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Found 1,187 results

  1. Hi, I currently have a 190 visa application currently awaiting processing. I plan on quitting my current job in the UK to go travelling while I wait for the visa to be processed. Yes, I know there are risks to this, for example the visa taking longer to be processed than expected, but I am financially capable of waiting out any problems that may occur, and could also potentially enter Australia on a working holiday visa in the meantime, so I am not looking for advice on this. As to why I don't want to just wait until the visa is granted and then travel, again, I have my reasons that I do not plan to go into here. What I would like to know is; would there be a risk of this negatively impacting my visa application? I have already received state sponsorship, been invited to apply, and submitted a full and complete application including health assessments etc. The job I will be leaving will be the same job type I am entering Australia to begin working in. I would be notifying the department of home affairs on my immiaccount page via the "Notification of change in circumstances" form. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I think I know what I'm doing here but I could be missing something. Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. Hi, I have been offered a working opportunity in Australia, Sydney to be exact, however I'm now 32 and apparently too "old" for a working visa, my wife and I are really interested in making the switch, she has a teaching degree and level 5 health and social care, currently managing a children's hoke in the UK, it appears I may have to (if possible) go out there before her but I'm not exactly sure what steps I need to take. In terms of specific qualifications I have, I have quite a few but none that relate to the job offer that has been laid out to me. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am a Pakistani CA with around 11 years audit experience (Internal/External). I would like to ask whether the Pakistani CA has a job market in Australia ? is yes, which state is suggested ? in case, no-then i am planning to go for CPA Australia will that help and will i be able to get any exemptions on the basis of my current qualification?
  4. Workshop Team Leader – Northam & surrounding areas · Join a high performing team. Make a quicker impact with your work · Avoid FIFO or the daily 2-hour CBD travel. Spend more time with family & friends · Experience a friendly, supportive culture. Work with people who’ll help you succeed Working with a great team brings a variety of benefits. Sharp thinking. Better ideas. Promotions. When you’ve got one behind you, the possibilities are endless. Meet the team: - They give you 100%. Give the same back and you’re helping them grow. Not many things feel better than watching people develop because of you. - They feel safe at work. It develops their morale. Keeping all 16 safe is the right thing to do. You work together to find ways to improve safety and wellbeing. - Like you, they’re ambitious. They’re about high performance and quality too. The work’s enjoyable and there are challenges. You’re going home knowing you’ve done your best. Building a picture? Here’s the rest: You’re working with the workshop manager to fabricate, supply and install of a range of engineering products. You’ve a great group of customers, who depend on your technical advice. To apply, you’ll have: - Cert IV in Management, or the willingness to work towards the Cert when you start - Full WA driver’s licence - Industry experience in steel fabrication processes. It takes an age to build a great team. That’s why we’ve built one for you. Come and help us take them to the next level. Email: mark.pearce@watercorporation.com.au Call: 08 9420 2528
  5. Hi guys, My partner (Aussie) and me (Dutchie) moved to Cairns almost a year ago on a 309, since then i've been applying for heaps of jobs, and went in to places to drop of my resume. I made it a few times to the last round but no luck thus far. (3 times to last 2 and once to last 3) so I am getting close but frustratingly enough not close enough. I am a professional with years of team leading experience in supply chain. There are virtually no supply chain jobs in cairns because it's the end of the line, which makes it a whole lot harder. My partner does have a permanent job here in Cairns. Problem is that there are not many jobs here in Cairns, let alone professional jobs. If I make it to the last few they choose for a local with local experience, which seems to be more important here than extensive international (EU) experience. They rather choose some local worker with 75% of my skills and resume over me because i'm on a 309 and non permanent resident (yet) . Many many entry shitkicker jobs here, but very hard to land due to competition from desperate locals applying under their skillset, so many people have the same problem as me. I asked how many applicants I was up against and i was always in the 50-200 range. I apply for many entry jobs, but never hear something back and if i do get a phone interview I notice they always mention ' we are looking for someone long term' , I always say I am committed long term but they don't buy it because of my resume. So the whole situation is sh*t. I might be able to go to Melbourne soon if nothing serious comes up, with my partner and me living apart, which we absolutely don't want to do anymore. For comparison: I applied for a job matching my resume and skills in Melbourne and secured a job interview right away. People have had similar experiences? Any tips or tricks? Please don't hesitate to reply. Thank you! Cheers from a desperate Dutchie
