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Found 8,720 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm waiting on the outcome of my PR application (186 application submitted at the end of Jan 2018) and believe it may have been referred to the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth for review, does anyone have an idea of how long the MOC are taking to process applications at the moment, please? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, This may have been answered a few times on here before, although I’m just curious to find out what recent (last 6m) processing times are on average. I feel we’ve got a fairly straight forward case. I’m Uk born but emigrated with family to Adelaide early 2000’s gaining Australian Citizenship, now holding dual citizenship. I’ve been back in the UK for 9 years, My partner of 8 years would be applying for her 309/100 visa. Lived together (de facto) for 7.5 years ect, have multiple family members still living in Adelaide. Curious if anybody has any recent timeline updates on 309/100 processing times ect. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone, I've been getting mixed information online. These questions are ideally for a MARA agent, legal expert or someone who has tried this. These are my questions: Once you get the 491 visa, can you move to any regional area regardless of the state that nominated you? If you move states to a state that wasn't the one that nominated you, can you still get PR later? Are there any consequences to moving to a state that wasn't the one that nominated you? Is there any law or government website that shows clear rules on this? Thank you!
  4. Cheery Thistle

    189 Granted

    So I was going to tag this on to the end of another thread, but really felt it deserved to be a stand alone. Got the call from Jenny at Down Under Centre this morning that our 189 has been granted. Timeline as follows: Secondary Teacher, 65 points First contact DUC - 6/3/2023 PTE Academic Passed Superior 2/5/2023 Skills Assessment Successful - 19/5/2023 EOI submitted 189 (and 190 for SA and NSW) - 22/5/2023 Invited to apply 189 - 25/5/2023 Medicals passed and submitted - 28/6/2023 Visa Lodged - 29/6/2023 Acro received and submitted - 9/8/2023 Visa granted - 11th Oct 2023 We fly out on 24th Feb 2024 for 3 weeks for a look around and plan to move with our 10 year old (will then be 11) and 2 dogs in October 2024.
  5. Hi, I need help with form 80 question 24, I am applying for the subclass 300 but eventually will apply for partner visa 820/801 which will lead to permanent residency. So, do I answer yes or no for that question? If yes, I need to put a proposed final departure date? so what should I add in that? as 820 will be on shore partner visa Thanks
  6. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Morning, I am currently an ODP in the forces but after 13 years its time to leave, so i have signed off and have the next year to prepare for transition. From my research i can see that the equivalent is an anaesthetic technician. I am new to this whole process and really don't know where to start? My other half is a floor layer also looking for employment. Has anyone got advice on the routes we should go down? what are the must's? where best to look for employment? visa's ect .........All advice is greatly welcomed. thank you Natasha
  7. Hi..I have 1 year and 7 months of experience in the occupation that I'm targeting for 189/190 visas. It requires at least one year of experience according to Australian Home Office. I've heard of cases where VETASSESS have deducted 1 year of experience. If I apply for skill assessment now, and this happens to me, I'd be left with less than 1 year of experience deemed as "skilled". Should I wait 5 more months until I have at least 2 years of experience (which will be in December this year) and then apply for skill assessment, in the hope of getting 1 full year deemed as skilled? Or does it not matter, as I will be continuing in my current occupation under the same employer by the time I'd be applying for the visa?
  8. Increase in the Visa Application Charge for offshore partner visa applications, effective for applications lodged from 1 July 2023: A$8,850 for main applicant, plus (currently A$8,085) A$4,430 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,045) A$2,215 for a secondary applicant aged under 18 (currently A$2,025) Best regards.
  9. Kayleigh Mac

