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  1. No, I felt the same at all stages of the trip. To clarify, it was fabulous to reconnect with people, good friends and some family, particularly my Dad, Stepmum and cousins but other family relationships are strained and it served as a harsh reminder. There was a lot of nostalgia, particularly for my daughter who hadn't been back since her mod teens. She's now a mother of 2. We loved it all despite the weather and the Britishness was fantastic. I just know where I belong at this point in time and it's here with my nuclear family. As other longer term immigrants on this site will note, once you establish some roots here its a very different proposition. I just wish it were cheaper and easier to return more often. It is what it is. Im due to go back next July to coincide with a European work trip which is well timed.
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    It's a childhood thing (Black Magic) my Mum used to give me all the orange, strawberry and coffee creams that she didn't like! Cadburys is the best though.
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    My Chocolate stash from UK trip
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    A new Summer bloom on the walk trail
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    Banksia are flowering again
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    I'm not sure because I drink flat white or long mac usually. It was difficult (Not possible) to get a decent coffee where I was. It was all very weak. I found out Flat whites are never served large in UK do had to go to cappuccinos. People struggle with long mac in places at Perth so I didn't bother asking for that!
  7. I can imagine. Can’t recall it being this bad last time but I am 8 years older and insomnia creeping in. It was fine in the way there. 1 day and I’d adjusted.
  8. I read 1 day for each hour of time difference
  9. Can’t believe I am still jet lagged. My sleep wake cycle is all over the place. How I managed to work the last 3 days I don’t know. Plus I have developed a bloody throat infection. Not surprising given the amount of coughing people on the plane.
  10. He really was His 2 girls. He kept saying he couldn’t believe we were there. Just doing ordinary things like playing pool and darts in his local. Said he was going to miss us so much
  11. Mine has 2 shades of pink!
  12. Feel for your situation. I also had a passing thought of should I put life here on hold for a period of several months, go back and support him. Of course it’s not possible as I have multiple family members, my job and responsibilities here. If it were just me to consider I might think of asking for a period of unpaid leave but then the question of how do you support yourself over there and what do you do ‘after’ if you sell up? It’s just not that simple.
  13. Why? My Dads dying and I can't be there for his last months. I feel selfish, I'd say its pretty normal tbh.