  6. Hello everyone, I am writing because I would like to know if those who already worked at fantastic framing can give me a testimony of what they did. Also maybe you can give me more details about the accommodation they give? Am I taking risks in this company ? This company seems to have the "dream job" but I am not sure. Thanks for your answers
  7. Hello, My boyfriend and I are looking into moving in the next few years, we are going over to visit first but need to decide where to look based on where we would like to live. I think the options seem to be Perth or Brisbane/Sunshine Coast - I was just wondering if anyone could advise which one would have better job prospects for both of our careers? My partner is a joiner, and I am a finance analyst (although I am not degree qualified)....so complete opposite work so we need a place that has opportunities for both! Any help would be great! Thanks
  8. In mid November the company I was working for went into liquidation after 2.5 years there on 457. I was immediately offered a job by a new firm. I was asked to relocate immediately and did so at great cost. We went to the visa agent and I had all of my details complete, but the company dragged its heals to get all the paperwork done. I was sitting in a new home unable to work for 6 weeks, waiting on this company to sort out the 457 visa transfer. Yesterday I found out the member of staff that was dealing with my employmemt had been fired and the company would withdraw the offer of employment. The company had their own guy who would start in the position I had been offered immediately. I had signed a contract and was ready to start but now that's gone. I spent 6 weeks waiting for this company to get the 457 transfered and now have a lot less time to find a new job. If I bring all the evidence to immigration can they reset the 90 days? None of this was my fault.
  9. Hi community Thank you for accepting me to this forum, amazing topics over here. I have been offered a job in Sydney with 100.000$ (QA Engineer 7 years experience) as a yearly gross salary. Is it enough for a good living, taking in consideration : - Married and wife is not working. - Have to travel to Spain twice a year for family and parents visit. - Be able to save some money and do some activities over the weekend. I've seen the renting prices are high, what do you think ? Thank you for the help
  10. Hi My cousin is 18 years old and about to finish her high school in Belgium. She wants to migrate here in Australia. We would appreciate any advice regarding type of study/career which she can undertake to facilitate her migration. She would like to take a course in TAFE first. Any tip of which course/path she could follow to make her migration journey easy? Regards Zey
  11. Work with industry leaders and the latest equipment National training budget for all employees Brisbane-based Our client is Australia's largest diesel fuel injection and turbocharger company with 11 branches across Australia. The Position Reporting to the Branch Manager and working with a team of skilled technicians, you will be responsible for servicing and repairing fuel injection pumps and injectors. Skills Duties will include: Disassemble, clean and inspect pumps and injectors Repair, service and calibrate components Accurately record and report job details The Person Our client is looking for an experienced technician who is honest and reliable. Other requirements include: Minimum 7 years (post apprenticeship) pump room experience Ability to show on-going and recent Bosch training certificates Ability to repair all current FI pumps (including all Bosch inline pumps & governors, P-size, Bosch & Denso common rail, EP44s) Experience using EPS815 and AVMPC2 Diagnostic skills The ability to work unsupervised Experience in organising service jobs would be highly regarded. Remuneration will be based on skills and industry experience. This position is permanent full-time and can include employer sponsorship (457 visa) for the successful applicant. If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please send me a private message for my contact details. John Young - Recruitment Specialist AMVL International Recruitment http://www.amvljobs.com
  12. Hi all, I'm looking for skilled heavy vehicle/truck technicians who are looking to move to eastern coast of Australia, Sydney and/or Canberra region. see our website below: http://southerntruckcentre.com.au/ send an email enquiry for more information thank you!
  13. Hey there after having no work in Perth i came to The Uk .My family are still in Perth and im trying to get back there, so as to get my kids through school, 3 years left. Does anyone know if a proffessional resume is beneficial or a waste of time.The Aussis love the word "'Qualified'" let me know your thoughts. Im in construction and aquired my builders diploma, and other stuff, first aid, asbestos, work at heights .If anyone knows a good resume writer please advise. I fancy a career change too so anyone with an opening , drop me a line.PLEASE stick to topic. Regards
  14. amit so

