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  1. Exactly! You would probably feel the same no matter where you moved to. As far as seasons are concerned the further south in Australia you go the more distinct the seasons are. Tassie has 4 very distinct seasons.
  2. Toots

    What to do

    Why were you banned for 3 years?
  3. It isn't just Australia of course .... there are plenty of folk who migrated to NZ and Canada who never felt settled and yearn to return to the UK. A fair number of my forebears migrated to the USA and Canada from 1900 to approx 1920. My sister and a cousin have the original letters which were written from our forebears to parents and siblings back home in Scotland. Some of them are heart wrenching as the writer is obviously very homesick. Apart from the homesickness some of them write about, the letters are a real window into how life was for families who migrated at that time.
  4. Toots

    The Bizarre Thread

    Have you ever dreamed of going #2 in the loo and seeing glitter in the toilet? Listen: DREAMS DO COME TRUE! For some reason there's a company called "S**T The Glitter" that has released a glitter pill that you swallow and it turns your evacuation process into a glittery filled experience.
  5. Toots

    Australia and Climate Change

    Antarctic temperature rose above 20C this month for first time on record. Scientists describe 20.75C logged at Seymour Island as ‘incredible and abnormal’
  6. Toots

    $9 avocados in australia🥑

    Haven't tried that for a while. Used to line my stomach with chip and salad cream butties before a night out years ago.
  7. Toots

    $9 avocados in australia🥑

    I really like them. Had a mashed one on toast for breakfast followed by 2 nectarines.
  8. Toots

    $9 avocados in australia🥑

    Me too! Yum.
  9. Toots

    $9 avocados in australia🥑

    I don't know which brand you use but I still prefer Heinz salad cream.
  10. Toots

    Never have I....

    Never been the slightest bit interested in going on a cruise.
  11. Toots

    Never have I....

    I misread it too. I'm also 15/20. I should get out more but I can't be bothered.
  12. Toots

    Caroline Flack found dead

    I don't know who she is either but sad for her family too.
  13. Toots

    Australia and Climate Change

    It was only 12C when I was out first thing this morning. A lovely fresh morning. I'm looking forward to autumn. I watched the ferry from Melbourne coming towards Devonport on the Bass Strait. By the time I had walked up the river the vehicles were moving off it. I counted 34 motorbikes disembarking. Tassie is very popular with bikers. Hope they enjoy the cooler weather here.
  14. Toots

    Never have I....

    5 out of 20 I have had a very sheltered life.
  15. After seeing the damage they have done in the past - well then yes it would be a deterrent. Awful things.