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Found 54 results

  1. BritChickx

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Sunsets and sunrises have always been my favourite kind of photo's. I only have one and it's one I already posted on here. As we were in the sky I guess it wasn't a sunrise or sunset. . . I would love to see what ones any of you have :cute: it could be from anywhere, not just Australia :cute:
  2. Guest

    Awkward Family Photos

    First of all, many apologies for my extended absence... been busy AS these past few days and am going to remain busy for sometime. But I just couldn't contain myself today when I saw this: http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/ So let's come out honestly now. Which one of you is on there :tongue: :laugh: Or have friends/associates/enemies who are on there :wink:
  3. they are not specifically on the list but it says members of chartered societies which they are. Every other form of health worker is on there, doctors, nurses, social workers, registered care workers
  4. can it be a pysiotherapist who signs it, have looked through the list and all other types of medical people are on it but it doesn't specifically say physio thanks
  5. Went to New Farm Park in Brisbane with the family Sunday week and thought I would share some photos of this lovely park. Blurry iPhone photos all my responsibility New Farm Park Picnic under the trees Kids love it Fort twists through the figs Lovely spot Not too bad!! Swings are more fun BBQ by the river Love those trees
  6. Family went for a picnic last weekend at Mt Coot-tha botanical gardens and planetarium and then up to the lookout afterwards. Here's some of my iPhone snaps and a night-time borrowed shot. Mt Coot-tha is in Brisbane's inner western suburbs about 6km west of the city centre. CBD to Mt Coot-tha by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr Untitled by fish.2, on Flickr
  7. butros

    certifying photos

    Good Day everyone, I need some help good people, my agent requested me to send certified passport size photos by email with all other documents for a 457 visa application. My question is how then do I certify those photos? first of all, the photos are small for the stamp and they say they only certify at the back how then do I email those photos which are stamped at the back? Thank you in advance:confused:
  8. kellyjamie

    how did you upload your photos?

    just wondered how you all uploaded your passport photos? do you just put it on a piece of paper with your name scan and upload? if so theres 3 of us so can we put all 3 pics on the same bit of paper then upload? thanks kelly
  9. Whilst browsing the web and dreaming about my upcoming trip to oz, i found the following great site of pictures around WA. http://www.pbase.com/mdejong/perth_and_western_australia Worth checking out methinks.
  10. Spent a night at "The Federal" pub after the road was flooded before Roma. Our family got an education from a local couple through the single skin wooden walls. :wideeyed: Flood receding Arrived in Charleville The mail must get through Water carriers in the world war - they carried gossip between diggers which was sometimes untrue - hence the Aussie word "Furphy" Aaawww bless Don't have all these at my local newsagent
  11. www.pleasetakemeto.com/australia hi all, just thought you may find this site useful, if you use the main map of oz then pick your destination you get some wonderful pics! enjoy:wubclub:
  12. bennyboy

    Spouse visa-include photos?

    Hi to all Has anyone that has done or is doing a spouse visa application, included photo's from holidays taken together, or your wedding or just general family photo's? Is it important to include these or apart from what is on the check list, what else has anyone included with application? I dont want to send it if later on i realise i have left something important out. Also, does anyone know what the processing times are for application sent without police certs and medicals done upfront? Any comments please would be great, thank you.:wubclub:
  13. restfamily

    Photos of Canberra / Qbn under water today

    Thought some of you might be interested to see these... Picasa Web Albums - John Griffiths - 9 December fl...
  14. Guest

    Sydney Photos 16/11/2010

    Had a seven hour stopover in Sydney flying from Adelaide to Bangkok this week so jumped on the train that runs under the airport and had a day out with my camera. Haven't been past the airport for ten years and discovered it's still a unique and magical city. Lunch at Manly Beach wasn't bad either.
  15. We got a letter from the school here yesterday asking for permission to have photos taken at school activities published.No problems there,they just want to know if we are happy for their photos to be published in school newsletter,website and local paper if the need arises. However,the school is putting on an annual musical show soon and they will be taking photos of rehearsals and the actual show to display in the hall.Sounds good so far.Now the clanger.Parents are not allowed to take any photos or videos on the night and anyone who does will have their camera taken off them until the end of the show. Photos and videos will however be available for purchase at the end of the night.So not only do we have to pay $10 each to go and see our kids perform[adults and children,same cost]but now if we want a photo of the occassion we need to pay for that too!!!:arghh:They are selling photo packs for each class starting at $20,with 3 kids we need 3 packs so that's $60 plus tickets.How dare they tell me I can not take a photo of my own child and then turn around and assume it is okay for them to make a profit from photos of my kids without my say so.There is no choice unless they leave the show and attendance is compulsory.I would not want them not to do it anyway. Has anyone else come across this?Do people really think schools should resort to this blatant blackmailing in order to boost school coffers? Not a happy camper about this at all.It is wrong on so many levels.:arghh:
  16. Guest

    Setting up a business!

