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Found 153 results

  1. Apologies in advance for the long post but after some advice or people’s opinions, in case we are missing something or being crazy here. Myself and my partner have been back and forth from Australia for the last 7 years or so, probably have spent 4 years total over there. Currently back in the UK, have a permanent visa application approved (186) and when we applied for said visa, intended our current life in the UK (jobs, house etc.) to be temporary until it’s granted. We’ve unexpectedly been doing ok and are reasonably happy. Would we rather live in Australia (we love the country, weather, outdoor life etc), sure…. but we both earn quite well and are comfortable in the UK at the moment, partner has own business where he’s earning what he’d earn in a week in Australia in a day in the UK, I’m on 40k at 28 which I never thought I’d earn right now, and have some promising further career progression in the next few years. We are renting a nice place in a nice area and could probably buy in a couple of years. Our end game is to be in Australia, but if we had it our way we’d do it in a few years once we’ve had a baby in the UK (with family nearby), got in a better financial position and felt completely ready, and maybe got an investment property in the UK under our belts for back up in future if ever needed. Unfortunately the visa won’t wait longer than a few months from now. For a bit more context we are both wanting to start a family soon due to age (28 F and 37 M) of my partner mainly. Also keen to get a house and settle or make a base somewhere. Our permanent visa application was successful as partner’s old Aussie job agreed to sponsor the permanent visa, but if we reject it now it will be on me and some further education/ work to apply for a permanent visa in a few years when we’re ready, as all his Aussie work experience we used to get the visa will no longer be valid by then. Of course a risk exists that if the skilled lists/ anything else changes before I have everything needed, we might not tick the right boxes in future and lose the chance altogether. The other factors we are considering are that the work I do is quite niche and isn’t really a big thing in Australia at the moment (data protection), and the company he has to work for for a couple of years as a condition of the permanent visa, isn’t great so it will be a bit of a slog until he can leave and until Australia catch up in data protection to create more jobs in the field for me. In the meantime I’d most likely have to pick up unrelated work or struggle for a while to find something. I also love working remotely which I do currently, and heard this is much less common in Australia compared with the UK. The big question is, do we throw this visa opportunity away, which has taken years to get and is notoriously hard to get granted and stay in the UK with the risk of not being able to apply again in future, but be able to settle for a while, have a child and get in a better financial position- or- do we say ‘you only live once’ close partner’s business, quit my job and move to australia with unknown job prospects and feeling not quite ready but loving the country we live in? If we had it our way, we’d put the visa ‘on hold’ for a while as our end game will always be to end up in Australia as we simply love it, as it seems crazy to jump right now but also a risk to wait and throw away this visa. I know only we can truly know all the ins and outs and make the decision, but opinions are very much welcomed as we are totally stuck and worried we are missing something or the bigger picture! To jump or not to jump? Thank you for reading if you got this far
  2. Unsurebutalwaysdiscussing


