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Found 2,397 results

  1. Guest

    HELP Needed

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone on here has been through this before or knows what can be done.............. so heres my situation: Im here on a 457 visa, I was working for a company that has gone into receivership, the receivers have stated there is not enough money to pay the employees the entitlements owed. I have made a claim through the Government ~Dept of Education, Employment & workplace relations (Fair Entitlements Guarantee: FEG) but have been told that I am not entitled to any assistance as I'm here on the 457 (after waiting 2 months for a decision). My enquires lead me in circles as the Fair Work Ombudsman state I have the same rights as my Australian companions and DIAC state yes I have the same rights but its not a matter for them its between me and my employer. So has anyone experienced this before? Do I give up, put it down to bad luck? ($20,000 lost) As there is four of us in the same boat (all four of us joined the company at the same time from the uk) is it worth seeking legal advice (obviously costly, no help as on 457 visa)? Any help from anyone will be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Sean PS, New boss is running through the nomination for my 186 visa so hopefully never in this position again. PPS, I really recommend against coming over on a 457 visa, unless your single and have a back up plan.
  2. xd00x

    457 Visa nomination expired

    Hello all I was nominated and applied for 457 visa and got an email that company nomination has been expired. So, I didn't get any approve/reject for a visa, just sentence that they can't future process my request coz it made more than 12 months ago and the nomination has been expired and my request can't be applied to another nomination. How it's possible? What can I do in this case?
  3. Hi, I'm on a 457 visa since September 2017 and my work is becoming intolerable to the extent where I want to resign every day. My partner is Australian and we have been together for 6 years, having moved last year. We chose the 457 option due to costs involved in the partner visa, as well as it taking longer to be granted. We would like to move to a partner visa now, however my understanding is that if I apply, any bridging visa would get annulled if I resign from my job - is this correct? What would happen if I resign from my job and THEN apply for a partner visa? Can I do this onshore on say, a tourist visa? How likely would I be granted a bridging visa in this case? My other option is to transfer to another job which is what I am working on at the moment. However now that we have some savings and we know that we like our life here, the freedom of a partner visa would be preferred if there's a way to do that! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guys, Been trying to get advice everywhere but unable to find any due to the complications of it! I went onto my partners Visa back in 2015 as a secondary applicant to a 457 Visa. We since broke up at the end of last year and he allowed me a couple of months to see if we could sort it out or find my own visa. I found that my work would sponsor me which they did in February of this year. On my application i have put that i am separated from my EX and i also received a bridging Visa notification. I have since met someone new, and unfortunately i have been made redundant (in unfair circumstances) from my job. So i was looking to go onto my new partners 457 Visa as a secondary applicant again, however upon checking even though i have been given a bridging visa and stated on the form i was separated i am still currently on my ex partners visa (As the 457 visa through my work hasn't been granted yet after 8 months of waiting)! Therefore i cant prove the time of the relationship with my new partner as in the eyes of immigration i am still with the old one! Is there anyway they can back date the separation? Or what other visas can i go on until i can go on my partners new visa? Any help of options would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Per 10 Sept 2018, Vic has announced that 457 visa pathway to 190 has been removed. I hold 457 visa and have 3 years exp in Australia. But currently, my application is still under skill assessment. Does anyone have the same problem? I currently only have 65 points. So this pathway was really helpful and really... I feel desperate now I don't think as a software engineer with 65 points is enough :-(
  6. Luv

    Direct entry

    Hi may i know what are the requirements of direct entry. I have workked 2 years with the same employer.can i apply direct entry stream.
  7. More details about grandfathering arrangements for people who held or applied for a subclass 457 before 18 April 2017: "People who held, or had applied for, a subclass 457 visa on 18 April 2017 will be able to access certain existing provisions under the Temporary Residence Transition stream: - occupation requirements remain the same (i.e. there are no restrictions as long as the nominee continues to work in the same position for the same employer as approved for their subclass 457 visa); - the age requirement will remain at less than 50 years of age; and - the work experience requirement, and the requirement to have worked at least two out of the three years prior to nomination on a subclass 457, will remain at two years."
  8. Hi we have applied for visa 457 renewal in nov 2017. Medical done in July 2018 still awaiting the visa. Anyone in same situation. Or any idea what’s the process time.
  9. Hi all, I'm brand new here - any advice would be really appreciated! My partner and I are on Bridging Visas, awaiting a decision on a 457 application (partner is main applicant, and I am de facto). We lodged the application back in January, and at the time were told to expect an answer in 6 months. Coming up to 10 months later, we still haven't heard any news.... I'm pregnant and due to give birth at the end of November, and can only travel up to 36 weeks (around the end of October). We know that if the visa is refused, we'll have 28 days to pack up and leave. We also spent a whole lotta $$$$ on the visa application, and don't want to throw that away because of being impatient. I guess my main questions are: Is it normal for 457 applications to take this long? Has anyone been in a similar situation? And, would you continue to wait for an answer re the approval, or would you head back to the UK before the baby is born?
  10. Ben