    Hi all - just to let you know we're loving it here, been here over two years and everythings going great! We've just started our own business too setting up a small business in Australia is incredibly easy and there's been plenty of people to seek help from - something I never would have dreamed of doing in the UK! Best wishes to all and hope you're all having as much fun out here as we are!
  17. Guest

    Personal Photos As Avatars

    What do you reckon, should we all use a personal photos as an avatar, you know like passport photos but allowed to smile.:wink: I know internet forums are meant to be anonymous if you want, and that is only right and proper, after all not all of us want our pictures for all to see. Some people put their own personal albums on and don't mind being seen to an extent. But seriously if we all put up personal pictures of ourselves as avatars do you reckon your posts/threads would change. I recently saw a picture of a poster and was gob smacked by what they looked like, in my mind it was a complete opposite to what I expected, not in a bad way by the way. But we ALL I think have a picture in our minds of the other poster we are responding to, the one that gets me every time is Stevie. I am SURE he does not look anything like his avatar but nonetheless when I am posting to Stevie I still have his avatar in my mind and he makes me laugh. I know we can pick up a lot of what the person is saying through the tenure of their posts, but if your anything like me when I am writing I still have an image in my mind that I am SURE is nothing like the actual person. Would a personal avatar make any difference to the way you post. Would you look at such an avatar and think, they look nice, horrible, kind, loving, compassionate etc, and would this then influence what you say to them. I am not for one minute saying that this is a path we should take, far from it. But as a 'social experiment' I reckon it would tell us a lot. I can only speak for myself, and I m being totally honest here. From what some people say I have in my mind a 'picture' of the person sitting at their keyboard, and no matter what, it is a picture that remains with me no matter what. Maybe that is wrong, in fact it IS wrong, but that is the way it is. Cheers Tony:cool::cool:
  18. sykestykes

    More Photos!

    I've just added a few more photos to my profile for anyone who's interested in what it looks like on Bribie/Byron Bay/our back yard :laugh: Sue x
  19. Hi all- So I finally sent my de facto application in yesterday, and as I left the post office I realised I forgot to include a photocopy of photographs that my boyfriend took to get verified- and I included a mention of the photographs on a piece of paper inside the application which I wrote a summary of all the evidence inclosed. Can anyone suggest the best thing for me to do? Should I call migration and ask if I should send them in or will I hear from a CO when they get my application and then ask them if they want the photographs? I don't know whether to send them in now or wait to hear. After all they are just photographs but I did say that I have included them. Oops :wacko: I'm so frustrated after putting the application together for months! Thanks in advance for any help!
  20. Hi, i thought all the people on here might appreciate a great local web site which has very up to date aerial imagery of Perth and surrounding suburbs. The most recent update for my house is 31st December 2009 ! It also has the option to view back in time too. It is much more up to date than Google Earth obviously and is updated often. I believe the imagery is taken from aircraft. Hope this is of use to lots of people and i get lots of thanks. :wink: it is www.nearmap.com Happy Viewing !!!
  21. mrsb

    Childrens passport photos

    Where's the best place to get this done? I know australia has different regulations for photos, and I don't trust those booths! I've heard of some places doing it online or should I stick to a photo shop?
  22. Guest

    Uploading Digital Photos

    Hi there, We are currently uploading our documents for our 176 visa. Most of our photos are sat on the computer but I was wondering whether I could upload them like that or do I have to print them first and then scan them in. Your advice would be appreciated. Sam
  23. Woofyhugger

    Passport Photos from Australia Post

    Hi Guys. Just wondering if anyone has had passport photos taken at Australia Post at all? If so, did you cut them in to 4? The woman at the post office told me not to cut them, but that goes against sending two correctly sized photos to the passport mob. I ended up cutting them in 4 (the Aus Post ones have a black guideline to cut the 4), and sending two (one countersigned on back) off with my application. Anyway just wondering if anyone used Australia Post for their passport photos and if you had any issues at all. I'm off to the UK in about 8 weeks. Can't wait. Cheers Matt
  24. Hi Can anyone please tell me if a real estate agent who is part of a professional body in aus can certify my photo for me!!!! Its just I dont really know anyone else in Aus for longer than 2 years that can certify a photo for me. Thanks
  25. Hi, we are in the extremely early stages of looking at emigrating. I believe I can get a skilled visa and that my wife would be able to work as well under my application ( tell me if its different, please! ). Anyway, we are contemplating Melbourne as an area due to the fact that 3 old school friends live in the area so at least we would know some people straight away. Also, the area has a few companies like the one I used to work for ( just gone into administration ) so there's a chance of working for these. Are we doing the right thing wondering about Melbourne or should we look at other areas as well. Thing is we haven't even been to Aus, just know about it from Friends who have visited on holiday and friends that live out there. Can anyone gives us some good family orientated areas in the Melbourne area? We have 2 girls ( 6+4 ) so good schools are a must - and the missus would love a pool ( or should we live closer to the beach? ). Would it be better to live in a hotel for a week or so to find a good rentable property and do some more research whilst out there? Does anyone know about what type of containers are used to get our stuff out there? I have experience of importing from Malaysia and was even wondering about orgainising it myself. Any advice, absolutely ANY, would be much appreciated - such as pics of places, websites to review for research. I have just finished reading Get A New Life which features Paul Goddard who is in NZ - what about NZ instead of Aus. Is it more a place to retire? Please help.:jimlad: