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  1. Tulip1

    What do you wish you had but never will?

    That’s nice. I think my brother likes having me as a sister, I’ll remind him how lucky he is
  2. Tulip1

    How do you fry your eggs?

    Agree, I like PB, he/she is funny, albeit a bit naughty at times
  3. Tulip1


    Can I ask how your friend knew they’d been hacked at an ATM, by a car with a laptop? Just curious.
  4. Tulip1


    Actually only a tiny percentage of people have been victims of a scam, most definitely not “just about everybody”
  5. Tulip1


    Banks are excellent at giving people their money back, they certainly don’t have to. People in their thousands sit at home giving complete strangers on the phone all their personal details and the banks will almost always give them the money back. I’m sure many just walk out the bank thinking oh that’s good without actually realising how lucky they are and how grateful they should be that their bank has taken a loss for an error they made. Banks get a lot of bad publicity and they rarely get recognised for doing good.
  6. Tulip1


    That sounds harsh (the fine not you)
  7. Tulip1

    How do you fry your eggs?

    6 weeks, that’s just wrong! I’d never eat a six week old egg. I do keep mine in the fridge though, the boxes all state on them to be refrigerated after purchase (and I’m in chilly England)
  8. Tulip1

    How do you fry your eggs?

    I fry eggs on a low/medium heat for a minute or two only, giving them a little splash with the oil (sunflower oil - I know olive oil is better for you but for somethings it just doesn’t seem as nice and eggs is one of them). Tend to have poached eggs more than fried and I really love a good omelette. Oh and scrambled with a knob of butter added. I’m quite fussy about eggs, they have to be very fresh and free range. Cadbury’s chocolate eggs are also a favourite of mine, especially buttons.
  9. Tulip1

    2020 Prediction thread. 🔮🧛

    Quite possibly although maybe not as quick as next year
  10. Tulip1

    2020 Prediction thread. 🔮🧛

    High probability I reckon
  11. It did look lovely, the weather was kind.
  12. Tulip1

    Santa's here already!

    Sounds lovely, many memories to be made this December for you
  13. Shame as it is that their trip would be cut short, there’s really only one logical answer and that is to return home. In the UK they would get all necessary treatments free under the NHS as well as financial help in benefits if they unable to return to work for sometime. I did read the go fund me page and it says the money being raised is for future surgeries and various other medical things such as physical/psychology therapy and recovery. It also says for help for missed days off work. That I assume means for them to live on, accommodation and everyday living. It is obvious they they cannot continue their planned trip when all the above is needed. I’m not sure how far into their trip they are but it is a WHV so they would be leaving for home in the not to distant future anyway. Their trip is cut short whether they stay or go as they won’t be doing what they wanted to, rather they’ll be dealing with the important matter of getting themselves better. It makes no sense to remain in Oz, unable to work and having to arrange all these expensive medical procedures/appointments. All the time needing money to live off. I feel desperately sorry for them that this has happened, it’s terrible. I would help in a heartbeat if they were stranded in Oz and desperately needed help but I can’t see any reason they have to stay in Oz to spend many months getting all this expensive help as well as the cost of living there when they could cut short their trip and just return home earlier. By the time they’ve gone through all the necessary they need help for it will be time to leave anyway. No point in staying to spend much of it in and out of medical centres, unable to work and unable to travel about. The amount they hope to raise is huge. To spend all this when you will have to leave the country in a matter of months anyway seems madness and is certainly not a necessity. They’re on a temporary visa and sadly things have gone wrong, they just need to return home where they will get all the help they need. I’m sure the insurance would cover repatriation but if it didn’t and they needed to raise funds for that I’d happily contribute.
  14. Tulip1

    Welcome to my Humble Abode

    Very funny as well as brave (not sure this is what Simmo meant by hormonal balance!) If I’m cooking, I expect to be topped up with a variety of those lovely gins you can get your hands on and I believe it’s vodka for Toots.
  15. Tulip1

    Welcome to my Humble Abode

    I do smile at the quick wit and banter you and the others you’ve mentioned have on this site. Parley’s dry sarcasm and one liners are gold.