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  1. Bobj

    Clarkson discovering real Australia

    Apologies for spelling and punctuation.. Quite new at using an iPad a very sensitive iPad. Hope you can decipher the notes? Cheers, Bobj.
  2. Bobj

    Clarkson discovering real Australia

    And another...those bull catchers, I have seen brand new Toyotas bought, stripped down and used for a couple of months, then discarded and the blokes going to Kununurra and buying a new one with a roll of ££ taken out till good enough toof their pockets.. That was in the1960s around Carlton Hill and Lejune Stations. They got big money catching the scrub bulls. The station managers were trying to upgrade the bloodlines of the cattle and the ’scrubbies’ were a menace, but still worth putting in the road trains. Cheers, Bobj.
  3. Bobj

    Clarkson discovering real Australia

    Love it, Bully! As I always say when passing one of those road trains, another hundred tonnes of sh*t”. Great fun overtaking those road trains...The last ‘dog’ has a sway of up to 2 metres. Once saw a convoy of 13 caravans, a road train, then another 14 caravans , all going about 80 kmh. Wondered how long it took for the roadtrain to pass that lot. There are signs all though The Territory saving the road trains are 53 metres long. Victoria River Downs, In the NT, was reputed to be the bigggest cattle station in the world at the beginning of the 20th century, at 27 million acres. Anna Plains, in South Australia has that honour, now, at a whopping 7 million acres. VRD has, I think, 6 helicopters for mustering cattle Odd spot, VRD is NOT on the Victoria River,, but on the Wickham, a tributary. Another; The Fizzer, in JEANNIE gunn’ s book, ‘ We Of The Never Never’ was alleged to have drowned in the Wickham, after helping a pregnant lady cross the swollen river. Cheers, Bobj.
  4. Bobj

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Just after sunset...And shot the moon!
  5. Bobj


    That is very interesting re Murray cod in the Yarra, @Briandi.I checked it out, as I lived in Smellbum over 50 years ago and never heard of them in the river. As they are from the Murray/Darling System, I was under the impression that they were illegally introduced and, I believe it is an offence to introduce any freshwater fish to any waterway that is not part of their native habitat. I see that the cod were introduced over 160 years ago. So, I doubt that the rules were formulated then... Thanks for that. Cheers, Bobj.
  6. Bobj

    Show us your fish

    A couple more, just to whet your apatite, @Leighbee98. Gunther's wrasse. Stripey, aka spanish flag. Cheers, Bobj.
  7. Bobj

    Well it’s that time again!

    Queensland to win...again Cheers, Bobj.
  8. Stufftif... But spent a few hours looking up the prisoners of war in Japan. Found out. that my my Dear Old Dad and my Uncle were incarcerated in Hokkaido when the POWs were rescued. On 15 August 1945. If anone wants to, or needs to research the POWs in Japan , I used www.mansell.com Cheers, Bobj.
  9. Bobj

    Show us your fish

    The south east has quite a good climate...up until May, then it gets many frosts along the Great Divide, Stanthorpe, etc. I live just north of Mackay, in the tropics and in 20 years, have yet to see an old type century (100 F) And...NEVER suss out areas in the northern part of Qld during 'The Wet'. And that comes from 35 years of living north of the Tropic Of Capricorn. Why? Cyclones and deluges....But after you experience Wyndham, any place is OK... If you do try Qld places in Jan/Feb, you will experience 2 months of rain, heat and humidity (northern part) and miss out on the next 10 months. Better to look-see after The Wet, say about middle April, onwards. A newchum to tropical Qld, or any area in northern Australia in Jan/Feb, as suggested, from the UK, would be hard pressed to understand that the other 10 months are a pleasure to behold. Cheers, Bobj.
  10. Very interesting, PB, thanks for that. Have to wonder how much land clearing has contributed to it all. Presumably, a great deal! I remember reading somewhere that 99% of Australia’su rainforest had been cleared for farming...In the backblocks of NSW, there was/is a saying that if anything is standing for more than 5 minutes, either chop it down, or bulldoze it. Again, when I first went to the Qld gem fields, west of Emerald, central Qld, some 45 years ago, one could travel for miles and see open forest, Last year, when I went back there, there were vast areas of grasslands In the late 1890s in the East Kimberley Region, gold was discovered near Old Halls Creek. The “cockies” of that time overstocked the surrounding land with cattle to sell to the gold miners and associated folk. This overstocking obviously lead to overgrazing, which, in turn, lead to the cattle stations being taken over by the WA Govt. Some 70 years later, the Main Rods Dept. were not allowed to construct spoon drains to allow rainwater to run off the Duncan Highway, for fear of massive erosion. Indeed, I saw tractors driving up and down, digging small depressions in the bare ground in order to catch any grass seed blown by the wind. That was called THe Ord River Regeneration Scheme. Cheers, Bobj.
  11. Bobj

    Show us your fish

    Thanks, mate. So, where do you hope to move to; subject to work? Cheers, Bobj.
  12. Bobj

    Show us your fish

    No need to, I have Redcliffe islands to view coral gardens and exotic reef fish, Cape Hillsborough National Park and Leeper Reef. All are an easily accessible walk when the tide is out. And, of course, my fishing possie... Redcliffe Islands are in the Newry Island National Park, near Seaforth, Central Coastal Qld and Cape Hillsborough are a 10 minute drive from home, while Leeper Reef is between Sarina Beach and Campwin Beach, all being part of the Whitsundays area, Qld. Cheers, Bobj.
  13. Bobj

    Australian population 25,000,000 today.

    Ball Bay has a population of five noughts less than that...And that is getting overcrowded! Only the idiots fish off the rocks and I am pleased to say that it is a privilrdge... Cheers, Bobj.
  14. Bobj

    Australian population 25,000,000 today.

    Oh, I dunno...Shanghai city has 24.1 million people Cheers, Bobj.
  15. Bobj

    So Cameron Smith pulls the pin?

    A Big hole to fill Would like Jake Granville Get the nod. Now that Freddie Fittler has taken the Blues reins, NSW might have a good chance to win this year. Pity Cam went out that way. Must have been a bitter pill to swallow, having a suspension on his cv. Cheers, Bobj.