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  1. You don’t say. That’s me done here yet again. Catch you.
  2. Ramot, come on- don't personalise what I said. I said older traditionalists. Of which there are many and you don't need a sociology degree to know that younger people 'tend' I repeat 'tend' to hold generally more progressive views. Plemty of young conservatives too. My sons views are much more progressive than mine for example and I see this in my friends children. I do not for one second tar every older person with the same brush. There is a diverse group of older politically interested people on PIO. Dont misrepresent me please. To suggest I look forward to 'your demise' is grossly unfair and offensive.
  3. I think you just described the Teals. Maybe a new party is on the horizon....what you want seems beyond the vision of the current Libs.
  4. Libs are done. With Dutton at the helm we can look forward to a few more years in the political wilderness till they get their acts together and modernise. Progressive politics is here to stay. Times they are a changing. Doesn't sit well with some but as successive generations of younger voters come through and the older traditionalists die off we can see real change. I can't see a return to the Libs of the last few years. Morrison scraped it last time and proved over the past 3 years his party as is is unfit to govern.
  5. The Libs were annihilated in WA at a state level at the last election- it doesn’t usually translate to a federal level- till now. Libs have lost their way. I actually felt sorry for the fall guy sacrificial lamb they put up. Zac Kirkup. It was unforgivable. As mentioned they’ve become a fringe group both at state and federal level. Hardline right wingers. Now the helm is about to be taken by an extremist. A few more years of oblivion beckons. The rise of the independents is inevitable. Thankful that Australians firmly rejected their stance on so many important issues.
  6. Common sense prevails
  7. Why does that make you sad? Beketamun is bang on the money here. The hardline stance actually bolstered our premier's popularity. Before you scoff at that know we returned a multi billion dollar budget surplus, unemployment is low and our economy booming. We stayed afloat. We're at our COVID peak right now and life is essentially as normal as it has been for the past 2 years. It's not all rainbows and unicorns but it's pretty bloody good going. We escaped the worst of it, thanks to the hardline approach.. people are thankful. I had a run in with the Clive Palmer no mandate mob at the polling station yesterday. They were full of nonsense. The woman wearing the no mandate shirt was defensive AF and couldn't string a sentence together. She just kept repeating her mantra, you'll never get me to have it!!! I only asked her 'why no mandate?' She had no answer.
  8. Absolutely spot on. It’s all rather heartening. One of the best bits is that it’s looking like Pauline Hanson is being ousted by the Greens. Poetic justice. It’s reiterated to me that that tiny vocal minority are utterly irrelevant.
  9. I was very proud of my young son stepping up to volunteer at the polling station. A great bit of experience for him and a foray into the political world he is interested in pursuing a career in. Plus he got a nice red t shirt to come home with.
  10. It was all a bit overwhelming actually. We were in the pub, first the results came in, cue much cheering and whooping, not long after the twins were born. What a night. We were certainly a bit rowdy and some sore heads this morning. Thrilled to bits.
  11. HappyHeart

    What Book are you reading??

    I’m on the final chapter. Isn’t it fantastic. Not often a book moves you so much. Great writing.
  12. Iknwc but…I’m so full of anticipation for tomorrow. I really, really hope that we get a change of Govt. My yr 11 son is volunteering at the polling place. He has his very 1st driving lesson in the morning. It’s a big day with a friends 50th and induction of her sons twins so one way or the other we’re going to get something good delivered.
  13. I think most of us can debate. It shouldn’t result in no debate, rather exclusion of the poster who makes it personal. Keep the debate
  14. Mere mention of the dreaded P word sparks debate! Which incidentally I don’t think is a bad thing. Life is politics. No getting away from it unless you go live in off grid, remote woop woop and never ask for anything. No rights, no healthcare, no housing, no funds. Seems silly we can’t talk about it.