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Found 188 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have applied for partner visa in the UK this week. My husband (sponsor) is Australian citizen by birth and also British. He’s not lived in Australia since 1992, and has been living in the UK since. My question is - would my husband need medical check and to complete form 80? As both are not listed as requirements in the sponsor application. Many thanks in advance for your help
  2. clairechesh

    Partner Visa - help!

    Hello everyone, I have been with my husband since 2010 when we met in Australia whilst I was on a WHV - my partner is Australian. We have been living in the UK for the last 11 years and have a little girl who is 2. We are now looking to make to move to Australia and wondering which partner visa is the best to apply for - off shore or on shore. Looking at the processing times, I am concerned as my husband’s UK visa is due to end August 2023. I wonder if I can enter Australia in a tourist visa and apply onshore? However, worried about how long this will take as it will mean I am unable to work. I should also add that I am a primary school teacher with 10 years experience and looking to continue teaching in Australia. Thank you for taking the time to read and for any help Claire
  3. clairechesh

    Which Visa?

    Hi everyone, Which is best, partner visa (husband is Aussie, been together 10 years, married 6 years) or a skilled visa (I am a primary teacher and on the list). Thanks everyone
  4. Hey PomsInOz, I hope you are well. I currently can't see the wood for the trees, I'm at a crossroads, desperate and grateful for any input. I have been in a relationship with my partner since 2016 and we were dating whilst he lived in London but did not live together. He had to return to Australia in 2017 to help care for a terminally ill parent. I visited on holiday in October 2017 and then went to Australia in June 2017 on a WHV for a year. During this time we were living in his family home but did not have a tenancy agreement/pay any rent. We had a joint bank account but it was barely used as only one of us was employed. I was taking care of the day to day expenses. I left Australia in June 2017. We were planning to move together to Ireland and build up our evidence, live and get jobs. We moved over in February 2020. In March 2020, the pandemic hit and we were forced to return to our home countries. We have been apart for the pandemic. He recently visited for the whole of last month. I am desperately looking for guidance or input or any thoughts on any way forward. We just want to be together. We've had a tremendous amount of bad luck and sadness and I'm trying to find the chink of light. Are we able to apply for a partner visa despite our lack of financial evidence? Should we try and move to another country and gather more evidence? Am I better off trying to return to University and getting a skilled visa in 5yrs time? We just want to be together. Thanks in advance
  5. Mrs Muhammad

    Partner Visa

    My husband is an Australian citizen and I am from Pakistan. We got married in Pakistan in Dec 2021. He has to go back to Australia in March 2022 and I am in my home country. We are planning to apply for partner visa. Need a bit of guidance as per our situation: Q1: Should we go for Onshore or Offshore option? As we are thinking to log a visitor visa and once we are together we apply from Australia (Onshore). Q2: For Onshore, is there a constraint that we both been living together for 12 months before applying an application? Q3: In Onshore, will we get bridging visa as soon as we lodge the temporary one? Q4: We both stayed at his parents place after marriage that's why we dont have any financial proof to show? What to do in such a case? Q5: ANY other tips and tricks for newly married couples applying for partner visa?
  6. Hi Guys, I have got a technical query on the partner visa. My wife just got the visa visa subclass 600 for a duration of 1 year allowing multiple entries of 3 months stay each. We plan to lodge the partner visa onshore as soon she is here. My wife has enrolled into a master's program, thus we need the bridging visa for sure so that she could continue the porgam at the end of 3 months. However I wanted to find out whether the bridging visa (in lieu of partner visa) starts at the expiry of her 3 months stay or at the lapse of her visit visa after a year? Secondly what's the best timeframe to lodge the partner visa i.e few weeks before the end of 3 months stay?
  7. Hi all. Lets make a discussion around the 820 visa applicants, especially those who have applied in 2021. It would be great if anyone shares their story from date of lodgement and any RFIs and 820 grants. My story: Lodged 820 application on Sep 2021 Received s56 rfi on Nov 2021 did police checks and medical and lodged all requested docs on late Nov 2021 status: Further assessment todate.
  8. Dana Chike