    Bridging visa B

    Hi, I'm awaiting for my PR to come, and the visa I applied from was a 457 to a 187 (business sponsored visa). I would like to go on holiday, however I will be on my bridging visa A at this point and would like to know what the chances of getting granted a bridging visa B and can you get this until your PR arrives so you can leave the country on multiple occasions. Thanks in advance. Ben
  11. kenidelos

    Travelling on a 457 visa

    Hi, I've been on a 457 visa for almost 2 years now. I would really like to go back home for 2 or 3 months. Probably would be on holidays for 3 or 4 weeks and the rest working from there for my employer in Australia. My migration agent has told me that leaving the country for more than 4 consecutive weeks could be risky and ignite questions from immigration. Does anyone have any experience in this? Immigration website is quite vague, just says that I can travel in and out of Australia as much as I want and that if I cease work with my employer for more than 90 consecutive days my visa will be cancelled. I work on the computer and my boss is cool with me being out of the office for a couple of months, as she understands how homesick I am and how important it is for me to be with my family. SO I wouldn't be ceasing employment. I have already done this about a year and a half ago. Back then I had no idea I was taking any risk, and when I got back I got asked a lot of questions by immigration at the airport, but they eventually let me through and that was the end of it. I am aware though that immigration seems to be getting more and more complicated, and that they might be on the lookout for excuses to get people out. If anyone has had any similar experiences I would appreciate you sharing :) Thanks!
  12. Hello Raul (or other consultants), Raul, I tagged you on this topic because I saw you replied to a similar question, and I cannot find the information anywhere else. My situation is: I am working on a 457 Visa (Life Scientist nec - 234599) and I'm going to move to a new employer (a big University) who is going to nominate me BEFORE 01 March 2018, but with a different occupation (University Lecturer - 242111). My question is: Will I be required to re-apply for the visa given that the occupations are different? or are they similar enough? Also, does it matter that we are now in the transition period between the 457 and TSS visas? Should I expect problems in the nomination transfer because of that? Thanks ahead for any assistance you can provide. Yours, Oren
  13. Hi folks,please accept my upfront apologies if this is a repeat request, I couldn't find anything similar to my situation from any of the recent posts. Situation:I am currently employed as an ICT Business Analyst with a large firm on a 457 that was issued in August 2016. For number of reasons, I am looking to change jobs, and the new offer is for a Management Consultant role with a different firm. My question is, can my new employer simply transfer the sponsorship of my existing 457 on a different occupation? If yes, will this entail submitting a new nomination?Many thanks in advance!
  14. Hi My partner has been sponsored by his employer since May 2015, and they are willing and able to nominate him for PR. I also work for the same employer (not sponsored as I am his defacto) and will end up preparing all documentation an agent requests - this is why I would consider lodging it myself without an agent. Has anyone here done this before and can offer some advice about documentation required etc..? Or tell me I'm completely nuts and should not continue without an experts help.
  15. Hi guys. I'm on a 457 (which expires Jan 2018), and my employer and I submitted our 186 application in July. I would just like to know what options are open to me should either part of the application be refused (either my employer's sponsorship or my application)? There are a few questions regarding whether immigration will be satisfied that we meet the training requirement, as a lot of our training is provided free by our vendors, although as they are worldwide, we do incur significant travel expenditure to attend (greater than 1% of payroll) which I know can be counted towards the benchmark. If however we're refused, what are my options? I only have about 6 weeks left on my 457 before the Bridging Visa kicks in. Can I appeal against a refusal? What about other types of visa? Can I get a study visa and go to uni instead? What options are there which mean I can stay here? I just can't bear the thought of having to leave my partner and family here in Australia and go back to the UK - I've been here for 3+ years and built a life here :-( Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Neil PS: Owing to age and education I can't reach enough points to qualify for a 189 visa, so that's not an option
  16. Hi, I am de facto on my girlfriend's 457 visa. She is sponsored by her company but hates her job and wants to quit. Meanwhile my company are willing to sponsor me on a 482 visa and she could then become de facto on my visa so she can change jobs without any visa restrictions. I have been working for my company for 10 months. Does anyone have any experience of that switch? Do my company have to carry out labour market testing (LMT) even though I've been in the role for 10 months already? Is there anything else we should consider? Thanks for your help.
  17. dogsill

