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  1. Toots

    Ping Pongers

  2. What did the vet say? She may have sprained a toe. My wee Harry is a bit of a hypochondriac - everything is a drama if he hurts himself a little. He had a sprained toe when he leapt over a log. This all happened a few years ago. He was screaming in agony so we rushed him to the vet - worried sick. He had an x-ray but in the end it was just a sore paw. Sometimes he gets something stuck in between the pads of his paws. What a carry on. The paw is held high in the air until I sort it out then he puts on a limp for an hour or so until he forgets about it and yes, we have to lift him onto his chair as he puts such a pitiful expression on his face. That's when we call him Prince Harry, the Duke of Devonport. Hope your girl is better soon.
  3. I also have a sore shoulder caused by wear and tear leading frisky horses years ago. I go to a chiropractor and it helps a bit. i'm dubious about physios as a good friend ended up with a pinched nerve after a few sessions with a highly regarded one (in Sydney). Another friend has had an operation to "fix" the snapped tendon in his shoulder and it seems to have done the trick. I've also had cortisone jabs in both my achilles tendons. They were so painful but that also worked well for me. That was a few years ago and they have been fine since then. Recently had plantar fasciitis - inflamation of the tendon that runs under my foot - that was also painful but all OK now - at least I get out again on long walks/hikes without limping - at one point I had to use a walking stick!! Thankfully all OK now. Getting old can be a real pain.
  4. Toots

    The Official Weather Thread

    It must have rained heavily during the night. Big puddles everywhere this morning. Lovely day now though.
  5. Toots

    Ping Pongers

    It's the same in most countries. Some folk are the happy to stay at home types and the others are always here, there and everywhere. One of my friends is going stir crazy as she and her husband holiday overseas twice a year. In my old age I am turning more and more into a stay at home type. Loathe airports and just can't seem to get very enthusiastic about going overseas any more. I'm sure that'll change when we can actually leave the country without any hassle. I would love to see my sons again too.
  6. Toots

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    That's good. I also didn't feel the best for a day or so after the first one. Fingers crossed the 2nd one won't be the same.
  7. Jeezus Paul .......................... what a bunch of unfeeling little b@stards. I was brought up on a farm and never got used to what happened to animals.
  8. Toots

    How long before it felt normal to live in Australia

    There are some filthy, couldn't care less dog owners around. Most are pretty good though. Another lot that get on my nerves are the ones who do pick up and bag the dog poo then throw the bag on the ground!! What the ***** ............................. Too lazy to put it in the bin.
  9. I don't eat meat but my husband does and he gets his beef and lamb which has been (locally) free range farmed and free of hormones. He doesn't eat chicken and over the past few years he has cut down a lot on meat eating but he still likes his steak and lamb cutlets now and again. I would end up in a mental hospital if I had to work in a slaughterhouse or meat processing facility.
  10. Toots

    Ping Pongers

    I can take or leave tattie crisps. Not a big fan but there is a brand which makes lentil crisps (chips) which are quite nice. They were on special recently and I gave them a try. Not too bad but nothing that special either. Tattie crisps are too salty for me.
  11. Toots

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    We're having the 2nd AZ jab in a couple of weeks. Any side effects after the 2nd jab @simmo?
  12. Toots

    Most enduring international chocolate bar

    I second Toblerone.
  13. If only humans could cut down drastically on (cheap) meat consumption but I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon. @simmo Don't get me started on animal welfare .......... in any country. Going by that RSPCA list things do look better in the UK but not all is good. https://www.ciwf.org.uk/factory-farm-map/
  14. Toots

    The Official Weather Thread

    Is it humid too? Drizzling here - grey sky so a bit meh.
  15. Toots

    Sydney property

    Governments over the past couple of decades should have built a lot more decent social housing. It's a real problem for many low income renters here in Tassie. There are a dozen small villa type houses (Social housing) being built here in Devonport just now. Handy for shops, school etc. There are also lots of small state housing developments scattered all around town - mixed in with private housing. Seems to work well. Lots more need to be built though.