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  1. Tulip1

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The so called 15 year olds getting in are not EU immigrants, they are from outside the EU arriving on U.K. shores by any means possible and trying to claim asylum. That is nothing to do with having no system or border control, they have slipped into the country just as many slip into other countries by the back door or overstaying visas. When they are found they are handed over to border force and progressed through the correct channels. What that almost always means is they get to stay but sometimes they’re removed. When those found say they are minors it’s a problem proving they’re not as they give false information so there’s no way to confirm otherwise. Someone claiming to be a minor is handed straight over to social services which I expect is the same in many countries. How social workers can put on record that they deem them to be telling the truth is beyond me but that’s nothing to do with border controls and EU immigrants, that’s social services doing their assessments.
  2. Tulip1

    Child trust fund

    She can request they send the money to her by bank transfer. She will probably have to put that in writing to them but easy done. It will have to be her doing the calling/requesting though as it will be in her name.
  3. Tulip1

    Stop the boats!

    It’s a well known trick. They arrive with no documents and say they’re a minor. That way the social services have to take care of them and they won’t be removed from the country. It’s obvious they aren’t minors but no proof. They go through the system and end up in school as a 15 year old. There’s been concerns raised over the years. I remember one that was all over social media with a photo of a man with the title, we have a 30 year old dude in our maths class. The only way to check age apparently is by looking at their teeth and they’re not allowed to do that as it’s against their human rights. I remember a few years ago the coaches arriving at Croydon full of children that had been bought over from Calais. They were not kids but men. Facial hair, a few wrinkles around the eyes and proper men shaped bodies. It’s madness.
  4. Tulip1

    Another Terror Attack?

    This was an 18 year old but let’s be honest, many would think like that. There’s a lot of people who daren’t say anything these days that may make them appear to be a racist.
  5. You have asked all this before and almost everyone suggested you needed to get professional help as it’s a complex matter. You responded that you couldn’t afford it and was hoping for some free advice. Unfortunately that’s unlikely to happen, few of us work for free. People on here are as helpful as they can be but this sort of thing needs a migrant agent to try and sort out. Until you contact one you don’t know how much it will cost. I’d suggest you do that and then see if any family member or friend can help you. People probably haven’t replied this time as the answer will be the same. This is too important not to get right so professional advice is the only way forward I think.
  6. Tulip1

    How is Trump doing so far?

    I’m sure parents do still love them as much but that’s very different than it’s not what you’d have chosen. No new parents to be wish their future child is born with problems just sometimes they are and will be just as loved. A friend of mine has a 34 year old daughter with a rare genetic syndrome that wasn’t discovered in pregnancy. It wouldn’t have been unless she’d have had a certain test which isn’t standard. I am one of the very few people she can be honest with about how life has been and over the years it’s been heartbreaking to see the effect it has had on the family. The daughter suffers no pain and will live a normal life span. But her disability is huge, no speech, can’t walk or do anything really. She lives in a residential home and has done since she was a teenager. She will always need 24 hour care. I’ve seen my friend cry more than I’ve ever seen anyone else cry. She was honest to me, she said not a day went by that she didn’t say to herself why me. I do think in such circumstances such as that, people should be able to make the difficult decision not to continue the pregnancy. As for Downs, there are such variation on the disability they have with many being able to lead a quality life. Many do not though and heart problems and other things are often prevalent. The reality is parents don’t hope for problems and that’s obvious from the many that make the decision not to continue the pregnancy. Older women have a much higher chance of having a downs baby but most downs babies are born to younger women. The reason is that most younger women don’t get tested or at least don't have invasive tests that carry a small chance of miscarriage because their chances of having a downs is very small. The older women tend to have the test and it’s clear they must mainly chose not to continue which is why not many older women give birth to downs as opposed to younger women who were unaware. It’s a sad subject with emotions and I’m glad I’ve never had to make such a decision. I couldn’t judge those that do though in such circumstances. I do feel there’s a big difference between wanting a baby so much but deciding to make that horrible decision when faced with having a baby with life changing problems as opposed to making that decision because I don’t want a baby at this time.
  7. Tulip1