    for nursing job visa

    i want visa how can applying for visa
  15. Vetassess does not assesses job less than 6 months does DIAC accept this? If I don't show any information about 5 months job done earlier could it be shown later in final application in DIAC. Does this mis match in two different organization from a same person create any processing problem???? that jobs added to fetch 3 yrs requirement plz give this info ASAP and help to take decision what to do
  16. Hi, My name is Ken and I moved to Australia with a Working Holiday visa in 2014. It's been quite a ride, but a great experience too! I actually managed to get a 457 visa now, so I'm really happy. I learned a lot during my time in Oz and thought I could share my experience so that other working holiday makers get a job in Australia and manage to stay there too. I wrote a Working Holiday Jobs guide and thought I could share it here. I explain where to find a job, how to write an Australian cover letter, how to get a second year visa etc. I apologize in advance to the moderators if I'm not supposed to publish this link here, but it's a free resource to help fellow working holiday makers, so I thought why not Here it is: How To Find A Working Holiday Job In Australia Good luck with your new adventure!
  17. Michellep

    Registered Nurse

    Hi There is a Vacancy in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne for a Registered Nurse. Please email info@merrindalemedicalcenter.com.au kind regards Michelle http://www.merrindalemedicalcentre.com.au
  18. Hello, I am just looking for some guidance for the future as it would be a goal of mine to move to Australia in the future... ASAP. I am 21 years old I live in the UK and I am a fully Trained E,C & I (Electrical Control and Instrumentation) Technician with experience in Oil, Gas and Energy industry. I also have experience of Process operations on a Gas Turbine Power station. My main Quals are: NVQ Level 3 Instrumentation NEBOSH HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Would somebody be able to shed light on how I would stand in applying for jobs in Australia? Would I need further training if so what? What Jobs in Australia would I be suitable for? Would I get a sponsorship? Thank you for your help
  19. I have a rare opportunity... Are there any experienced Business Studies teachers, registered with the NSW Institute of Teachers wanting a start within the next couple of weeks? PM me for details.
  20. Hi Everyone, I will be arriving in Sydney soon, i'm nervous and excited. I would prefer renting after I arrive, however I don't have a job lined up and will also be searching once I get there. I was thinking of staying in hostel whilst I found a job or found rented accommodation. Am i doing the right thing? any other ideas? Are there any websites or advice you could give me to obtain suitable rent (I know of domain and realestate), bearing in mind I don't have a job and will also be looking. As i will be new to the city, will also be looking to make new friends, any recommendations? Many thanks
  21. grub

    Hello :-)

    Hello to all.New to this forum. Very happy to stumble upon pomsinOz. Looking to make the job move-just starting to figure out how. Can apply for 457 and 190 Skilled visa-after a quick search through the web and forum links. Any advise on where to start off from here on would be much appreciated. ...
  22. Hi All, Quite specific questionan but I hope the forum community can help: My wife and I are looking to move to Aus early summer but cannot decide on the place. Wife is GIS Technician and asset managment (geography and spatial mapping), I am service manager and team manager in same category (GIS). Can anyone share their opinion on which city would be better Brisbane or Melbourne. I have already checked seek and indeed and the market is slighlty larger in Melbourne. Thanks
  23. It'll be my one-year anniversary of living in Australia on April 28th, and I thought I would've accomplished a little bit more than I have. Yeah, I've made friends and settled into school rather well, but what I really wanted to have by now is a job. My resume is all ready finished, but the next step is rather vague. My birthday is November 28th 2000 which makes me 14 years and 3 months old. All I need to know really is: am I old enough to be employed? If anybody knows or has previous experience in this sort of stuff, it would be great to know! I live in QLD by the way, I have no idea if that factors in at all. Thanks ~CP
  24. grahamffc

    Salaries UK v AUS

    Hi all, When reading posts most people mention that "salaries are higher in Australia" but while some salaries may be 4x higher wile another might only be marginay higher or even lower. I think it would help the many of prospective migrants who come on this forum if they could find some info about their profession as opposed to a blanket statement. Plus I am curious myself as to which jobs enjoy the biggest increase! I appreciate its personal info that many people will not want to divulge. It would help to say where both are/were as regions have an impact in both countries. Ignore exchange rates as they change all the time, and costs of living is a totally different topic and will vary massively depending on situations and lifestyle choices. Please include super in Australian salaries as it will be your money one day. I'll get the ball rolling: Accountant: UK (London): 40,000 GBP AUS (Melbourne): 75,000 AUD