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  1. Thanks for the context. Looks like we'll have to give a separate explanation and omit them from this part of the application.
  2. Section 11 is for the family Unit, 12 is for Immediate family . This relates to parents, siblings, step-siblings, siblings in law, etc. These are all options in the drop down menu. Although apparently they didn't consider half-siblings, which is relevant to our case .
  3. Thanks. My understanding is that the purpose of this question relates to health checks. Since these people are not in my partner's life, this probably wouldn't apply - unless genetic health issues are a consideration I suppose. The problem of course, is that you can't provide limited information when adding a family member. It won't let you. Don't really want to provide false information on DOB, Relationship status, whether they are alive or deceased.
  4. Hi, Just going through the partner visa application and on page 12, it asks to add in any immediate family members. My partner does not know her biological father and we wouldn't be able to know if he's alive, let alone his DOB. He is, however, listed on the birth certificate. My partner was raised by another man, who she considers her father but who is not legally recognised as such. Unfortunately she has lost most contact with this person as well. Any advise on how to sort this out? In a way she has no father or at the very least would not consider either of these men as immediate family. Would it be okay to ommit them from the application? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Just noticed that my partner's UK passport is expiring in June. We're trying to get this thing lodged asap though. Can someone confirm this won't be an issue? I take it we can update these details once the application has been submitted? Thanks! Frukoz
  6. Frukoz

    Australian Visas - Migration Agent Fees

    Well the recommendations would be user generated, so I don't think that would make the forum owners liable. People on here provide recommendations all the time. I'm just talking about organising this a bit so you don't have keep posting whenever you need an agent. A directory makes a lot of sense, but would never receive any contributions unless it came out of forums like this one.
  7. Frukoz

    Want to resign on a 457, options?

    Thanks for the help - have reached out to agents.
  8. Frukoz

    Australian Visas - Migration Agent Fees

    I guess what would be helpful for a huge number of people on this forum is information on reputation, fees, speed of communication & expertise. And this would mean the good agents would stand out and receive more business as a result. To me, it seems like it would be a very helpful addition! Thanks for the recommendations. I will be reaching out to a few of the regular posters.
  9. Frukoz

    Australian Visas - Migration Agent Fees

    Does this forum have any kind of reviews, rankings or recommended agents that have a good history of successes?
  10. Hi, I'm on a 457 visa since September 2017 and my work is becoming intolerable to the extent where I want to resign every day. My partner is Australian and we have been together for 6 years, having moved last year. We chose the 457 option due to costs involved in the partner visa, as well as it taking longer to be granted. We would like to move to a partner visa now, however my understanding is that if I apply, any bridging visa would get annulled if I resign from my job - is this correct? What would happen if I resign from my job and THEN apply for a partner visa? Can I do this onshore on say, a tourist visa? How likely would I be granted a bridging visa in this case? My other option is to transfer to another job which is what I am working on at the moment. However now that we have some savings and we know that we like our life here, the freedom of a partner visa would be preferred if there's a way to do that! Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks Alan - looks like I'm owed some tax back! Very useful info - any recommendation on the best ways to source a reliable tax agent? Cheers.
  12. Hi. I moved to Australia half way through a tax year whereby I had a salary in the UK in which I was paying the normal tax rate. I then found a job in Australia and, when I pluck up the courage, will be attempting my tax returns here. I'm finding it very difficult to understand how personal allowance works in this situation. Since I only worked in the UK for part of a year, I would expect to receive some money back in the UK. But does my earnings in Australia affect this at all? And if I am owed a rebate, how do I claim this? Would it automatically be sent to me, do I need to fill out a self-assessment, should I just ring HMRC? I am a citizen of both UK and Australia. Hopefully the above is clear and something many of you have had to deal with. Thanks, Frukoz
  13. Hi, My partner is flying back home for a wedding and needs stitches taken out. She lives, works and has tax residency in Australia on a 457 visa. Can she use the NHS when she's back in the UK without charge. Technically the 457 is a temporary visa so might allow her to do so? Thanks!
  14. Frukoz

    Dual Citizen benefits?

    >Assuming you are a non-resident, you can't open a new ISA or make new contributions to an existing one. I've been trying to figure out how this affects a stocks & shares ISA with automatic reinvestment of dividends. Would this be classified as making contributions?
  15. Thanks memcc - a bit clearer. Although is travel insurance valid if you are technically not travelling? Once we enter Australia we are doing so with the intent to live there. Would this not void the travel insurance?