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  1. jakc

    How to sell UK Shares?

    Any recommendations on someone to go with then? A friend in the UK mentioned Hargreaves
  2. Born in UK, lived in Australia last 12 years - dual citizen. In the UK, I own some shares in BP p.l.c I have my original share certificate which was for 700 units. With Dividend Reinvesting turned on, this has now accrued to 829 shares. I have access to mybpshares, but this wont let you sell. It mentions the below: Any advice on how to sell BP shares from overseas? I spotted this forum post: Any ideas? Not likely to be heading back anytime soon and need to liquidate some money back home to lend to family fairly quick.
  3. Recieved an email ' The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc 2019 Annual Results have now been published ' Was trying to view these in uk.Computershare. Computershare not letting me login (even though I am using the correct username) so went to register for new account. When asked to select a company you own shares in, the type-ahead does not have Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc listed? Can someone point out where I am going wrong? Trying to use the contact form on ComputerShare just sends me in a circle and cant call the UK at the moment.
  4. jakc

    Dual Citizen benefits?

    Something I need to do more reading up on - how about dual pensions? Super + National Insurance? I am currently focusing on building up my Super to catch up with those that have been working in Australia their whole life. I think I might be too late to start contributing to National Insurance again - time to start doing some googling...
  5. jakc

    Dual Citizen benefits?

    Fair enough/thanks for clearing up. So diverting from that specific question. Any benefits financially to being a dual citizen? Dual pensions? Access to investments from UK exchanges? Etc.
  6. jakc

    Dual Citizen benefits?

    Thanks for detailed reply. I'm just heading out the door so will respond again later. Came on a 457 ten years back and a citizen now. The bit about Inland Revenue classifying me into same bracket as non resident makes sense. An internet stranger on another forum made mention of how they have ETFs in the UK and due to the "Australian - UK taxation treaty they are not eligible for tax in Australia."
  7. Like many on this forum - dual citizen of both the UK and Australia. I was wondering if this brings any benefits for spreading your wealth between nations to legally get the most out of tax incentives? Happy to hear any ideas/discussion. I have very little money left in my UK account. I earn a salary in Australia. I have savings in Australia and also a split of ETFs bought on the ASX. i wonder if its worth investing into an ETF via a UK broker or moving some AUD back into an ISA that would generate less than the £14k tax threshold? I know the savings rates are better here so leaning more towards an ETF. As i understand it id be saving on paying tax in Australia and UK in doing this, whilst still declaring it as foreign income with ATO?
  8. jakc

    1 year into 2nd 457

    Thanks Raul. Had some bad luck with migration agents twice in the past, so will only revert to that if things get more tricky. Anyone else in a similar boat who has worked out what the pathway will be for transitioning to an 856 after March 2018? I saw mentioned in another post: The red bit was new to me. I assumed her 457 would just be cancelled on March 18th, as opposed to when it expires which is another ~3yrs. The blue bit I need some more info on. Want to know if the 186 will still apply and she can go through the Temporary Residence Transition stream, or if there will be another process in place.
  9. jakc

    1 year into 2nd 457

    My good friend (American citizen) has lived in Australia for around 7 years now. Initially a student visa; had a 457 visa for just under 2 years; ~1 year into her 2nd 457 visa with a new employer (same profession - Environmental Scientists (nec)) Trying to get our head around the recent changes to 457 and what her best option is. I cant spot her profession on the removed list and Its on the MLTSSL/STSOL list However, trying to work out what her situation is come March 2018. She won't have been on her 457 long enough (2 years is in late April 2018) to apply for a 186 Any ideas or those in a similar situation who might have done more homework than myself?
  10. jakc

    Linking a new nomination to a pre-existing 457 application

    I am the partner of waterhyacinth666, and have some additional background information. Timeline: Employer nominated a position for her under a 457. She applied for a 457 Original nomination got refused. (Employer lodged an appeal with MRT) Email recieved last Friday by 457 Processing Team at IMMI: Luckily, (being that most of my company are on leave) she managed to get someone from HR to open the office today and lodge a new nomination (more chance of not getting refused, as meets the requirements that original nomination did not). So, she now has a new TRN. - Have uploaded this to her visa application via ImmiAccount - Have responded to email from 457 Processing team with the attachment - Tried ringing DIAC, and they said to inform vic.sponsor.monitoring@immi.gov.au, but potentially might not get a reply till after new year. We emailed them the attachment. Really want to avoid some sort of automated visa refusal from happening on Xmas Day, just because the new nomination has not been successfully linked up to her visa application. Was hoping that ImmiAccount would have a 'type of document' category for new nomination or similar. Can anyone provide any further guidance or suggestions on what to do to minimise risk?
  11. jakc

    457 Appeal issue

    Yes, im on a Bridging A visa This has been in effect since my original 485 expired (Skilled graduate) and my 457 application was lodged. Just read on the IMMI Site: Looking through my Bridging Visa document, I see no reference to 8503, but will need to do some more digging. Am considering an immigration lawyer, some prior quotes and actual misinformation have put me off a bit, as I do not have a lot of money. Just heard back from HR and might be able to get one of them to open up the office tomorrow morning...
  12. jakc

    457 Appeal issue

    The prior 457 was refused based on the employer nomination. This was due to an issue with the contract not meeting the required annual salary and the fact the contract was draft (complex, was a work contract for an entire workforce and not finalised) If I were to somehow find the right people next week (unlikely, HR are not around), then a new nomination could be lodged with the finalised contract which also has a higher salary attached to it.
  13. jakc

    457 Appeal issue

    Thanks everyone for the advice. After some thinking this weekend, assuming my employer cannot submit a new nomination early next week, I am going to withdraw my application. From here, I am then going to apply for a subclass 600 tourist visa - I believe this can be done onshore and I do not need to leave to apply (looking into this) on my current bridging visa. This then gives me time to start selling my stuff, saying bye to friends and perhaps get some travel in before leaving. I am 5mths into a relationship with a resident, so might start looking at that as an option for the future.
  14. jakc

    457 Appeal issue

    Are not all applicants able to appeal to the MRT after a refusal? If I am refused and cannot appeal, would this jeopardise future visa applications that I may take out?
  15. jakc

    457 for 14mths of work?

    Yea, its an existing work contract for a whole enterprise, as opposed to an individual contract. Its not typical, but theres 14 months remaining on it. Really appreciate all the prompt responses!