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  1. Clair

    Moving Home and Passports

    Wow!! I truly had no idea of all the red tape. Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time to help me. I truly appreciate it
  2. Clair

    Taking my Cat to England

    You are amazing!! I truly appreciate your help on both topics today. Doing all of this alone is somewhat confusing and "yes, I can google", but how do I know I'm not being caught up in the advertising blurb?! So, thank you.xx
  3. Clair

    Moving Home and Passports

    Thank you so much both of you. I did feel that renewing both during this time with covid was the best way and you have both confirmed it for me. Thank you!! Sorry to ask but how do I apply for an exception to leave? Cheers, Clair.x
  4. Clair

    Taking my Cat to England

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with any information regarding where to start with the planning of flying my cat home with me to England? I am not sure what immunisations are needed either. It's the one item on my list that is stressing me senseless. I truly cannot leave my furkid behind and I am worried about putting him through any unessacary stress. Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Clair
  5. Clair

    Moving Home and Passports

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following: I'm planning on returning to live in England after 22years in Perth, Australia. I have both an old Great Britain passport (the blue one) which expired in 2001 and an Australian passport (which expired in 2015). Will I need to renew both passports to relocate back home or can I pay for just one passpost renewal? Do I need a special visa? I'm really confused, especially with the covid-19 situation. If anyone would be so kind as to help me I would be so grateful!! Cheers, Clair
  6. Clair

    Where to begin? Time to return home

    Hi Littleladyjane I also have the same fears as you. I came to Australia when I was 19 (I'm now 46) as my Mum emigrated over here and remarried. Her parents and Brother also followed but my Nan and Uncle migrated back to England 3 years ago. My Mum sadly passed away at 56 in 2005 and I went back to England for a holiday to see my Dad,Sister, Aunt and Uncle in Dec 2005. When I was there all. I wanted to do was stay, but I had another life here in Oz. The same feeling again in 2009 when I went back for my Uncle's funeral. My sister has two sons now and my Dad and Aunty are getting older and although all my adult life is here in Oz, my friends and connections I have to leave. I can't live my life so torn and empty anymore. My family mean everything. So, I have made the decision and have started the very long list of things that need doing. Please feel free to Pm me also. I truly feel for how you must be feeling. Either way there is loss hey? If anyone has any advice or tips please feel free to let me know