    Visa help! Advice needed

    Good evening, I am looking for some advice in respect of Visas. Myself, partner and son (1yr old) are looking to emigrate to Brisbane however we have no clue which visas we need. My mum & Sister already hold Australian citizenship and reside in Brisbane and we’re now looking to join them and hopefully one day also becoming citizens. Is there a family visa we can apply for due to my mother and sister being there? Alternatively my partner has a skilled trade, he is a Plant Engineer, would a skilled trade visa be the better option? Any advice you can offer would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi all I wonder if anyone knew if their was a time limit from 143 permanent resident visa being granted ,and having to be in the country , I have had a snag in paperwork medical , police , all accepted but been since July 2 AOS
  11. Hiii I had my visa subclass 100 granted and will be flying in February to activate it (had a 1 year extension during covid) question is do I need to do anything else before I travel - additional visa, forms, anything I have to fill out? Can’t find anything online so want to make sure I’m all sorted before flying thanks everyone! x
  12. Hey Does anyone have any advice or information on how a UK Police officer can migrate to Australia (Preferably East of Aus)? Our dear friends want to emigrate. One is a Police officer (43 yrs old) in the UK with almost 14 years of experience, and the other (47 yrs old) has almost 20 years of working in OOHC/Residential Care for children. As one has passed the 45 years cap, the next best option is the 43-year-old Police officer. I was wondering if anyone has heard of a Police officer having success with applying under the ANZCO Welfare Support group or any other category, given the fact Police do not come under skills in demand.
  13. Hello everyone, me and my girlfriend are due to move out to Australia in September 2023. I myself have a permanent resident visa as I lived there when I was younger which I have now renewed. However my girlfriends situation is different. We would like to apply for a partner defacto visa but as we don’t currently live together or have joint accounts we are unable to do so. So we are left with the option of getting her a working holiday visa. If we do decide we want to live there which im always certain we will, what would our options be after her first year on a working holiday visa is up? chris and Ellie.
  14. Hi just wondering when the occupation lists for each state get updated currently my occupation isn’t open for offshore on south Australias list and I’m hoping this will change but have no idea regarding timelines for this happening? any advice appreciated thanks aimee
  15. Hi all, OK first post... hopefully someone can help me out and maybe put my mind at rest (or not). Im a mechanic, 26, with qualifications and experience (carried out apprenticeship with VW), i gained my qualifications 7 years ago. Im applying for permanent residency soon and my main concern is with the vetassess interview via video call, i would really like to hear from people that have experienced this part of the process. I know myself i'm capable of doing my job but with it being years ago that i was last trained, and often rarely encountering some of the aspects of what i was originally trained in day-to-day, i'm worried what they will ask me and whether i will have the correct answers for them to pass! I am worried mainly about questions on testing electronics, auto gearboxes... areas that i haven't had much to do with, things that i know i could repair but still i'm worried about answering questions on them. i have read a couple of threads on a similar topic but the only answers i came across was people saying 'don't worry, its not actually that bad'........... i'm still worrying! lol I guess i would love to hear from someone who has done the interview as part of there process and to explain what it was like in a bit more detail... Is it hard?! What sort of questions would they ask? How in-depth do they expect you to go? How would they ask them? Is it more of a conversation than a test? How long dose it take? How would you recommend i prepare? Im not trying to worry too much but it just feels to me like this would be the deal breaker of the whole application! If anyone feels like they could help me out, it would be much appreciated! Thanks, James.
  16. Hi! I am applying for a tourist visa. I will be in Australia for 5 to 6 days. I had an accident last year, and there is a criminal case in progress. The court has given me an unconditional bail and i am free to travel etc. Will my visa be rejected because of the accident?
  17. Hi there, I'm an Australian citizen by birth and my husband is a US citizen ... so although we're not Poms, I keep seeing this site pop up in my searches so thought I would post here and see if anyone can share any advice. We've been married 3 years during which time we've been living together in the US. I really want to go home as I'm very homesick and miss my family and friends in Australia and we don't really have any close friends or family where we live here. We visited Australia for a month at the end of 2008 and my husband loved it and is happy to move. We would also like to start a family and I would find it very hard without my Australian family around. We applied for a spouse visa in July 2009 but it was refused a couple of weeks ago because my husband has ulcerative colitis and a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth said he would potentially cost $100,000. He is in remission and perfectly able to work, he just has to take medication. We had put through a health waiver request but that was refused and I'm not exactly sure why - the letter we received didn't state which compelling and compassionate circumstances were considered or not, just that they decided not to exercise the waiver. I had put together a lot of information about our financial situation (which I believe is good, we own a house and have savings) and job prospects (my occupation is listed on the NEW skilled occupations list and my husband's was on the old one which was in effect at the time we applied), had six statutory declarations from family and friends stating that they'd be willing to provide care and support, and I also included a statement about wanting to start a family and how it would affect me emotionally if I wasn't able to return home. After getting the refusal I was so devastated that I rang the case officer and asked her if she could give me a better explanation of why it was refused - she sounded very flustered and just kept saying "it's the cost, it's the cost". When I said "but I'm an Australian citizen and you're basically telling me I can't live in Australia", she just said "you can live in the USA". I guess I was naive in thinking that the health waiver is exercised as a matter of course for spousal relationships. After doing some research online and stumbling across a 2007 Australian National Audit Office report on DIAC's administration of the health waiver process, it appears it's only exercised around 12% of the time. We are now applying to the Migration Review Tribunal and I wanted to find out if anyone knows anything about the process. Is it something we can do ourselves or would we definitely be better off getting the assistance of a lawyer? I have sent off the form and just received a letter and receipt today which stated I should send in evidence as soon as possible. I had spoken to an Australian lawyer over the phone prior to sending the application off and he said I should wait before sending any evidence. Is that right? What do I need to do next, do I just ask the Australian Embassy here to give me a copy of our DIAC file? I'm just not sure what the steps are - I had a look at the MRT website but I couldn't find anything which laid out the exact steps that would occur. If anyone can offer any assistance or clarification about the MRT process or point me in the right direction, I would very much appreciate it, as this whole thing has made me very frustrated and anxious. I just want to go home. :sad: Thank you very much if you can help at all.
  18. Hi All, my partner and I are looking to relocate to Sydney or Melbourne. My partner has 12 years experience in construction ranging from project management, quantity surveying and managing projects up to 50 million pounds in value. He owns his own construction business with his own staff and contractors and turns over about 2 million a year. I'm a Town Planner and have 7 years experience and I am chartered. We are wondering how this would translate in terms of job opportunities, salary expectations and if anyone else reading this has any tips or information they could share? Ideally my partner would try to get sponsored before coming as his job is in high demand but is that difficult to do? Thanks for any responses all.
  19. clairechesh