    Partner Visa

    Hi Everyone, Need some advice/some to easy my mind. My husband came to Australia in 2016 on a visa with his ex wife, we met while they were taking some time apart to work on things and I fell pregnant, his relationship with the ex wife ended in May/July 2019 he applied for his permanent residency on the ground of domestic violence in 2019, he got a letter a natural justice letter saying they received unfavorable information and they're giving him the chance to comment on it. Basically that they broke up/divorced in 2017 and we lived together and began a relationship in February 2019 which I believe they got from Centerlink. She gave them the information about when they broke up and got divorced but the divorce certificate doesn't match that information and in the document she said they broke up 10 days after they got married but they opened up a joint account 3 months later. I gave the dates for February to Centrelink based of the information I was giving by Centerlink. We've decided to apply for a new partner Visa then withdrawn the old one, we have a child together who's 2 and got married in August 2021. I just want to know what our chances are and what obstacles we might face? I'm very stressed as he earns a lot more than me and if he was to leave Australia I would struggle and would we become homeless.
  9. Has anyone recently applied for a visitor visa while waiting for a visa outcome of another visa. Interested on people that have done this. My husband essentially is eligible for a visitor visa based on being immediate family if we apply for exemption but we have a partner visa in progress for 20 months at the moment. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello all, I just wanted to ask about providing additional documents for the 801 visa- we processed the 801 application today and we’re expecting to upload again 888 forms, police checks and everything like this- the only recommended documents we’re social aspects - financial aspects and a few about name changes or marriage does this mean we should only upload what is requested or should we still upload everything as we did last time but just into the other documents option thank you for any help and advice
  11. buzybee

