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  1. Well he is living with advanced cancer so every day is a bonus. The last scans were really good but he hasn't been able to shake this chest infection for a month and the medical system has failed him in my opinion. He was discharged after a day 2 weeks ago and fobbed off with several courses of antibiotics from the GP. If I could I'd go tomorrow and stay as long as it took.
  2. It's a bit complicated as I'm flying to Europe for a work conference 3 weeks today. Then a week later on to UK. If I had the leave to take and the spare funds I'd be on a plane now but....timing it is difficult. It's so complicated. I could go and he start to recover....I could wait a bit longer and miss him. I'm not hearing any news to tell me he may die any day but realistically I'm a nurse and I know how this goes. He's living with advanced cancer. It's hard to be a nurse and a daughter. I'm so thankful we made the call to go last Nov to get some quality time in...and we did. I'm looking at flights. It's my birthday tomorrow. What will be will be. If I'm meant to go i will go.
  3. My Dad is in hospital with pneumonia and not getting better. Is there anything worse than not being able to do anything? 4 weeks till I'll be there in the UK. I wonder how he will be at that point and I hope he starts responding to the treatment soon..
  4. HappyHeart

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Yep but what are the motivations of the group trying to uncover this info? Is it in the public interest per se? I don’t know! Crazy stuff
  5. Ken did NOT look like that when I played with him. He looked like a young Burt Reynolds.
  6. HappyHeart


    Really?! Ok I'll go live in a mud hut. You seem to have a really one eyed view of social democracy. Socialism. Whatever you want to call it. Do you think socialism means no privately owned anything at all? I suggest you educate yourself instead of making unnecessary digs all the time. If you hadn't noticed, we live in a capitalist society and participation is demanded unless you stumble upon some windfall by chance or are born into generational wealth where options are broader.
  7. HappyHeart


    Yes, the saving grace is we bought everything land, house, build at a really good time (we were lucky) and also selling at a good time. Been advised we shouldn't have difficulty as very little availability in our part of the world. Once we put proceeds from sale into 2nd mortgage we will be sorted. I hope.
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    Post a random picture of your day

    What is the second pic?!
  9. HappyHeart

    Post a random picture of your day

    Oh! What are you cooking on it? Outdoors?
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    We also refinanced in 2021 and gor variabke rate 2.2 %. We are now on 5.75% i think and had not budgeted for this as we were assured no rate rises till 2024 (when we will have sold house number 1) We currently pay 2 mortgages and I've calculated our payments are approx $1600 extra a month right now. Starting to truly feel the pinch and no disposable income at all. Just as well we like the simple pleasures. Hopefully will have house number 1 sold by end of year for some breathing space.
  11. Happy birthday to you
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    Yes and the RBA's Philip Lowe thinks housesharing is the answer to the housing crisis. 5 minutes ago they were throwing free money around and now we are paying for it and being forced to economise.
  13. There’s a huge difference between different opinions and needless rude posts. To clarify as you seem somewhat deliberately confused, questioning the narrative is not rude, but baiting is when any regular to the forum already knows your views on this topic. Why bother with the original post ‘how will you be celebrating’ and cut straight to the chase ie I won’t be celebrating because a, b or c etc. May I suggest you reflect on that. You seem a little bored lately. No need to get personal.
  14. HappyHeart

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Wow! Just goes to show Australia rules 🥳 Land of the Free my ass!