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  1. They scrape them. Under local anaesthetic. Sounds like fun. Good call- I’ll buy myself something after each surgery. Something to look forward to
  2. It's not very lighthearted but someone might care I had a specialist appt yesterday and found out I need to have 4 lots of eye surgery over the next year or so. 1 eye at a time. I've got congenital cataracts and a condition that makes my corneas bumpy. Feel like I'm falling apart and I'm not even 50 yet.
  3. Yes, lots of people try it.
  4. This is the WA advice that I pass on. Makes it not viable unless you’ve already surrendered your licence or no longer choosing to drive. Rules it out for many. Makes sense. Like drinking and driving.
  5. How do you interpret it for yourself- do you take it regularly and then drive? Or only take when not going to drive?
  6. The current legal limit for blood tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels is 2micrograms/L. It’s highly likely that if you’ve been prescribed medical cannabis preparations containing THC, you will exceed this limit. So if you’re taking it and driving this says you’re highly likely to be over the limit. This is what makes CBD an impractical drug for drivers.
  7. Can you drive with that in your system over there?
  8. If I'd known we could have had a coffee! Have a wonderful last few days. Bunker Bay is a fantastic spot. I'll be working up that way tomorrow
  9. Oooh sounds like that double dose digoxin did it's thing! Be careful!
  10. My thoughts exactly! It's hard to find someone offering lessons around her and this is a new set up. It won't put me off but perhaps I won't go back there.
  11. Thanks Toots. It was a bit of a blow as was my first 'official' lesson..got tired of trail rides and wanting to brush up my rusty teenage riding skills. Worst of it was I was feeling super comfortable and confident till it happened. I was trying to get him to transition from pace to trot (ex pacer) in hindsight not best horse for me to learn on, he was going ok but cutting corners in the arena as well as wobbling when he went into trot. Then at the end he cut the corner super sharply, not sure if something spooked him, I reacted and slowed him down but it was too late...I was already on my way off....so disappointed can't believe how much it hurts and knocked my confidence too.
  12. Maybe but I think I’ll stick with my anti inflammatories for now. I’m really not on the CBD wagon. I think it’s overhyped and no better than existing forms of pain relief but with more significant side effects. Is there THC in this one you mention?
  13. I fell off a horse on Friday and it's ruined my weekend. Flat on my (already stiff) lower back. Im so, so sore and sorry for myself. Booked a physio appointment for next week. Got to get all my aches and pains sorted out. Feeling old.
  14. Hopefully you get back on track today. Enjoy your visit, are you staying in Margs?