    Reapply for PR visa

    Hi Appreciate anyone who can provide inputs on the situation below I am currently waiting for my visa. Details: lodged on june 2021, status is received after doha requested for additiknal docs from employer.this visa is sponsored Occupation ICT business Analyst If I resign in my current company what are the steps to change the occupation when I reapply? What is better nowadays ? To apply partner visa or PR via points thank you so muchh in advance.
  12. Hi All, I have just received a email from home affairs saying I am now ready to apply for the 801 stage of my partner visa. However my offical two year mark isn't until 10th August 2021. I did log to to proceed with the application as advised on the email received however there was a question asking “if two years had pass since I applied for the 820 visa” when I respond no, it will not allow me to proceed. I am confused why I would be emailed saying I can apply when it appears this in not yet the case, has anyone else experienced this? Thanks
  13. Hi guys, My friend is happily married in Australia and has children (everyone Australian citizen by birth) He went abroad to a Middle Eastern country about 3 years, got married and had a child (about two years old now) - they are lawfully married in that country. His child is an Australian Citizen by descent and has a valid passport. He now wants to bring his "wife" and daughter to Australia and needs some guidance. He was looking at de facto partner visa and parent visa (as she is under 18, he was going to sponsor her as he is a direct relative of the child) - but his unsure if either of these are in the right direction. I know its an odd scenario, but I know in the middle east its not uncommon for people to be married to multiple women. Please provide come guidance, thank you!
  14. Dear All, Appreciate your inputs on my case that basically has 2 parts: Part 1: My PR 175 grant - May 2012 Expired - May 2017 Been in Australia for - 1 month 7 days total. Last visited Australia in - Feb 2017 (just before expiry). Why I didn't migrate yet? I went to Oz in June 2012 (immediately after getting PR) stayed there for a month and searched for jobs. Didn't get any good response. In the mean time, got a very good offer from Oman, which had opportunity to learn new skills required in Oz. So moved there. Got married the next year, 2013. Blessed with 3 kids. Last one born in 2020. 2 of the kids go to school. All these commitments held me back from relocating. Most essentially because my family does not have PR. And getting their PR is a different ball game altogether, which I have covered in Part 2 below. So anyhow, I'm planning to apply for my RRV by Nov this year. I don't satisfy 2 years requirement, but I have bought land there (paying installments since 2017. Finishing this year) and bank accounts transacting every month for the same property’s payments. Part 2: Once I get RRV (hopefully), I want to take my family along, because otherwise kids schooling would be affected and there are a few other personal reasons. So want to know what options I have so that my family can relocate with me? Can I apply for Partner Visa now (before my RRV application and being abroad)? That way if their visa is received until my RRV is granted, we can travel together. Or is it a must for me to be in Australia to sponsor my family? That is a cumbersome process of waiting for around 18 to 24 months, being away from family. What do you suggest please? Thanks and Cheers!
  15. Hello everyone - please pardon me if this has already been asked before. I understand this is a UK forum (British looking to migrate to Australia), but has anyone out there had experience with the 309/100 Offshore Partner visa from the USA? Background - I am an Australian Resident looking to return to the Australia. I left Australia 4 years ago, as I got married to an American who lived in America. We have been living here since for the past 4 years, and are both looking to relocate to Australia this year. We are in the process of finalising job offers. My spouse however is an American born national with no Australian visa. We had hopes that he would get work sponsorship via his company, but due to the Australian border closures during the pandemic, they are not currently processing his skills select sponsorship visa. We looked into other options such as the onshore spousal visa, but have the same problem as he cannot enter the country as a foreigner due to border closure unless we apply for a travel exemption - which sounds like it would be the same process as applying for an Offshore Partner Visa (i.e. similar documents to prove the relationship). As such we are looking into the offshore partner visa now - we were initially in two minds about applying for this due to the 18-24month processing times quoted on the Immigration website. But on some of these forums, it seems like these are getting processed within 6 months. I have read a lot of British applications going through Berlin that is getting processed much quicker - I am curious if anyone out there knows what the timelines look like for a US-based application? Thank you.
  16. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with BVBs being granted during the pandemic and how long was it granted? For family reasons I need to return to the UK and am prepared to stay there for the remainder of the year as international travel looks to be unlikely for 2021. I am currently on BVA while awaiting a decision on my 820. I wouldnt want the BVB to expire while im abroad and cause difficulties getting back into the country so I'm wondering how likely it would be that the immigration department would grant a 1 year BVB which would hopefully give enough time for the international travel to kick in again. Thank you in advanced for any information!
  17. Here’s the situation, It has been around 14 months since I ve made the onshore partner visa(820) application BvA and since we moved together in Melbourne and due to my partner’s disabilities/needs and the whole pandemic finding work has not been our priority, especially because I wasn’t aware of the extend of his disabilities until we started living together. After many years of medical issues he finally found out that many of his issues were caused by fibromyalgia which is good news since we finally can explain many of his medical issues and find actual treatments that work, he has been improving in that area lately through exercise and a more balanced schedule and has been talking to an disability employment agency hoping to maybe finding casual work soon. Though another issue is his paranoia which does have mild schizophrenic symptoms like auditory and visual hallucinations(seeing a figure at the corner of your eye in the kitchen, hearing someone walking behind him etc) which specifically happen (some times) when he is alone which finally explains why he never liked living completely alone, this is a thing that again he only recently explained, it can be hard to get him to talk about those things sometimes. Anyway the issue is that because I wasn’t aware of either, in our initial statements for my visa application I mostly focused on saying how my presence helps him a lot mentally and in reality it helps both of us, and I also wrote how the plan would be to find jobs sooner or later after moving together in Melbourne, this sadly hasn’t happened due to finding out the extend of his disabilities and mental needs and the pandemic making things harder too. I worked as a 2nd officer in the merchant navy in the past so I had a decent amount of savings but those are long gone after paying the pretty high visa and agent fees so at the moment we live with his Disp payments, it isnt hard since neither of us care a lot about luxuries and I always cook homemade food so budgeting is pretty easy but savings are limited to 2-3k but slowly rising. My concern is about the department’s visa decision since my agent told me they mainly care about 2 things, that the relationship is genuine and that we can live financially ok, my worry is the latter part since living with just his disp probably looks bad so I would like to ask for your opinions in two areas. 