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  1. AliQ

    Are we mad... lol

    We arrived back in Australia last August. Our flight was booked Singapore to Brisbane. But, our plane landed in Sydney first, we got off and were led to another departure gate, we then boarded another plane and flew onto Brisbane, where we did our quarantine. However, that flight was an international flight ( it was flying back to Singapore) and was not a domestic flight.
  2. AliQ

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    I'm feeling very jealous ! In my opinion, UK supermarkets are far far superior to those over here. Enjoy whilst you are there
  3. AliQ

    applying for exemption to leave Australia

    Thanks for the reply. Good luck and safe travels
  4. AliQ

    applying for exemption to leave Australia

    Can I please ask, how long is the exemption issued for to leave the country ? Does it give you a couple of months ? or longer to get organised ? or it not dated, just gives permission to leave ?
  5. AliQ

    New mobile phone contract

    Have a look at GiffGaff. I use them when in the UK. Easy to use website / app and good choice of monthly "plans" to pick from.
  6. AliQ

    Best Shipping / Removals Companies

    Hi, we've done two international moves, and each time those "possible" charges turned into mandatory charges. The "possible Quarantine Inspection", based on our experience, has had to be paid, could be our bad luck that they picked OUR container to inspect, but late last year that cost $275.00. We paid for storage for about five weeks as well, that included a handling fee of $150.00 and storage was $24.00 a week. We had a shared container. It's really hard to compare between companies, but I'd advise you, if you can, to get a set price of that quarantine inspection fee, and see if you can do a deal on storage this end, if you need it that it.
  7. AliQ

    Nursing in Australia

    Hi Lou Gates, you say in your first post that you have "continued to pay .... for your registration" Is that not the case then ? If you have kept up your annual registration with AHPRA, then you don't need a skills assessment, as you have already been assessed when you initially registered.
  8. AliQ

    Nursing in Australia

    You say you already registered with AHPRA, so I must be missing something here. Why do you need to know the difference in skills assessment ? You declare your skills and current practice when you re register every year with AHPRA, so are you wanting to change your registration status after those ten years, to include something like midwifery ?
  9. AliQ

    Nursing in Australia

    Hi Lou Gates, I'm not exactly sure what you are asking here. You say you have paid to maintain your AHPRA registration for the past ten years, so, if you are answering all the criteria at EACH yearly renewal period accurately and honestly, and your payment is accepted, then you remain a AHPRA Registered Nurse, permitted to practice in Australia. It's easy to check yourself. The register is open to the general public, just enter your name etc in the search facility on AHPRA website and that will confirm if you remain registered in Australia.
  10. Hi Tonks, BEDS. Google bed sizes and compare, there is a difference in sizes, but it depends if that difference would irritate you long term, such as buying a new mattress to go onto a base that may not fit quite right. As for bed linen, for me, I think the quality of some bed linen from the UK is better than the most popular brand found over here. AIRBNB. Realistically, your goods will take longer. More like 8 weeks plus. Clearing customs can also add on another week. SPIDERS. Totally depends where you live and type of accomodation. You may see none, you may see lots. CLOTHING. I'm on the Sunshine Coast, personally, I think clothes shopping here is poor. You will more than likely have to shop online or travel into Brisbane. Good luck and enjoy your move
  11. AliQ

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    We had "14" sleeps in the hotel. Arrived very late on a Sunday night, allowed out two weeks later on a Sunday morning, after those14 sleeps, so, allowed out on what would be day 15.
  12. AliQ

    Renting with cats in Perth

    Hi Nix, there are no "agents" as such who specialise renting out properties that allow pets. You need to do the legwork yourself by contacting all the estate agents in the area you wish to live, directly, and ask what they have available. And speaking from experience, it can be very hard to find properties in popular areas that permit pets. You may have to stay further afield and settle for a "lesser" property. And, and again based on our own experience, do NOT sign a contract for a property unseen. You may be lucky, but it's a huge risk and we would never do it again. Good luck with your travels Nix.
  13. AliQ

    Flights & International Cap Levels

    We had to pay the difference, and the price went up each time !
  14. AliQ

    Flights & International Cap Levels

    Sorry for my late reply. Our dates were changed each time free of charge, as they changed the dates, not us.
  15. AliQ

    Flights & International Cap Levels

    Hi bicek. Singapore Airlines were excellent with their infection control measures, during the flight and at Singapore Airport. Cabin crew limit their interaction with passengers, and only came around when the main meal was due. There were no drink rounds, no snack rounds and no drinking water rounds. You could walk to the back of the plane though and request a drink / snack.