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  1. Oh wow that's amazing news, congrats!
  2. We are trying to get ours sorted tonight but likely will pay extra to have them processed more quickly. How long have you been waiting? The website says should only take under 2 weeks for the standard check, but it's not clear if covid has affected their turnaround time at all? Congrats on getting to a stage where they are requesting RFI! I was so excited this morning when I saw the email from immi! Has anyone else got any experience of how long it took for your ACRO police check to be turned around?
  3. Amazing, such a relief to hear that it is fairly common to have the results turned around quickly. Phew!
  4. Thanks!! Thats' really useful to know! I expect I will be refreshing that page once the health exam is done, ha ha!
  5. Thanks that's reassuring! We will be using the Cardiff clinic so not sure if they do things differently, but I hope it's fairly systematic and quick. Did they give you any info about the results of the exam or is not shared with you at all? I assume all will be fine though and it's just (expensive) formality.
  6. Oh that's interesting! Yes that's partly why we held off getting those bits done at the front end as we didn't want to find ourselves with zero time to get our affairs in order before relocating. Well that's really useful to know, I wonder if it's changed because it's also not straightforward to get over to Australia right now with covid, and they are giving people longer? Who knows. Thanks for your response.
  7. I'm glad my experience wasn't an isolated case! But would be good to know if anyone had their kid's CBD application approved as quickly since the pandemic hit. I am really hoping by the time we need to apply for CBD next year for our littlest (future) family member, it will go through fairly quickly, as we will be under some time pressure by then to get it sorted (all being well with the partner visa).
  8. Also just to double check.. I had thought once your visa is approved you have 12 months from the date of your health check to activate your visa in Aussie (ie. enter Australia), is that correct? Or is it 12 months from the date the visa is processed/approved? My head is getting cloudy on this as I did the research so long ago now.
  9. Hi all, wondering if you can offer some insight. We've just had a request for more information (yay they finally opened our application!!) and they've requested the health check and police acro. We only just last week booked the health check, so luckily we have that booked very soon. But the RFI also states that we must provide the info in 28 days. I didn't realise there would be such a quick deadline for this!! The health examination is booked for 2nd December, and we must provide the info by the 16th December, but it's not clear how long it will take for the examination results to get to the immi office (they send it direct from what I understand). Has anyone had any problems with this? What did you do? We are planning to upload the booking confirmation and any paperwork to prove we are getting this underway, is that enough to prove we are trying to get it done within the allocated timeframe!? Would love some reassurance on this if anyone can provide it!
  10. That's so exciting! Safe travels for you all over the coming months, I hope flights and quarantine all goes ok!
  11. Hi! Thanks so much for your input. I guess it really matters on the exact location and catchment sizes on whether that's an option. We will have to see I guess. But I will definitely explore this as an option as we would love to feel confident in having that bit sorted before we go. Congrats on getting your visa granted! When are you planning to head over?
  12. Also from what I understand, attaching a kid migrating to your 309 application is more costly isn't it? And I think it slows it down from what I have read elsewhere, although could be wrong on this. I am hoping to sort citizenship by descent as soon as they are born. Not reassuring to hear it is taking a while for those to be processed though, so may consider the visitor visa/travel exemption if we are forced to.
  13. Did you apply for this online or on paper? Sorry to hear they have slowed right down - I hope you hear back soon. Oh wow! Congrats to you to! I did just find an interesting thread about this on another part of the forum and it looks like these are some options Either: 1. apply for citizenship by descent and get aussie passport before you travel to Aus 2. apply for citizenship by descent and they travel on UK passport into Aus. Show documents at border and then apply for their Australian passport once there. 3. apply for a visitor visa and travel exemption at the same time. Apply for their descent and passport once in Aus. I just hope those options are all suitable when considering we are in the midst of applying for the partner visa! Found some info here:
  14. bicek

    Help Getting Newborn Back to Aus

    Good luck with the flights! That's really useful information, thanks. I'm in a sort of similar situation (baby not born yet though!) so will bookmark this for future reference as may need to take the same route. Safe travels back to Australia. Hoping we can get over there next year!
  15. Oh I see, that makes sense. We will be migrating to the opposite side of Australia to where most of my family are based, so we can't use that trick unfortunately!