    Which Visa?

    Hi everyone, Which is best, partner visa (husband is Aussie, been together 10 years, married 6 years) or a skilled visa (I am a primary teacher and on the list). Thanks everyone
  20. Hi Guys, Need some advise.. I'm a Singaporean looking to start out a career in Australia however i have no idea where should i start from.. I've done a bit of research and found that i was suppose to obtain a work visa first? Is that so? As i hasn't gotten any job in Australia yet, by any chance can i actually applied the job online with companies before i get the visa?
  21. Hi, I currently have a 190 visa application currently awaiting processing. I plan on quitting my current job in the UK to go travelling while I wait for the visa to be processed. Yes, I know there are risks to this, for example the visa taking longer to be processed than expected, but I am financially capable of waiting out any problems that may occur, and could also potentially enter Australia on a working holiday visa in the meantime, so I am not looking for advice on this. As to why I don't want to just wait until the visa is granted and then travel, again, I have my reasons that I do not plan to go into here. What I would like to know is; would there be a risk of this negatively impacting my visa application? I have already received state sponsorship, been invited to apply, and submitted a full and complete application including health assessments etc. The job I will be leaving will be the same job type I am entering Australia to begin working in. I would be notifying the department of home affairs on my immiaccount page via the "Notification of change in circumstances" form. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I think I know what I'm doing here but I could be missing something. Thanks in advance, Chris
  22. Aimee25

    1st of July?

    Hi, was hoping for some advice, we currently have an EOI in for a 190 for NSW and we were unsuccessful for a 491 so not holding much hope for an invite. I have been advised to wait for the 1st of July I’m guessing to see if my occupation or my partners occupation is on any other lists at the moment my occupation is on the south Australian list but I don’t have the years of experience, could anyone advise what is potentially going to change on the 1st of July as I’m pinning a lot on this date and want to be realistic? prob a daft question and appreciate any advice given! thanks
  23. Hi everyone. My husband and I are relocating on a short skill temp visa (482) with his work, hoping to move to Sydney at the end of January. When we move I’ll be 14 weeks pregnant (first time). We’ve read that private health insurance will not cover the costs of antenatal care if you haven’t had a policy in place for 12 months. We’re happy to use public hospitals and services and I’m trying to understand if we’ll be part covered by Medicare, or if we need to cover the costs ourselves? Can anyone help? Has anyone arrived pregnant in Australia on a 482? I’d be so grateful to hear any advice, recommendations and guidance of who to speak to for more information. With me not having a job to go to and unlikely to get maternity pay it’s a bit of a concern to us. (As well as the scary thought of having our first child so far away from our family and friends!) Other info; we need health insurance as part of the visa approval and they have requested I have a medical in the U.K. Thank you for reading.
  24. sandracca

    parent visa

    Hi We have recently applied for a parent Contributory Visa, can anyone tell me what sort of time scale we are looking at before being called:biggrin: for medicals
  25. Currently on employer sponsored 494 visa with my partner as defacto. Arrived in australia in 2018 and have held working holiday, TSS and now 494 since august 2020. In November 2022 the new PR pathway subclass 191 will begin accepting applicants. Our migration agent advises that to be eligible you need to have held the 494 for 3 full “financial” years to prove income requirements. Is this correct? I cannot find any advice on the government or other immigration advice websites to suggest anything other than calendar years from date of award… help! Thanks in advance. “Subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional): To meet the requirements of the permanent visa (from November 2022) applicants must: hold a regional provisional visa subclass 491 or 494 visa when they apply for the Subclass 191 visa, and have held that visa for at least three years; have earned the minimum income for at least three years as the holder of a regional provisional visa; and have complied with the conditions of the regional provisional visa.”