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    Skills assessment ANMAC

    I just got my positive skills assessment back from ANMAC today and did it myself as the "full" version since I don't have registration with AHPRA. I'm surprised it was so quick, from what I had read it's generally around 12 weeks or longer to process. I submitted my application on the 19th December just before they closed for 3 weeks. So really that's only around 2 weeks it took for them to approve. I didn't upload everything all at once as well since I was still waiting for my transcript and thought I had plenty of time. You should just wait to have your letter of determination/positive skills assessment before submitting your EOI though. They won't invite you without it so not much point and if they did the application would be invalid since you didn't have it at the time you were invited.
  2. RubyMonday

    Skills assessment ANMAC

    Yep, you need to do an English test and if it's IELTS it needs to be the academic version not general. You'll need minimum of 7s or equivilant so will gain at least 10 points for having "proficient" English.
  3. RubyMonday

    AITSL help..

    I'm a nurse not a teacher but just got my positive skills assesment back from ANMAC today and I did it myself with no help from an agent so paying that much money is totally unecessary. Like teaching for nurses they wanted the certificate, transcript and a breakdown of hours both placement and theory. I just got in touch with my university since a transcript gives information on modules and marks for all three years but doesn't include the hours/placement details. They sent me the generic module syllabus information which included a breakdown of hours on it and a separate list of my specific placements with how many hours I did on them. The module syllabus info was about 18 pages and you had to look for the info so I wasn't sure if they would accept it but they did. I would just email your university, mine were happy to help. If they won't just send you the info you might be able to purchse it, duplicate of the transcript etc. They might have put something together for someone else so know what's needed. My university also sent me a letter confirming the course was taught and assessed in English which I didn't ask for but I will need later to register with AHPRA so you probably won't be the first one.