    Corona Virus

    It’s such a horrible time right now everywhere.
  8. You’ll have to hope they don’t find a newborn baby at the airport whilst you wait. If they do, any females in your party may get an unpleasant frisk search. Sorry I can’t help with your question but what I’ve read about in the news about what happened at that airport if true is disgusting and I wouldn’t go anywhere near the place.
  9. I agree with your last sentence and I feel the same. I have friends who have raised their kids and now in their 50’s/60’s are looking after the grandchildren during the day. Lovely as it must be for the parents to have free childcare on tap, surely that’s not how it should be. I’ve spoken to people who cannot arrange to go out for lunches/day trips/impromptu trips away with their retired friends because they have the daily school run and childcare to do. I’ve spoken to grandparents in their 70’s exhausted as they spend their days running after toddlers. I sometimes see on here things like my daughter/son need me out there to look after the kids whilst they’re at work. Wouldn’t parents going out there want to build up a new life for themselves, join clubs/make new friends etc rather than have a childcare schedule waiting for them. I love babies and children and would enjoy spending time with them and spoiling them. I’d be happy to and would love to babysit/give the parents a break whilst I have fun with the little ones now and again. That’s very different though to trying to fit my life around looking after kids much of the week, that would be a no no. I did my turn at that with my kids and now it’s my time to do and plan what I want.
  10. Tulip1

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yes I do realise that it means we will still have many working and living here from the EU. To be honest, I never thought it was likely to be anything other than. The ‘we will close our borders, get back to the good old days, open up all our shipping ports for the enormous trade will be doing and give millions to our nhs instead of the EU’ didn’t wash with me, one of the reasons I voted to remain. That said, the leave voters won and I’m ok with that. We have to all pull together and hope I was wrong and it works. The positive difference though is they can’t just arrive, they have to get a visa and a job first. That can only be a good thing for our country as certain areas will be in a bad way if everyone was suddenly stopped. I mentioned staff in care homes as that’s a big area that will struggle without workers from overseas. Many home grown citizens are not prepared to change the dirty nappies of old people whilst being aggressively attacked by them throughout the day, especially not for minimum wage. You can get paid more to sit on the checkout at Tesco’s. The workers from many countries in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe just get on with the job and are grateful for the wage. Without them, our most vulnerable citizens will be left uncared for as there simply won’t be enough staff. Surely no one would want that so properly managed migrants here is the best way.
  11. Tulip1

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    If they have a criminal record - they will not be allowed to apply I've honestly no idea whether this is true (hope it is) but just thinking, you can get a visa for Australia with a criminal record. Quite an extensive one I believe as long as you haven’t been sentenced to 12 months or more in jail. Just out of curiosity, do you know what you quoted is correct or do you just think it might be?
  12. Tulip1

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The door is about to shut. I think the post was just about the ones that will be allowed in with visas to fill necessary positions. Nothing to do with previous Calais ferry crossings with their many EU citizens arriving, that will very soon be in the past. Without doubt though people from the EU will be here working and living, the difference will be is it will be properly managed by border control which is a good thing.
  13. Tulip1

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I’d also bet money it won’t be long before there is a Care Workers scheme that allows minimum wage immigrants from the EU to work in care homes. We have to hope so as many of those workers are from the EU and there is already a shortage of carers. Take the EU workers out of the equation and you don’t want to get old/need care. It’s a big worry in that area as those positions cannot all be filled by workers here. Plenty of people available to do the work but many won’t.
  14. You may pack up your bags but most wouldn’t. People who have emigrated to the other side of the world have made the choice to leave their family behind and start a new life. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that at all but that’s the reason families are separated. It’s not the Australian governments fault and it’s up to them how many olds they want to let in. I see so many say things like families should be together and we need our parents with us. The only reason they’re not together is because the adult children chose to move away. I’m all for it, my kids did the same and had my full support the whole way. Sure not all old people will be a drain but they have looked at the bigger picture and the stats are the parent visa lot are overall a big drain on the state. Letting them all in may keep a very small amount of talent who would leave but it would be a very tiny amount I would imagine and replaceable. As for childcare, you could argue the olds are taking a job that an Australian could have as a childminder/nursery worker. I do agree that they are very misleading with the timescales and that’s really bad. Believe me, I like you wish they would rush through the visa applications much quicker, I am in the parent queue and have been for almost four years but I understand why they don’t really want an influx of us.
  15. Tulip1

    491 English Requirement?

    Will be added or you hope they will be added? Two very different things. You now have had three very experienced agents on here tell you that’s far from certain. Nothing wrong is hoping it will happen but it sounds far from certain. Your ‘agent’ has much to answer for as it sounds like they’ve got you excited and lead you towards something that doesn’t exist.