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  1. Toots

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    Yes to all that list Loopylu except the gooseberries are not the nice old fashioned hairy ones I remember. They are called Cape gooseberries and are reddish in colour and bigger. Bit different but still very nice.
  2. Toots

    No response from Home Affairs

    As i said. An attention seeker.
  3. Toots

    No response from Home Affairs

    Why? What is your life and death illness?
  4. Toots

    No response from Home Affairs

    I think you've come onto this forum as some sort of an attention seeking stunt. Do what you want. I couldn't live like that but obviously you think you are very special and immigration will just let you get away with being an illegal.
  5. Toots

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    OK, I've stated Coles and Woolies could do much better but honestly I can get almost anything I need there. We have very good delis and green grocers locally. Nobody is going to starve. Seems as Bill Bryson said, some people are obsessed with supermarkets. I only buy what we need as I HATE chucking out unused food. Far too much of that in first world countries.
  6. Toots

    No response from Home Affairs

    In all probability it will be denied. Your bridging visa subclass 050 has been issued to give you enough time to make arrangements to leave the country.
  7. Toots

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    Yes that's the one @Loopylu. It's available here in spring. It does well in Tassie as it performs best in a temperate climate zone, where we have a long, slow autumn and cold winter. Delicious it is too and a nutritional powerhouse. I like it raw as well as lightly steamed.
  8. I worked in York Street (very close to Wynyard station) then the whole company moved to an updated building round the corner in Erskine Street. That whole area was always very busy, cafes, bars and restaurants and at that time there were a couple of small bars in the laneways. Good to hear there are more of them.
  9. Toots

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    I was last in the UK 5 years ago and staying in SW Scotland. There was only a Tesco supermarket in the area and it certainly wasn't too flash and I didn't think the prices were very different to here. If you wanted more choice at a different supermarket it meant a drive of 32 miles so it all depends on where you live in the UK. Agree about M&S foodhall. Top stuff. Again there was one just around the corner from where my sister lived in London plus Waitrose and Asda so spoilt for choice really. Not like that where I was staying in Scotland. Mind you the beautiful scenery more than make up for that.
  10. Toots

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    Purple sprouting what? Do you mean broccoli? As Skani said it is freely available in Tassie when in season. Being a non-meat eater I'm more than happy with the veggies available here. Just not fussed about the supermarkets.
  11. Toots

    British supermarkets vs Australian supermarkets

    Agree with the above posters. I used to go to Waitrose when I stayed with my sister in London. Now that is an excellent supermarket. We don't even have an Aldi in Tasmania. I can't say however that supermarket shopping anywhere makes me excited especially at Coles and Woolies.
  12. So sorry about your Dad Simmo. An anxious time for you. xx
  13. Toots

    Missing the UK

    Yes I suppose there is that Cal. Something to think about but a few of the posters are so miserable and depressed it's probably too much think about.
  14. Toots

    Missing the UK

    @JJNot I totally agree with Quoll. To answer the question in your original post, yes plenty of people have moved back to the UK and were really happy with their choice. Some people ping ping between the 2 countries but I think they are in the minority.
  15. Should have said April 9. Not too worried about it. Friends and sister in UK have had it with no or mild side effects. What sort of reaction did your son have?