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Found 87 results

  1. Hi all Have looked but can't find a previous post, can someone point me in the right direction of how to get the first UK passport for Aussie born kids, I am British and wife is Aussie. Moving back to Perth in Scotland in January hopefully and starting to get things moving, applied for my passport renewal today, and now need to do the 3 kids and get my wife's visa organised so she can work when we arrive. Was strange when i applied for my own passport it went to the UK, and not here in Australia, and i need to now scan and send them all the pages from my Australian passport also with my old british passport in the mail. Any pointers for either appreciated, thanks.
  2. Clair

    Moving Home and Passports

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following: I'm planning on returning to live in England after 22years in Perth, Australia. I have both an old Great Britain passport (the blue one) which expired in 2001 and an Australian passport (which expired in 2015). Will I need to renew both passports to relocate back home or can I pay for just one passpost renewal? Do I need a special visa? I'm really confused, especially with the covid-19 situation. If anyone would be so kind as to help me I would be so grateful!! Cheers, Clair
  3. Carter Parker-Burton

    Moving back to UK after living in Aus, (NEED HELP)

    Hi all, new to the forum. So i feel as if i have a relatively unique situation. I was born in Nottingham, England, 5/8/1997. My parents moved to Australia in 2002. We have lived here since. However my partner and I with our young daughter 1 year 8 months have made the decision to move back to England. I am now an Australian citizen, my partner is a New Zealand citizen and our daughter an Australian citizen. My partners mum was born in Birmingham as well just for a little historical context so she has ties to the country also. The questions I then have are as follows: Am I eligible to obtain a British passport and move back home or do i need to obtain a visa? What visa will my partner need to obtain? (we arent married) Who is the best person/company/government office to contact in order to start the process of making the right moves to get home. Maybe a stab in the dark also but is there any predicted change to this if Brexit passes? Thank you to anyone who responds, my head is spinning trying to get around all this and i could really do with some pointers!!!!
  4. chrisninoz

    Renewing British Passports

    Hi All, My family and I have joint Australian and British Nationality. Just before Christmas I renewed my 17 year old sons UK passport by printing out and then filling out for form C1 online, getting it checked at the Australian Post Office and sending off. There was no requirement to enclose a current Australian passport in supporting documents. Got it back no problems. We then decided to do mine and my elder daughters, went to Post Office today with form C1 all duly filled in and photos countersigned etc. Told by helpful counter staff at Post office that system has changed in the last week and online form must be filled in from UK passport office website !!!! So just filled out two forms and in the form it asks for your un-cancelled passport nos. Put old british passport no's on form, proceeded to end of form, paid money and got receipts. These forms now need to be printed out and posted off to Liverpool with supporting documentation. What is disturbing me is that the form says "in signing this I realise I may lose an other countries citizenship in applying for british passport" It also asks for all your Passports to be enclosed not just your British one. I had left my Austrlian passport no off the online form as though it was referring to my British passport and also as my Mum and Dad are very ill do not want to send it to Liverpool (with great respect to Liverpudlians) and be without it for a month. Does anyone in the Forum know if the UK rules have changed re dual nationality and is it essential to declare your Austrlian Citizenship on the form? Don't want to break the law. Another issue after paying the money I can't get back online to change the form and put my Australian passport no on it. Cheers
  5. Hi Everyone, We moved from the UK to OZ three years ago. As part of our move we transported out little pug. I have noticed some people on this forum looking for advice on pet transport so I thought I'd join and tell my experience. In the end I did the whole thing myself. I did all the paperwork, booked the flights (Japan Airways for pugs), bought the crate, booked the quarantine. In total it cost (with flight) around 2000 pounds. That was still a big saving on using a transport company and it was very successful. Little pug is sitting on the sofa in Melbourne with me now. Before I decided to do this I looked for quotes from transport companies. I ended up emailing Airsupply Shipping Agents (or Passports for pets). The owner and manager there told me completely incorrect information. He told me I couldn't transport a pug to Australia as Australia only accepted pets from Qantas and BA (not true he was muddled with Heathrow) and they do not fly pugs. I told him that wasn't right but that's fine I would get a quote elsewhere. He then became rude and abusive in his emails. calling me 'little girl' and telling me to 'go back to Australia':eek: (I am British). It was a bizarre email exchange ( I still have it, it was so weird) and I became very greatful I did not inflict a man like this upon my little pug. So a word of warning, they do not know their stuff and they are a very strange company. If your airline won't allow you to do it yourself (some won't) or you are not confident to try, my recommendation is avoid this lot!
  6. Hi, My wife and daughter have gone back to the UK to visit ill family. We had to get an emergency passport for my daughter which contains an observation stating the planned flight dates including return on or before 16th June. The valid until date was put at 30 Dec 2012 to allow us a little leeway (i.e. return up to 30th June - 6 months vailidity left) - that was my understanding at the time anyway. The question is can my daughter return to Australia after 16th June (the observation) but before 30th June (validity) without any changes to her passport? i.e. does the validity take presidence over the observation in this case? As it is a long weekend here in Australia, I cannot contact anyone (immigration, British Consul) to confirm and time to change the flight is running out. If anyone can give me an out of hours number to ring this weekend to confirm with officials, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. I have two passports and am planning on applying for residency... Would I be able to apply and have the visa placed in both passports? It just becomes easier for travel (and one of them is expiring in a few years so I doubt it'd last much longer if I manage to get a visa). Thoughts?
  8. Guest

    New Passports for my sons

    Hi, both my sons passports expire july and august 2012 and we are emigrating jan 2012. We havent had the visa stamped in our passports yet, shall i do that now, then renew the boys ? What will happen with the new passports as the stamp wont be in them,do i carry the old ones too and do i have to inform diac ? Thanks Natalie
  9. Diane333


    My husband and I (I sound like the queen) have since recieving our visa's renewed our passports. How do we get the visa label put in out new ones? Do we just send them off to Australia House as before or.................. Many thanks for your help.
  10. Guest

    kids passports???