    Hi, I met my partner who is pretty much Aussie in the UK. He grew up in different countries of the world and has a head for Australia but heart for the UK I think is safe to say. I always wanted to have a stint outside the UK and didn’t know where I wanted to be but wanted adventure. I remember working in the UK and looking out the window thinking ‘is this it?’ My MILs family are all based in London and my FILs family are mainly based in Australia. Ive been in Perth WA for nearly six years now. I have Australian citizenship and so do my kids. My children were born here and it’s really all they’ve known. We’re very close to my in laws but I sometimes feel I don’t have much of a say because it’s simply just not my family and all families are different. Whilst we often have times of ups and downs as is normal I love them very much. The same can be said for my own family all based in the UK. I bloody love Perth for my young children. The parks are fantastic and safe and some of them are down right beautiful. I love the lifestyle that we have here. I’ve lost 17kg and kept it off. I’m healthier. I make better decisions for food and exercise and even alcohol consumption and think this has been excellent for me and my health. Australia’s bumped my life ten years ahead financially. We have bought a house that has made profit and we are in a good financial position. Australia has enabled me to not have to work but to raise my kids and we live on one salary. Although we’re fairly frugal we have a good life. My husband finishes work every day around 230. We go on family walks together with our two dogs and I have made a couple of lovely friends here. One of my friends have also just moved here as a returning Australian family so we have that connection. but……….. coronavirus has made things difficult. I’m one in millions of people who want to see my family in the UK. My daughter has never met my mother. My mother is getting older every day and my father had a kidney transplant that whilst life changing won’t last forever. My parents and brother and sister simply do not know my children. That hurts my soul. So I’m stuck in a mental jam between bit really being done with Australia because of friends and family here but being torn to wanting my family so very much. Being jealous that my partners family know my kids so well whilst mine don’t. Not wanting our work life balance disrupting. Not wanting to sell a house to not be able to buy in the UK. I also think I will eventually get bored of Perth and think it would be be great for an introvert teenager but taking my kids from their beloved grandparents would be so painful too. My partner is happy to move if it’s what I want but I don’t really know what I want and every list I make basically says the financial tie wins because it’s less stressful for us. I also don’t want to move to spend less time with my husband and I would definitely have to find full time employment. Something is missing for me in Australia. It’s been said before that it’s history and what I recognize as growing up with in the UK as to what I’m showing my kids here that’s just alien. help me I’m confused!
  3. Hi I'm 35 and my daughter is currently 5 and we are applyingvforbthe partner Visa subclass 300 intention to marry visa to be a famiky together with my finace in Cairns Trinity beach. I was wondering if there is a chat group or if anyone else moving ro the area or already established there with children of a similar age? We are just applying for our Visa so wont actually be there for another year. Would be nice to make connections with people with friends for my little girl as all the friends we have in Cairns dont have children.
  4. Lynne Blackburn


