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  1. Iknowcb... It's been a bit of a rollercoaster since my last post. Still in Aus but still planning to go home next year. I changed jobs and thats helped me feel more comfortable here and the hours are much better. I ended up in hospital last week, reckon I've got type 1 diabetes and have started taking insulin. So that's been a massive shock and is/was hard not having anyone around for support other than my partner. Family members aren't doing too good either with their own health problems . Hoping once I'm fully better and settled into a routine and have a proper diagnosis I can continue making the most of things here and see more of Aus before we head back. Does not feel like Christmas AT ALL soon, but I am off work so we will hopefully do something if the weather is nice just no snacks for me lol. Hope everyone is well, and hope everyone has a good Christmas and NY
  2. Thank you all for your replies and well wishes I'm sure it has me that's changed but also I never really lived in Aus before, I only ever travelled. Obviously the usual daily grind exists and that's fine, but it's definitely made me think about what I want long term and it will eventually be to live close to family and keep to short term travel/holidays throughout the world. I have no regrets about coming and I won't be too hasty in returning. There's a lot of things I like about Aus, and we are both on better wages so that helps too and will make the most of earning and saving more . We aren't sure on the area we are in either, it's gorgeous but we are after a bit more hustle and bustle so thinking about travelling for 2-3 months and then re-settling elsewhere if we decide to stick it out longer than 18 months. At the moment we're just gonna see how things go. Now I've been working a couple of months I'm gonna make more of a conscious effort to meet people - going to meet up thing this weekend. We fully intend on making the most of being here though, have already booked an Aus holiday for next month . PS not intending on starting a family, we don't want kids, so its just us which makes deciding what to do a bit easier as well.
  3. I've known since the first week I've been here that I will eventually move back to the UK. My partner feels the same way. It's a funny thing really - I've spent almost a decade aiming to return to Aus after travelling here years ago and wanting give it a go at living here. But it took me being on the other side of the world to truly realise that I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life in another country to my family. I think now that I'm in my 30s I've become more family orientated and maybe more family dependent. I used to see family at least fortnightly. And I never disliked where I lived in the UK either. My partner and I have been here for 3 months now, and obviously that isn't long enough to give it time to settle. I'm enjoying where I am and getting settled in with work and we make the most of our days off exploring but I think at some point the pull of family will make is return. In the mean time will make the most of being in Oz.
  4. So very sorry for your loss 🥺. Sending hugs and thinking of you all x
  5. I keep hearing of how bad the drug culture is in Aus! Surely not any worse than the UK??
  6. Thank you We are moving to Wollongong in NSW.
  7. Iknowcb... 15 days until we fly!! Have been unbelievably busy. Finished up work now, getting rid of a few more things and arranging things for my new job in Aus (not so much though as most of it I can't do until I'm in the country). I start 2 weeks after we land so not a lot of time to relax, actually no time to relax haha. We are in an air bnb for the first month so we can use that time to look for a place to live. I know some people secure a place to live before they arrive but we want to be there in person to make sure we pick the right place. Have a goodbye party this week too, definitely going to get emotional! Been getting upset at the thought of leaving everyone but it is what it is...still very excited for our journey I also got engaged a few weeks ago
  8. Thank you yeah for all those reasons above it's why we think it's a great choice for us too. Being close to Sydney is definitely a plus!
  9. Thank you we have a good feeling about this place! Me too. Yeah I will definitely make the most of being close to everyone, it's gonna come round fast! Congrats on your husband getting his truck license
  10. BritChickx

    Points table

    Oh nice! Even better then. I was going off who I've seen share their experiences on FB pages. But that's awesome!
  11. BritChickx

    Points table

    I've seen a lot of people recently approved with 65 or 70 points for the 189 but mostly health professions such as nursing. It's worth a shot depending on the occupation. If not go for the 190 to give you 5 more points.
  12. Iknowcb.... We are now moving to Wollongong, NSW been offered a job there and I've accepted! We're very excited, just under 3 months to go
  13. BritChickx

    How many members were here from the start?

    Crazily been on and off here for 12 years! The forum helped me a lot when I went to Aus the first time. But still has some bad memories attached to it. Admittedly I tend to use FB groups with emigration help. I don't think it's the same as it used to be but I suppose that's because people move on (like me). There's a few people who I would love to know what they're up to now!
  14. There's nothing on our grant letters to indicate that I (main applicant) have to arrive before my partner. We are going together but if we weren't it doesn't look like it would be an issue (on ours at least).
  15. 491 Victoria visa granted last month! Nurse - 70+ 15 points (myself and partner). EOI August 2022 Invite to apply Sept 2022 Visa lodged 21st September CO contact november 2022 Medicals and police checks cleared December 10th Visa granted 29th December Used the DUC who I would highly recommend