    Sydney vs Melbourne on 457

    Anybody would like to weigh in on my pro/con list? Coming over from NY on husband's secondment. He works in risk/banking. I work as a private chef. We have 2 kids and would have to pay 11k year in school fees on the 457 for NSW Planning on downsizing tremendously so Ok with a small apt. Are the Sydney beaches/lifestyle/weather worth the school fees or should we just plan on Melbourne and save ourselves 11K year. I'm sure I could easily make those school fees up by freelancing myself - My daughter is worried about not nice beaches in Melbourne and overcrowded beaches in Sydney. Perth is unfortunately not an option right now. Husband would probably have more growth and interest in Sydney... He's Scottish and I'm from California if that makes a difference - he also currently has over an hour train commute now and would like an easier commute.. thanks!
  18. I’ve just been granted a 457 visa. Due to the delay in visa processing the timing has meant presently there is a shortfall in work in the office I was meant to start in. The job offer hasn’t been rescinded yet but I’m not sure where I stand. I’m working in the UK for the same company, although different division. I cant even check my visa conditions as my company submitted the application. Question: 1. Is there a time limit on starting the new job in Australia or can I wait it out until things pick up? 2. Can I transfer the visa to another company in Australia before I travel and start work for the nominated company? Any help appreciated!
  19. kredav

    Including Partner sc 186

    Hi, I really just need to know if My partner needs to be on my 457 visa before including her in sc186 application
  20. Any Restaurant Manger (141111) applying for 186 through TRT?
  21. Restaurant Manager 457 visa approved on 1st April 2017. I will apply 186 through TRT in last week of April 2019. Country: Pakistan Any one here similar with my case?
  22. Hi all, First post. I’ve been trawling various forums for some clarifications on our situation but I just can’t confirm, so I wondered if you can help. My GF is a registered Nurse and has been offered a job arranged through an employment agent (I’m defacto partner). We’re continually hitting delays. Mainly, I think, due to poor comms on the process. Timeline: Sept 2017 - My GF was interviewed and verbally offered a job. - We started the APHRA (Nursing Registration – notoriously slow) paperwork, as requested. Nov 2017 - We had to chase the letter of offer and in Nov 2017 it turned out there were forms to be filled in as a pre-requisite for the offer which we weren’t told about. 1st delay! - We sent APHRA docs off and the employer’s docs, as requested. Jan 2018 - APHRA asked for more docs. Provided later in the month. 2nd Delay! - I realised GF still hadn’t received a letter of offer and asked agent to chase employer. - Employer drafted the offer letter and the 457 visa nomination form but said Labour Market Testing has now probably expired and would need to be re-run (job re-advertised locally). 3rd Delay Feb 2018 - Nomination form received but with errors, so we’ve sent back for corrections. - Nomination form also made reference to 457 Visa and we will not submit the visa app before TSS comes in, presumably requiring new nomination templates which can’t be produced until 1 March (4th delay) Neither recruitment agent or employer really seem to be acknowledging the impact of TSS visa introduction and on the agency’s advice we have not applied for the 457 visa until APHRA comes through. Recently I saw facebook posts from an old friend (doctor) who this week turned up in Sydney to work on a 457. She cited APHRA delays and can’t start work yet but entered on a tourist visa. She also noted she already has her 457 visa though. I’ve since been digging around forums to find if our order of processing is wrong. Questions Why might the agency tell us to wait for APHRA before applying for a visa, if it could have been applied for in tandem? Now both us and the employer will have to pay increased fees for the TSS visa. I’ve since noted forum posts about APHRA’s ‘present [ID] in person’ deadline (in Australia) of 3 months from receiving APHRA ‘registration in principle’. Based on 457 processing times it seems highly unlikely a 457 or TSS visa will be granted within 3 months of our APHRA registration in principle, which I expect to come through in a couple of months. This seems to mean we either have to re-apply with APHRA (more delays) or the GF will have to fly to Australia just to present her ID in person (more cost). Neither agent or employer have made any reference to this. Am I missing something obvious here? Any advice is much appreciated.
  23. Hi all. I was recently interviewed for a job with a company offering sponsorship to successful candidates. It seemed to go really well and i felt there were a few hints towards me being successful (these were interviews for multiple jobs of the same role rather than 1 job available). I travelled the length of the UK for the interview and they were really thankful for that and made a point that they will 100% call whether it's successful or not. They said they'd call by Thursday or Friday and i'm pretty certain they said next week which would have been there 17th. I haven't heard from them and i'm hoping i got my weeks mixed up and it's this week as in today but my worry is that the visa changeover on the 18th may be delaying it and putting things in jeopardy. It's not so bad as we can apply for a 489 but we were just kinda hoping to get over on a temporary visa first and experience other parts of the country. Is any body experiencing similar or do any migration agents think the change would delay things as companies go though all the details with a fine toothed comb?
  24. We do need applicants to have full AHPRA registration but are able to offer sponsorship for the right candidate. Could be ideal for someone who is locuming on a working holiday visa and thinking about staying: https://cerebralpalsy.mercury.com.au/ViewPosition.aspx?id=H+VJo7z+MKM=&jbc=ere
  25. Jade1991

    New 457 after March

    Hi All, My partners employer has offered a 457 visa but we are hoping we get an invite for a 190 visa prior to our visa expiry date which is the 14th March. Our 190 nomination is being expedited but we are cautious of time. My Question: If the 457 nomination has been submitted, can we still take up the 457 offer after 1st March?