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  1. Toots

    England V Australia

    I don't think so. What are you on about Parley?
  2. Toots

    England V Australia

    The Wallabies have had a very weak scrum for years. You would have thought they would have managed to sort it out by now.
  3. Toots

    England V Australia

    I can tell this thread is going to turn bitchy and boring.
  4. Toots

    Feeling isolated and lonely in Perth

    I think when people are unhappy/homesick they will find fault with everything no matter where they live. If they are not homesick for the UK or any other home country then it's time to up sticks and find somewhere else to live in Australia. We moved lock stock and barrel from Perth to Sydney years ago with a couple of toddlers. We did like Perth but at the time there were far more opportunities for my husband (construction) in Sydney.
  5. Toots

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Funny that because last time I was back in Scotland I was surprised by how many people with English accents are now living happily in Scotland. By your attitude though, you wouldn't be welcome there.
  6. Toots

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You are far too much of a gentleman compared to the rabble on this particular thread.
  7. Toots

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Who are all in England?
  8. Toots

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I'd like to see you voicing that opinion in Glasgow. You might find yourself receiving a Glasgow kiss (a sharp, sudden headbutt to the nose).
  9. Toots

    Three snakes in three days

    I 'liked' the pics but ............................... eurghh.
  10. Toots

    despicable human being

    Even if they killed someone? I don't know anything about it but if that is the case it's also wrong. Mind you the middle eastern countries would be a pretty dire place to be imprisoned. Beheadings and all that sort of thing.
  11. Toots

    England V Australia

    I've lost interest in it since Scotland lost to Japan.
  12. The interview with Peter V'Landys the Australian horse racing administrator and chief executive and a board member of Racing New South Wales was awful. Totally cringe-worthy. What an absolute pillock.
  13. Toots

    Public schools

    Our two sons are grown up now but they attended the local government primary school - a 10 minute walk from home then they went to a boys' high school (also government) a 20 minute bike ride from home. We chose to send them to a boys only school as it had a good reputation. I never saw parents in their jammies at the school gate.
  14. Anybody in Australia watch the 7.30 Report tonight on ABC? Hundreds of racehorses sent to slaughterhouses in contravention of racing rules. I know it happens but I think it has opened a lot of people's eyes to the very nasty, cruel treatment of racehorses. This was about the NSW racing industry but I am very sure it will be same in other states too. Very good reporting by Caro Meldrum.
  15. Toots

    Movecube Bonus Items

    It must feel a bit like migrating all over again Quoll. Probably not so exciting second time around though ....... especially feeling the way you do about living here. I do hope it will work out for you one way or another. Nice holidays elsewhere planned?