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  1. Lee Blowers

    Moving Back to England

    Hi Guy's Anyone out there that has returned to the u.k !! Did you take any electrical items home like T.V , fridge etc ?? Or is it best to sell everything & buy again in the u.k ???
  2. Lee Blowers

    Transferring money to England

    hi everyone Any good recommendations for a company to move our money from Australia to England when we move back in a few months ?? How much do they charge etc ?? Thank you Lee Blowers
  3. Lee Blowers

    Taking my Super out

    I am leaving Australia for good in 6-8 months time & want my super as its around $130,000 after 10 years employment !! Im a permanent resident but won't be coming to Australia again so want my super as the funds will help me set back up home !! How does this work being a permanent resident ? Im willing to Revoke my visa & can I then take it ? Im confused so please help ! Thank you Lee Blowers
  4. Lee Blowers

    Moving Back to England

    That is Awesome !! We were worried about this as got a load of weigh training equipment and was told the weight will cost us a fortune to ship home. Thank you for reply
  5. Lee Blowers

    Moving Back to England

    We are moving back to England after 13 years in Brisbane !! When we ship are items back are you charged on weight or volume or both ??? Look forward to replys