1) Do you think it would be a good idea to send his diagnosis(once he gets the ) of the above to the agent to upload to immigration as proof and explanation about why my daily presence around him is important and the main reason i haven’t focused on finding a job? 2) Because I am worried that due to lack of work they might outright refuse the visa with no interviews or chances to explain our situation should I just abandon everything and just try to find some form of work in order to guarantee that the visa won’t be refused? Because for both of us a refusal of the visa would be the worst possible scenario. I do have an agent but sadly the one I was assigned to doesn’t seem as helpful so I would like your opinions, I know you cannot know for certain but would like to hear your opinions or experiences, especially if you know any similar cases with disabled partners.
  18. Hello, As the de-facto partner of a NZ citizen residing in Australia, I am considering to start an application for a 461(New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship) visa. I am concerned about the very lengthy period (two years) it takes to be approved. I understand that I will get a bridging visa during this period. Will I have work rights while on this bridging visa? Also, Immi website says that if I apply from Australia I have to be in Australia when they make their decision. What happens if I leave Australia while the visa is being processed? Is the process cancelled? Thanks!
  19. My partner, Lisa, has been fortunate to have been granted her 309 Partner Visa after submitting it in August. Based on the current situation, including border controls, can anyone help with any of the following: Is Lisa able to enter Australia without obtaining an official travel exemption? (ie. will the 309 grant letter be enough to get through immigration?) Is Lisa required to remain in Australia for a specified/set period of time, or can she leave to return overseas to her home country the UK? Understanding a requirement of the 309 Partner visa remains that we “live together or not live separately or apart on a permanent basis”. However in the current COVID climate where employment and travel opportunities are limited – it would be necessary for Lisa to return to the UK for job/property responsibilities. When leaving Australia will Lisa be required to have an exemption, or is she free to leave without any form of approval? The intention is she would return later in 2021 Any assistance or advice on these matters would be greatly appreciated
  20. So I am an Australian/UK citizen and my partner of 6 years is a UK citizen. We would like to move to Oz in spring 2022. My partner would like to apply for the 309 partner Visa. The current wait times are 18 months so it's highly unlikely that she will get the Visa in time. Would it be possible for her to apply for a working holiday visa (417) and wait until we get the result of the 309? Then leave the country for the visa to be granted?
  21. Hello! I'm finishing my 801 application (I obtained my 820 in 2018) and I'm ticking off the list of documents to provide. My question concerns the stat decs. Now with my 820 my partner (the sponsor) and I each wrote a stat dec in "free form": we did not use a form or template, we just wrote a letter explaining the relationship and focusing on the four aspects - social, financial etc - that Immigration requires. But I see there is an official form for the sponsor (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/stat_dec_sponsor.pdf) and I also read somewhere that a stat dec is not required for the applicant for a 801 (is that true?). My question is: is it better to ask my partner to fill the form rather than writing his stat dec, and do I not need to fill mine? Thank you very much!
  22. Hi all, I have a strange dilemma about my visa subclass 100 myself and my son were granted from offshore. My wife is an OZ citizen. The initial entry date of our visa is due to expire at the beginning of December 2020. All our flights we had booked this year have been cancelled by the airline due to the ongoing covid situation. I can prove that with cancellation certs issues by the airline. Technically, we still have some time left but when I called the airline to rebook after the last cancellation , they explained to me that the OZ government would only allow people to fly to australia for "emergencies".The airlines are told to enforce that policy and they need to actually engage with the OZ goverment before allowing a passenger on a flight. As "emergency" they have 3 categories that fit into it: 1. OZ citizen going back for medical emergency 2. OZ citizen stuck abroad with no means to support himself/herself 3. Family member stuck abroad with a child to care for in OZ. Clearly, (and rightfully so) our partner visa activation doesn't fit into any of that so I have no hope to make it to OZ by the IED. On the same line, it's clear that this is totally out of my hands and it's the australian government that has set this priorities. The Department of Home Affairs have been pretty generic up to now when i enquired. According to them the message is that there is absolutely no leeway in postponing the initial entry date. is anyone in the same situation as myself and how did they handle it? I would be interested to know if anyone got an extension to their IED based on the current Covid situation and how they went about getting one. Thank you very much to all
  23. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/covid-19-visa-concessions COVID concession announced for certain offshore family visa applicants who are onshore - ie in Australia. Nothing for parents as yet … The concession will apply to certain applicants for the following Family visa subclasses: • Child (subclass 101) visa • Adoption (subclass 102) visa • Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa • Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa • Partner (subclass 309) visa Best regards.
  24. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/covid-19-visa-concessions COVID concession announced for certain offshore family visa applicants who are onshore - ie in Australia. Nothing for parents as yet … The concession will apply to certain applicants for the following Family visa subclasses: • Child (subclass 101) visa • Adoption (subclass 102) visa • Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa • Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa • Partner (subclass 309) visa Best regards.
  25. Hi guys, this morning after nearly 8 months of waiting we received an email from Australian Immigration. They have asked for additional information which we are working on (State of Texas police check and I did not know that I had to submit a sponsor application which I just did) Additionally the case worker has asked for "your living arrangements" and "any sharing of responsibility for housework" I feel as though inside of our initial application we were very clear about this and explained we are a traditional common couple that shares 100% of all aspects of housework, financial and live together in a shared bedroom for the last 8 years" Can you guys give any tips on how to answer this to their satisfaction and where to put it inside the attachments section:)