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  1. Antipodista

    re-newing Australian passport in the UK

    I got mine done in Liverpool...they do outreaches from time to time where they travel to larger UK cities. Probably doing way less at the moment due to the pandemic... https://uk.embassy.gov.au/lhlh/outreachvisits.html
  2. Fair dos. Still not the current infection rate though
  3. That doesn’t compare the per capita infection rate though, it just gives cumulative cases. So whilst it’s interesting we get those figures on TV every day and they aren’t relevant to the point @VERYSTORMY was trying to make? Its also nice to hear the flip side re the much maligned/told how it is failing NHS. Early on in the pandemic, when we were in full lockdown, my young daughter experienced some very troubling symptoms which could have been a sign of I dread to think. I called the GP just after 4pm, she had a face-to-face appointment at 4.30pm, and was in front of a Paediatric consultant at the local hospital by 8.30pm. And our NHS Trust isn’t even considered to be one of the good ones! Thankfully she’s totally fine but yeah, you only ever hear how rubbish it is here and that’s patently not the case for everyone.
  4. Antipodista

    Considering making the big move

    Good advice @Jennyrose Shields . All the very best to you and wishing you the best of health x
  5. Antipodista

    Temporary move to Oz with 7 year old - worth it?

    Im sorry if I’m wading in here late but I think you need to do a recce of some cities if you can afford it and are now wondering if Brisbane maybe better etc -they are vastly different (not architecturally or even really geographically, but climate and vibe/busyness wise). People on here are massively helpful but you’ve got to do tonnes of research yourself and know to an extent where you want to be headed that will suit your tastes. Will be a big shock when you land otherwise - could be a fantastic shock, could be not so nice. Poor @Marisawright is always hugely helpful on here but you will see she has been criticized on this thread (unfairly) for “doing Sydney down”. The fact is - and the point I think she is trying to make is - Sydney is wonderful in so many ways but there are downsides, that’s a fact. Some people can cope with them some can’t and get hugely homesick. As this thread has probably shown everyone has different opinions on places and you can take bits of advice but if you are really unsure and nervous about taking the plunge you have to invest some time and cash in checking places out for yourself to make the best decision for you and your family x
  6. Antipodista

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    Hi OP, I was the same as you, never really really “settled” before baby but thought Aus was ok and worth it to be with hubby. After baby number 1, mother in UK with breast cancer (thankfully fully recovered) and father with kidney cancer (sadly passed) the pull home became unbearable and when the time came to get back on the plane to Aus I couldn’t do it. It was awful and led to the breakdown of my relationship but in my experience those nagging feelings are nagging for a reason, don’t ignore them. If your husband wants to return too I wouldn’t wait. You could always rent your Aus place out? In 4 years who knows what your situation will be...don’t wait. 4 years is a long time to want to be somewhere else. feel free to PM me of you want.Best of luck xx
  7. Antipodista

    Capital gains

    Hoping someone can give a pointer...we are UK and Aus dual citizens, selling our Aus property (which we lived in for a short time then rented out when we came to UK). I know we will have to pay capital gains in UK for which we will get residence reliefs, but will we also have to pay capital gains in Aus? Anyone have an idea? I need to get specialist advice I know but just thought I’d see if anyone here had done the same. cheers
  8. Antipodista

    Moved back and confused!

    I’m in absolutely the same position as you, scarily similar, and my husband and I are in the process of separating over it. It’s so awful and I offer my sympathy. Im not saying that will happen, but it’s such a tough scenario where someone will always be losing out. I often get hit with the “Australia is a better and healthier life for children, you are denying our kids a better life and childhood because of your selfishness” which is a hard one to take.
  9. Antipodista

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    Constant UK bashing
  10. Antipodista

    Moving To Cheshire

    Yep I’m here and happy to meet up!! I love it here but on the whole it’s a lovely area. Photos attached from our walk up Helsby Hill today!!
  11. Antipodista

    Any help....I’m totally stuck !!

    Always one of the voices of reason on here!!
  12. Antipodista

    Almost There

    Thinking of you Quoll xx
  13. Antipodista

    Returning to UK

    Nope. No feeling like being home
  14. Antipodista

    Any help....I’m totally stuck !!

    If I’m doubt, don’t. Take a lovely holiday there every year. It’s not a panacea for everything and has its own struggles too.
  15. Antipodista

    Merseyside area

    My cousin lives in Crosby, it’s ace, lots going on. The Wirral (where I grew up) is still lovely, we have friends there so we are there all the time. Heswall is really nice but property there is v expensive.