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  1. AliQ

    Gated community living for a family

    Great info Marisawright, we're not sure yet as to what type of property we wish to buy here. Can I please ask, did you hear a lot of "neighbour noise" when you lived in an apartment ?
  2. AliQ

    Drivers licence renewal

    We no longer had our expired UK licence's (got discarded years ago when moving) so we completed an application form for new ones and ticked "lost or stolen" then explained that we had shredded them when they had expired and as we were abroad at that time, we no longer needed them. New ones were issued, with photo, within a week. And we did not have to hand in our Australian licence's either.
  3. AliQ

    Pet shipping from Manchester?

    Hi Bethan, we used PetAir, they don't fly pets out of Manchester but they pick up your pet from wherever you live in the UK. They picked our cat up from Derbyshire to take down to Heathrow. Their customer service is very impressive.
  4. AliQ

    Cost of moving to Oz

    Agree 100%
  5. AliQ

    Returning to UK during Covid

    Must depend on which region you are in, as we are finding the exact opposite. We are now on the Sunshine Coast, and we think the produce back in M&S and Sainsbury' was better.
  6. AliQ

    Returning to UK with PETS during COVID

    Hi Island, just a thought, and it could be very very expensive, but could your pet transport company find a flight to an european city instead ? I can personally recommend a pet transport company that picks up pets in europe by road, and drives back to the UK, and I think the owner can travel in the van too in some circumstances. We used this company to pick up our cat from France to the UK, brilliant service, let me know if you want their details. Good luck.
  7. AliQ


    Hi Lynne, for current rules and accurate quarantine costs, have a look at the Australian Embassy website in the UK. It lists all costs per each state. uk.embassy.gov.au Good luck.
  8. AliQ

    Quarantine cost? And medicines

    That's fine. We recently brought three months worth of medications, also via Singapore, no problems experienced. Safe travels
  9. AliQ

    One way insurance

    We used InsureandGo.
  10. AliQ

    Moving back to UK after 13 years

    It was a paper form, picked up from a post office in the UK, and you had to attach a current photo. This was in 2018 though so it may have changed since then. The DVLA website will direct Roy to the procedure he needs to follow.
  11. AliQ

    Moving back to UK after 13 years

    Get your UK driving licence re issued with a photo and your address as soon as you land. That is useful ID. We applied and received our news ones in just over a week, mind you, that was before covid. However, we found the DVLA very organised and efficient before and during covid.
  12. AliQ

    Moving back to UK after 13 years

    Hi Roy, when we returned two years ago, we found it relatively easy to set up life again. We used OFX for large transfers, opened a UK bank account with our tenancy agreement, but as you are living with family you will have an address to use which is great. Keep your Australian mobile phone sim, you need to be able to receive SMS codes for some money transfers. Good luck with your move
  13. AliQ

    Jeyes Fluid

    Yes, I would. We recently arrived back here, and whilst going through customs, I was asked about the trainers in our suitcases, and if they had been cleaned. The staff could see the thick soles of them them on the X Ray machine. Good luck.
  14. AliQ

    G2G pass inquiry

    Thanks ramot. Yes, we have our flight booked, this will be our fourth date change by the airline, so fingers crossed this one does depart !
  15. AliQ

    G2G pass inquiry

    Morning Marisawright, no, this will not affect us, we're going to settle in Queensland. After 28 lovely years in WA we just want a change