UK points

    I did answer your question. You said any help would be appreciated. Surely all you need to do is not speed and your possible future issue will not happen. My help was just reiterating the obvious but it was still offering help as maybe you hadn’t thought about how simple the solution is.
  7. Tulip1

    Driving license application in QLD and UK points

    Your concerns are easy to deal with, just don’t speed. If you do and end up killing someone you’ll be going to prison rather than Oz. You’ve already got six points, time to start driving properly. You’ll get a shock in Oz, speed limits much slower than the UK and they are heavily enforced. Start practising sticking to the law now and your concerns will immediately vanish.
  8. If it’s a buy to let then it is looked at from the rental income that it will get rather than owners income but you cannot have your parents as tenants
  9. If you intend on getting a buy to let mortgage then you will struggle because family are not allowed to be your tenants
  10. Tulip1

    143 visa

    It’s not the general view on timescales. It’s the timescale of people who applied in early/mid 2015. The queue increased at an alarming rate after they applied and the allocation of visas dropped. They are currently doing applications from Aug 2015 and the queue seems to move about four months for each year. You are two years behind the current applications being processed in actual years but if the queue is only moving by four months in each year that’s 6 years left for you. I really do hope it gets better as I’m in the same position as you although I’m higher up the queue than you but I’m still looking at many years.
  11. Tulip1

    Children’s visa

    The same criteria applies. They can only go for PR if they meet the criteria. Almost everyone who goes on a WHV has to return, it’s just an extended holiday visa with work rights. It’s a double edged decision as if they remain in the uk then they build up experience in their field which is unlikely to happen in Oz bearing in mind regional work and only being allowed to be with an employee max 6 months. Whilst they want to go now if they remain in the UK to build up years of experience things change, they may meet a partner and then not want to go. They may decide on a WHV and one of them meet someone and settle and the other one not and have to return alone. You’re in a difficult situation, you need to go ahead with this if you really want to knowing they may never get there. Speak to a migrant agent just so you know exactly where you stand but sadly there’s hundreds of thousands of early 20’s out there on WHV desperately trying to find a way to stay but for the most there just isn’t.
  12. Tulip1

    Children’s visa

    Apologies for that. They can only go on a visa they can obtain in their own right such as a skilled visa. At their age and experience, this would be impossible I’d say. They will need to build up years of experience and then hope their trades are on the skilled list.
  13. Tulip1

    Activating partner 100 visa

    Not after a few days I’m sure
  14. Tulip1

    Children’s visa

    As has been said, they won’t be able to go on your visa.
  15. Tulip1

    Activating partner 100 visa

    If the baby will be born in the UK how will it get Australian citizenship? Assume father is a citizen? I’d leave baby at home, do the non stop to Perth and back and express a bit of milk for a few days. Baby won’t forget how to nurse in that short time and your supply won’t dry up either