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  1. iknowcb....only 5 weeks left of university/placement! Still not ready to qualify so winging it at this point. Won't find out until the end of July if I've passed all my assignments so fingers crossed!
  2. Now that I've nearly finished my course I am starting to look properly at how we can move over. Realistically think it might be the temp 491 visa which is meant to lead to PR. Might be able to use this site for actual visa advice next year
  3. Ah thats good to know and thank you! Its tough going but I really do like the ICU setting.
  4. iknowcb... I've been offered a position as a cardiac ICU nurse! Just need to finish the last leg of uni and pass everything The goal of moving to Aus is getting closer in sight, just need to get a bit of experience first.
  5. IKNOWCB.....Me and @Tappers2oz have both been offered our first nursing jobs this week
  6. So ive finished my first week. No covid patients! They said its been a few weeks, hopefully stays that way. Obviously they have regular ICU patients which is still sucky though.
  7. I have no idea! I hope so ill let you know when I start. Hope you are keeping well
  8. Been fortunate enough to have had both vaccines now. Painful arm both times but otherwise ok. Going to need it. As of next week ill be on the ICU for 3 months. Last placement before I finish!
  9. Really sorry to hear this simmo. Thinking of him and you all. I hope it is as peaceful and painless as possible. Hugs to you
  10. Thank you I'll let you know when I get through the last hurdle! Hope you and yours are doing okay?
  11. Thanks :) Mostly been online learning for the past year except for the odd practical lesson. Hope you are doing well too!
  12. Iknowcb.... got about 4 and 1/2 months left until I finish my degree! Have managed to pass all my assignments so far. Waiting to find out where I am for my final (management) placement that's due to start in April. Getting a bit nervous now about finishing as I'm not ready in the slightest! But it's also exciting
  13. BritChickx

    RIP Pommypaul

    Yes he was. We broke up years ago now so I didnt know what he was up to all this time. I had hoped he was in Aus still. Really quite shocked and sad about it.
  14. BritChickx

    What Book are you reading??

    Stuck in a pharmacology book at the moment. Can't wait to read for fun again
  15. BritChickx

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Kate :) hope you're having a good day x