    Hi. We are a family of four, with skilled adult visas, and 2 childrens visas. We were going to emigrate this summer. The whole coronovirus pandemic has thrown our plans off track. Is anybody else rmigrating currently? We know we are eligible to migrate, is it just a case of isolating for 2 weeks on arrival to Oz. Lynne
  5. Hello! I am looking for just some general advice and knowledge please! My partner and I are both 25, he has just managed to get in an application for a 457 visa before they get officially abolished. We will be moving to Geelong sometime this year (we are provisionally looking at August/September) but it just depends on how long the application takes to process. We will be moving with out two boys who will be 5 and 1 (very nearly 2). I'm really struggling to find good schools and areas to live in. My partner is a mechanic and will be working in Belmont, which in itself seems lovely and the schools seem to have good ratings. But just reading things written on google isn't giving me much reassurance. Im just basically asking if anybody would really recommend any areas or schools. I've looked at places like Armstrong Creek, the houses seem really pretty, modern and new, but it seems very far away from everything? Id like to be able to walk to the majority of places and be within a nice little community. I've seen people post things like "Newtown is good for schools and a great place to live". But I'd like to know more, why is it so great? what is there? are there local shops and parks? coffee shops? supermarkets etc. I just really need some advice on family life, areas to live, schools, etc. I'm having a huge wave of panic and feel totally out of my depth, we have only ever been to Perth before. Any advice or general stuff that anybody would like to share would be so so appreciated!!
  6. When I was asked why I loved Australia, my mind instantly thought of the weather, the glorious sun shining for most of the year and the golden sandy beaches. But Australia has become so much more than that to me, it’s become my home and the people here have become my community. Don't mistake me for saying the coastline isn’t one of the most glorious things I have ever seen, especially at sunset but there is so much more here to see! When I moved to Australia seven years ago I thought I’d be here for a year or two, earn some good money and go home again. But here I am after all this time settled into a beautiful home and engaged to an Australian! My experiences in this beautiful country have taken me all over the state of NSW, up to the scorching Gold Coast and Brisbane, down to the creative and artsy Melbourne and to the nation’s capital on a regular basis, even smaller coastal towns such as Coffs harbour The drive to Canberra is one of the best ways to see a bit of everything! Starting in Sydney you see the hustle and bustle of the city life, the long stretching highways, the build up of traffic, the different cultures through the western suburbs of Sydney, and then suddenly the long highway takes you into the wide open air! You are cruising along at 110km looking at beautiful bush land, wide open fields with kangaroos bouncing around and suddenly you feel like you’re so far away from the city! When arriving in Canberra it’s like being in a small coastal town with no coast! The people here are so friendly and relaxed, willing to help you with directions or a flat tyre or anything you may need! Below is a picture I took on my most recent visit to Canberra from my hotel room. I also have a silly picture of my first journey to Canberra in 2011 when I first arrived in Australia and this is taken at The Great Dry Lake George. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a big lake that is no more and now lays a sometimes rain filled sometimes dry for the kangaroos to lay around on! Speaking of kangaroos, all those little grey specs are kangaroos! The people are one of the biggest reasons I stayed here, as well as job opportunities! The people of Queensland that I encountered were so relaxed it was like they were on permanent holidays, the shops were wonderfully quiet and the tourist attractions were what we expected! The theme parks on the Gold Coast are a must visit for anyone travelling to this part of Australia! Young and Old will enjoy their time here with plenty of shops and attractions as well as rides for thrill seekers. Below is a picture from my most recent visit to the Gold Coast in the evening I have also a picture of the tropical hotel I stayed in The people of Melbourne were so different to anywhere I’d seen before, they are outspoken, passionate and proud and LOVE their coffee and coffee houses! The place is beautiful with art everywhere, interesting places to visit and of course a beautiful coastline as well! I didn't have much time to take pictures of all the wonderful art while in Melbourne as I was too distracted with the sights to get out my phone but I have two pictures one from the Aquarium we visited and one from the river bank we ate our lunch on. Where I live in Sydney is very multi cultural, it’s very diverse in shopping and eating facilities and this acceptance of everyone’s cultures is what makes it home to me now! Here is a photo from my balcony The other reason I stayed as mentioned before is the job opportunities. Here in Australia you can be whatever you dream of being, from a teacher to a builder, from a nurse to a road worker, every single field you can dream of has an entry level position where if you work hard and succeed you have so many opportunities to climb the ladder and grow as an employee. The government here also helps greatly with training and development options. Or if you already have the qualifications they are recognized here and you can go into a position higher than entry level. All the jobs I have had here in Sydney have paid me well, and rewarded me for my hard work. If you have the right attitude towards work then Australians respect that. I haven’t been “home” to New Zealand in a very long time and as I look into the future the reasons to go back dwindle, as each day I build my life here with more confidence and love for everything I’ve come to know here in Australia. And yes the sunshine is wonderful but the people and opportunities are more wonderful!
