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  1. JockinTas

    Aussies caught cheating again...

    I don't know but I always support Scotland at the rugby and they always get thrashed. :cry: Used to go to see them play whenever they came to Sydney.
  2. JockinTas

    The Garden Club.

    Do your little goats have the run of the garden?
  3. Sorry to read about your Dad. Hope you receive positive news about him soon.
  4. Took our dog to a boarding kennel today. The house is empty without him. :cry: Fly to Queenstown, NZ tomorrow.
  5. JockinTas

    Do Aussies hate Asian people?

    My son's girlfriend is 1st generation Chinese Australian and has never had any racist remarks aimed at her. She is living in Ireland with him now and has never experienced any racism there either.
  6. JockinTas

    Back in uk 2 years now

    Bloody mozzies! I've been here over 3 decades and never been sunburnt.
  7. JockinTas

    Driving in queensland? Tips? Advise?

    Watch out for tailgaters. Lots of that all over Australia.
  8. JockinTas


    It must be a horrid thing to live with for them and their families.
  9. JockinTas

    what are you doing right now?

    They pretend to listen. :sad:
  10. JockinTas


    Like I said .............. scroungers. They are both yoga instructors so with a bit of hard saving they might make it to Costa Rica one of those days.
  11. JockinTas

    Aussies caught cheating again...

    David Boon was a great cricketer. Why did they boo him bunbury?
  12. JockinTas


    Scroungers. :dull:
  13. JockinTas

    The Garden Club.

    Grevilleas are really nice and there is quite a variety of them. They also attract bird life which is a bonus. I grow veggies at Devonport Community garden so keep the garden at the house for flowers. Roses are doing well and daisies, petunias, allysum, begonias and fuchsias all doing well too. A neighbour has a lovely English style garden with hollyhocks, foxgloves, delphiniums, lavender and rambling roses. It's lovely but a lot of work.
  14. The look of wonderment and happiness on their little faces. :smile:
  15. JockinTas

    Aussies caught cheating again...

    It seems that certain posters take any chance they can to find something negative about Australia. It's a bit like that horrible David Koch who does the same more or less whenever he gets the chance to make a negative comment about the UK. At least he used to. I haven't watched that breakfast show for years now. Just trying to be smart and belittling. Not a nice trait to have.