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  1. Having recently spent 18 months back in the UK (in an area of total peaceful countryside) I totally agree.
  2. Based on our recent experience with large transfers, ask your bank for an International Transfer Form / RTGS. Our bank use these, they will transfer a large sum of money for you, in one transfer, and the transfer can be done in hours. Yes, there is a fee as rammygirl states, but it's only a nominal amount.
  3. AliQ

    Brisbane or Perth for young family

    Brisbane. And I say that after working & living in Perth for a very very long time !
  4. So very true Marisawright, totally agree. We love living over here, in fact we have just bought a new property, but I would not say that our life is better, it's different, that's all. We've always enjoyed and appreciated the environment and experience of living here, but it's not always better than the UK, it's just different !
  5. AliQ

    AQIS/Decontamination fees

    Yes, pay that fee whilst in the UK. We paid our UK removals agent a NES fee and a Container Indemnity Fee. And once in Australia, there will be more costs. We have just paid a Quarantine Inspection Fee & Port Infrastructure Surcharge, aprox. $275.00. And we have had to leave our goods in storage for a few weeks until we can move into our house. Thats more fees. Storage & Handling aprox. $150.00 and a weekly storage fee (of a few dollars) We used a shared container.
  6. AliQ

    Flights & International Cap Levels

    Hi and thank you. The Sunshine Coast is gorgeous, just love it, it's going to be a great place to enjoy the next phase of our life We loved our spell back home in Derbyshire, and, if we had found the right house over there, we may have stayed. We love it here, but also loved it there. I just feel very lucky and very grateful that we have the option to choose.
  7. AliQ

    Flights & International Cap Levels

    We flew with Singapore Airlines recently, and booked Premium Economy. Whilst we had our flights cancelled three times (not Singapore Airlines fault) we did not get "bumped" when we came to board. Good luck.
  8. AliQ


    We did quarantine in August. We were asked at the airport what type of room we wanted in regards to beds, queen or singles etc. As for windows, that will depend on the State you land in, and the hotel you are allocated to. The hotel we stayed in had no opening windows so had to rely on the air conditioning. And if I had to do quarantine again, I would take a couple of tea towels, some laundry detergent and washing up liquid ( for the cups that stay in your room)
  9. Don't feel bad, or feel like you have to explain why you want to return to the UK. Some people appear to be "overly enthusiastic" about life in Australia. That makes me think that their experience is possibly, not always as rosy as they portray. I've been here many many years, been lucky enough to ping pong, and whilst I love it here, in my opinion, it's not necessarily better, it's just different. You go and enjoy the UK
  10. AliQ

    UK Care package ideas

    I've used www.walkersshortbread.com many times over the years. Love their traditional shortbread and biscuits, and at Christmas their cakes and mince pies are the best ever ! You can use your Australian address and payment cards on their site, for a delivery within the UK.
  11. AliQ

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    Yes I know, that was the rule when we were in the UK as well. BUT, when I explained our circumstances ( emigrating) they DID sell us a policy, limited yes, but it did cover our immediate needs. That is why I suggested calling them and having a conversation. You may be lucky, may be not, but at least it's worth a try ?
  12. AliQ

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    Hi Senfield, as suggested in my earlier post in this thread, try Insureandgo, but don't use their online service, phone them and discuss the issue. I got travel insurance from them (UK office) for our one way back to Australia during covid. The cover will be very limited, but all we needed was medical cover for any issues during the journey really, so stress that point when you call them. They will not give you cover for any cancellations / change in plans etc due to covid, but that was fine with us. They do have an Australian office too.
  13. AliQ

    Moving back to UK - advice

    Leave on your Australian and enter the UK on your British passports. And we used our Australian passports to book the flight tickets out of Australia. On arrival in the UK, you use your British passports at the SmartGate, and just walk through. I think there is an age limit though for children so you may have to go to a counter instead.
  14. AliQ

    Moving back to UK - advice

    Hi Quoll, we posted at the same time ! You were lucky to avoid paying that lifetime health loading, we were told we were only allowed 1094 days out of the country. Well done for securing that.
  15. AliQ

    Moving back to UK - advice

    Hi, as you all have Australian Passports, and putting covid aside, then there is nothing to stop you returning whenever you wish to. We have just returned ourselves after spending a year in the UK with our relatives. Just do not close any doors, keep your options open, suspend your Private Health Insurance (if you have it) and go and enjoy the UK. Good luck and enjoy