  7. What I Love About Australia Hi there. My name is Fatima Khan, I am a migrant from Pakistan and currently reside in Sydney. I am now a permanent resident of Australia, married and have started a family. Here’s my story! When I was living in Pakistan, I just knew it wasn’t the place where I could pursue my dreams and aspirations. I wanted to improve my education, career and lifestyle. There were many problems living in Pakistan such a transportation, quality of education being delivered, pollution, lack of freedom, economic instability, political issues, etc. I then started to do some research and landed on this website Pomsinoz.com. It gave me all the information I needed to kick-start my future dreams. I browsed through different articles and forums relating to international students in Australia and found many useful resources available to help me migrate to Australia. I chose to live and study in Australia due to the fact that I could acquire quality education from a prestigious institution and live a better life. I then finally applied for my student visa back in 2012 and I got my student visa grant approval. That was certainly one of the best days of my life as I strongly believed that my life was going to change for the better. When I came to Australia, it was absolutely amazing to be part of such a friendly society and culture. Almost everyone here in Australia greets you with a friendly smile and respects diversity. The weather in Australia is so amazing, I mostly can never complain about it. In most of the areas you get to enjoy sunny climates and mild winters which is just perfect for outdoor activities. I was also surprised to see that there are many recycling and environmental initiatives in place to create a more sustainable and healthier atmosphere. When it comes to daily transportation, there are many options available such as the train, bus and ferry services which makes life just so much easier and quicker. I was able to get to university and work right on time. There are also many places to visit such as landmarks, beaches, restaurants, museums, zoos, water parks, theme parks, etc. The first place I visited in Australia was Luna Amusement Theme Park located in the heart of Sydney. It was so much fun and the Park had a Ferris wheel, thrill rides, bumper cars and much more. I also got to see the Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge on the same day. I had such an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. When I went to university all of my teachers and classmates were very welcoming, kind and helpful. This made it much easier for me to adapt to the learning environment, different teaching styles and new curriculum/syllabus. I had a very pleasant journey completing my degree and made lots of new friends along the way which also included meeting my future spouse in Australia. We fell in love and got married in 2014 and I then moved from being on a student visa to a spouse visa! Again Pomsinoz.com came to the rescue for me to gain useful information/insights on how to smoothly transition from being on a student visa to a spouse visa to then becoming a Permanent Resident of Australia! I love Australia as there are just endless options and opportunities for everyone here whether when it comes to finding the right educational course or finding a career that best suits your skills and qualifications. There are also many part-time and casual jobs available around Australia that makes it easier to earn some extra cash. Being a resident, you can gain access to many benefits such as Private health insurance, Government support, Childcare and Medicare, which is such an advantage to have. My husband and I live very close to the beach with our daughter and reside in a beautiful suburb in Northern Sydney. I absolutely am in love with the wonderful beach life culture here in Australia which I just cannot get back in Pakistan. We have many friends from different backgrounds and love how Australia is so multicultural and diverse. We get to attend different events and festival activities from time to time such as Vivid Sydney. In terms of leisure, accommodation, career growth, education, rules, safety, security, stability, healthcare, etc. I would certainly say the standard of living in Australia as compared to Pakistan is much more advanced and improved. There are many facilities and services that we can have access to that improves our lifestyle. I am very fortunate to be part of such a beautiful country and having countless opportunities available that in real talk would be very difficult to attain back in Pakistan and in other countries. In conclusion, I can definitely say that ever since I migrated to Australia, I have experienced a better and positive change in my way of life and would highly recommend others to also experience the wonderful life Australia.
  8. SARAH1974

