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  1. AliQ


    The agent generally advises the seller on a "market" price, then it's up to a buyer to make an offer, the agent will pass that onto the seller, and then the offer price may backwards and forwards a few times until both parties are happy, or one party decides to walk away. Not sure about fees , we sold two years ago and will be buying again as soon as we return. Look up REIA, Australian Real Estate, I think their site lists fees etc.
  2. AliQ


    Yes, it most certainly is OK and normal to do so. Also, buying a house there is so much easier and simpler than here in the UK, and much less stressful.
  3. AliQ

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Fabulous. Hope we get that when we eventually get there ! Glad you all arrived safely. If you think of anything that you "wish I had bought that with me " for your time in quarantine, can you please post ? Enjoy
  4. This is so stressful, hope you are OK, I'm getting so rattled these days ! Because we booked and paid with Singapore Airlines a while back, we have to "stick" with them now, if WE cancel we lose our money, so we can't go and book with Qatar as much as it's tempting to do so. I just hope Singapore Airlines are allowed to stick to the new schedule that is now up and there are no more retractions ! I can' t cope with all these last minute changes, we've ended our rental, furniture going soon and everything is finalised, we have to get home !!! Good luck Brizzie, we may meet each other on that lovely flight to Brisbane
  5. Hi Brizzie, if you want to go direct to Brisbane, Singapore Airlines are starting their flights. We are booked to fly first week of August and been told our flight is going ahead. Having said that, as we all know, these things can change instantly.
  6. AliQ

    Taking your cat home

    We brought our cat with us, that fee is good. From Australia to UK we used JetPets, had no issues at all.
  7. Hi JinOz, Singapore Airlines are now showing flights from Manchester to Brisbane, we are booked for the first week of August to Brisbane, and at this stage, the flight is going ahead. Having said that, anything can happen !!!
  8. Right, that's a shame for JinOz then. We re booked before 17th June for our August flight, thank goodness, it's a big fee to have to pay
  9. My understanding of the situation is no, you will not have to pay, as long as you can show evidence of the original paid booking.
  10. Hi Wanderer Returns, good to hear your wife arrived safe and sound, and good luck for your future life in Australia. We actually booked our tickets through an agent, way back in March, as at that time the SA website was constantly crashing. Had a few date changes since then ! The agent has been excellent so far, she is monitoring and told us to hold tight as "the situation is changing daily" which is true as shown by the recent developments in new flights and transiting. And, our flight is now showing on the website as open for bookings. Things are looking a bit more positive - but I'm still very very wary.
  11. Yes I did have an panic attack. And, I've just checked the facebook page of Singapore Airlines, and if I have read it and understood correctly, flights are opening up very soon FROM the UK that CAN now transit through Singapore Airport, and then fly directly to Brisbane. If that is true, it's happy days for us, as long as those borders stay open !!!
  12. AliQ

    Movecube and cordless tools

    Just want to say enjoy your flight, good luck, and hope you all have a happy life in Australia You will have days when you think "oh no, what have we done". Those days pass and in time get less frequent, and it's normal too !
  13. Thanks Marisawright. Over reaction on my part I'm sure. It's just so stressful right now worrying about our flight. Will it actually leave the UK and reach Australia ? who knows, the world could change over night again ! Looking forward to quarantine, I will need those two weeks to catch up on sleep !!!
  14. Yes, that is correct. But, I read Dusty Plains comments - see below - and it has seriously unsettled me. It may have been just an "off the cuff" comment by SM - but who knows ? it's just very very unsettling to know he said that.
  15. Well, this is stressful news ! We're citizens, returning in five weeks time (could NOT return earlier due to various restrictions here in the UK) if all flights into Australia get banned, then we'll be stuck, homeless, here in the UK.