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  1. HappyHeart

    Donald Trump, punish women who have abortions.

    The legal limit is 24 weeks Parley so if that were the case we'd definitely be looking at a criminal offence.
  2. HappyHeart

    Donald Trump, punish women who have abortions.

    Goodness me. I don't know what to say to that. Where's the sigh and head shake emoticon when you need it.
  3. HappyHeart

    what are you doing right now?

    Thinking I don't want to get out of bed and go to work and no idea what to put on.
  4. You need to send me some. What a genius creation.
  5. God has no gender Parley. God is you, God is me.
  6. I know, I save calories that way. I've been on low carb for the last ten days in prep for the next visitors and accompanied eating out:)
  7. HappyHeart

    My travel thread

    Haven't seen your hair down since you cam out with me!
  8. HappyHeart

    My travel thread

    It's called a ponytail Parley.
  9. School night! Lemon lime bitters (diet)
  10. I spoke to God on Sunday night and He/She answered. You just have to listen hard and be open to hearing His/Her reply.
  11. Not at all....you demonstrate limited, one dimensional insight into the concepts of God BM. We create, we make things happen.
  12. When you say 'God' I get the feeling you have a fixed idea of what 'God' is looks like/represents....have you ever considered a different concept?
  13. You reckon!? You can't kill those thoughts and feelings in susceptible individuals. Nazism is alive and well in a suburb near you.
  14. Not personal LKC. I do think atheism is arrogant. I think to firmly believe anything without question is arrogant. There's always the possibility you might be wrong. I find some atheists to be the most condescending people. We all have the right to believe whatever we believe and I respect your right to be an atheist just as you respect mine and your friends to have faith. To be fair many people do believe that people with faith are crazy. That's fine. Have a good day.
  15. I choose to rely on unseen and unheard, unproven direction. If that makes me crazy, so be it.