    Etihad guest miles for extra bags

    Hi guys Can anyone help with this question (as I can't find anything on the Etihad website!). We are moving from Manchester to Brisbane on a PR visa in September 2017. We have 42,000 guest miles with Etihad. Ideally I want to use some of these to take an extra suitcase(s) with us but I've been told that we won't know how many miles we need for an extra bag until we book the flight and have a booking reference. We are sending the majority of our stuff over by sea in a movecube in the next few weeks and if I can't use the air miles to take the extra case I will obviously need to factor in sending more stuff in the movecube. Why can't Etihad just state an extra suitcase is 30,000 miles or whatever it is!! Does anyone know the answer? We have a 3 year old child so the idea was to take a suitcase of toys so she has familiar things around her when we arrive - if not it's a 3.5 month wait before it arrives by sea. Thanks!
  9. SARAH1974

    Tax File Number

    Quick piece of advice! I traveled to Oz on a working holiday visa back in 2001. I am now moving to Oz on a 190 Perm Resident visa in September 2017. I have the letter with my old TFN on it - will this be re-opened or will I need to apply for a new one once I arrive? Thanks!
  10. There is an Irish thread and i thought it would be good to start a Yorkshire thread seeing how we are the biggest and best county in the uk. We are Jim, Helen, Daniel and Samantha. We have validated our 175 PR visas already and we live in the uppermarket area of Yorkshire, which is Dewsbury by the sea. Well its actually got a canal and i thought i would try to big it up. LOL We are looking for a new life, an adventure, life is to be lived and on a personal note, i want to live in sunnier climes. Any other Yorkies out there?
  11. Are there any parents out there of children emigrating???? How did you feel when your child/children emigrated???? We get many threads commenting on parents/inlaws behaviours when they are told and I wanted to get the parents opinions out there so that they can see the other side of the coin.
  12. So me and my boyfriend or both 21 and live in England. We will finish University next year and the plan is to move to Australia. This has bee the plan all along and we have been saving for a long time for this and so are very prepared. Basically once we have finished our degree next year were wanting to get a WHV and move over to Melbourne in hope of getting sponsored and staying there permanently. My boyfriend has studied sport and has all the relevant licenses within football coaching and so wants to work as a soccer coach when we move to Melbourne. I will have a Law degree but to be honest Im not quite sure on what I want to do. We are hoping it will be my boyfriend with his soccer coaching that might get a sponsorship. Can anyone advise me on this or let me know if there are any other ways of staying permanently after our WHV, we are willing to do whatever, we don't want to come back once we get there! Thank you.
  13. Good afternoon (or morning) everyone, I previously posted a question regarding Secondary Teaching, as at the time it was what I had planned to carry on and do. However after some interesting times, I am now aiming towards a career in Museums, and Australia still has a strong hold over me. On the Consolidated Skills Occupation List, Gallery or Museum Curator is listed (224212) however how do I find out which state the position actually belongs on? Ideally I am looking at Western Australia and Queensland. Where can I find more detailed information? I also have some other questions. By June 2016 I will have: BA (Hons) Classical Studies SVQ Level 3 Museums and Galleries Studies 1 years experience in a Museum, more curatorial than FOH I plan on going to do MA Museums and Galleries Studies in either St Andrews or Leicester (admission dependent!) 2016-2017. By the time of completing the MA, I will be 29. I found somewhere it states that you require at least 1 years experience in highly relevant employment (can't for the life of me remember where I found it). Would my 1 years experience count? That would be the year 2015-2016, whereas I would complete my MA in 2017 (assuming the plan goes along smoothly). I also at one point found a list explaining what points you got for what...skills you had (IELTs, education, age, etc) but I also can't find that and my mind is running blank.... I also understand that this occupation could be pulled at any point, however if that's the case then I will deal with it then! Thanks anyone who can help or advise with all of this. I've searched the forums high and low, and there is very little information I can find regarding this occupation! Thanks! Kirsty
  14. Hi, I am just in the very start of my training as a counsellor, and was wondering if there were any counsellors who are emigrating? I realise this maybe a longshot, but it's worth a try. Cheers Gem x :biggrin:
  15. Guest

    Emigrating with autism

    Hello all, we are about to start the process of emigrating but have a concern that seems to be getting different responces so would like help! Our 5 year old is statemented as having mild autism he is in main stream school with support for 15 hours per week will this prevent us from getting accepted? It would be great to here from anyone with advice!
  16. Hi everyone, whilst looking for somewhere useful to find info on emigrating and the cost of living etc etc i came across many websites/forums but after only a minute or so of looking here i knew this was the one i wanted to join. So, our story. We are a family of 4 currently, 2 adults and 2 young kids. We tried to move to NSW a few years ago but DH's job didn't pan out so that was a no no. He is now applying for the WA amb service (that's what he does here) in hopes they will accept him instead. I have constantly ummmm'd and errrrr'd with regards to moving since we first applied, then we got rejected and it was quite a let down. Obviously if we emigrate we will be leaving family behind and (even though we're not particularly close) i know that would really be the last time we see them in the flesh. (Skype is not quite the same). That is something very difficult to get my head around. And i know would break my children's hearts. BUT, ultimately they WOULD have a much better life in Oz then the UK. Anyway, that's a little about us. I look forward to getting to know you all.
  17. Mollie13

    Advice about Altona, Victoria

    Hello, I am emigrating to Australia in the coming months and cannot get over to look at places to live and it seems that Altona looks reasonably priced for its seaside location. I have been told that it is quite an industrial place though. Does anyone know how industrial and if it is a nice enough place to live? Any advice would be much appreciated. thank you
  18. Leen75

    Hi, help and scared!!!

