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  1. I've never had chickenpox. Should I get the shingles shot?
  2. Sorry you're feeling so crook @Bulya.
  3. The only reason I would return to the UK ................ Scotland in particular .............. would be to see my sister. As she is now retired and comes to see me for up to 3 months of the UK winter I just don't feel the need to go back anymore. Our two sons are living overseas ....... one of them will be back but the other may decide to live there permanently so I know how my Mum felt when I migrated. It's not easy but it's his life and he is happy. OH and I are very content where we chose to retire to ............ away from the heat and hustle and bustle of city life. As you say Chortlepuss, you do have to be completely enthusiastic about making it work in Australia. Over the nearly 40 years I have lived here, I've had very good friends return to the UK and been very happy. Others like myself have always been settled and happy here. Of the close friends I had in the Sydney area two couples are now living nearby and another couple are moving here in March though to the south coast ................ we are in the north west coast (Tasmania). We have all known each other for 30 years so I am more than happy to have my old friends living close to us again. I always think you can never be bored or lonely if you have good friends and I have been lucky with my friends in the years I've been in Australia. Samt4 and her partner have some fairly big decisions to make before they decide to have children.
  4. I agree with Marisa. I am a bit like her in that I never felt homesick here BUT I was lucky enough to go back to visit Mum and friends often and Mum came out to Australia to stay with us every 2nd year until she died. If your feelings are so strong about the UK and you miss your family so much and you can't afford to visit them as often as possible then I would think very seriously about returning to the UK. It's not worth the unhappiness to stick it out because you feel you have to. Some members on this forum are still very homesick and yearn to return to the UK after living here for decades. Your partner has told you he could live in the UK if it wasn't for his work and that he would give everything up if necessary. If you still feel the way you do now after a few more months perhaps that is the way to go.
  5. Toots

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Yes I agree with everything you've said ...................... if only Bernie Sanders was 20 years younger.
  6. That's what I thought too after watching The Joker.
  7. A friend and I share a birthday today. We have just been yacking on the phone. In the 60's we marched for all sorts of things together. Against the Vietnam war, the bomb and a few other things. I think the world is in a worse state now and we thought it was bad then. This was one of the songs that meant a lot to us. I would have been 16 then. Yes I know ................................... I am showing my age but we were so sure we could make a difference back then.
  8. Fireworks in Oban, Scotland for St Andrew's day .... 30th November.
  9. Toots

    The Ice Age is coming.

    It has been catastrophic for wildlife. Some have been rescued and treated. The Koala Hospital has received nearly $1 million from donors across Australia and overseas. "Birds, possums, turtles, kangaroos and dozens of koalas have been dropped off at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in recent days. Hospital team leader Gabi Rivett said she had never experienced such a high volume of injured wildlife. While some koalas are found relatively unscathed but now homeless, others are rushed to the centre with severe burns."
  10. Toots

    The Ice Age is coming.

    Horrible conditions. Some of the golf players (Australian Open) complained of stinging eyes and coughing and one player even resorting to wearing a surgical mask. Not good for asthmatics.
  11. Toots

    The Ice Age is coming.

    Our summer is to start on Tuesday when it will manage to reach 24C. Thanks for sending the warm weather down to us.
  12. Lots of racing bicycles whizzing past our house. It's the last leg of a 5 day cycling tour around parts of the north west of Tassie. The race finishes at our local beach.
  13. Toots

    The Ice Age is coming.

    I was out and about yesterday wearing a fleece and a woolie hat. It was cold. We are now in summer. This morning it's very breezy with clouds scudding across the sky but a bit warmer.
  14. Toots


    Maurizia will be laughing all the way to the bank.