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  1. @JohndoeSome really beaut labradorite there, mate. I have a piece given to me by the son of the owners of this fine forum. It is very similar to the one on the bottom, right. Cheers, Bobj.
  2. Watched the Coronation on a 9” black and white tv and the dear lady’s funeral. Two superb moments in history! Cheers, Bobj.
  3. A soft-cane dendrobium. And a phalaenopsis orchid. Cheers, Bobj.
  4. Bobj

    How is Megan doing so far?

    My Dear Old Dad went through WWII and received 5 medals, he spent 28 years in the army and ended up on Lord Louis Mountbatten’s staff. ElvisPresley spent 2 years in national service and got 11… Cheers, Bobj.
  5. This morning, a golden trevally; the hooks pulled out just after the photo was taken. Guesstimate of 12kg Cheers, Bobj.
  6. A regal lady in every sense of the word. Cheers, Bobj.
  7. Love those terrestrial orchids, diuris, elythranthera, calendinia, dipodium, spathodium etc. I have 4 clumps of spathodiums and all the rest are tropical arboreals. Cheers, Bobj.
  8. Bobj

    Cost of Living.

    S'truth!!! Mine for 6 months was $101 and it has been a cold and blustery winter. But, then again, I have 20 solar panels... Cheers, Bobj,
  9. Same here, Kev. Had a video interview with a specialist in Smellbum last week, and she, through our Base Hospital, wants me to have more tests, both liver and blood. I declined, saying that at age 81, I feel fine and just want to live peacefully and quietly. So, no more doctors waiting rooms. So, off fishing again. Cheers, Bobj.
  10. Bobj

    Just can't settle here

    Well then, knowing that, Elliott would be THE place….Let’s see, coming from the east, you would get the refuse tip on the left, then the downtown fuel Stn, pub and cop shop, then the Aborigine section, all on the left, so you have no need to cross the road… Cheers, Bobj.
  11. Bobj

    Just can't settle here

    Dave should try Elliott, in the NT…Even I don't like it…But then there is a pub to drown himself in. Cheers, Bobj.
  12. Bobj

    Your last meal....

    Can’t remember my last meal in the UK. as it was almost 60 years ago On the other end of the scale, I hope my last is in at least another 20 years. Then I will settle for a home made curry. Cheers, Bobj.
  13. @Johndoe.Good to have you back onboard again, mate.. Cheers, Bobj.
  14. Bougainvillea and pyrostegia. Cheers, Bobj.