    :biggrin: Hi all, just to fill you in a little....... i met my partner 6 months ago, we've been living together in UK but due to a visa issue, very recently, she has moved back to Oz (she is Australian). I am looking to move out there on a tourist visa so that we can eventually live together for the 12 months and apply for a same sex (de facto?) visa. i cannot go straight away as I have children with my previous partner and we have to deal with all of the legal bull that comes with that!!! I hope to be there in September...... i know I can't work until I get the de facto visa but having read all of the difficulties on here with getting a job.....well put it plainly.....I'm scared! Should I get a police clearance form or is there anything I need, I was hoping to do volunteer work before I get my visa. Luckily my partner has a fairly well paid job but I don't want to be unemployed forever!!! I can't live like that. Here, in the UK, I am in office management/project co-ordination/PA and on job sites the jobs seem plentiful but everyone seems of the impression that foreigners can't get work Also any advice for visitation rights for children when the non custodial parent emigrates...... I have PR and I am the children's 'other mother' and I have shared residence here.....anyway any advice, positive or negative, is gratefully received!! i was so excited before I started reading the horror stories!!! Thanks in advance xxx
  19. Sarah and family

    Family considering move to Sunshine Coast

    Hello All, I came across this webpage and finding it very useful. My husband and I are considering a move to Australia, Its a crazy big move for us as we know no one there and will be leaving everything we know behind in the UK. We don't really know too much about the visa situation but I know that my husbands profession is on the skills list. I'm not really sure on the next necessary steps to make, I have read mixed messages Re the visa application as I have read I should get an agent to help with the process? and others say save your money for the move and complete it yourself? Which I have no idea on the first steps? And also with regard to how much money we will need to emigrate? Housing situation is also something we want to know more about, we own our house (have a mortgage on) in the uk and would sell and move to Aus, does anyone know if we can buy in Aus straight away or within like a year so we can rent first to be sure on area etc. I have also been looking into areas and loving sunshine coast, permitting that my husband can get work there, We need to look at schools for our two children (6 and 3) and would love to be within walking distance. Here in uk they go to a catholic school and love the link between church and school but not sure if this is a possibility in oz? I have spent to long researching and we are looking at booking flights to go out in 2013 to investigate the area, schools jobs etc. its all very scary but a move we would love to make, We also have to tackle telling friends and family our plans (which is the bit i dreading the most!) If anyone had any advice or is in the same situation, I would love to hear from you. Just realised I may gave gone on a bit so apologise in advance Many Thanks Sarah and Family in uk
  20. Guest

    Chefs emigrating???

    Hi Everyone, Just wondered if any Chefs and their family has Emigrated to oz, my husband is a head chef and we have applied for a 175 Visa which was lodged on 16/01/09 so just a long wait now - But he wants to know if the working hours will be the same or less or more than here in the uk, we are hoping to live in either Brisbane or Perth but still checking out areas in both citys and their suburbs. We keep hearing different things about both areas so that's why we can not decide??? It will probably come down to jobs available. But would like info on what area's are friendly, not to icolated - i'm very much a people's person, good schools for our 2 children aged 4 and 10 ( when we get to go they will be 5 and 11) low on crime and vandilism, fairly close to a beach - within 1 to 2 hours away. Any info would be much appreciated:biggrin: Thanks, Sarah & Simon.
  21. cherrybobs

    What documents will I need?

    My 457 visa is being finalised, and I will be emigrating in the next week or so. It's just me and 2 suitcases, so I'm really trying to minimise what I have to take. That said, I'm not sure how much paperwork I need to take. On my list currently are: Passport Job contract Payslips from the last year - for tax return Mortgage statement - for Rental agency Degree certificates Do I need to get my medical/dental/optical history? Is there anything else that I would benefit from taking? Thanks
  22. Hi Guys, Im in a bit of a flap as we have been granted 457 Visa and are due to leave the UK on the 10th November. Unfortunately in all the packing and moving, my husband's (primary visa holder) passport went missing. After a frantic search we realised that it had gone so he had to go and get a new one. Problem - visa has been granted to his old passport number and now he has a new one. I found a form 929, and thought perhaps this is the one I should fill in. I started to fill it all in and found there was lots of it I didnt understand as we used a migration agent and we hardly got involved in any paper work at all. I filled in what I could and mailed it to the migration agent, employer and recruitment agent in the hope that one of them could fill in the blanks for us. The migration agent mailed back today to say we need to speak to our local DIAC office (very helpful) and we havent heard back from anyone else! Can anyone tell me if I need to do anything or is there some sort of way that the electronic visa automatically gets transfered to the new passport? I have very limited time to get this sorted and dont want to get refused entry when we get there!!! :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  23. Guest

