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  1. Thank you!! We lodged our visa application this week Going to do medicals and police check around December and see if we get a grant in the months following.
  2. Iknowcb.... We got the invite to apply for our visa!! Getting our documents ready with our agent and hopefully submitting visa application next week. RIP bank account
  3. Really sad news about the Queen....RIP I hope everyone's doing good. Some 'slight' progress on the visa front. I got a pre invite for Victoria and submitted state nomination app but its been 2.5 weeks so not sure when I'm going to get the visa invite! I've also submitted an EOI for SA, to keep my options open. Just have to watch this space.... Im glad its the weekend cos it means I can stop checking my emails 20 times a day
  4. Iknowcb... Put in an EOI for Victoria this week. Did put in an EOI for NSW in june but that'll be valid now it's the new financial year. Not eligible for Qld unfortunately as don't have enough experience. Will wait and see what NSW and SA want also. I'm open to moving anywhere at this point to get my foot in the door! Hoping for a 2023 move over Hope you's are all doing good!
  5. BritChickx


    Been watching some of wimbledon. He's a good player but his attitude is terrible, no sportsmanship. I felt embarrassed for him at times watching him throw tantrums when he played the Greek dude (forgot his name).
  6. BritChickx

    Subclass 189 or 190?

    There's no harm in looking into doing a skills assessment in the UK before you go on a WHV, depending on what line of work you are in some skills assessments can remain valid for 2 years. I'm a nurse and mine lasts for two years. You might also be eligible to apply for a 190 onshore on a WHV, if you work in your nominated occupation in Aus, again depending again on your occupation.
  7. Thank you hope you and yours are doing well?
  8. Heyy, yeah it's been a long while!! I forgot but why did you move back to the UK? It's nice you are trying to get back to Aus now though, I hope you aren't waiting too long for the RRV news, fingers crossed you get a new grant!! I completely shut off on Aus related things until I finished my training, but now I've started the process, I'm super impatient and want to be back tomorrow lol. I'm 31 now so still do get max points, but have 20 points for English already and I don't get points for experience, need at least 3 which I don't have. If i waited 3 years for 5 points I would lose 5 points for age lol, so I'd still have the same amount in the end. Going with a partner too so that gives me 5 although you get given 10 points now if you are single!! people seem to be waiting anywhere from 1 - 6 months for an invite for nurses and then even longer for visa grant, think things are still quite slow at the moment, hopefully they speed up again soon with the new financial year.
  9. I'm not sure if I saw that, I think I assumed you had already had citizenship as I knew you had been there for years, so apologies! Congratulations though, must be such a relief.
  10. Thank you I will relax once I get an invite and visa is lodged! How are you doing? x
  11. Iknowcb... Been a while. I've started the emigration process officially now. I passed my PTE academic with 20 points back in march. Submitted skills assessment in May, received a positive skills assessment last week and also submitted an EOI with NSW last week for 190 PR. I'll probably be waiting a few months at least for an invite as only have 75 points, so will sit and wait and keep saving for now. Waiting to see what the other states do come July and see if there's other states I may be able to apply to. We're using an agent as don't want to mess things up haha.
  12. Iknowcb... Starting to get the visa ball rolling! I took the PTE test last week, got all 90s which im super happy with so thats 20 visa points :) Going to get in touch with an agent in a couple of months to get my skills assessment done. So slowly but surely.
  13. BritChickx

    Best visa options for a NQN

    Hey, thanks for replying. Ive just checked and I get 65 points minimum, 70 with my partner, 75 with state sponsorship. But 65 is the min. I was hoping to look at the 491 visa as that would allow me to apply for a permanent visa afterwards? Will look into the 482 aswell though! I used a WHV years ago, I'm waiting to see if when the new agreement comes in, if I can apply to the new WHV as a fresh applicant or not. Depends on if the subclass is different, technically it's a different visa then? If that's an option then I'd go down the WHV route first then apply onshore, but I'm doubtful I can get it so looking at other options.
  14. Hi all been around for a while but first time properly posting on visa topics. I've been qualified as a nurse for 3 months, I realise it's not enough experience yet but I'm aware that I can apply for a skills assessment after 3 months, I'm guessing it's just a case of each individual visa or state requirement for entry in terms of experience? I'm wondering what the best visa is to go on? I don't mind temporary to start with as long as I can definitely apply for permanent afterwards onshore. Ideally want to go out as soon as possible but hoping to apply late 2022 after I've had a years experience. My field is ICU so hoping that will be an advantage. I'll be 31 when I apply for the visa and hoping to get 20 points from the PTE test. Any help would be great, thanks
  15. Hope everyone is going alright? Hope you all have a great Christmas and new year I'm working Christmas day but off for Boxing day and NY so cant complain 2022 will hopefully be when we get the visa stuff rolling....