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  1. Chris Gordon

    Car insurance

    Hi everyone, I'm travelling back to the UK for 6 months and will be using my mum's car. She went to add me as a named driver but it was refused as I am a non UK resident. I still have a valid UK driver's licence registered to her address. Does anyone know of any insurance companies that will accept a named driver who is a non resident? Thanks
  2. Chris Gordon

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    Thanks for the comments. We've actually just heard from a friend at the rugby club who needs a new rental so its going to work out perfectly, I love how the universe sorts these things out sometimes. We've updated our insurance to landlord insurance so that's all sorted. In regards to capital gains tax there is an exemption on this if you rent out you primary place of residence for up to 6 years so no problems on this front. I feel a lot more relieved now and am looking forward to an epic trip home. I do wonder what's its going to be like in the UK at the moment. It doesn't seem the best place to be.
  3. Chris Gordon

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    We are 3 weeks away from going back to the UK for our 6 month trip and most things are falling into place. Globally and financially I think it's the worse possible time to be doing this but we're committed now. My only concern left now if renting our house out in Coffs Harbour for 6 months. I feel for the $20k it would net us it is not worth the potential down side for vandalism and Tennant's not leaving at the end of the say. Bad Tennant's could quickly rack up $20k worth of damage. I'd rather receive the 20k in rent but because it's out family home and we plan to return to it we may just be best biting the bullet and getting a house sitter in. Anyone done anything similar or has any advice for us? Thanks
  4. Chris Gordon

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to provide everyone with an update. All your advice has been really helpful and I wanted to say thanks to you all. We are now looking at spending May to October 2023 in the UK. We will rent our house out and treat it as an extended maternity leave for my wife and a sabbatical for me. We've cleared it with our employers that we will have our jobs when we get back. I'm hoping the rent will cover our mortgage but I am keeping a constant eye on interest rates (that whole situation has me worried). My mum has agreed to host us, she lives alone and has 3 small spare bedrooms so we will just about squeeze in. (will be my wife and 2 small children) Im hoping to buy a (very cheap) camper van for the UK as I don't think I could spend 6 months in my mum's front room. This way we can be around for most weekends but during the week when people are at work we can go on adventures around the British isles. We are very excited. We won't have a massive budget but this really will be a trip of a lifetime so quality time with family, camping adventures around the UK and perhaps a couple of trips to the continent. Maybe even a music festival. Let's all hope everything fits together and we can pull it off. Thanks again for all your help.
  5. Chris Gordon

    How to get shut of regret and remorse?!

    This resonates with me massively. I'm a bit earlier in my journey and moved to Australia 6 years ago with my wife. I now have a 2 year old and another due in December. I worry about them not having a relationship with their family so have decided to rent the house out for 6 months and take an extended maternity/paternity leave back to the UK next May. I know we have a better life in Australia and can see it all mapped out for us but something is just missing for me. Hopefully the trip will help work this out. I don't think there is ever a right or wrong decision as there are so many angles to look at this from. I think as long as you have happy and healthy kids you have done right by them. It sounds like you have done a fantastic job and should be proud!
  6. Chris Gordon

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    Thanks for all the responses guys. The majority line up with my own thoughts. I got a little cash when my dad died and to honour him I think I will take my family back to the UK for a long trip to spend time with extended family and then come back to Australia and do a trip here. After this extended family time we will make a decision as a unit of what the next stage of our life will be. I feel very grateful to have these options and thank you all for your input.
  7. Chris Gordon

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at hearing any stories of people who are or have been in a similar situation to me. My wife and I moved from the UK to Australia and have been living in Country NSW for the last 6 years and have made a very good life for ourselves here. We both earn good money (although I am stagnating in my job a little) have a good group of friends and have bought a nice house we could live in for the rest of our lives and be happy (We even have a swimming pool). But I feel something is missing. Our son was born here and is now 18 months old and we have a other on the way due in December. Last year my dad died of cancer and due to covid I was unable to visit him or attend his funeral. Ever since then I have had a big pull back to UK. My mum isn't getting any younger and I think it would impact me greatly if I didn't go and spend some time with her and allow my son and other child to have a relationship with their grandparents. I've come to realise life is very short and anything can happen. Also I'm missing my niece's growing up. I had a great childhood in Lancashire, UK and always thought I would raise my kids there. I feel I am depriving them of the opportunity to form relationships with their family. My wife is a dentist and dreads going back to work for the NHS which is a big reason why she is reluctant to move back. I certainly wouldn't have the same working flexibility as I do in Australia and we would take a hit in our lifestyle. But this being said I think us making a small sacrifice would be worth it for our kids and extended families happiness in the long term. I think it would be a good idea to rent out our house in Australia and go back to the UK and spend some quality years with my family while we can and then consider moving back to Australia after a time in the UK. My wife isn't as keen as me on the idea. Does this resonate with anybody? Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share? Thanks