    Cost of Living

    Hi Everyone From some of the threads I’ve read, people on here are very helpful in replying to individuals questions. This is my first thread so be gentle but I want to ask the group what salary scale would provide an average life. Firstly I know that’s extremely subjective so let me give a few more details. I want to move out to Perth or Melbourne, with my wife (who currently cannot work) and 4 year old daughter. Not looking for the moon-on-a-stick here, just a small car, medical cover, rented apartment with 2-3 rooms and enough money to put clothes on our back, occasional travel to NZ (extended family) and semi-private child care. I’m a scientist (post-doc) so will probably be based near one of the Universities. Any info you guys and gals can give would help out a long way. I’ll try and check back often enough in case you need more details. Thanks p.s I heard you have a thing called ‘Sun’ over there. Being from Ireland the ‘huge fiery ball in the sky’ has taken on a near mythical property, since its departure behind 3km of black cloud. Can you confirm whether or not you need to wear three heavy jumpers in mid-summer?:cool:
  24. Nine in 10 expats think they made the right choice in moving from the UK, which may be in part because of the austerity measures - backed this week by the International Monetary Fund - which are causing financial pain to many in Britain. The mood around the world is mixed, and the perception of future economic growth varies dramatically. For example, expats in China, Australia and the UAE are very confident about their financial future, according to the NatWest International Personal Banking fourth annual Quality of Life Index, with 96 per cent of expats in China expecting strong economic growth. In contrast, those in European countries fear a much slower economic recovery. Europe is still subject to far greater economic concerns than countries elsewhere, with the bail-outs of Greece, Ireland and Portugal all combining to cause concern. Spain has not asked for help to shore up its economy, but there are still fears that this could happen. Dave Isley, head of NatWest International Personal Banking, said: “It is encouraging to see that expats express self-assurance about their ability to triumph over the recessionary pressures which are causing uncertainty and cutbacks in many multi-national businesses. There is a marked difference in optimism between those expats based in Europe and those based elsewhere. “However, it is encouraging to see that despite these variations, the majority of expats present a reasonably confident view of their situation and future prospects.” Related Articles British expats say quality of life higher than at home 21 Apr 2010 New Zealand is 'best destination for expats' 17 Jun 2009 Expats say Canada is best place to live 20 Apr 2011 Retired expats ‘happy with their life abroad’ 29 Aug 2010 Moving abroad can 'give you better perspective' 04 Aug 2010 Eight out of 10 expats happy with their move, says survey 20 Dec 2007 <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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    uh-oh telling the parents!!

    Hi folks, Hubby and I have started the process of moving to Oz (NSW SS) and since we've sent off the docs to ACS and OH has his Ielts in a couple of weeks I figure I'd better get round to telling my parents what we're planning! I've lived in Scotland for the last 8 years and my family are down near Liverpool. As far as my mum is concerned even this is too far away and I know she misses me badly (dad's not the greatest conversationalist to keep her company!) I started broaching the subject before Christmas but she started to cry :cry: and said she didn't know what she'd do if we moved abroad (I hadn't even mentioned Australia or permanent move at this point)!! I'm driving down this weekend to break the news. :eek: Am stressed out thinking about it coz I know she's going to be devastated and I was wondering if any of you clever people had any uplifting tales of the "it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be" type to give me courage, either that or some ideas on how best to go about it! :biggrin: Cat