    Evening all, I'm hoping that some one on here can answer a wee question (i don't doubt it ;o)) We are just starting to gather all the info required for the visa process and have had to recently update mine and my husbands passports as they were running out. I believe you need to have at least 2 years validity on your passport. 1st question - is this at the time you're applying or does it mean you need that time left when you arrive in australia? my other question is do kids passports need to have the same time left on them. I imagine they would but not sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. and i'm sure i'll be back with a million more question soon Thanks in advance, Jen x
  11. I did a search and it didn't really help me so apologies for probably asking the same thing everyone else does! 1. Can I get my police check done before I apply for my visa? I am going to get one done as I am going to be working with children on a self employed basis so I was wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone so to speak. 1a. How do I go about getting a police check done? b. Average cost? c. Time it takes? 2. When we apply do we send our passports in or just colour copies? Do these have to be 'official' seen by a solicitor copies? We are supposed to travel to Europe during the time our application will be processed in. 3. Am I right in thinking that now I CAN'T get the medicals done before we apply? I am married to an Australian (been together 2yrs) who will be out there when I apply. I have a son from a previous relationship who we will also be applying for a visa for. Do I apply for 476 & hope that we get PR straight away as we meet criteria? Our 15month old daughter is in the process of getting her own Australian passport. Does that mean she gets PR/citizenship automatically? Thanks in advance!
  12. Guest

    Children's Passports

    Hi, Just a tiny doubt....My two children are included in my passport.What happens when we get the visa?(Hopefully!!)Do I have to get them new passports or have them in my passport?Is it recommended for both of them to have passports of their own? I hope someone will be able help me out Thanks in advance:notworthy:
  13. Rubbidydub


    Hi all can some just confirm this is right please..... Just renewed both daughters passports and emigrating next year, the visas are in the old passport. I'm on the understanding that you can either send new passport off to aus house and they will put a new visa in it ( is there a cost to this?) or you can enter oz showing both passports (current and one with visa in) Thanks in advance!
  14. Heathfamily

    Renewing UK passports in Australia

    Are we able to renew UK passports in Aus as the kids have only a few years left on thiers? Is it easy enough to do? Sorry if posted before, had a quick look but couldnt see anything Thanks
  15. Hi Everyone, Last week we were granted our 176 visas. Just wondering whether its best to send our passports off with the visa grant letter or not bother as the visa is electronically linked to our passports anyway? Some people have said its best to send the passports off to have the visa label put in as its better when getting jobs etc. The only thing is we are flying out to Perth on 28th June so I don’t want to risk the passports getting lost. I know this prob wont happen & they do say it’s a 3 working day turnaround but you never know!! What does everyone else do?
  16. Sunshine111

    British passports

    Hi there, Wondering if like in Australia, you need to apply for Citizenship before you can obtain a passport? Our x2 children were born here in Oz but we are both British. I thought we could just apply for British passports for them both.....? Heading back as soon as house sells..... September would be good, though house market in Perth seems a bit slow. Anyone else experiencing the same? cheers!
  17. I have been searching the DIAC site (as directed by Auspost website) for information about getting visa replacement stickers in renewed passports but can't find the actual link. Does anyone know where I can find out how to go about this as will be renewing the kids passports for a holiday next year? I would really like them to be allowed back into the country with us!! - although on second thoughts lol!!:biggrin: Karen
  18. We are still waiting a week later and no response
  19. wishfulthinking

    Got our ozzy passports. Yeah!!

    :biggrin:On such a high today as after living in Perth for 5yrs, getting our citizenship,but NOT our passports, we then decided to come back to the uk. After finding the right time and a weekday free we finally decided to go to Edinburgh yesterday and get the ozzy passports for our return journey back to Perth for this xmas coming. We know we should of got them while we were still in oz but at the time we thought 'whats the point in getting them if we're not gonna come back', how wrong were we! Just thought i'd share my good news. natalie
  20. Guest

    Passports - Australian House

    I think this question has been asked before but I can't find it. Do you have to send your passports to Australian House, London before you fly out to validate your visa?? I know all passports now have a 'chip' ... is it okay just to fly with this or do you need the paper visa actually in your passports. Thanks
  21. AlburyAhoy

    British or Irish passports

    Hi, Is there any advantages to emigrate to Australia on an Irish or a British passport. We have dual citizenship and are wondering which we would be better travelling under. Thank you x
  22. Guest

    Visa stamp in passports

    Hi all, we had our visa granted 2-3-11 but haven't sent off our passports to have the visa stamp put in. Our 2 sons passports run out july 2012 so iwas waiting till may/june time to renew them as you get the extra time put on. How soon do we have to get the stamp put in and what documents do we have to send? Many thanks for your answers.
  23. How long roughly has it taken for the paasports to be returned once sent off for stamps? We are cuting it fine we have flights booked for 30th March and our furniture has already been sent, but still not got passports sent back. We provided special delivery return also didnt know if it helped but was a small price to pay. thanks sharon xx
  24. Hi everyone, We fly out to Brisbane on 27/2 on 457 visas. The visas were done through a migration agent who told us that no labels are required for our passports as we have electronic visas, just to print off the VEVO confirmation & take them with us. Since then, I have read that actually we do need to send our passports off to the Australian immi in London to have some labels applied, now we are rather confused. :unsure: So can anyone tell me here what is correct? Thanks very much.
  25. Hi, My 2 Sons passports need renewing, does anyone know what happens with the visas that are inside them? :unsure: