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  1. AliQ

    Flown To The UK Recently?

    We applied for our exemption only two weeks ago, and it did say do not book flights. I think it said that though when one the actual application page.
  2. AliQ

    Moving Home and Passports

    I think you are right Marisawright. Our exemption letter states both our full names and both passport numbers, so it probably is.
  3. AliQ

    Shipping container for our move home

    Very sorry, nothing to sell. We included all our white goods in the sale of the property and everything else will be shipped. Hope your move went well and hope you enjoy your new home
  4. AliQ

    Shipping container for our move home

    Thanks Toots, much appreciated.
  5. AliQ

    Shipping container for our move home

    Hi Lee, try KENT if you want another quote. We move back to the UK next month, and our goods are being shipped back by OSS. Based on our experience, both companies are good.
  6. AliQ

    Moving Home and Passports

    Hi Clair, go to website - covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au Here you will find all the criteria, form, and how to apply.
  7. AliQ

    Moving Home and Passports

    Hi Clair, Take Marisawright's advice and re new both. When applying for your exemption, make sure you send a STAT DEC. We now have our's, after a refusal. We fly back to the UK this July. Good luck with your planning
  8. If this was me, I'd bring both, shipping costs would be way cheaper than buying new over here. I often regret not shipping over my lovely bed frame and mattress.
  9. Hi WW, thank you for your reply and hope all well with you. I don't want to get involved into living in Australia V living in UK discussions on this forum, they never end well !
  10. Many thanks Ken. I did not know that a service like that existed, I'll read up about this.
  11. Hi Andy, Thank you, yes I have. They say it's " the legal rules " and all payments have to go into an Australian bank account. Just seems very odd to me when GOV pensions can be paid into any bank account in the world ! Would love to know the reason why, does not make sense to me.
  12. Can you please tell me why retirement income stream payments can not be paid into UK bank accounts ? When I come to draw my super, I'll be back in the UK. Thank you.
  13. AliQ

    Advanced Nurse Practitioner

    Have a look at the Australian nurse practitioners website, it is www.acnp.org.au I've been nursing over here for a very long time, and only ever personally knew one NP in that time. Good luck.
  14. AliQ

    Which agent to book flights to Australia?

    Marisawright is correct. We did use an agent when we returned last year, but only because of all the hassles involved in re booking due to covid. I left it with them to make to all the calls and search for new flights etc, I had enough to do ! We booked Premium Economy, our dates still got changed three times.
  15. AliQ

    Pet flights to UK

    We used JetPets in the past. No issues at all. Use an experienced International Animal Transport company as they know all the best routes and airlines etc. No way would I attempt to organise this myself, there is a lot to do. Good luck with your move.